Sunny Dad Madness

By Husky/Washu

We find our hero (and owner of this site) playing Super Mario World.

Lemmy: Yeah! Another Mario lost! Iím getting good at this game.

Wendy walks in.

Wendy: What? Lemmy, youíre not supposed to lose Marios. Youíre supposed to beat the game, remember?

Lemmy: What? Oh yeah, well, King Dad told us weíre supposed to beat down on Mario.

Wendy: Oh yeah. Carry on.

Wendy walks out.

Lemmy: Beat the game? Hah! Weeeel, nah.

Iggy: Whatíre ya doing?

Lemmy: Guess.

Iggy: Oh, right. Listen, Larry, Ludwig, Roy, Morton and I are gonna go out and play baseball. Wanna come?

Lemmy: ButÖ But itís so SUNNY!

Iggy: What? Sunny? In Dark Land? Never!

The twins run to the window.

Iggy: Whoa! Thatís different!

Lemmy: Yeah, I wonder if King Dad knows.

They hear a scream.

Lemmy: Whoís that?

Iggy:  Wendy probably broke a nail (laughs).

Lemmy: Yeah, probably.  Letís go check it out,.

Iggy: Okay.

They arrive in the TV room.

Iggy: King-

Lemmy: -Dad?

Bowser: Stupid! He was wide open! What are ya, blind?

Iggy: (sniff) NoÖ

Lemmy: (nudges Iggy) King Dadís watching a football game.

Iggy: Oh.

Bowser: Díoh! You imbecile! Thatíll cost you the game!

Iggy: King Dad, I think youíre wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy too enthusiastic.

Lemmy: Yeah, youíre doing what people on Earth do.

Lemmy and Iggy shudder.

Bowser: Oh. Right. Say, why arenít you kids outside playing baseball?

Iggy: 'Cause itís SUNNY outside!

Bowser: Huh? Impossible! You should go talk to Ludwig.

Lemmy: Um, okay.

They walk out.


Ludwig: GAH! That doesnít work, Karma!

Karma: If you would just LISTEN to me youíd have it easier.

Ludwig: Yeah, like jamming a screwdriver into a telephone lets you use the Internet.

Karma: Thatís not what I said! If you take a-

Wendy comes barging into Ludwig's room.

Wendy: Hey! I was just on the PHONE, in case you didnít know!

Ludwig points at Karma, Karma points at Ludwig.

Wendy: (shakes her head) Youíre hopeless.

Wendy walks out.

Lemmy: Yo Ludwig, what happened to the sky?

Ludwig: Huh?

Iggy: Open the blinds, itís SUNNY outside!

Ludwig: Stop pulling my leg. Really?

Lemmy: Yes! See-

Iggy: -For yourself!

Ludwig and Karma rush to the window and pull open the blinds.

Karma: Um, somethingís wrong.

Ludwig: Yeah, I just figured that out a long time ago.

Lemmy: Actually, we-

Iggy: -Just figured that out.

Ludwig: Whatever.

Iggy: Hey, you-

Lemmy:  -Canít have ALL the glory of being the smartest.

Karma:  (snickers) Yeah, Ludwig.

Ludwig: I wonder whatís causing it?

Husky/Washu: (in her Washu form) Hey! Whatís going on?

Ludwig: I think itís what she's doing!

Husky/Washu: Me? Look mister smarty-pants, I didnít make it sunny out, ya know. Iím not THAT intelligent.

Iggy: Iíll bet I know who did it.

Everyone looks at Iggy.

Karma: Who?

Iggy: Look, who likes the sun most of all?

Ludwig:  Morton, duh.

Iggy: Okay, maybe, but whoÖ or whatÖ needs it?

Karma: Larry?

Iggy: (imitating Regis) Sheís right for 1,000,000 dollars!

Karma: Woo hoo!

Larry: Did someone say my name?

Husky/Washu: Whatdya know?

Larry: What? What do I know?  IÖ erÖ

Husky/Washu: See? He did it! Wah ha ha ha ha!

Ludwig: Hey, thatís my laugh!

Husky/Washu: Tough.

Larry: All right! All right! I stole the plant fertilizer! It was me!

Husky/Washu: Ooh, thatís not what we needed to kno

Karma: You mean you DIDNíT create this bright sunny day?

Larry: No! Why would I? You think I WANT my plants to shrivel up and burst into flames? NO!

Larry cries and runs to his room.

Husky/Washu: Okay, what do we do now?

Lemmy: Get to the root of this problem.

Larry: (muffled because heís in his room) WAH! ROOTS?! MY BEAUTIFUL PLANTS!

Karma: Oy.

Husky/Washu: Hey! I know! Letís go ask Kamek!

Iggy: Yeah, he always knows lots of stuff.

Husky/Washu: Yup.

All five run to Kamek's hidey-place thing (dungeon?).

Husky/Washu: Kamek!

Kamek: What? What? Oh, you (pushes back his glasses). What is it?

Lemmy: What happened to the sky? Itís all sunny and stuff.

Kamek: Huh? Sunny? HERE? Donít make me laugh. Really, you kids have such a good sense of humor.

Karma: No, REALLY. Go take a peek.

Kamek: Okay, fine (mumbles something like ĎKids todayí).

He looks out the window.

Kamek: Oh, my. My-oh-my-oh-my.

Husky/Washu: What is it?

Kamek: Thereís some sort of barrier around the castle.

Lemmy: What? How can you tell?

Kamek: Is Wendy outside?

Iggy: Uh, maybe.

Kamek: (sighs) Sheís probably got her make-up kit open. If the mirror is facing the sun, the lightís probably ricocheting off of it and onto the barrier.

Karma: In English?

Ludwig: I understand him perfectly.

Karma: Sure ya do.

Kamek: Okay, okay. Look, if the sun is hitting Wendyís mirror, it probably is bouncing off of it and hitting the barrier. Clear enough?

Everyone but Ludwig: Yup.

Ludwig: Iím lost.

Karma: 'Course you are.

Ludwig: I only understand the harder things in life.

Husky/Washu: Look, Iím gonna go check this thing out. Are ya all coming with me?

Everyone but Kamek: Yes.

Kamek: Iím going to stay here and work on my spells.

Husky/Washu: All right, Harry Potter.


Everyone (but Husky/Washu, Lemmy, Iggy, Karma and Ludwig) is staring up at the light.

Roy: I wonderÖ

Morton: Well, I donít wonder, I KNOW! Yes, I KNOW! Itís completely obvious that a giant burning ball of flames is about to crash onto Plit in the blink of an eye, and everyone will burn up except me cause I love the heat and Iíll live forever and-

Wendy: You have an over-stimulated imagination.

Morton: Thank you, gracias, merci-

Roy: Knock it off!

Morton: Fine, okay, very well, whatever, sure, if you say soÖ

Roy drags Morton off and ties him to a tree.

Roy: That oughta take care of him for a while.

Lemmy: Hey!

Lemmy whips out his Freeze Gun.

Wendy: What are you doing?

Lemmy: Iím gonna blast this retarded thing!

Lemmy shoots the barrier, which breaks.

Wendy: Oh, my hero!

Larry: Mmm-hmmÖ

Wart jumps out from the remains of the barrier.

Bowser: Wart?!

Wart: Yes, and Iím here to wreak havoc!

Larry: (groans) Did you bring Susan along with you?

Wart:  Uh, no. DIE!

Wart throws a walnut at Bowser and Clawdia.

Everyone but Wart: ???

Wart:  UmÖ DIE!

Wart throws two walnuts at Bowser and Clawdia.

Everyone but Wart: ???

Wart: Okay, maybe THIS! DIE!

Wart throws three walnuts at everyone.

Everyone but Wart: ???

Wart: Why isnít it working?!

Bowser: All right, Wart! You asked for it! Everyone, doomship!

Everyone runs toward the conveniently placed doomship. They all climb aboard.

Bowser: Bombs!

Roy: Yeah!

Roy drops Bob-ombs on Wart.

Bowser: Piranha Plants!

Larry: Woo Hoo!

Larry drops three large Piranha Plants near Wart.

Bowser: Fire Morton! Nothing's affecting him!

Wart: Hah hah! Nothing can stop me!

Morton hits Wart in the head. Morton sits.

Wart: Hey! Whatís going on here?!

Morton: Iím the secret weapon, but Iím not a secret anymore 'cause you know I am now, so itís no secret, wait, I already said thatÖ Oh well, I donít care. By the way, did you know we have two dogs? Yeah, we have another dog now, Itís called Husky/Washu, but I donít know why. Maybe Ludwig does, after all, heís probably the smartest one here. Hey, there she is!

Wart: Wha?

Husky/Washu (in Husky form) jumps up and bites Wart on the backside.

Wart: Ahh! Get it offa me! Get it offa me!

Morton: (laughs) I donít think she likes you.

Husky/Washu lets go and Wart somehow teleports back to Sub-con. Everyone cheers.

Back at the castleÖ

Lemmy:  Whew, Iím glad thatís over.

Iggy: Speaking of over...

Iggy points at the TV screen in Lemmysí room.

Lemmy: No! My game! Oh well, better that Marioís gone that usÖ

The End

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