The Foshi Connection

By Foshi

Part 1: The Resistant Gates

Foshi is a Fire Yoshi God. He protects Yoshi's Isle. One day the Yoshi king asked Foshi to guard the Sacred Meadow.

"When do I get breaks?" Foshi asked.

"You guard at night. Another Yoshi guards during the day," the king explained.


Foshi stood up at first, then sat down, laid down, then finally closed his eyes and slept in front of the gate. All of a sudden, eight shadows covered Foshi. It was Bowser and his Koopalings. The Koopalings were happy because they didn't tell Susan they were moving.

"He sleeps like a baby Koopa," Bowser teased. He tried to casually open the gate, but it wouldn't budge.

"Why isn't-" said Lemmy.

"The gate moving?" Iggy finished.

"Push it!" Roy shouted, "That better open, because I'm not sure if the Yoshi king likes a beating!"

"Well if Dad can't push it then we better find another way around because the gate won't budge and..." said Morton.

"Shut up!" Wendy shouted. "Dad can't concentrate now."

"Let's get the Yoshi king to open it for us," said Bowser. "If we beat him up, he'll cough up the key!"

The Koopalings cheered as Bowser led them toward the castle. Even then, Foshi was sound asleep.

But more life forms were coming. They were Dark Bowser and his two favorite assistants, Spark and Spike. Spike was a spiked Dark Koopa with a spiked shell, colored red. He had only one horn on his head. Fuzzy blue hair surrounded it. Spark also had a spiked shell, but he was a Koopa. His shell was yellow. Some of the spikes were purple. They looked like a lightning bolt. His spike was surrounded by purple hair.

"At last," said Dark Bowser. "I will finally move into the Sacred Meadow!" He tackled the gates, but Dark Bowser bounced back.

"Uh, those are iron gates, sir," said Spike. "Iron is pretty tough."

"Let's do it at the same time, sir," Spark suggested. "Then maybe the gates will break."

Dark Bowser looked at them. "Find the Yoshi king," he growled. "He'll spit out the key as soon as we do one little punch! And bring reinforcements!"

"Yes, sir!" said the assistants. Off they went.

Foshi woke up. "Wow," he said, "if I always sleep, no one will get-"

Then he spotted Dark Bowser.

Part Two: The Transformation

"Well, well," said Dark Bowser with a hint of tease. "if it isn't the sleeply little guard that let us go by?"

"Uh oh," went Foshi. "Does... erm.. .this... ha... mean you'll... eh... kill me?"

At that moment, Lemmy rolled up onto the scene. He made as if to say something, but froze. Was that figure he saw in the night Dark Bowser?

Foshi quickly rose into the sky with his wings. Dark Bowser thought the fight was going to be an easy one and simply tried to swat Foshi with his claws.

This was the opportunity, finally, to defeat Dark Bowser! The Dark Koopas were always enemies of the Koopa race, and here the leader of the Dark Koopas was, trying to claw a mere winged Yoshi. Lemmy took out his wand and aimed.

Foshi dodged Dark Bowser's claws easily while trying to formulate a plan. Then Dark Bowser turned dark blue. He had frozen.

"You can't count on an enemy," commented Lemmy as he rolled in front of Dark Bowser, "but you can rely on an enemy's enemy."

Foshi knew who he was talking to. "Forget it, Lemmy Koopa, whatever you're thinking," Foshi warned.

Lemmy pulled out a little remote. "Mmm... If you know me, ya must know Ludwig von Koopa, who created this," he said. He pointed it and pressed a button. A pink lightning bolt came out and electrified Foshi.

"BladablagagbagblagbagblagAG!" Foshi cried before falling to the ground.

Lemmy grinned. "Done with that Yoshi," he said. "I didn't know Ludwig's tasers actually worked..." He rolled off, forgetting to destroy Dark Bowser in his frozen state.

Karma Koopa silently came up to the gates.

"Hello? Bowser?" Karma called. "Darn! Bowser said he was gonna meet me so WE can move into the Sacred Meadows!" She then noticed Foshi's limp form. "Oh, what do we have here?"

Foshi's eyes slowly opened. He had completley forgotten who he was.

Karma: He-LO?

Foshi: Wha-?

Karma: Who the heck are you?

Foshi: Heck... heck...

Karma stood up and looked at Foshi.

Karma: Yeah, moron, heck. You're as stupid as Mewd, who got confused over the birth of a Yoshi when it happened right in front of his very own eyes!

Foshi: Yoshi... wait, that's it... I'm a... Fire... god...

Karma: Whoa, a god? Cool!

Karma bowed, allowing Foshi to see the figure of Dark Bowser.

Foshi: Of Koopas!!! THAT'S it! I'm a Fire God of Koopas, Forger of Power!!! Ack, I need a shell! It must have cracked! I know who I am! I'm FOSHI!!!

Foshi ran up and bumped into the iron walls.

Karma: Weirdo.

Foshi got up.

Foshi: Mmm... A shell...

At that instant, Bowser and his gang arrived. Roy and Ludwig held up a cage holding two whining Dark Koopas. Bowser held a string. At its bottom was the Yoshi king, tied up.

Lemmy: Hey... Ludwig!!!

Ludwig: Eh... I knew those tasers weren't complete, but SOMEONE snatched my toolbox!

Roy: What? I needed it to beat up the king with it!

Foshi eyed the cage.

Foshi: Hey, Roy! Ludwig! Gimme that red shell!

Roy: Huh? You mean the dude in here?

Morton: But why would a stupid, puny, mortal, idiotic Yoshi want a red, nice-

Wendy: SHUT UP!!!

Morton: Ok.

Roy: Go ahead, take the whole Koopa if ya like.

Foshi: Nah. Just gimme the darned Koopa shell!

Roy: What if I-

Bowser: Roy!!! If this Yosh... erm, Koopa, wants the shell, give it to him. He's an ally.

Roy: (reluctantly) All right! Keep your shell on.

Roy unlocked the cage and let Spike out, then took the shell off him. He melted into a little brownish muck.

Roy: Here ya go.

Foshi grabbed the shell and put it on. Wings sprouted from it.

Foshi: There! That definately feels better.

Bowser: Eh... why don't you move in wi-

???: You're not moving anywhere, bro.

Bowser turned around. There was an army of Sub-con creatures and Dark Koopas, with Wart and Susan in the front.


Only an idiot would call it a "wonderful" night. The skies had changed to cloudy the sudden way they do. It was, you know, "Halloweenish", or, you know, creepy.

Mario: What a lovely-a night!

And here's our moron now. Yep, it's Mario, standing in front of Peach's door. He took a stupidly long step onto the moat's bridge and a thunder bolt shocked him.

Mario: BladbagabagbagbadblagbagblagAG! *pants heavily* That-a... was-a... fun!!!

Yep, that's Mario. He walked on, why we do not know.

Mario: What a lovely-a night-a... to-a hunt for-a Koopas!

Well, he got something right. Yes, it would be lovely, that is, if he could hitch a boat or plane to Yoshi's Island, where the Secret Meadow was. As if on cue, a Toad appeared.

Toad: Get your tickets! Tickets, tickets!

Mario: What-a are-a the-a tickets-a for?

Toad: I dunno, I just wanna sell 'em!

Mario, who was too stupid to think anything could go wrong, dished out some coins from his wallet. He was about to make the deal when a Yoshi came out of the bushes and ate the tickets. It disappeared as quickly as it came.

Toad: Hey, come back here Yoshi, you've gotta pay for that!

Mario: Oh-a well.

Mario walked down the dark streets. It had begun to rain. Thunder claps! Lightning flashes! Mario looked up to see rain pour down. The plumber got weary and fell asleep.


There's Luigi. He was wandering the streets, looking for Mario.


A Yoshi with tickets hanging out of his mouth ran by quickly. One of the tickets fell out of his mouth and landed in a puddle. Luigi picked it up.

Luigi: Hmm... "Main Attraction- Tuna Rides! One time per ticket." This-a must-a be-a at-a Toad Town.

Luigi turned to find he was in Toad Town. There was an enormous tu- I mean, whale (running gag from Paper Mario) floating in the water.

Luigi: You-a must be the-a tuna.

Whale: I'm a whale, not a tuna! Geez. Well, hop on! Business is slow, anyways.

Luigi: Wheee! Umm... where-a will we-a go?

Whale: Sheesh, I dunno. I'll do anything to get out of here!

Luigi hopped on the whale. The whale was tied to a post on the jetty, but he swam quickly and took the whole thing with him.


Mario awoke. He was in a raindrop that was falling to the ground. Mario screamed, athough the raindrop was going at a snail's pace. It was swept up by the wind and was then going upwards. Then it fell, fast.


The raindrop was swept up by the wind again. Up and down, up and down...

Mario: Hey-a, this is-a fun-a! WHEEEEEEEEEE!

Ironically, the raindrop was heading towards Yoshi's Island. The drop stopped and fell d
         wards for the final time. Mario was smart enough to gaze at the surroundings around him. He was falling down towards Yoshi's Island. There were a bunch of Sub-con characters who were trying to beat Bowser and his kids. One of the Koopas seemed to notice Mario.

Koopa: Yeah, I've got him! I've got Mario!

Mario was confused as he fell to the ground.

?: I can't believe it! I've got him!!!

??: Shh, moron, you'll wake him up!

?: I thought that was the main idea.

???: Hey guys, if he hears us, he'll think we're bad and stuff.

??: Who said we're the good guys?

Mario woke up slowly. He was on a white bed in a dark, cave-like room. Three grey Goombas were on the bed and were looking at Mario. They jumped.

Goomba 1: Hey, he's awake!

Goomba 2: That's what we didn't want to do, stupid.

Goomba 1: Oh, yeah, that's right.

Mario: Huh? Who-a are-a you?

All Three Goombas: We're the Rebels!

Goomba 1: I'm Mr. Little! I captured you! And now we're gonna kill you! Yeah!

Goomba 2: Shut up. I'm Johnathan Wrinklepuddan Graysgrobb Goomba, or John, leader of this stupid lot known as the Rebels.

Goomba 3: I'm Jaimy Josh Goomba, the only female, but that doesn't make any difference. I'm our Vice Leader!

Mario: And-a I'm-a gonna kill-a you! Get-a off-a me!

John: Shut up, stupid plumber. We've both got the same goals, really- we wanna kill the Koopa clan, you wanna kill the Koopa clan. Together we'll be a great team.

Mr. Little: Huh? That's not right! We wanna ki-

Jaimy knocked Mr. Little out with a kick from one of her feet.

Jaimy: Erm, we wanna kick the Koopas, he meant to say.

Mario: What's-a going on here?

John: Listen! You'll do exactly what we say... or... else...

Mr. Little woke up. Although he knew nothing of what his leader said, he grinned devilishly.

Mr. Little: We'll drop a 70 ton anvil on ya!

Jaimy: Yeah, you heard him!

Mario: Okey dokey! ... Just-a get-a off-a me.

To Be Continued...

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