Aleth's Assault

By Aleth

Part 1: The Preparation

Everyone is talking about an assault on the Mushroom Kingdom.

Aleth: We are going to attack the Mushroom Kingdom using this plan of mine: We go in via drop-ship and breach the outer defenses. Next, the drop-ship approaches the castle and drops us off. We split into a pair of teams composed of surface units in one and aerial units to compose the other, and attack the castle to damage the walls. Afterwards we will cause a seismic effect using Bob-ombs launched by Albatoss and Assault Tanks upon the castle to terrorize any civilians inside.

Lemmy takes about a minute to understand what Aleth has said.

Lemmy: Aleth says we should use a drop-ship to land past the castle walls. After that, we split into two teams. One has air attackers and the other has ground attackers. We make everyone in the castle get scared because they are being hit by Bob-ombs and tanks and they will think there is an earthquake. Got it?

Everyone: Got it!

Bowser: What happens after this, and how do we escape?

Aleth: Lakitu, our most prized aerial unit, teamed with Para-Beetles and Para-Goombas, will capture Princess Peach and leave her in the drop-ship. Our retreat plan is to take our path back to the drop-ship to come back here.

Lemmy: Aleth says Lakitu, with Para-Beetles and Para-Goombas, will take the Princess and put her into the drop-ship. To escape, we follow our original path to the drop-ship. Understand?

Bowser: I understand now.

Aleth: Is everyone ready?

All: Yes!

Everyone marches into the drop-ship and it takes off.

Part 2: The Rough Ride

Aleth: Sky Troopa, are we nearly there?

Sky Troopa: We are halfway there now.

Roy: Sort out now! Air units to the left and ground units to the right!

Jelectro: How about us water units?

Roy: Water units, in the front. What do the water units do anyway?

Aleth: They make sure the Princess or the plumbers don’t escape through the moat. Snorkel Fish, open the moat door and jam it from inside when we get there. Jelectro squadron will do the rest. If the moat is drained, Wendy will fix it, right Wendy?

Wendy: Right, you know me Aleth, if we are doing a job for our Dad, we’ll get to work.

Aleth: Jelectro, you and your team make a minefield in the moat, got it?

Jelectro: Got it.

A Bullet Bill hits the drop-ship.

Bowser: Oh no! Shy Guys have taken over my ship squadron!

Aleth: Sky Troopa, deploy Shysters!

Sky Troopa: Okay!

The Shysters fly out and attack the ships.

Bowser: Watch out, they have a strategy, cannonballs just make rough air for us to try and fly through, Bullet Bills are guided to hit their target dead center, and if they use the Bowser Bullet, they could destroy this drop-ship!

Ludwig: I created the Bowser Bullet, our weakness is iron. The Bowser Bullet homes in on iron. The Bowser Bullet doesn’t home on the Bowser ship squadron because there is no iron in it. This drop-ship does though.

Aleth hops into the control hatch and activates the plasma shields.

Aleth: They’ll never hit us now! The most we’ll get is very rough air.

Iggy: Why do you say that?

Aleth: In two words, plasma shields.

Ludwig: That’s correct, I made them aerodynamic, but I forgot to make them in the shape of a pointed cylinder so they could penetrate shield defenses.

Lemmy: Ludwig says he made them so they cut through air but forgot to shape them to break past shields. That reminds me, are the bombers still there?

Aleth: No. Wait a s-

A Bullet Bill bounces off the shield.

Aleth: I’ll do the bombing along with five Shy Guys.

Aleth and five black Shy Guys go to the bombing hatch.

Black Shy Guy 2: What do we bomb with?

Aleth: We’ll use iron bombs.

The Bowser Bullet hits the drop-ship and the whole ship shakes.

Black Shy Four kicks an iron bombshell and Black Shy Guy One fills up the shell with nitroglycerin and gasoline.

Aleth: Ready Black Shy Guy Three?

Black Shy Guy 3: Yes Aleth!

Aleth: Black Shy Guys One, Two, Three and Four, go up and get into file. Five, launch the bomb!

All Black Shy Guys: Got it!

Black Shy Guys One, Two, Three and Four go up top and the bomb is launched by Five. An ion pulse weakens the maneuverability systems but Shy Guy One repairs them.

Aleth: The rest of the way should be happy flying.

The Shyster squad returns.

Part 3: The Assualt

An hour later…

Aleth: Okay, we are right on cue, the defenses just dropped for rest. This is the time I planned for. Code White!

The air units go out.

Aleth: Code Blue!

The drop-ship floats above the moat and the water units drop out and fall into the moat.

Aleth: Code Green!

The drop-ship lands on the castle drawbridge and releases ground units.

Aleth: Okay, Snorkel Fish, do your job!

Snorkel Fish open the door and jam it from inside.

Aleth: Jelectro Squadron, do your part… NOW!

The Jelectro squadron makes their minefield and makes sure the door and the drawbridge are heavily guarded.

Sky Troopa: Defense point one reached sir!

Aleth: Excellent. How is Lakitu doing?

Sky Troopa: He’s already caught the Princesses.

Aleth: I never sent him for more than one.

Sky Troopa: He caught Peach and Daisy.

Aleth: Even better, we can ransom Peach and give them Daisy instead!

Sky Troopa: Sir, the seismic assault has started!

Aleth: Get out of here, that bombing will make this ship crash.

Sky Troopa: Affirmative Aleth!

The drop-ship backs away from the Albatoss.

Aleth: Where is Lakitu?

Lakitu: Right here sir!

Aleth: Good speed and good hiding skill, I may persuade Bowser to promoting you!

Lakitu: To what?

Aleth: Is Sky Troop General good enough for you?

Lakitu: Yes it is sir!

Aleth: I guess you should help out, use your Spiny eggs to weaken the castle walls.

Lakitu: As you say Aleth!

Lakitu leaves the drop-ship.

Aleth: I’m going out there too, make sure the drop-ship isn't damaged and regulate the shields every minute!

Sky Troopa: Affirmative

Aleth turns into an Albatoss carrying Bob-ombs and goes out of the drop-ship to help with the bombing.

Part 4: Daisy's Rescue

Hours later…

Lakitu: Operation complete sir!

Aleth: Bring us back to Bowser’s Keep!

Sky Troopa: Yes sir!

At Mushroom Castle…

Mario: How-a do we get out of this-a mess?

Luigi: I’ll-a get the Snorkel Fisha, you-a get the door!

Mario: Got it!

Luigi wrestles the Snorkel Fish while Mario tries to open the door.

Mario: (while being shocked) Mama mia!

Luigi: (while being wrapped up by Snorkel Fish) Mama mia is-a right big bro!

Mario: I thought I’d-a never survive that shock!

At Bowser’s Keep…

Ludwig: After nearly infinite attempts, we have apprehended the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Princess of Sarasaland!

The Koopas celebrate.

An hour later, a thunderbolt crashes through the ceiling, followed by two fireballs and a hammer…

Mario: (using a Fire Flower) You-a will pay for what you-a did to me and-a my brother!

Luigi: (using a Hammer Brother Suit) Yeah! You are-a toast!

Mario grabs a bunch of items from Mario Kart 64. Then Mario and Luigi take everyone to Block Fort.
They booby-trap every good spot of Block Fort. Then Bowser falls into the center of ten green shells, five red shells and a blue spiny shell with a lock on him.

Bowser: You’ll pay for this!

Bowser disappears in an explosion of shells. Daisy lands on Luigi’s back and kisses him.

Luigi: Here we go!

Mario: That’s-a my line!

Luigi: Get-a used to it, I’m-a stealing that line.

Mario, Luigi and Daisy use Stars and escape by bashing through all of the walls.)

Aleth: Oh well, at least they don’t have Peach.

Part 5: Peach's Rescue

Peach is stranded in the Koopas' dungeon, but she finds one of Wendy's old Magic Wands.

Peach: Just enough magic to make another ring! I better not make a mistake or I'm history.

Peach cuts a small lock of her hair and puts it on the Wand along with a note. Then, when she shoots it, the magic ring carries the lock of hair and the note through Star Road to the Mushroom Kingdom.

At Mushroom Castle…

Toadofsky: What is that, oh my stars, it is one of Wendy’s candy rings, but why is it shining so brightly?

The ring lands.

The Chancellor: That's a lock of Peach’s hair! We should show the Mario Brothers this immediately!

Toadofsky and The Chancellor show the Mario Brothers the ring.

Mario: There is a note, it-a says that Peach has-a been captured by Bowser! There is a new-a Yospan (Yoshi/Koopa/Human hybrid) on their-a team. It must-a be that person that-a Snorkel Fish was talking about.

Mario and Luigi use Star Road to warp to Bowser’s Keep. Everything goes smoothly for them, until a Beezo catches Luigi.

Luigi: Mama mia!

Luigi becomes trapped along with Peach.

Luigi: Here, take-a this, Princess!

Luigi passes Princess Peach a Star while he uses one on himself. The two then break out of the cell and run out of the dungeon. They end up in a dead end where they meet up with Mario, who is hiding there.

Peach: DUCK!!!!

Everyone ducks as an Autobomb shoots the wall instead of the Mario Brothers and Peach. The plumbers and the Princess escape through the hole it created.

Aleth: I can't believe it, Mario and Luigi saved her again! AUGH!!!

The End

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