Double-O Jon

By Jon

Part 1: The Beginning

Jon is sitting, watching cartoons, on a Saturday morning. Suddenly, the phone rings...

Jon: Hello?

???: Is this Jon?

Jon: Yes... who is this?

???: This is Uncle Bowser.

Jon: Oh, hello. What's up?

Bowser: No time for talk now. Listen, Mario is invading!

Jon: What?!

Bowser: Yes, I know. He has a whole army of mechanical Toads.

Jon: Oh g-d... about how many?

Bowser: I'd say a couple thousand.

Jon: Holy cow! I'll be right over!

And so the adventure begins...

Double-O Jon: Battle for the Koopas!

Objective #1: Get to Bowser - Difficulty: 3/10

Jon leaves the house with his only gun and armor.

???: Attack!

Jon: Ahhh!

Jon ducks behind a corner and uses sniper vision to find three Toads searching for Jon. He locks onto one and fires. The Toad disintegrates.

Jon: What were you expecting, blood?

Toad: There he is!

The Toads head towards Jon and begin firing. One of them just barely hits him. [HEALTH: 19/20]

Jon: Ahh!

He runs around the house, eventually reaching the other side of the corner. The Toads have followed him, but he is a bit quicker. Jon waits in sniper mode for the Toads to arrive.

Jon: (whispering) Where are they- AHH!

Jon gets hit from behind a few times: They turned around and went the other way! [HEALTH: 13/20]

Jon: ACK!

Jon turns around, still in sniper mode, and locks onto a Toad. He gets a direct hit, but loses health from the other Toad. [HEALTH: 11/20]

Jon hits the other Toad, but just barely, so he's still alive. The Toad hits him right before Jon finishes him off. [HEALTH: 09/20]

Jon: Oh, man, they are SMART!

He heads back to his backyard, where there is a mini health pack he hadn't noticed. He picks it up. [HEALTH: 14/20]

He notices another Toad wandering around behind a bunch of bushes. He goes into sniper mode and fires, getting a direct hit. He turns back and heads down his driveway.

Toad: There's one! Get him!

Jon heads back behind a bush and goes into sniper mode. A Toad suddenly appears in his driveway and hits his gun. His sniper mode is destroyed!

Jon: Agh!

He fires at the Toad and misses. The Toad hits him twice before he gets him. [HEALTH: 10/20]

Jon continues back to another Toad and just barely hits him. As the Toad turns around, he fires again, killing it. Next to the Toad is another mini kit. Jon grabs it immediately. [HEALTH: 15/20]

Jon: Geez... this can only get worse!

The rest of the trip is smooth sailing. Finally, he arrives at the castle, where things aren't going as smoothly. He instantly sees five Toads in a pack, and without his sniper he is a dead man. He goes  into the nearby trees and aims near the middle of the pack...

Jon: Oh wait!

Jon takes out his watch and presses the 'save' button. Four saves are left until he finds a save booster.

He re-aims the best he can and fires repeatedly. Three Toads are killed, but the other two spot him and fire. Two direct hits. [HEALTH: 09/20]

Jon: Ugh!

He fires again, and after another five shots, one  missing (and three from the Toads, two missing) he kills the other two. [HEALTH: 07/20]

Jon continues up to the point where the trees end. There is a small road, and then the bridge begins. He looks left. Two Toads. He looks right. Four Toads.

Jon: *Gulp*

Jon runs onto the bridge and turn to the pack of four and fires. He kills only one. Now the other five Toads have spotted him and fire. He is hit, and before the can kill the original pack of four, he dies.


Jon appears back in his house.

Jon: Ugh...

Jon takes out his watch and loads the game. He appears back behind the trees with the pack of five. He aims like before, and this time has a little more luck, killing two of them at once and only getting hit once. [HEALTH: 13/20]

Jon: Alright! Time to save!

The game is saved. (Three saves left)

Jon goes onto the bridge and this time shoots at the pack of two, killing one instantly and another after two shots. Meanwhile, he gets hit three times by the group of four. [HEALTH: 07/20]

He turns around and fires, killing a Toad. He strafes back to the tree area as the Toads follow him. It turns out there are a few behind the Toads, and six in all. Well, seven in all; one Toad was already killed. Jon fires, hitting a Toad. He fires again but then runs: there are still five Toads and they're getting close.

Now Jon turns around and fires, killing two Toads at once. He gets hit twice and hits a Toad, nearly killing it. [HEALTH: 05/20]

Now he fires again, hitting another Toad, leaving two. He gets hit, then kills the near-dead Toad. [HEALTH: 03/20]

Now, he finally kills the final Toad, after getting a slight hit. [HEALTH: 02/20]

Jon: Ugh... let's just get to Bowser already...

Jon heads back onto the bridge. There's a normal medical kit next to the door to the castle. As he picks it up, the wall opens up, showing two Toads. [HEALTH: 12/20]

Jon: Ahhh!

Jon fires, killing a Toad, but gets shot by the other one. He was so close, it caused 5 damage. [HEALTH: 07/20]

Jon kills the other Toad and finally enters the castle.

Jon: Oh my g-d....

Part 2: Traps on the Trip

As Jon looks around, he can see hundreds of Toads swarming all over the castle, none noticing that he just came in.

???: Psssst!

Jon turns to his left with his gun out-streched, where the noise was coming from. It turns out to be Bowser.

Bowser: Come here! Tiptoe!

Jon does as Bowser said and enters the closet with Bowser.

Jon: What's going on?!

Bowser: I don't know, but the Toads are invading, all right. I couldn't get my gun, they had already surrounded me. The kids left out of the emergency exit an hour ago.

Jon: So what to do?

Bowser: Kill as many Toads as you can, find my Koopas, return, finish off the Toad drones, and finally, kill those darn brothers!

Jon: Ok.

Bowser: Now get out before they hear us!

Jon opens the door to find two Toads right in front of them, but with their backs turned towards the other direction.

Jon: Errr...

Jon crawls along the wall, the Toads still not noticing him. He opens the door when-

Toad: Get him!

Jon: Ahh!

Jon runs out the door and around the castle. There are numerous Toads following him. He continues to run around and enters the area with the trees. He keeps running.

Jon: Now, where to find the- ooof!

He seems to have run into a wall. No, it couldn't have been a wall, it was too small. Wait... it's Bowser!

Bowser: Hi, I ran out with you... listen, this is more than shoot-all-the-Toads. You also have to deliver things and junk. Ok, here, take this letter to the post office. But watch out for the market, I heard they started there, then slowly headed up town.

Jon: But... but to get to the post office I have to past the market...

Bowser: Exactly. Good luck!

Jon: Thanks.

Bowser hands him the letter.

Jon now has a letter!

Objective #2: Get the letter to the Post Office. - Difficulty: 5/10

Bowser heads back to the castle, while Jon heads back in the other direction.

Jon: Hello...

Jon finds a sniper on the ground! He immediatly picks it up and attaches it. He goes into a nearby bush and goes into sniper mode. In sniper mode he catches a glimpes of five Toads, all separated! He goes to the center Toad and fires, killing it.

Jon: Good...

The other four can't find him. He shoots the one to the left of it. They still can't find him. He kills a third. Now they spot where he is. This time, at the same time that they fire, he fires, causing both lazers to reflect back to the Toads, destroying them both.

Jon: Ok, now, what to do he- ahhhh!

Jon had been hit from behind, but this was no lazer- no, it was some kind of boot, causing him to fly into the supermarket. Or is it still a supermarket? He turns around and tries to head out the door, but it is sealed. There is only one other way out, and it is through all the Toads, and on the other side of the store.

Objective #2.1: Get out of the supermarket. - Difficulty: 7/10

Jon: Where's my gun?!

Jon's gun had been blown away as well somewhere in the market!

Objective #2.2: Find the gun. - Difficulty: 6/10

He now has three objectives at once, and things are getting more hectic by the minute.

Jon: Ok, let's just do this first.

Jon takes out his watch and saves. (2 saves left)

He heads down aisle number one. There are a few vegetable stands in the middle, almost making a maze.

???: STOP!

The game is suddenly haulted.

Jon: What the?

???: Up here, young one.

Jon looks up to see Kamek.

Jon: Kamek! What is it?

Kamek: Just letting you know this is no longer gonna be a shoot-em-up/adventure game. It's now an action/adventure game.

Jon: Oh, ok.

Kamek: Oh, and before I go...

Kamek hands Jon a save booster. (7 saves left)

Jon: Thanks!

Kamek leaves and the game is resumed. The Toads are still metalic, but no longer have guns. They now have swords.

Objective 2.2 terminated

Jon: Ok, now to get out of here, then get this letter to the post office.

Jon walks up to a Toad and the Toad begins swinging his sword at Jon.

Jon: Ooo, a sword and shield. How nifty.

Jon duels with the Toad and wins after two strikes.

Jon: Hmmm, this is easy... heheh. Hey, what's that in the tomato stand?

Jon walks over to the tomato stand to find a red map!

Jon: Woohoo! Too bad I can't see where the Toads are, though. And it magicaly shows where I am... cooool. Ok, let's continue.

To Be Continued,,,

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