Count Bleck Bio, reported by Dimentio

Name: Count Blumiere
Nickname: Count Bleck, Champion of Destruction, Destroyer of Worlds
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 100 lbs (What? Half of his body is missing. What do you expect?!)
Favorite Food: All of Timpani’s cooking
Least Favorite Food: Anything that O’Chunks cooks and the food at Café Dimentio
Favorite Pastimes: Meeting Timpani, recruiting his henchmen, reuniting with Timpani, marring Timpani, and- What?! Watching me suffer?!
Least Favorite Pastimes: Losing Timpani, having his father move in, and- Oops, can’t tell you this… yet!
Favorite People: Timpani, Nastasia, O’Chunks, Mimi, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Dimentio
Least Favorite People: Count Bla`ck, Dimentio (Wait, what?), and Bowser

Who doesn’t know this loser? Well I guess it’s up to me to say a few words. Let’s go back a few 1,500 years.

Blumiere was born into the Tribe of Darkness. His father was Louis, ruler of the Tribe of Darkness. Blumiere was expected to rule soon so was to be trained in the ways of dark magic. One day while training near a temple he asked his father what that temple contained. “That temple contains evil… More evil than even we can control. Never go into that temple got, it?” said Louis.

“All right, Dad, I won’t,” responded Blumiere.

Years later Blumiere had developed into a fine wizard. His father was proud of him. In custom with the Tribe of Darkness he would have to go out into the Tribe of Light and fight a wizard of that clan. If he lost he would still be admitted into the tribe but could not rule it. If he successfully defeated a wizard from the Tribe of Light he would rule the Tribe of Darkness. He was sent, very confident in his abilities. He traveled for a while, tired but determined. At sunset he was on a cliff overlooking the Tribe of Light. Suddenly the cliff he was on collapsed and he fell all the way down.

When he awoke he spotted the most beautiful female he ever set eyes on. She was a human that belonged to the Tribe of Light. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think I am all right,” he responded. He looked around, not familiar with his surroundings. “Where am I?” he asked her.

“Oh, I found you out cold near a cliff. My name is Lady Timpani. I brought you over to my home in the Tribe of Light to heal you,” Timpani said. At this Blumiere stood up.

“How could you, a member of the Tribe of Light, help me, a member of the Tribe of Darkness?!” he said, still not believing what she’d done.

“It doesn’t matter what clan we belong to,” she said calmly. “You were injured and that’s all I needed to know to help you.”

Blumiere was stunned. Never in all his years had he witnessed a Light helping a Dark. Normally whenever those two met they were instantly engaged in a magic fight. Then Timpani broke his thoughts. “I see you have a wand. You are here to challenge one of my people, huh?”

At this Blumiere remembered his mission. Slowly he said “Yes”.

“Well then, meet your challenger,” she said with a giggle. She got out a wand herself.

Blumiere was still stunned by her beauty. He could not bring himself to fight her. He started to sweat and thought, “What is wrong with me? I should be fighting her… But I’ve never felt this way before...”

“Well what are you waiting for?” she asked with a smile.

Blumiere was confused about the feelings he was having. What was this? The Tribe of Darkness never taught him about this feeling before. He kept staring at her and suddenly… he left. Timpani was confused…and a bit saddened, seeing him go away. “Bye...” she said.

Blumiere teleported back to the Tribe of Darkness. There he went to his room. However just as he opened the door his father was beside him. “What happened to you?!” Louis asked.

Blumiere broke out into a cold sweat. “Uh, I had a fight with one of the Lights. I defeated her but-”

“You lie!” Louis said. “My magic tells me you fell off a cliff. Hmm… There is something else but I can’t tell. Look Blumiere, if you were injured I understand that you can’t fight a Light, but that doesn’t mean you have to lie to me. Capice?!”

“Yes Father,” said Blumiere.

That night he could only twist and turn in bed as he only dreamt of that girl Timpani he met.

The next day he was sent to try again. This time however he had something else in mind. He went down the cliff and saw the house where that Timpani girls lived. He started walking there but then stopped. “What are you doing, Blumiere? She is a human of Light, and you are nothing but a humanoid monster of Dark.” Suddenly he could hear his heart speaking to him. [i]“Go to her.”[/ Blumiere gathered up his courage, still confused about the feelings he had for her. He knocked and immediately the door swung upon. Standing there was Lady Timpani.

“Hello there,” she greeted him. “What brings you around here, Mister ‘Dark’?” she said with a giggle.

Blumiere hastily replied, “You”.

At this Lady Timpani gasped. “Excuse me?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Every time I think of you I… I… feel that I have to be near you. That I need to see you. I don’t understand this,” he said.

At this Timpani let out a smile. “Are you in love… with me?”

leumire looked her in the eyes as she did too. “Love? I don’t know what that means,” he said, confused.

Timpani looked at him with pity. “So it’s true what they say. In the Tribe of Darkness they don’t talk about love,” she said. Blumiere felt a little embarrassed. “Love… It has many, many meanings. The one thing though is that love means that you care about somebody… and you would do anything to be with them, to protect them, to be with them forever,” Timpani said, smiling. Blumiere couldn’t help but smile either. They got close to each other and leaned forward, but then…

“Hey, it’s a Dark! You, sir, are not welcomed here!” said a nearby Light. Blumiere looked at him and the mission suddenly rushed through his head. He took out his wand as so did the Light.

“Stop!” yelled out Timpani.

Blumiere snapped back and looked at Timpani. He quickly whispered to her, “I’ll be back… my love”.

With those words said he teleported back to the Tribe of Darkness. Timpani, a smile on her face, said, “Goodbye for now, my love.”

Blumiere went into his palace home and saw his father awaiting him. “You… What happened this time?” his father said, anger in his voice.

“Uh, there was a whole mob of them. I couldn’t handle them all-”

“YOU FILTHY LIAR! There is some strange aura around you. Go to your room. Once you have truly matured then I will send you to defeat a Light.”

“Yes Father,” said Blumiere.

However come nighttime Blumiere sneaked out of his father’s palace and met with Timpani. “It’s awfully late” she said sleepily.

“Love knows no bounds” he said, a smile on his face. He held her hand and both of them went out.

Many months passed. Blumiere was the happiest guy in the Tribe of Darkness, which aroused his father’s suspicion. Blumiere was truly in love with Timpani and vice versa. They saw each other almost every day and were good at keeping it a secret. One day Blumiere told Timpani to close her eyes. “Where are we going?” she asked, curious.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon,” he said slyly.

Soon enough he told her to open her eyes. She saw a beautiful lake as the sun was setting. She was truly amazed. “This is beautiful!” she said.

“Not as beautiful as you are,” he said. Then Timpani gasped as she saw Blumiere kneel. “Timpani, will you make me the happiest man alive… and marry me?” he asked, holding a ring in his hand.

“Yes!” she cried out. They embraced in a kiss and Timpani put the ring on. He then was truly happy.

However, happiness doesn’t last forever. One day when he went to go look for Timpani, she was gone. He looked and looked all over for her, but could not find her. He knew his father had something to do with this, for his father caught him once going to the Tribe of Light with flowers in his hands. He went back to his father’s palace and upon entering screamed out, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!”

His father approached, a stern look on his face. “She is not in this world anymore. I cursed her to travel through all worlds for eternity,” he said.

“How could you do such a thing?” he said, tears forming in his eyes.

“It’s for the best, Son. She was a human of Light. You are a monster of Dark. We all have to fallow our destiny.”

“I don’t care about my destiny! All I care about is her! And now… And now… she is… gone!” he said, sobbing.

“Maybe in time you will appreciate what I did for you. You will realize what you were doing is wrong and apologize to me.”

“No Father… No… One day YOU will realize what you did was wrong,” he said quietly. Blumiere had never felt this much anger, this much… hatred flowing through him. He knew what he had to do.

The next day a Dark screamed, “King Louis! King Louis!”

“What is it?!” he said.

“Someone broke into the Temple of Prognosticus!” he said.

Louis quickly went outside just to see his son with the Dark Prognosticus in his hand. “My Son, what are you doing?!” he yelled.

“Completing my destiny… Father!” he said, still crying.

“My Son, don’t open that book! Not even your ancestors could handle that book!” he screamed.

“I don’t care! A world without her is nothing! Dark Prognosticus! I have freed you from your prison! Now descend upon me my destiny!” he said.

“NOOO! Blumiere, what have you done?!” his father screamed out.

“BLEHEHEHE! Silence! I am Count Bleck! Now Dark Prognosticus, unleash your magic! Grant Count Bleck’s destiny, as destroyer of all worlds! BLEHEHEHE!” Count Bleck said.


And so was the birth of… Count Bleck!

Count Bleck destroyed the Tribe of Darkness… and killed his own father in the process. He saw the destruction he had caused… and smiled. “Hello there!” he heard. He turned around and saw the great and awesome Dimentio- OW! Don’t throw stuff at me. Anywho, I proceeded to say, “My name is Dimentio. I understand you are the Destroyer of Worlds. I would like to be your humble servant.”

However he rejected me for he did not really want to be the Destroyer of Worlds. He just wanted to find Timpani. He searched every world, every galaxy, every dimension, but alas he could not find her. He was devastated. During his travels he found his henchmen Nastasia, Mimi, and O’Chunks. Not finding her convinced him that Timpani was really gone. So he decided to fulfill his destiny as The Champion of Destruction. He started reading the Dark Prognosticus, and upon reading my name as The Dark One he hired me as well. Soon he would have revenge on the world for taking Timpani away from him. However, Mario and Co. had different plans. Soon SPM followed. Count Bleck reverted back to Count Blumiere and was happily married to Lady Timpani. Their love was so powerful that the Pure Hearts had more than enough energy to banish the Chaos Heart. As a result the Pure Hearts remained and Blumiere and Timpani went on a honeymoon in an unknown location.

Of course I decided that the Underwhere can’t hold me down. Two adventures followed, one in which Blumiere was separated from Timpani again. After my second defeat I begged for mercy from them. Count Bleck, however, decided I had overstayed my welcome and was about to banish me into the Underwhere permanently. Timpani, however, could see goodness inside me and told Count Bleck to give me one final chance. Bleck, of course, wasn’t sure, but Timpani convinced him. I moved into Castle Bleck with them.

Soon enough Bleck saw someone he thought he would never see again. Count Bleck’s father Louis had survived the destruction of that dimension! However, it had come with a price. His father had turned into Count Bla`ck! He has also turned much more evil. He forced Bleck to let him live with Timpani and Co. He had no choice as his father threatened to kill Timpani once and for all.

Count Bleck goes by many names: his original name, Bleck, County, and Count Sweetie?! Oh, I think I’m gonna throw up! Anyway… He decided to stay the way he is because he liked how he looked. Timpani had no real problems with that. Also the Dark Prognosticus had cursed him and it would take a lot of magic to revert back to his old form. Even if he did have all that magic he would soon revert back. Count Bleck made a great friendship with Nastasia. He also became good friends with O’Chunks and Mimi. Me, however, well it’s getting somewhere. Count Bleck was able to make another Castle Bleck near the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Pure Hearts were soon within his care as his love for Timpani gave them great power. He uses their magic to power anything in the castle. They also hold a certain secret of mine in place. Bleck is great friends with Mario and Co. as they helped get Timpani back. He tries to avoid his father as often as he can.

Well that’s about all the info you need on this guy. Now begone, like a piece of paper in the middle of a tornado.

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