The Plumbers Strike Back

By Husky/Washu

Larry looked up from his plants. "Huh? What’s that?" A big, black cloud loomed over Grass Land.  The darkness covered all the plants. "Oh nooo… My plants need sunlight to grow!" He rushed into his castle to get a big potato, a battery, and all that stuff you need to make light from a potato. He set it onto the ground next to his experimental Piranha Plant.  "If only the sun could reach my plants, this Piranha Plant would take care of those plumbers! But there’s no sun…"

Meanwhile, in Desert Land…

"Ah…I enjoy the sun, but there’s something covering it up. Hey! What’s going on? Mmphlg…"

Someone tied a bandanna over Morton’s mouth.

In Water Land, Wendy is looking at herself in a mirror. "Yes, yes, I AM beautiful! Just look at me!  Heh, Lemmy will fall head-over-heels for me!  Yesss! Hey! W- Where’s all my water?! Where did it go? Noo! My poor fishies… WAH!!!"

What’s going on in Giant Land?

"Yee haa! Soup’s on, my giant Goombas! Um… where are the Goombas?" Iggy looks down to find at least 25 small Goombas approaching him. "What the? Geez, you’re so miniature, you can’t eat the big pieces of food I got for you." He grabbed one and measured it with a ruler. "Yeesh, I hate using these stupid Earth things.  Eh, what’re ya gonna do? Holey cow! Three inches?!  That’s not natural. Especially when you’re in Giant Lan- What the heck is that?!"  Iggy looks up to see a huge ray gun being towed away. "So… that’s what happened to my little Goombas. Just what I need. Giant Land’s reputation is to have GIANT things! Now they’re like miniature replicas or something"

Sky Land is next on the list.

We find Roy punching some punching bags with Mario and Luigi drawn (poorly) on them. "Take that, you big fat losers!" Roy uppercuts the Mario punching bag. "And THAT, Luigi! Ha haa… You can’t escape me!" He left-hooks Luigi. "Boy, punching sure makes ya tired. And hungry. I’d better go check out the fridge." He walks away. While he’s away, a suspicious figure takes something.  Roy returns with a towel and a can of Pepsi.  They both fall to the floor. "HEY!!!  WHO TOOK MY %$@# BOXING GLOVES?! I’m gonna pound the living snot out of whoever took ‘em!”

While my hearing is returning to normal, let’s check out Ice Land.

Lemmy is building a perfect ice sculpture of Bowser. So, what'd ya expect? It’s Ice Land fer cryin’ out loud!
Lemmy hums the song you’re listening to now. “Okay, now I just need to add the finishing touches…" Lemmy walks back to his castle to get the supplies. When he returned…  "Well, something happened to my ice sculpture. It, erm, melted. Oh well, time to start a new one. King Dad will be soooo happy when I show it to him! Melted?! (sniffs) Smoke? But in Ice Land…" He turns around to see his tail burning. "Ahhhhh!!!  What’s happening here?!" He jams his tail into the snow to extinguish the flames. "I’m glad that’s over. Hey, I didn’t even hear a thing." He looks about. The ice is completely melted, and there isn’t as much snow as there used to be (a lot of it melted, duh!). "Okay, something weird is going on here…"

Our last stop is in Pipe Land.

"Well, la-dee-da. Another pipe for those darn Mario brothers to get through! Ludwig starts walking back to his castle when he sees the warp pipes clogged with one big cork each. "What the he- llo, what have we got here?" Ludwig pulls a beer bottle out from between two warp pipes. "Only Mario is so stupid to litter in MY land." He chucks the bottle down the warp pipe to Bowser’s castle and leapt in after it.  He was surprised to see Larry, Morton (with the bandana still on), Wendy, Iggy, Roy, and Lemmy there too. "I suppose something happened in each of your lands?" he asks.

"Yup. Sure did. A big ray shrank-"  Iggy starts.

"-My Goombas, and something melted my ice and snow." Lemmy finishes.

"All right, hold on a gosh darn minute!"  Bowser booms.

"King Dad, I have come to the conclusion that-"  Ludwig begins, but someone cut him off.

"What the heckel is going on here? I was just fine-tuning one of my inventions in my secret stair-storage-place-thingy when the lightbulb burnt out and someone stole my invisibility gun and… got me really cheesed off." Washu (me, the Washu half of me, that is) stops to see everyone looking at me skeptically.

"Secret storage place thingy?" Bowser says.

"Er, yeah, that room in the stairs… I sorta made a different dimension in there. It’s a whole lot bigger now!"  I say honestly. To tell you the truth, I don’t think they bought it.

"Mm-hmm, let’s have a look-see after we figure this out,” he tells me.

I (Husky, my dog form) come running in. "Right, so I was chasing this thingy in the back, then all of a sudden, it turned around and bit me on the nose. Mean little thing, it was. It sure got me good."

"Er, I think that was Jumper, sorry."  Karma says.

"It’s okay, no one can tell. My nose was already red."  I grin.

"As I was saying… I think Mario and Luigi did this,"  Ludwig states angrily.

"Well, maybe."  Roy growls. "Those idiots swiped my boxing gloves!"

"Yeah? Well, just look at Water Land! How’s it sposed to be Water Land without WATER?!"  Wendy shoots back.

"Hookay peoples, just cool yer jets for a minute!  We somehow have to get Luigi and Mario's attention so they can come and screw things up again,"  Karma says.  We all look at her.  "But they won’t cause there won’t be anything TO screw up. We’ll just give ‘em what they deserve, or something like that. We just need a little bait…" says Karma, eyeing me (Husky).

Everyone looks at me. "Whoa, I’m no bait!! I’ve already BEEN injured today, thank you very much." I utter my defense. It doesn’t really work. Bowser chucks me out in front of the castle.  "Boy, ya give some people the best days of your life, then they turn on ya.  Hmph,"  I mutter. “All righty then. Hey!  I’m an amateur Ace Ventura! Okay!  Let’s do this."  I imitate Bowser and say, "So, we’re gonna storm the Mushroom Kingdom at midnight tonight. I just hope those *bleep*ing Marios don’t mess this up, like all the bad luck we’ve been having today. Is that clear?" I scream.

Then, in the Koopaling’s voices, I yell, "Yes, that’s what we’re gonna do! Storm the Mushroom Kingdom, and run of with Princess Toadstool at midnight! "

In Bowser’s voice again, I scream "Good! Now, let’s get our troops ready!  WE’LL GET PRINCESS TOADSTOOL TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!!" I hope that gets their attention. It does.

Mario and Luigi come running up the path to the castle. I run in through the kitchen window as fast as I can (where the heck is that door, anyway?). They skid to a halt in front of the big doors.  Ludwig walks out and yanks off Morton’s handkerchief. Then he hightails it back into the castle. I have an idea. If Morton doesn’t get talking soon enough, the Marios are going to stomp him flat. I say in my best Mario voice, "So Morton, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

"I thought you’d never ask!" he answers. He takes a deep breath, then says, "Well, I really like all the different kinds, but chocolate is really good but then so is vanilla cause you can put a bunch of toppings on it and it won’t get all nasty like it would with chocolate. Then there’s strawberry and mint and sherbet and there’s also pies.  Ya, I like pies. Do you? I really like chocolate pies, but Ludwig usually eats them cause he like chocolate a lot. I mean, A LOT!!! But, there’s also mud pie. Mmm, I really like mud pie, but not when it’s made out of mud. That tastes really bad. I’ll bet Yoshi would eat mud though. Hey, why doesn’t he speak good English or anything?"

"Shut up!!!"  Mario yells.

"Why? Why does everyone tell me to shut up? I don’t deserve this kind of treatment! WAH!!!” he wails.

"I don’t care if he talks so much…" Luigi says.

"You would,"  Mario says, apparently disgusted.

Then I run up and do my trademark bite on his butt. While Mario is trying to fling me off, Morton finds this is a good time to start on his speech of why he hates the Mario Brothers, which Luigi is listening intently to. Then Bowser and the Koopalings storm out of the castle and drag Mario and Luigi onto one of Ludwig's catapults (Playful doesn’t like it when I use that word). They cut the rope and the two are flung back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone cheers for Morton.  He doesn’t seem to have much to say at this point.

"So, Mario and Luigi were the ones who did this all along?" Karma asks.

"According to the beer bottle I found wedged between two of my warp pipes,"  Ludwig remarks.

Wendy giggles.

"Who knew?"  Washu says.

The black cloud is removed thanks to a huge magic fan in Grass Land, the water is restored in Water Land (it was sucked through a big hose), magic also helps revive the Goombas in Giant Land, and Roy gets his boxing gloves back (they are found near a tree where Mario had dropped them while running up to the castle). Wendy lets Lemmy have some water to freeze in Ice Land, and everyone helps un-cork the pipes in Pipe Land.

Okay, everything seems to be in order now, until something else happens in another Scribble, Fun Fiction, or any other kind of story...

The End

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