Jolene, reported by Yoshi's Clone

Full Name: Jolene Elizabeth Rose
Gender: Female
Race: Toad
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Blonde
Favourite Color: Pink
Personality: Strict but Loving
Age: 28
Birthday: April 27
Home: Glitzville
Occupation: Head of the Glitz Pit (Former Assistant Manager)
Favorite Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Favorite Hero: Mario
Favorite Food: Tangerines
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Favorite Sport: Wrestling
Likes: Being in Control/Being the center of attention
Dislikes: Not being liked
Brother: Prince Mush

Jolene is the head of the Glitz Pit, obtaining this position when her old boss Macho Grubba was defeated by Mario. She is all happy and smiley in front of others, but rules the Glitz Pit with an iron fist. But she is ultimately a good leader and she is much better than Grubba ever was. In fact she is so good that she doesn’t need an assistant manager of her own.

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