Super Mario 64 2

By Koopa T. Quick

"But King Koopa!" whined Wendy Koopa. "We WANT to help you this time!"

"No, no, no, no, no! The last time I let you help me, I lost!" King Koopa said.

"But the last time WITHOUT us-" Iggy started.

"We lost!" Lemmy finished.

"No, no, and- let me think... NO!" King Koopa yelled. He left with a hideous plot- capture the princess, take over her castle, lock her subjects in- AGAIN! Wow, what a great story!

"It's not fair," Ludwig complained. "Bowser always gets to do the fun stuff!"

"Well, we could make up our OWN plan to take over the world," Roy told him.

"Then we could show Bowser we're NOT totally useless!" Wendy said excitedly.

So, they decided that Ludwig would go and taunt the Marios. The Marios, being sort of weak-minded fools, would chase him. Anyway, then Roy and Morton would go out and capture the princess, taping her mouth shut. Larry, Wendy, Iggy and Lemmy would guard the door to Bowser's Castle with the other three locking the windows. After the windows were locked, the threesome would hide Princess in the top room. It was a flawless plan! However, Bowser heard it all. He ran into the Koopas' room, telling them they couldn't do it, his plan was better. So, he tried it and the Marios beat him AGAIN! The Koopalings, very mad at Bowser, planned to lock him in the closet! When Bowser opened his closet the next morning to get out his new shell, Ludwig and Roy snuck up behind him and shoved him in. Their plan worked and he was locked in there for being cruel to Koopas.

Later that afternoon, Ludwig went out to taunt Mario and Luigi. He cleverly disguised himself as Morton. After talking to Mario and Luigi for an hour, he suddenly turned and ran away. The angry plumbers started to chase after him.

Ludwig gave a thumbs up sign to Roy and the real Morton (who was pestering Roy), who were hiding behind some nearby bushes. They raced to the princess’s castle and kidnapped her, and as an afterthought, kidnapped Toad and The King as well. Then they raced back to their own castle and threw their prisoners into a closet near the one Bowser was locked in.

Lemmy, Iggy, Wendy, and Larry were already guarding the doors on each side of the castle. Roy and Morton came to guard the two windows on the front side, which were also the only windows in the castle. Ludwig, who had eluded Mario and Luigi by boarding his doomship, guarded the corner between Lemmy and Iggy’s sides since they were the weakest.

Mario and Luigi soon showed up, but could not find a way into the heavily guarded fortress. At first, it looked like the Koopalings might have scored a victory. Suddenly, Ludwig muttered to himself, "I’m gonna make Princess Toadstool give me Ice Land."

"Wait a minute!" exclaimed Lemmy, shocked. "Everybody knows I love Ice Land."

"Tough!" sneered Ludwig. "It was my genius that formed this great plan."

"No it wasn’t," insisted Lemmy. "Me and Iggy formed it together."

Ludwig growled and raced towards Lemmy. Lemmy jumped and Ludwig landed on Lemmy’s ball, causing Ludwig to fall. The fall caused the ground to shake. Certain that Mario and Luigi were making an attack on the castle’s far corner, and wanting to be the one to kill Mario and Luigi, all of the other Koopa Kids left their posts.

Just at that time, Mario and Luigi came back from a spaghetti break to try again. They found the front door unguarded so they walked in, rescued the princess, Toad, and The King, and brought them back to the castle.

The Koopalings were all very mad to discover that the commotion was just Ludwig falling, but they got even madder when they saw that Mario had broken in and rescued their captives. They all stood around arguing inside the castle. Suddenly, Bowser broke out of the closet he had been locked in.

All the Koopa Kids looked at each other and said, "I think we are in trouble," as Bowser roared and breathed fire in their general direction.

The End

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