The New King

By KSTHawk2000

One day it was time for Bowser to give up his kingdom, so he called up his sons.

Bowser: As all of you know, I have to give up my kingdom, and only one of you can have this throne. Lemmy is a great Koopa, Morton is a won't-shut-up Koopa, Roy is a strong Koopa, Ludwig is a smart Koopa, and Iggy is a kind Koopa. So the new ruler of the kingdom is me .

Roy: What do you mean?

Bowser: I think I can achieve more than y'all.

Lemmy: Yeah!

Roy and Ludwig stared at Lemmy.

Lemmy: I mean, this stinks!

Morton: That's it, I'm leaving!

Roy: Me too.

Ludwig: Me three.

Iggy: Me four.

Iggy, Morton, Ludwig, and Roy left.

Bowser: Are you gonna leave, Lemmy?

Lemmy: No.


Roy: Grandpa Morton always said it's better to rule the Mushroom Kingdom than it is to serve in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Iggy: Serve? What do you mean?

Roy: I mean that Koopas used to serve in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Iggy: How 'bout we take over the Mushroom Kingdom ourselves.

Roy: What about Ludwig and Morton?

Roy: Forget them. Let's go.

Iggy and Roy left the kingdom. Morton and Ludwig headed for Bowser.

Ludwig: Dad, Iggy and Roy have left the kingdom.

Bowser: It's ok. Guards, put Ludwig and Morton in the dungeon.

Ludwig: But why?

Bowser: Because y'all didn't stop them. Lemmy!

Lemmy: What?

Bowser; You have to stop them.

Lemmy: K.

Lemmy headed out of the kingdom.

In the Mushroom Kingdom...

Roy: Man, this is great terrorizing the Mushroom Kingdom!

Iggy: Yeah, this is great!

Lemmy was walking around asking where Roy and Iggy were, but all the Mushroomers did was run in fear. Then Lemmy saw Luigi. "Hey Luigi, do you know where I can find Iggy and Roy?"

Luigi froze, then pointed towards the castle.

Lemmy headed straight for it. When he got inside he saw Roy on the throne. "Well, itís Lemmy. Now the battle begins!"

Roy shot hot flames at Lemmy, but Lemmy dodged them. He soon got Roy begging for mercy. He
left him there and went to find Iggy. He soon found out that Iggy was in jail.

Soon Roy was back with Iggy. Lemmy was back home.

"Guards, let Ludwig and Morton out."

Ludwig and Morton came out. They saw Lemmy sitting on the throne. He was the new king.

The End

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