World 1-1 Koopa Troopa, reported by GeneralBleck666

Name: Harry Koopa
Nickname: 1st World 1-1 Koopa Troopa
Right Now: In the Underwhere
Age: 19 (age of death)
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros.
Last Appearance: Super Mario Bros.

History: Harry Koopa was only 16 when he was recruited for the Koopa Klan. Before that time he was living in Sarasaland. He and Bowserís airship mechanic were good friends, so he decided to move to Dark Land and join the Koopa Klan. After seeing exactly what Harry could do, Bowser decided that he was one of the stronger Koopas and ordered him to guard the Fire Flower block above 3 single-coin blocks in World 1-1 and attack Mario after the first 8 Goombas.

Cause of Death: Harry Koopa was actually in a good position in World 1-1. Since he was after 8 Goombas, Mario had become a little tired and didnít even bother jumping on him. Even after getting the Fire Flower in the block above Harry and throwing a fireball at him, the fireball, amazingly, bounced right over him. Harry couldnít have been happier. He was probably going to get in trouble with Bowser for letting Mario get away, but at least he was still alive. Unfortunately, he then remembered something very disappointing as he was walking: his green shell. He was a green Koopa Troopa, and before he knew it he had walked right off the first cliff he came to Ė just like all green Koopas do.

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