I Am Husky/Washu

By Husky/Washu

Morton hit the Mute button and sat down on his bed. He made no motion to indicate we could sit in a chair or anything so I sat down, which was quite normal for a dog. Washu, however, remained standing, seeing as how it might look a little more… erm, stupid for her to sit down. After all, a dog would just have to his rear fall back, but for a human or anything built similarly you’d have to lower yourself and then cross your legs or something else once on the floor, which takes more time.

Oh great, I just confused myself. @_@

Anyway, I had done my part, which was explaining why we were here, so I expected my human friend to do hers. She couldn’t seem to break the silence, though. Washu knew that other species, especially species that can breath fire, shake the ground, freeze things, cast magic spells, etc., when angered could be dangerous. I didn’t know this, or at least realize it, and I still don’t seem to. Who knows why? I could see her planning in her mind, thinking of the right thing to say without getting anyone upset, cautiously pondering the moves she would make. Yeah. Unfortunately, all those important thoughts came out like this, as she turned her head to look at the TV.

"So, is this a good show?"

To this day I swear I could see steam coming from Morton’s ears. "Is this a good show? IS THIS A GOOD SHOW?! OF COURSE IT IS!!! Why else would I be recording it?! Oh no, wait, it’s the season finale of LLST3K, so why would I be recording it?! Sure, they’re gonna have other seasons, but why?! BECAUSE IT’S FUNNY!!!"

I flinched and lowered my ears as Washu took a step back.

"Well it’s been great Morton, maybe we can get together sometime over a cup of tea, eh? Heh heh, some other time? See ya then!" With those quick words, Washu grabbed me by the tail again and was outta there in a flash.

Slamming the door behind her, Washu released my tail and wiped her brow. "Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad." I said, wringing out my tail as if it were wet.

"Yes it was! I thought he was gonna kill me."

"He was having a bad day, I’m sure. In other fics, he’s not that mean or anything."

"Huh? Fics?"

"Never mind." (o_O  This is beginning to sound like an Interview.) So we continued on to Wendy’s room, wondering if she was having as bad a day as Morton was.

At the door, Washu knocked, just like with any other door, but there was no answer, so she knocked harder. Nothing. I put an ear up to the door but there was no sound. I shrugged and said, "Maybe we should try the pool? I hear she likes the water a lot. She’s got Water Land, you know."

"‘She’s 'got'? Is that even proper grammar?" Washu questioned as we walked away. I shrugged again.

We trotted on. After a minute or two, Washu piped up again. "And no, I didn’t know she rules Water Land." "You sound like the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland." She rolled her eyes.

Five minutes later we came upon the gigantic pool, where Bowser’s daughter was swimming laps. "Hi Wendy! ‘Sup?" I asked, taking it upon myself to be the one to start off the conversations.

"Swimming… laps… for exercise," she gasped between strokes.

"Exercise? Doesn’t look like you need any of that." Me again, always the one to (try to) give out compliments, correct in the receiver’s view or not.

Wendy slowed to a stop and approached the side. "Gotta keep in shape, ya know? Same with my figure. *wink* Besides, Lemmy’s got an act coming up, so I need to be fit." After that, she resumed swimming.

Washu sighed and turned on her heel. She called back over her shoulder, "Thanks for the chat Wendy!"

The response came, barely audible over the splashes. "No problem!" She wasn’t being stupid, of course, we all know that, she just wasn’t in the mood for a chat with two condemned idiots.

To Be Continued...
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