The Kamek Chronicles

By Celestial

Day One: Teaching Baby Bowser

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Wait all galaxies are far away.


Kamek stared blankly at his blank book, with only those words written in it.

Kamek: How ironic. All this space and not a thought in my head. Why is it whenever I can't get a moment to be creative I have all these ideas, but when I sit down nothing comes to mind?

Kamek hopped down from his stool onto the castle floor and placed his book into a drawer on his desk. He opened up the second drawer and pulled out a scroll from a pile of them. Glancing over it he grinned.

Kamek: This is the day. This is the day I teach that spoiled little brat a thing or two. If I can't discipline him, no one can, and he must be disciplined. The fate of the entire Koopa kingdom rests in this child's claws.

Kamek walked out determined as ever, his red boots clacking against the castle floor and his blue robes swishing softly against his boots. Kamek swung open the giant doors and triumphantly stood with his scroll and magic wand in hand.

Baby Bowser: Close that door! You're letting in light. GRRRR!

Kamek: Oh, um, sorry your highness. <|8} (Kamek head)

Kamek politely shut the doors and grinned nervously.

Kamek: Now, as you may know, it is Thursday. Time for your studies.

Baby Bowser: Yeah right.

Kamek: Ah ha ha. Funny, your highness. Now today we're going to learn about Math and how you'll need it to calculate important strategic movements in your upcoming battles.

Baby Bowser: Math stinks.

Kamek: Ah ha... Math...stinks. Well, that's a positive attitude. Remember young one, Math is what you will need to count all your piles of money when you are a rich King.

Baby Bowser: Mmm! Money is good. So teach me some Maths.

Kamek: Alright! That's the spirit. Now I'm going to teach you a fun song that will help you remember your lesson better. Sing with me now! (sung to the tune of Super Mario World) X equals negative b, plus or minus square root, b square minus four ac, all ov-er two a! TA DA! Now you try it.

Baby Bowser: Shoot yourself.

Day 2: Terrible Two's

Kamek awoke from his tiny turtle bed to the smell of burning rubber. Feeling sickened from the fumes he decided to change out of his pajamas and into his robes. After pulling his hat on and placing his mirror shield glasses just so on his nose, Kamek looked into the mirror and grinned.

Kamek: Hello there handsome! Ready to start another fabulous day of building up an empire of evil?

Kamek looked at himself and sighed deeply. He then reached over to his desk to take his wand.

Kamek: Now where did I put that thing?

Kamek, puzzled, opened and closed each of the drawers, then peeked his head behind the desk and under it, and finally in the small silver trash can next to it. He then caught a wiff of the foul smelling smoke again.

Kamek: Ohhhh nooooooo...

Kamek ran over to Baby Bowser's room and threw open the doors. Then he just stood there staring in total shock. Bowser sat on the floor with a huge psychotic grin on his face, watching his bucket of crayons. This would be just fine, if the crayons weren't lit on fire, along with all of his drawing paper and some of his toys.


Baby Bowser: Um...

Kamek: ARRGGHHH!!!

Kamek grabbed his wand and smacked Bowser over the head with it. Staring at the flames for only a second, he quickly waved his wand and blew an icy wind at the fire. As the fire went out he sighed with relief and turned his head slowly to face Bowser. Locking eyes with the child, he glared angirly. Bowser only saw his reflection in Kamek's mirror shield glasses.

Kamek: WHAT do you have to SAY for yourself?!

Baby Bowser: Uh...

Kamek: Well?! Do you have something to say to me?

Baby Bowser: Yes.

Kamek: Good, what is it?

Kamek waited patiently for Bowser to apologize, starting to calm down.

Baby Bowser: What I wanted to say was...

Kamek: (smiling) Yes?

Baby Bowser: You're a geek.


Day 3: False Prophecy?

Kamek stared at the ceiling of his room with his fists clenched. Something wasn't right. How could this aggravating, irresponsible Koopaling possibly be the future ruler of the Koopa Kingdom? How would he even form a Kingdom? None of his visions had ever been false, but this one was really starting to make him think.

Kamek: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I just mistook some wild dream to be something important with one of my visions... something more than just a teacher to these Magikoopas. Maybe I just wanted so badly to be something more than just... some geeky Magikoopa..

Rolling over on his side, Kamek took off his glasses and placed them on the nightstand next to him. Rubbing away a tear, Kamek swallowed and closed his eyes. Starting to feel more relaxed, he drifted off to sleep.

Kamek opened his eyes and saw that it was dark out.

Kamek: How long have I been asleep?

He quickly got up and threw his glasses and hat on. Grabbing his broomstick he ran out of his door and past the castle halls.

Kamek: I have to hurry, I know that if I don't stop them my prophecy won't be fulfilled.

He ran out the front door and hopped on his broomstick, charging upward. Racing past the thick fog and clouds he finally saw what he was looking for.

Kamek: There. There it is. That is what I am searching for!

He could suddenly see what this blurred image was: a white stork carrying two bundles.

Kamek: Those babies are mine!

Kamek lunged at the stork and grabbed at the bundles. The stork hit him and he lost his balance a bit. Feeling his grip still on the bundle, he took his free hand and lunged at the stork. The stork felt the blow and spun around in a daze. Kamek turned his broom around and fled back to the castle.

Kamek: With the end of these children, my prophecy will finally be fulfilled! AH HA HA HA!!

Kamek woke up with a sudden jerk screaming. Baby Bowser was jumping up and down on his stomach.

Baby Bowser- Ah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Kamek: GET OFF ME!!

Kamek furiously grabbed Bowser and threw him out his chamber door into his room. Still seething, he slammed the door and began counting backwards from ten. Ten... nine...eight.. He suddenly stopped and remembered his dream. What was that dream all about? Who were those children? Was this part of his prophecy?

Kamek: I could feel the wind against me as I flew, I knew my purpose exactly, though it doesn't come to me now. This was no dream. It was destiny calling to me, as she does so often..

Feeling a sudden chill, Kamek walked back over to his bed and wrapped the covers around himself. This time he couldn't sleep though. He lay there seeing the dream play over and over again in his mind.

Kamek: Who are these children I must be rid of? What would they do to interfere?

Day 4: Destiny Calls

Kamek sat in his laboratory, mixing chemicals together and crushing some components down into a fine powder. Carefully extracting some liquid from a root, he placed the substance in a tube with some orange liquid in it. Watching it fizzle and pop he grinned eagerly.

Kamek: Yes! All my hard work is going to pay off. This blob monster will aid us greatly in combat.

The liquid began to ooze out onto the floor, then congealed into a glop of orangey yellow mass. Two tiny beady eyes looked up at Kamek and blinked. Kamek reached out to touch his new creation and pet it lightly on the head. The creature, looking scared, curled up into a ball and bounced to the other side of the room. It then stopped, uncurled itself, and looked around. Satisfied no one was near it, the creature closed its eyes and fell asleep. Kamek stomped over and poked it again.

Kamek: You are working for me. Get up!

The creature opened its eyes again and blinked.

Kamek: Don't just stare at me, do something!

The creature just blinked some more and sat unmoving.

Kamek: GRAH! If you are this useless then be gone!

Kamek angrily stomped on the goo and it splattered all across the floor. He picked up his foot with a sour look on his face.

Kamek: Ugh. I didn't expect it's mass to be so unpredictable.

He took a tissue and wiped off the slime. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the goo still splattered and the eyes sitting by themselves, still blinking.

Kamek: Eeyuck! Disgusting! I need to get out more.

The goo blinked once more and then it suddenly popped back into its original congealed form and sat blinking at him blankly once again.

Kamek: Ohh ho hooo. Guh-ross. I have to go out and get some air. Creating my own servants is much trickier then I first assumed.

Kamek stepped out of the laboratory and into the open air of the top of the castle. The view was breathtaking from where he stood and he gazed over the dark kingdom that was growing, lovingly.

Kamek: One day, I'll have order to this chaotic island. Everyone will be as learned as I am. Everyone will review the latest books, and chatter about good plays and Operas to attend. Science will help to create amazing technologies, and Magikoopas will be of the highest respect. Artists and musicians will be appreciated once again and a golden age will settle with me as the advisor to this prophesied King.

Elderly Magikoopa: You really thing so, young prodigy?

Kamek: Hm? What? Oh. I didn't notice you there. What are you doing up here?

Elderly Magikoopa: Watching the stars. Making a wish. An old legend I heard is that if you wish on a star the star you wish on will eventually fall. And when it does it will be holding your wish and as it falls down onto the planet your wish will be granted.

Kamek: Yes, I've heard that story as well. Do you think it's true?

Elderly Magikoopa: I just came out to wish that I could be half as wise as you are in your young age, and that if I could not be, that you would lead us wisely to victory. So you tell me... What do you think I believe?

Kamek: You're very flattering. I couldn't possibly be as wise as you. You've lived so many years, learned so much...

Elderly Magikoopa: And yet, I can't seem to know as much as you do. You've got something no one else here has, Kamek. A gift given to you that should not be wasted. Don't ever doubt yourself, Kamek. Whatever future you see for us, fulfill it. I know that you are so intelligent that you can even foresee the future. You've done it before, and I'm sure you will do it again.

Kamek: The future I saw recently... though... didn't make any sense. Two children were the only things stopping us from controlling the entire world! Can you believe it?

Elderly MagiKoopa: Is that so? Then perhaps now would be a good time to point out that stork that just flew by the castle with those bundles.

Kamek: What?

Kamek stared out into the sky. As the two had been talking it had grown dark. Only now had he taken in the scenery.

Kamek: I've seen this all before... I have to...

Kamek ran into his room and grabbed his broomstick, running back up the stairs and to the top of the castle he flew off hurriedly into the nightsky. Passing through the myst and the clouds, Kamek's mind lept into action. This is just like in my dream. I have to hurry. Looking up he saw the blurred image of the stork.

Kamek: Yes, There it is. That is what I have been searching for. Those babies are mine!

Kamek lunged at the stork and the foreseen struggle occurred just as it had in his dream. Knowing if he lunged at the stork with his wand the stork would let go, he quickly did so. The stork, dizzy, spun in circles and one of the bundles dropped towards the ground. Quickly flying away, so that the stork would have no chance of pursuit, Kamek sped toward the castle. He landed and threw the bundle into the arms of his awaiting Toadies.

Kamek: I've done it, I've captured the babies, and now...(pulling out his wand) I will make sure they have no interference with The Koopa Klan.

Kamek raised his wand to strike the child when he stopped short.

Kamek: What?! What?! Where is the other one?! There were supposed to be two! Where is it?!

The Toadies all looked at each other and back at Kamek.

Kamek: Go! GO! Go get that other baby and bring it back here!

The Toadies sniffed the baby bundle and, picking up the scent, took off after it's twin. Kamek turned his head to the baby and snarled.

Kamek: I'm glad I didn't crush you just now. The thought just occurred to me that if you are so powerful, perhaps you can be persuaded to join our army, if I raise you myself..

The baby just stared bewildered at Kamek. It began to cry... and cry... and cry. Kamek covered his ears and grimaced.

Kamek: I have to begin building my armies. The time of the Koopa Klan is almost at hand. I can feel it in my reptile veins.

One Toadie came back suddenly and swarmed around Kamek.

Toadie- Master, master, the stork is coming for the baby, and he looks angry.

Kamek grinned. Good. A baby sitter. Kamek watched the sky eagerly and as the stork approached he took out his wand and and entangled it in a hold spell. He then took the stork and tied it by its feet on the top of the castle. Kamek placed the crying bundle next to the stork and it stopped crying.

Kamek: Watch this little brat till I come back. Alright?

Stork: LET ME GO! You'll never get away with this.

Kamek: Oh really? And who, pray tell, is going to stop me?

A snide grin came over Kamek's face as he said this, but it stopped when he looked into the baby's eyes. Feeling a strange coldness from the stare, he averted his eyes and hopped on his broomstick. He had a destiny to fulfill.

To Be Continued...
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