Super Mario Galaxy Bosses, reported by P.T. Piranha

Name: Baron Brr
Aliases: None
Race: Ice Thingy
Birthplace: Freezeflame Galaxy
Current Residence: Freezeflame Galaxy
Age: 22
Family: Czar Dragon (brother)
Hobbies: Ice, bouncing
Appearance: A giant ice cube thing with a crown and eyes
Note: He’s the first Baron in the Mario series.
History: Baron Brr spends most of his time bouncing around in his favorite spot on Freezy Mountain. Literally. In fact, that’s what happened until he found a Power Star and Mario came. You wouldn’t believe it, but Czar Dragon is his brother.

Name: Undergrunt Gunner
Aliases: None
Race: Monty Mole
Birthplace: Gusty Garden Galaxy
Current Residence: None (travels)
Age: 27
Family: Major Burrows (big brother)
Hobbies: Shooting
Appearance: A blue Monty Mole with a blue (yellow when mad) Spiny shell helmet.
Note: Other than Bowser, he is the most fought boss in the game right after Topmaniac.
History: Undergrunt Gunner always had an interest in mechanical devices and liked to go around and cause dismay. He tried to disturb the bees with his bubble cannon in the Gold Leaf Galaxy, but that failed. He thought he’d take a break in the Toy Time Galaxy and use his Electric Cannon for target practice. But then Mario came. Finally, he went to the Deep Dark Galaxy to relax and practice some more, as well as bother the local Toads. That ended when Mario beat him with coconuts. He was blasted off into space and is rumored to have landed in the Melty Molten Galaxy… in the volcano…

Name: Kingfin
Aliases: Bonefin
Race: Fishbones
Birthplace: Bonefin Galaxy
Current Residence: Bonefin Galaxy
Age: 43 (death age), 100 (re-death age)
Family: Unknown
Hobbies: Violence
Appearance: A giant, skeletal shark
Note: He is very strong for a skeleton.
History: Bonefin was a giant leviathan that was really vicious and violent until a brave explorer did him in. He came back as a skeleton, and lived as he did before until Mario beat him up in a similar fashion.

Name: Fiery Dino Piranha
Aliases: None
Race: Cosmic Piranha Plant (evolved, Fire Version)
Birthplace: Melty Molten Galaxy
Current Residence: Melty Molten Galaxy
Age: 1 ˝
Family: Dino Piranha (cousin), Petey Piranha (distant cousin), Piranha Bean (distant cousin), Naval Piranha (uncle), Lava Piranha (uncle)
Hobbies: Napping, eating, running around, fire
Appearance: Like Dino Piranha, but black and red, with fiery leaves.
Note: He’s the only boss in the game that’s a new boss instead of a rematch with an old one.
History: Though he hatched after Dino Piranha, he’s older. Mario hatched him by landing on his egg and tried to attack Mario for disturbing him. He lost, though, and continues his life in the Melty Molten Galaxy.

Name: Cosmic Mario
Aliases: Cosmic Luigi, Prankster Comet (Speedy, Daredevil, Comet, Fast-Foe, Purple)
Race: Star Energy
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: None (travels)
Age: Unknown, but extremely long ago
Family: None
Hobbies: Causing trouble
Appearance: A blue and starry version of Mario or Luigi, or a white/blue/orange/yellow/purple comet.
Note: His theme music is likely a tribute to Shadow Mario after seeing that he looks like Shadow Mario.
History: The Prankster Comet incarnate, Cosmic Mario is the physical, humanoid version of the Prankster comet. In this form, he usually likes to race. Otherwise, he likes to spread an orange toxic cloud of air that usually makes people succumb in four minutes; scatter into 100 purple coins sometimes with purple poison like the orange one; turn into yellow chemicals that speed enemies up; or turn into a white beam that saps Mario’s strength. All that, that is, whenever he doesn’t like to challenge Mario to a race. The Prankster Comet was made by a shaman in the Underwhere who wanted revenge on all the Cosmos for the troubles he endured. So now it travels from galaxy to galaxy, sometimes splitting up to do so. When the Comet was trumped every time, it stopped appearing.

Name: King Kaliente
Aliases: King Magma Blooper (conjectural name)
Race: Cosmic Blooper
Birthplace: Bowser Junior’s Lava Reactor
Current Residence: Bowser Junior’s Lava Reactor
Age: 38
Family: Unknown
Position: Boss, Grand Star Boss, King
Hobbies: Coconut Tennis, causing mayhem, anything involving fire
Appearance: A giant, orange octopus with a crown, antenna, and cape. He has blue eyes. Later, he’s black with red eyes.
Note: If you look closely in the corner, you can see him on his planet on the box art.
History: Soon before the events of Galaxy, Bowser’s fleet passed by King Kaliente on his home planet (a considerably cool sun) where Junior’s lava reactor would be. Bowser bribed Kaliente, and he joined Bowser’s army, given two airships and a moveable lava arena, which he used to try to attack the Good Egg Galaxy until Mario beat him. Junior revived him from the dead as a zombie demon version of himself, and Mario battled him again on his home planet. Kaliente is still with the Koopa Army.

Name: Bugaboom
Aliases: Big Bad Bugaboom
Race: Mandibug
Birthplace: Honeyhive Galaxy
Current Residence: Honeyhive Galaxy
Age: 27
Family: Tarantox (cousin)
Position: Boss
Hobbies: Whatever parasitic pest bugs do.
Appearance: A giant Mandibug that’s completely green until he’s mad, then he turns red.
Note: For some reason, his body is flatter than other Mandibugs’.
History: Out of instinct, Bugaboom, leader of the Mandibugs, decided to takeover the Honeyhive Kingdom. He started by sending his vice leaders to takeover the Honeyhive Tower. When that didn’t work, he plotted a full-fledged invasion, which ended when Mario beat him up. Now he just roams around his home planetoid with his clan. Rumor has it he’s thinking about an invasion of the Gold Leaf Galaxy…

Name: Megaleg
Aliases: Giant Snifit Robot (conjectural name)
Race: Robot
Birthplace: Bowser’s Castle (Ludwig’s Room)
Current Residence: Bowser’s Castle (Weapon Vault)
Age: 2
Family: Ludwig (creator), Bowser (master), Bowser Jr. (master)
Position: Grand Star Boss
Hobbies: None
Appearance: A giant, three-legged robot with a Snifit-like face and a dome on top when he guards things.
Note: Nintendo had the idea of a giant boss you climb to defeat since Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
History: Ludwig built Megaleg on an order once Bowser decided to go with his new galaxy plan. It took Ludwig from the very first mention of the game to shortly before the release date. Bowser decided that Ludwig got beaten too many times to go, so he couldn’t accompany Bowser Jr. and himself. Junior piloted Megaleg to a pair of moons in the ray of galaxies observed from the Terrace. Mario came and trashed the robot by tricking the Bullet Bills into destroying the Grand Star’s protective dome. Like all of Ludwig’s inventions, it blew up. Fortunately for them, only the joints blew up, meaning Megaleg may rise again some day. Currently, his remains are in the Weapon Vault to be repaired.

Name: Kamella
Aliases: None
Race: Magikoopa
Birthplace: Dark Land
Current Residence: Bowser’s Castle
Age: 36
Family: Unknown
Position: Boss, 1/3 Head Magikoopa (Bowser divided the position in threes)
Hobbies: Shell Spells, Fire Spells, Growth Spells, Bowser’s bidding, Beauty, and being better than Kamek and Kammy
Appearance: A Magikoopa in a purple and red cloak with a purple pointy hat, glasses, green lipstick, and a wand with a Power Star (that Mario took)
Note: I would think her wand must be programmed separately or something, as whether you got a Star from her or not is changed accordingly on her wand.
History: After graduating high school, Kamella got a job as a Bowser Magikoopa. She quickly worked her way through the ranks, and found herself at the same level as Kamek and Kammy. Wanting to be the very best (like no one ever was, LOL), she went off to a Magikoopa college to major in the spells she shows in the games, and thus got to go with Kamek as Bowser’s Magikoopas. Kammy was babysitting the Koopalings since only two Magikoopas were needed. Bowser caught wind of his Goomba Reactor and his Robot Reactor being shut down, so he sent Kamella to the Space Junk Galaxy to stop Mario. She failed, but was let off with a warning since it was her very first Mario encounter and she was really making an effort before being allowed to accompany Bowser. After training (via learning to take four hits instead of three), Bowser ordered her to travel to the Deep Dark Galaxy to take on Mario again. Bowser WOULD have punished her after failing there, but a Daredevil Comet came, and Bowser saw this as Kamella’s last chance. She failed, and now is exactly the same as Kamek and Kammy now. Wow, that’s long.

Name: Tarantox
Aliases: Giant Cosmic Scuttlebug (conjectural name)
Race: Cosmic Scuttlebug
Birthplace: Space Junk Galaxy
Current Residence: Space Junk Galaxy
Age: 38
Family: Big Bad Bugaboom (cousin)
Position: Boss
Hobbies: Whatever spiders do
Appearance: A gigantic spider with three eyes, tiny wings, a snout, a big bulb on its butt three on its belly, and six where its legs would go
Note: He’s the only boss where Sling Pods are present on the arena.
History: Tarantox was a giant Cosmic Scuttlebug that did usual spider stuff inside its planet, until a Toad came and he prepared to eat it. That is when Mario came and beat him bad, kicking him out of his home. He’s since settled down on a similar planet.

Name: Topmaniac
Aliases: Top Topman (ugh…)
Race: Topman
Birthplace: Bowser’s Castle (Ludwig’s Room)
Current Residence: Bowser’s Castle (Weapons Vault)
Age: 1
Family: Ludwig (creator), Bowser (master)
Position: Boss
Hobbies: Spinning, whatever was programmed into him when Ludwig made him
Appearance: A giant, green top with a red disc on top, yellow eyes, sometimes has yellow spikes along his edges
Note: He is the most fought boss in the game. Twice normal, once Daredevil, once Speed.
History: Before building Megaleg, Ludwig decided to also build an assassin robot, which came out as Topmaniac. To save time, he only made one version of each minion (one red, one green) and cloned them like Star Wars. Topmaniac was then given a metallic throne platform and sent to the galaxy that best suited him: The Battlerock Galaxy. Mario electrocuted him, so he was sent back to Plit for Ludwig to rebuild him, and he came back just in time to stop Mario from getting the Power Stars from the Dreadnought Galaxy. But he was shocked again and is currently deactivated in Bowser’s weapons vault until he is needed again

Name: Bouldergeist
Aliases: None
Race: Ghost (like the generic ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion)
Birthplace: Ghostly Galaxy
Current Residence: Ghostly Galaxy
Age: 1500
Family: Bogmire (cousin), Smogmire (cousin), Logmire (cousin), Shadow Queen (aunt), Zant (uncle), Spirit of Shadow/Black Jewel (uncle), Spirit of Light/White Jewel (aunt)
Position: Boss
Hobbies: Rocks, scaring, video games, pizza
Appearance: A giant column of stone with horns and a face, sometimes with two large rock hands. Is actually a black head thing with small horns, yellow eyes, and a red bubble.
Note: He’s apparently the only boss that’s smart enough to wear protective armor.
History: Bouldergeist was happily living well enough alone, when suddenly Luigi was separated from the Toad Brigade and landed in his galaxy. Bouldergeist was not amused, and forced the Boo neighbors to lock him up in their mansion. Mario saved Luigi and eventually came back to fight him. Bouldergeist died (he didn’t re-die, as he was already a ghost), but was brought back to… un-life when the Daredevil Comet landed in the Ghostly Galaxy. Mario beat him again, now he’s just gone back to what he was doing.

Name: Major Burrows
Aliases: None
Race: Monty Mole
Birthplace: Gusty Garden Galaxy
Current Residence: None, he travels
Age: 40
Family: Undergrunt Gunner (kid brother)
Position: Boss, Major
Hobbies: Digging, violence
Appearance: A giant Monty Mole with reddish fur, bushy white eyebrows, and a blue Spiny shell for a helmet that turns yellow when he’s angry.
Note: He’s the first boss to be a “Major”.
History: Major Burrows worked hard in the Mole Army after years of toil until he became a major. With his own army, he traveled around. Quickly returning to his homeland for some action, he ran into Mario during a bunny hunt. Mario beat his fat butt, and then did it again after the Daredevil Comet passed by. He now resumes his travels, making sure that he’s never beaten again.

Name: Dino Piranha
Aliases: Petey’s Spiritual Successor, Diny
Race: Cosmic Piranha Plant (evolved)
Birthplace: Good Egg Galaxy
Current Residence: Good Egg Galaxy
Age: 1
Family: Petey Piranha (distant cousin), Fiery Dino Piranha (cousin), Piranha Bean (distant cousin), Naval Piranha (family friend), Lava Piranha (family friend)
Position: Boss
Hobbies: Napping, eating, running around
Appearance: Petey Piranha’s head with purple instead of red, green dinosaur body with leaves for front arms, has a long tail with a nut on the end
Note: Fans guessed his name before it was officially known
History: Dino Piranha was still in his egg when Mario came and cracked it, waking him up. Mario beat him up, but then the Speedy Comet revived him. Mario beat him again, but Dino Piranha had built up some resistance, so the beating wasn’t fatal. Now he just does whatever he feels like.

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