Count Bleck, reported by Red Koopa

Name: Count Bleck
Real Name: Count Blumiure
Relatives: His unnamed father, Lady Timpani (Tippi), the rest is unknown
Favorite Food: Hot Pockets
Likes: Tippi, Nastasia, O’Chunks, Mimi, Mr. L, Mario (now he does), Peach, Bowser (sometimes), Luigi, P.T., Red Koopa
Dislikes: Dimentio, Bowser (sometimes)
First Game Appearance: Super Paper Mario
Favorite Koopaling: Doesn’t know who they are
Least Favorite Koopaling: Read above
Lives: Flipside
Age: Somewhere around 3,500

Count Bleck’s past is a mystery, and all we know is that his father created him. He belonged to the Tribe of Darkness by the name of Blumiure at the time. One day he fell of a cliff and met Lady Timpani, who was a human. He liked her and had thoughts of marriage, but his father forbid him from marrying a human. He secretly dated her until one day his father discovered it. He then cursed her, forcing her to wander dimensions forever. Blumiure was angry and sad at the same time, so angry that he took the Dark Prognosticus and used it to destroy his father and the palace that he lived in. He then changed his name to Count Bleck and searched all the dimensions, but never found Timpani.

He then decided to destroy all words because Timpani was all that meant to him. One day he saw a woman who slipped off a ledge and fell. He immediately rushed to save her and he grabbed her leg and pulled her up. She thanked him and said her name was Nastasia and that she wanted to be his assistant. Count Bleck agreed and the two wandered until they found a baboon struggling to fight a war. He asked to go with him and he agreed again.

He built a castle and left his two minions there until he got back with more minions. One day he went to a swamp and met a witch who offered him the shape shifter Mimi. Count Bleck bought her and he left her at Castle Bleck. He then found a Jester by the name of Dimentio at a circus, who claimed that he wrote the Dark Prognosticus. Count Bleck rejected him, but later the Jester asked and Bleck changed his mind and let him join. He then felt ready to unleash the Chaos Heart, the key to destroying all worlds. The book stated that to unleash the Chaos Heart a princess pure of heart needed to marry an evil king. Count Bleck went to the dimension of Plit and kidnapped Princess Peach.

Toad saw it and rushed to Mario’s house to warn the Mario Bros, who thought Bowser had kidnapped the princess. When Mario and Luigi got there, Bowser was confused and stated that he was about to kidnap the princess. Count Bleck then appeared and knocked out Mario. He then took Bowser and Luigi and the Koopa Clan with him to a wedding. Bowser and Peach were married and the Chaos Heart was born. Tippi helped Mario get the Pure Hearts. In Chapter 6, with Sammer’s Kingdom about to be destroyed, Count Bleck said that the world had no chance of surviving, when he saw Tippi and thought that she was Timpani. He left the kingdom. When Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi got the Pure Hearts, they headed to Castle Bleck. He sent his minions out to stop them. When Mario finally got to Bleck’s meeting room he fought Mario. Bleck was invincible so he could not be hurt until Peach, Bowser, and Luigi arrived and used the Pure Hearts to make him vulnerable.

He lost the battle and apologized to Tippi for what he did. But Dimentio stole the Chaos Heart and took control of it. He then sent Bleck to Dimension D. Soon Mario defeated Dimentio, but he left a fragment of his power to control the Chaos Heart. Bleck and Tippi married and stopped the Chaos Heart. They disappeared, but now they live in Flipside with each other. Today he helps Grodus for an unknown reason.

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