Dimentio, reported by Yoshi's Clone

Name: Dimentio
Role: Magician
Favorite Food: Bon Bons
Favorite Pastime: Illusions
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Video Game: Super Paper Mario
Favorite School Subject: Magic
Theme: ‘Dimentio Battle’ and ‘The Ultimate Show’
Favorite Color: Purple
Health Points: 30/80
Attack Power: 2/4
Defence Power: 0

It is unknown where Dimentio is from or who he really is and how much of an effect he has on the game's backstory, but it's apparent throughout the story that he is never truly loyal to Count Bleck. His backstory depicts him as a freelance mercenary whom Count Bleck hired, probably for his dimensional skills. He sees being a minion of Bleck as the most convenient way to start his plans, and joins him in order to fulfill his own nefarious desires. Dimentio is shown to be very cunning and capable of initiating his own plans without the notice of Bleck or his other followers. Residing in the shadows of Count Bleck's army, Dimentio carefully plans and executes his scheme to take control of the Chaos Heart. In Count Bleck's service, Dimentio waits for Count Bleck to create the Chaos Heart and form the Void. He plans to use its power and destructive purpose to wipe out all worlds and create brand new ones under his control. Dimentio plans to accomplish this by manipulating the heroes of prophecy into collecting the Pure Hearts to destroy Count Bleck so that he (Dimentio) will be able to claim the Chaos Heart for his own purposes.

Once Bleck forms the Chaos Heart, Dimentio patiently waits for the hero mentioned in the prophecy to appear. Dimentio is first shown at a meeting between Count Bleck and his other followers, during which he makes mild insults to some of the other minions. Eventually, Nastasia mentions the appearance of the possible hero, which sparks Dimentio's interest. He decides to go with O'Chunks, who is sent by Bleck to take care of Mario, to see this hero for himself. Dimentio watches and tests the abilities of Mario by sabotaging Fracktail, the robotic guardian of the second Pure Heart and making it attack Mario. Mario defeats the mechanical guardian, which ultimately leads to its death, and acquires the second Pure Heart. This proves Mario's abilities to Dimentio, who begins to put his plans in order.

When Dimentio sees Mario as the hero, he moves his sights to Peach, who is abducted and used in the birth of the Chaos Heart in the prologue, now being held at Castle Bleck. Dimentio concludes that she will be the second hero and warps her from Castle Bleck to Flipside to join Mario. It seems that Dimentio does the same with Bowser, who wakes up in the Bitlands with several of his minions, although it is never explicitly stated. Eventually, after Mario defeats O'Chunks and Mimi, Count Bleck calls upon Dimentio to dispose of Mario. This gives Dimentio an excuse to test Mario and his companions' potential. Dimentio faces Mario and tests his abilities again at the Dotwood Tree, but this time in Dimension D. Mario proves worthy, as Dimentio had expected, but believes that the heroes must be stronger when the battle with Bleck arrives.

Upon his return to Castle Bleck, Dimentio next gains knowledge that Luigi is the ideal host for the Chaos Heart's power, and he will use it to spread darkness. After acquiring this knowledge, Dimentio makes use of his ability to turn invisible to spy on Bleck and Nastasia. He learns that Bleck has an emotional side, and this could be used as a weakness to make it easier for the heroes to defeat him. While Luigi is under Nastasia's mind control and turned into "Mr. L", Dimentio keeps careful watch of his skills to see if he is worthy of being the one mentioned in the Dark Prognosticus as Bleck previously stated. Dimentio now is in need of a tool to control Luigi so that he can use him to possess the power of the Chaos Heart. He meets an associate, most likely King Croacus IV, in The Land of the Cragnons and acquires two Floro Sprouts, which are plants that are put on people's heads to be mind controlled.

Dimentio takes the opportunity to once again test Mario and his friends, this time using O'Chunks and, and at the same time, test the Floro Sprouts to make sure they function properly for their future use. O'Chunks is once again sent by Count Bleck to defeat the heroes. He meets them in the Land of the Cragnons and is about to engage them in another fight when Dimentio interrupts him to test the heroes and the Floro Sprout. First, Dimentio warps O'Chunks to Dimension D to test the heroes. Once they defeat him, a Floro Sprout that Dimentio planted on him puts him under mind control, creating a form of O'Chunks he called "O'Cabbage". Dimentio programs the Floro Sprout to make O'Chunks faster and more unpredictable. O'Chunks is defeated again, and this more than proves to Dimentio that Mario is indeed the chosen one and is almost ready to battle Bleck.

With the Floro Sprouts and a means of manipulating Luigi in his possession, Dimentio next plans to join the fourth hero with the other three. He knows Luigi would be the fourth hero, so he needs to release him from Bleck's control and reunite him with the other heroes. He needs a time and place, however, where this deception won't be discovered. He comes up with the perfect plan to ensure that Luigi will be reunited with the heroes and still keep his plans a secret. He coaxes Bleck's henchmen, Mimi and Luigi (but not O'Chunks due to his recent failure), by telling them of the rewards they would get from Bleck for defeating the heroes in the next world (just on the edge of destruction). The world, Sammer's Kingdom, is indeed obliterated by the void, but it remains in a withered state. This would be the perfect area to "murder" Luigi and send him to the Underwhere, a place where those whose games have ended are judged. This would release his mind control and also have him meet up with Mario, as Dimentio planned to send him and the other two heroes to the same place.

The Pure Heart Mario acquired in this land is powerless against the destruction, but it could be repaired in the Underwhere. If Mario would be sent here, he could repair the Pure Heart and meet up with Luigi, killing two birds with one stone for Dimentio. Dimentio "murders" Luigi, and then quickly does the same to Mario, Peach, and Bowser in Merlon's house in Flipside. While it appears that Dimentio ends all their games, he actually uses his magic to temporarily destroy them and send them to the Underwhere, rather than actually ending their games for good. Mario is eventually able to repair the Pure Heart and meet up with Luigi and the other heroes and return from the Underwhere. Dimentio, in order to avoid any suspicions of deception, reports to Bleck that his henchman, Mr. L/Luigi, betrayed them and joined the heroes.

As the heroes gather the last Pure Heart, Dimentio begins to put all final preparations in order. Before doing so, he tells Bleck that Tippi uttered “Blumiere”, which is Bleck's true name. This proves to Bleck that Timpani, the woman he loves, is truly alive. Dimentio does this to weaken Bleck emotionally and make it all the easier for the heroes to defeat him. During the course of the hero's journey through Castle Bleck, Dimentio creates hundreds of clones and also manipulates the reflection of the castle mirrors to confuse the heroes as he shoots energy spheres at them. In addition, he gives them a chase through all the previous worlds (including the World of Nothing) in a game of "Magic Tag". Dimentio merely feigns his efforts to stop the heroes in order to make sure that his deception is not revealed until the right moment.

When Peach and Bowser are presumed dead in Castle Bleck, Dimentio approaches Mario and Luigi, reveals his intentions, and gives the Brothers the opportunity of joining him to destroy Bleck. In actuality, Dimentio plans on using two Floro Sprouts to mind control Mario and Luigi if they agree, so that his plans will unfold exactly as planned. While Dimentio explains how he's been "helping" the heroes the whole time, Tippi can still see the insanity behind Dimentio's nature. Mario and Luigi refuse to work with him, which makes Dimentio resort to another alternative. He insults Luigi, who then forces Mario and Tippi to leave so that he can handle Dimentio by himself and prove his strength to the villain.

Luigi fights and beats him, but this is all a ruse to get Luigi in Dimentio's grasp. Dimentio appears to commit a suicide attack, but he is actually planting a Floro Sprout in Luigi's unconsciousness. With this, Dimentio's plans are almost complete and in full fruition; all that is left is Bleck's defeat. Dimentio waits in the shadows during the battle between the four heroes and Bleck, ready to destroy his former master once and for all. Prior to the battle, Nastasia learns of Dimentio's true nature as a violent and psychopathic traitor. She anticipates that Dimentio might trap Count Bleck in Dimension D should he choose not to murder him or fail to do so. She informs Bleck's loyal minions and goes off to save the Count and tell him of the true evil. Bleck, in the meantime, is defeated and the Pure Hearts are used up in the battle, allowing Dimentio to shoot a burst of energy to finish the Count off. Nastasia arrives and steps in front of Bleck to save him, absorbing the shot instead, and seemingly dies. Mocking Nastasia for her sacrifice, Dimentio takes control of Luigi through the Floro Sprout, which reverts him back to Mr. L, and takes control of the Chaos Heart.

He combines Mr. L and the Chaos Heart to form Super Dimentio and sends Bleck, Nastasia, and Tippi to Dimension D to torture and kill them later. He becomes one with his creation and decides to end the lives of the heroes, as he has no further use for them. Transforming the room into his image and claiming Castle Bleck as his own, Dimentio demonstrates incredible new powers that are amplified by the Chaos Heart. Super Dimentio laughs at the heroes' efforts in battle, as he is shown to be invincible. He eventually starts to use his magic to wipe out the heroes and all worlds in one fell swoop. In Dimension D, Bleck loses all hope, as nothing can stop Dimentio without the Pure Hearts. Tippi, O'Chunks, and Mimi, who came to find Bleck, urge him not to give up hope. Through Bleck and Tippi's love, the Pure Hearts are regenerated after the battle with him. Tippi is able to escape from Dimension D, thanks to the Pure Hearts' power, and use them to heal Mario and his companions.

With the Pure Hearts' power, Super Dimentio becomes vulnerable, and engages the other three heroes in a final showdown. On the verge of death, Dimentio expresses disbelief at how his plans could fail when he did everything the prophecy required. Tippi and the heroes explain that nothing is decided entirely on fate and it was Dimentio's one mistake to assume that his prophecy was irreversible. Nevertheless, Dimentio smiles and reveals one last trick to ensure everyone in existence will die with him. With his last breath, Dimentio leaves a portion of his power behind to continue controlling the Chaos Heart to wipe out all existence. Uttering one final "Ciao", the last remains of Dimentio explode prodigiously and are utterly obliterated. Before exploding, though, he spits out an unharmed Luigi, but the power of the Chaos Heart continues to destroy all worlds.

Count Bleck, no longer evil, reveals that the only way to destroy the Chaos Heart is through true love. He and Tippi exchange vows at the same altar where the union of Peach and Bowser took place and the Chaos Heart was created. This new union between Count Bleck and Tippi activates the full potential of the Pure Hearts, which cancels out the energies of the Chaos Heart and Dimentio's remaining power. Unfortunately, this also causes Tippi and Bleck to disappear. Thus, Count Bleck and Tippi sacrifice themselves to save all existence and return all worlds to peace. With the Chaos Heart destroyed, the void closes, Nastasia is revived, and all worlds return to their former states, including the ones that were destroyed by the void. It is assumed Dimentio was completely destroyed and sent to the Underwhere.

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