Bugaboom, reported by Sgt. Fly

Name: Bugaboom
First Appearance: Super Mario Galaxy
Gender: Male
Species: Mandibug
Age: 27
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 1,077 pounds
Location: Gold Leaf Galaxy
Favorite Food: Strange Leaves
Hobbies: Chasing down Star Bunnies
Appearance: A huge, green Mandibug with a 2 wings on his sides; has 6 legs, two yellow fangs, and swirly eyes
Friends: The Mandibug Clan
Enemies: Mario, Luigi, and Queen Bee

Biography: Bugaboom is a huge, green Mandibug and leader of the Mandibug Clan. He and his Mandibugs used to live peacefully in the Honeyhive Galaxy, but some fights broke out between Bees and Mandibugs, and started a chain of fights. Queen Bee complained about the fights to Bugaboom, but he said it was the Bees' fault. Queen Bee refused to believe this and accused the Mandibugs of starting the fight. The two debated over it for a long time, until a feud broke out. After that, Bugaboom commanded the Mandibugs to beat up any Bees they could. That is, until Mario came. Queen Bee asked him to do something about the Mandibug Clan, and he went off to fight Bugaboom. At first the clan leader just walked around and snapped his jaws at Mario, but after Mario damaged him he started flying and dropping bombs out of a cannon on his underbelly. By using the Bee Mushroom, Mario was able to destroy him. Bugaboom, ashamed of losing the feud, fled to the Gold Leaf Galaxy with the Mandibug Clan.

In the Gold Leaf Galaxy, Bugaboom was accepted for the most part. He set up a base on a floating platform in the galaxy that resembled the one he lived on in the Honeyhive Galaxy. But he had more in mind than starting a new life here, he wanted to get revenge on Queen Bee. He tried to get stronger and faster by chasing down Star Bunnies, hoping to become strong enough to destroy the Bees of the Honeyhive Galaxy and conquer it as a land for the Mandibug Clan. Some Star Bunnies in the Gold Leaf Galaxy heard about his plan and tried ganging up on him. But even in large numbers, Bugaboom was able to take them down with ease. Some Bees didn't want to go right up and attack Bugaboom, but instead traveled to the Honeyhive Galaxy to warn Queen Bee. But even if she was warned, Bugaboom is building up an army and strengthening himself to take his revenge on Queen Bee.

Fun Facts:
- Bugaboom's name is a play on the word "bug-a-boo", which is used to scare someone.

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