Koopas in the Outer Region

Chapter 2: Framed?

By Celestial

Kamek: Celeste.. I did do all that.

Yoshi: You born in Mushroom World, Marios! Stork carry you to parents! Kamek fly by on broom and kidnap Luigi, but miss Mario, and you by luck of fates fall on Yoshi's back! Me and my clan, we feel bad for poor crying baby, but do not know what to do. Mario use baby instinct to know where Luigi at. We take you where you point to, Kamek's Castle, where Yoshies find out he is raising terrible Baby Bowser in hopes of having strong iron fist ruler one day.

Luigi: But... we're both from Brooklyn! That story can't be true. Right, Mario?

Mario (scratches head) : I-a don't know…

Yoshi: Why you think you adopted, hm?

Luigi: Because…

Yoshi: Cause Mushroom Kingdom had hide Marios at parents request long ago, that why! Kamek try many times to kill poor innocent baby Marios, always talking bout some prophmacy.

Kamek: That's prophecy, pea brain!

Mario: We..

Luigi: Came from…

Peach: Mario and Luigi are really from this world?

Mario: I always-a knew there was something-a homey about this place.

Luigi: Maybe that's why all those times we finally found the warp pipes that could take us back to Brooklyn, we just felt…

Mario: The need to stay here.

Celeste: (outraged) That's impossible! Kamek wouldn't-

Kamek: Celeste. It's true. I did.

Celeste: WHAT?!

Kamek: It wasn't Bowser who originally intended to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but myself. I raised him to do so because I do not exactly strike the image of fear and terror in the hearts of Koopas or even Mushrooms. As I raised Bowser I began to realize my mistake. He was to fuel with an iron fist that I would teach him to use, to a point where he took orders from no one… not even me. Then I realized I was nothing more than a shadow to him. An advisor at times, a jester at others, and even babysitter for his crazy Koopa Kids. I was fine with it all the same, as he had still done a rather decent job of conquering a wide range of the continent, leaving only the Mushroom Kingdom untouchable because of the protection of the Mario Brothers and their followers. A final straw had broken this Koopa’s back though. He dared to withdraw my pupils pay! Without Magikoopas his kingdom would never have existed! We should have been the first to receive the highest of salaries, not the first to have them cut. Even worse though, it was all to please his spoiled children yet again! None of you can even begin to understand how MUCH he spoils them! I then decided to disguise myself, mess up the Opera, simply scare the patrons away, but I found myself falling for Celeste. You all know the rest.

There was a sudden great wave of murmuring, excitedeness, chattering, and nervous laughter.
The Mushroom people knew Kamek was one of Koopa's minions, but they had had no idea how devastating a role he really played till now.

Chancellor: I DEMAND he be BANISHED! You CANNOT let such a dangerous-

Peach: Didn't you just hear him?! He no longer wants anything to do with Koopa!

Celeste: Kamek, you… YOU started the Koopa Klan?! How OLD are you?!

Kamek: Celeste! Like age matters? Um, right? I was 12 then, I’m 35 now. It's only been 23 years!

Luigi: So that's how old I am. I always thought I was younger then Mario.

Kamek: Well you are. You were born 15 minutes apart.

Mario: How in the world do you know that?

Kamek: The stork told me when I had him dangling by his toes tied up. I guess he was bored because he just kept ranting on about this and that, begging me not to kill him..

Celeste: O_o Eep! Kamek, you've never killed anyone before, have you?

Kamek: No. Not yet. I mean... um...

Peach: Wow, cous, you're 19 going out with a 35-year-old. Into older men, hm?

Celeste: Peaches! Cut it OUT! This isn't the time to tease!

Chancellor: Is anyone listening to me? Does anyone else here CARE that this FREAK is a THREAT to out society's well being?!

Yoshi: Yoshi hear you, and Yoshi agree. Make Kamek leave or Yoshi leave!

Peach: Yoshi?! You can't be serious?

Yoshi: Yoshi is most serious he has ever been.

Chancellor: Although I'm not about to pack my bags and head out the door, I stand by Yoshi on this one. Keeping him her ewill be highly disfavorable with your court and may even cost the faith of your people in the decisions you make, your majesty.

Peach: Guys! Why do we have to fight like this? Can't you see the good in him?

Kamek: No need to stand up for me, Princess. I can see there will be no peace for me here. I am a threat to both kingdoms. I'll just-

Celeste: We'll both be leaving! Hmph! It's time we headed back to the Gem Kingdom.

Kamek: Gem Kingdom? YOU are the legendary princess of the-

Celeste: (nodding) The forgotten kingdom of Crystals, and Palace of Pearl. The Gem Kingdom. This land can only be found by those carrying the blue ice crystal that the ground, trees, and caves are made of there. The crystal lights the direction through the dark mist.

Kamek: East of Dark Land. Dark Land covered in pitch blackness, whose beauty only Koopa eyes can see, except those who hold those legendary crystals. I've heard so much about this kingdom from elder Magikoopas, travelers claiming to have been there, and literature. Not once in my life time did I actually believe it existed!

Celeste: Well, it does, and I am its current ruler. My mother, the precious ruler, disappeared long ago and was never seen again.

Kamek: How sad.

Chancellor: And how pointless! If you're going to go, GO already! We don't need you beating up or harassing anyone else!

Kamek: (hissing) You best watch your tongue, fungus!

Peach: Chancellor, please! I will not have such informalities in the presence of my cousin and anyone else she deems worthy of trust! Including Kamek. You are dismissed!

Celeste: I'm sorry we've caused so much trouble. cous. Kamek? I'd be honored if you'd come with me.

Kamek: The honor and pleasure is mine. I'm assuming those jewels… on your tiara, your bracelets, and necklace… are the blue ice crystals? I didn't really think about it before, but I've never seen any stone like these before.

Celeste: Yep. They sure are. There are plenty more in Gem Land if you want some to study. The reason why they are so rare is because the people of my kingdom are afraid of those with greed in there hearts, taking the gems till the land is dry and barren. Taking the gems there would be like taking away trees from a forest or grass from a field, or even going so far as to compare it with taking away water from a lake, or lava from the Dark Kingdom.

Kamek: You needn't explain its importance to me, my dear. I've heard numerous stories.

As Celeste and Kamek walked away, talking and giggling and occasionally teasing, Celeste took one last sorrowful look back at her cousin and waved goodbye, not sure what to think. She was dating the former Head Magikoopa who had for years been the rival of the trusted Yoshies. Not caring much for the Yoshies childish nature even in their old age, she didn't quite mind that, but she did find the news of him being responsible for most of her cousin’s kingdom's constant suffering from the Koopa Klan’s monstrous and numerous attacks a bit frightening and disheartening. Kamek could see the worry in her eyes and sighed deeply. He could never hope to be trusted completely, and it hurt. He could care less about what anyone else thought, but Celeste… Celeste was different. Her pure, trusting soul losing faith was like a knife being twisted into his heart. It made him realize what a traitor he was and what an untrustworthy creature he was as well.

Kamek: Celeste... I have betrayed my people for those who have outcast me. I just want you to know that is not it at all.

Celeste: Hm?

Kamek: I've done everything only to be with you, to see your smiling face and shining gold eyes.

Celeste: Kamek, you are so sweet! Hee! Most people think my gold eyes are totally weird!

Kamek: Well, most people think I'm totally weird period. Ha ha.

Celeste: Hee hee! (turning serious) Don't you... miss your home though? I mean... you've been there a long time, right? And I feel so bad that you left it all… for me.

Kamek: I miss it so much that there are nights when I cannot bare to sleep; all I can do is keep myself from breaking down by staring out the window at the moon at night, and wonder if perhaps some of my well-taught pupils are doing the same thing, hearing my soul cry out in sorrow.

Celeste: Oh Kamek! Snf snf!

Kamek: But I cannot return there. I am a traitor amongst them... and to think at one time I was their creator… their teacher... their savior.

Celeste: I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

Kamek: Think nothing of it. For I have just been invited to the mythical land forbidden to all but the most elite by a beautiful princess whose heart is pure as snow and whose voice is as lovely as a nightingales.

Celeste: Oh! How lucky of  you! Wait a second, a beautiful girl? Are you cheating on me?! (raises fist)

Kamek: I- I was talking about YOU, Celeste.

Celeste: Oh. Hee hee! Whoops. (lowers fist) Silly me! ^_^

Kamek: (wiping forhead with hand) Yeesh!

To Be Continued...

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