Bowser's Angels

By Dinogirl

"There was a big storm last night. It was at its worse at midnight. You wouldn't think that anyone would be out in weather like this, but two people were. Guess who they were? They were Mario and Luigi. What were they doing? Well, this is where I tell you about your mission."

"All right, Bowser!" answered three females at the same time.

Karma Koopa, Dinogirl Koopa, and Rainbow Koopa were all sitting down in their chairs, listening to their boss, Bowser. Bowser wasn't exactly at the meeting. He was on Dinogirl's computer screen speaking to his Angels. He couldn't come to meet with them that day because he was too busy and also too lazy. Whenever he wanted to call a meeting to give his Angels assignments he would get in touch with Dinogirl, who would gather her coworkers/friends up, and they would then meet at their secret hideout.

Bowser continued his conversation. "This morning when my wife and I woke up we discovered that the castle had been broken into. We didn't know who had broken in or how they had done it. I personally think that my troops were snoozing on the job, but that's not the point. I did have some troops that were doing their job, though. They said that they had seen Mario and Luigi running toward my castle in ponchos, but
they hadn't seen them break in. Clawdia was looking around the castle to see if they had taken anything. Only one thing was taken, and that was her brooch that I had given her on our first anniversary! This is where your mission comes in. You are to locate the Mario Bros. and get Clawdia's brooch back."

Rainbow finished taking notes in her notepad and looked up at Bowser. Karma was excited and squirming in her seat. Dinogirl was sitting in the chair with her legs crossed, nodding her head and listening and looking at Bowser closely and carefully.

"What does Clawdia's brooch look like, Bowser?" asked Karma.

"You mean you haven't seen it?" spoke Bowser looking at his Angels in shock. The Angels looked down and shook their heads. Bowser took in a deep breath and began to explain. "It is one of the best and most expensive presents that I ever gave Clawdia. She cherishes it so much and is distraught that it is now gone. If you don't get it back soon she is going to have a nervous breakdown and drive me up the wall! The description of her brooch is very simple. It looks just like Peach's brooch, except is has more of a shine to it and it is made of more gold. The jewels inside of it are in the shape of a heart."

"Oooh!" said Rainbow as she wrote what Bowser had said down in her notepad.

Karma and Dinogirl nodded in understandment, although Karma thought that the mission was stupid. She liked more adventurous and dangerous missions. Dinogirl thought that the mission was going to be fun, but the more adventurous and dangerous it was, the better. She loved all missions, though. Rainbow just didn't care about how dangerous and adventurous the mission was, period. She liked the sound of this one too.

"Remember, no one is to find out our secret hiding place, your mission, or that you're even in this group. You must disguise yourself and stick together. You are not to communicate with anybody else, except me or the Mario Bros., and then only if you have to. Do not look suspicious or do anything crazy in front of anyone. You and I do not want to be discovered and uncovered! The way that you get Clawdia's brooch back is up to you, but do not, I repeat, do not come back without it! Please don't let me down, Angels," Bowser said sternly.

"Yes, Bowser!" the Angels cheerfully answered back.

"It is getting late. Start your mission tomorrow morning. You will spend tonight here and get everything organized and packed up. You will also need to write out your plans and make at least two back-up plans just in case something goes wrong. Remember, you cannot fail!" ordered Bowser.

"How could we possibly fail on such an easy mission?" mumbled Karma.

Bowser looked over at Karma. "Excuse me?"

"Nothing! I'm just anxious for tomorrow to come!" lied Karma

"Good girl! Now I will leave. If you have any more questions or need anything else then you can Email me or call me. Goodbye, Angels!", spoke Bowser, happily.

"Goodbye, Bowser!" replied his three Angels while waving at him.

The computer screen then went black. Dinogirl got up, walked over, cut off her laptop, and closed it up.

"Now what?", asked Rainbow while she put her notes away.

"Let's get into our pajamas and work on our plans," suggested Dinogirl.

"There are no plans! All we have to do is bust into Mario's Pad, take the brooch, and hijack our tails out of there," spoke Karma, seriously.

Dinogirl and Rainbow gave Karma their "Get Serious" look.

"Remember what Bowser said? He said that they aren't supposed to see us or recognize us! We can't just do that or they'll know that it is us and expose our group," explained Rainbow.

Karma was about ready to object, but closed her mouth. Maybe coming up with plans and going out in disguises would make the mission more fun for her. She decided to go along with it then.

The three Angels quickly switched into their pajamas. They decided to work on the floor, so they rolled out their sleeping bags and got their pillows and blankets. Rainbow gathered her planner, her pens, her colored pencils, her markers, her papers, and some other things. She was going to take more notes. Dinogirl brought out her spell books (including her psychic journal and Book Of Shadows), wands, talismans, charms, amulet, notes, potions, and a few other things that didn't deal with magic. Karma brought our her weapons, ammo, armor, notes that she had, and also a few other things that weren't actually too dangerous. The trio then put their things in a pile. Any weapons or tools would go in Karma's pile, anything that dealt with magic would go in Dinogirl's pile, and anything that was pencils, paper, et cetera would go in
Rainbow's pile. That's how it all worked out.

"OK, let's go around to each person and see what their plans are," ordered Dinogirl.

"Wait just a second, child! Who says you're the boss?" growled Karma.

Karma seemed to be in a bad mood and she always wanted to be the boss. She didn't like to be ordered around and would snap at anyone that tried to take over her role. Rainbow didn't care who was the boss at the time, as long as what they did was nothing insane or drastic.

"Child? Uh, I wasn't trying to be boss, Karma! There is no boss in our group, except Bowser," explained Dinogirl.

That's when Karma lit into Dinogirl. She still wasn't convinced that Dinogirl wasn't trying to be the leader or boss. "It never fails! You always try to take over my role and you think you know everything!" said Karma, increasing the volume in her voice.

Dinogirl closed her eyes, looked down, and clenched her fist. Everyone could tell that she was very angry because she was turning a hot red. "Why do you always have to argue with me? I am not trying to lead! There is no leader and it isn't your freakin' role! I don't care what you say! I have a bunch of plans in my head now, so I'm trying to order you guys what to do so we can get started! If you keep arguing with me then we're never going to get to them! Now sit down and shut up until you've calmed down!" roared Dinogirl, who had blown a fuse.

Rainbow swore she saw steam coming off of Dinogirl and was sure that she could scramble eggs on her, but she didn't want to dare try it.

"See, there you go ordering again me again! You should show some respect, you know. You're the one that needs to cool down and shut up! I could get things done faster than you if you just let me take over," began Karma, angrily, but Dinogirl interrupted her.

Dinogirl jumped to her feet with a roar. Karma then jumped to her feet and so did Rainbow, who chose to back out of the fight that was about ready to begin.

"You are messing with the wrong dinosaur, girl! If you say one more word then you'll never see the light of day again!" yelled Dinogirl.

"Oh yeah?" Karma yelled back.


"Bring it on!"

"Fine! You asked for it!"

"Excuse me! Hello? You two are letting your tempers get the best of you. Why don't we all sit down and forget about this whole mess? We'll all take turns talking and telling each other our suggestions," interrupted Rainbow, calmly.

Dinogirl and Karma quit spitting and yelling at each other and slowly turned toward Rainbow, then looked at each other, and slowly nodded their heads. They then calmly sat down and shut up. Rainbow then took over, making them forget about their argument and fight.

They stayed up all night going over all of their plans. Eventually they fell asleep and left their plans still unfinished.


"We forgot all about the plans! Oh no!" screamed Rainbow and Karma at the same time. Their alarm clock had just gone off to wake them up and jarred their memory in the process.

"What time is it? Where's Dinogirl?" freaked Rainbow.

"Calm down! I have everything taken care of," spoke a familiar voice. Rainbow and Karma didn't know who it was, though. There was a young girl standing in the middle of the floor. She had thick, long, reddish-brown hair that went down a little below her hips. It was wavy too and she had some of it in a bun on top of her head. She had olive-colored skin and looked like she was sixteen human years old (she was actually fourteen human years old). She was not too tall, but not exactly short and she was kind of skinny. Her eyes
sparkled; they were the color of amber, but seemed to be darken at times and then light up. She had long eyelashes and deep red lips that stood out as she smiled. She wore a lot of jewelry, a leopard-colored jumper, a black turtle neck shirt under it, black tights, and black boots that went up to her knees. The outfit and colors fit her well. Her cheeks were all blushed up and she seemed to have a very unusual and weird energy force around her.

"Who the heck are you?" questioned Karma.

"You mean you don't recognize me? Geez! This is Dinogirl, you dummy!" she laughed.

Rainbow and Karma's eyes grew huge.

"How?" asked Rainbow, excitedly.

"Remember, I can morph. I have a human form because I have some human blood in me, but not a whole lot. This is my normal human form. I can also morph into my future human form too," explained Dinogirl. She then added, "In public, refer to me as Setsuna Meiou or by my magical name, Rhianom AstraFarrah."

"Isn't your real name Melanie, though? Oh, well, let's just call you Setsuna," suggested Karma.

Dinogirl mumbled, "Whatever!" and then nodded her head.

"Well, it's about time for Bowser to be getting in touch with us," began Rainbow, but no sooner had she said that Dinogirl's laptop popped on and Bowser appeared on the screen. Karma and Rainbow squealed and quickly grabbed their blankets and wrapped them around themselves. They were still in their pajamas and looked like a mess. Dinogirl's smile grew wider.

"Good morning, Bowser!" whimpered Karma and Rainbow. They knew that they were in trouble for not being ready.

"Angels! Why aren't you ready? Do you have any plans yet? Hey, and why is there a human here? How does she know about us?" began Bowser, speaking crazily. He was in a bad mood and wasn't in the mood for laziness and foolishness.

"Don't you recognize me? I'm your niece!" laughed Dinogirl.

Bowser growled and shook his head. "I do not have any human nieces! I'm not in the mood for this!" began Bowser, angrily.

"This is Dinogirl. I transformed into my younger, present day human form. This is my disguise!" she interrupted.

"Dinogirl? You're not supposed to be transforming, morphing, using magic, enchantments, et cetera on this mission! Everyone will know that something is up, and what about Rainbow and Karma?" yelled Bowser.

"Don't worry! We all have a plan. I'll go over to Peach's castle, where the Mario Bros. are now. I'll act like a Mushroom Kingdom tourist and start talking with Peach and asking her questions, along with the Mario Bros. Karma and Rainbow will be dressed all in black and will sneak in and find Aunt Clawdia's brooch, and then hijack their tails out of there when they get it. It'll work fine!" explained Dinogirl.

Bowser sighed, but finally agreed reluctantly. He then said goodbye and warned them that they'd better bring Clawdia's brooch back. Rainbow and Karma quickly got dressed and then the three Angels then set out on their mission.

"Do we have everything we need?" asked Rainbow on the way as she pushed through a forest. The three Angels had decided to take the back way to Peach's castle so no one would see them.

"I'm checking," replied Karma as she made sure they had everything. She then said, "Yes, we've got everything we need."

"Good!" answered Dinogirl and Rainbow at the same time.

Soon they were at Peach's castle. Karma and Rainbow hid in some bushes while Dinogirl crossed the drawbridge to knock on the door. When she was inside and had distracted everyone they would jump out of the bushes, climb up the castle using the rope that they had along with the arrow, and then go in through the huge attic window. Peach finally answered the door, greeted Dinogirl, who had introduced herself as Setsuna, and then welcomed her in.

"Let's do it!" whispered Karma.

Rainbow nodded and with that she and Karma scattered up the wall and quickly entered the attic window, which was open.

Inside, Dinogirl, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach were enjoying their conversation while drinking hot tea and eating homemade cookies that had just came out of the oven.

"Oh Princess Toadstool! Your castle is so huge and beautiful!" faked Dinogirl.

"You can call me Peach, dear. Yes, my castle is huge, but I don't know if it is as beautiful as you think it is," answered Peach.

"Of course it is!" answered everyone at the same time.

Dinogirl leaned over on the table and helped herself to some more tea (she was always used to doing that). Then she gasped.

"What's wrong?" asked Mario.

"The brooch!" yelled Dinogirl.

Everyone looked at Dinogirl, wondering what her problem was. Dinogirl was shocked because Peach was wearing a different brooch and it was Clawdia's, not her regular one. Dinogirl had to think of something fast and she had to get in touch with her friends somehow too.

Meanwhile, Karma and Rainbow were looking like crazy for Clawdia's brooch.

"It might not be here! Even if it is, it is probably hidden. Let's ransack this place!" spoke Karma sternly.

Rainbow shook her head. "No! We must not trash this place. I just know it has to be here," she trailed off.

"May I use your restroom?" asked Dinogirl after she had lied about why she yelled at Peach's brooch. She just explained that she thought it was gorgeous and had never seen anything like it. She also had an idea.

"Sure. There is one over there," said Peach kindly as she pointed to a door up at the northern part of her castle.

Dinogirl thanked her and walked quickly to the bathroom. She went into the bathroom, locked herself in, and then pulled up her sleeve so she could speak into her communication watch. She punched in a few numbers and before Karma and Rainbow could ask what she wanted she began to speak.

"Girls! Peach has Clawdia's brooch and she is wearing it!" Karma and Rainbow gasped. Dinogirl continued.
"I'm going to morph into a cat and then get the brooch. Don't ask me how. Just stand outside of the castle behind those two huge trees in the forest. If you here me screech that means I need help, otherwise wait for me to run over to where you are. We'll then take it from there."

Dinogirl then cut them off before they could answer back. She didn't want anyone to hear her or the other Angels if they spoke back. She pulled down her sleeve and then began to morph.

She envisioned a nice sized, solid black cat in her mind. Soon claws sprouted from her fingernails, and then black fur grew from her skin. Her hair disappeared and was replaced by fur as well. She grew whiskers and began to become slimmer. She then shrunk to the floor and a long black tail grew from behind. Her ears then began to grow and become pointy. The last of her to change was her eyes. Her pupils turned into slits and her eyes became more amber and golden. She then meowed to make sure she was finished. A sweet, pretty meow came from her throat. She also purred too as a sign of success and happiness.

Dinogirl jumped up and grabbed the doorknob with her two paws, and with all of her strength turned it. The door slowly opened. She purred even louder. She was proud of herself for getting the door opened. She was sure her friends would have been proud of her too and she wished they could see her. She then strolled over to Peach, who looked down at her surprisingly.

"How did this cat get in here? She's so cute and pretty!" laughed Peach.

Mario and Luigi looked suspiciously at Dinogirl. Toad almost looked scared of her. It was probably due to the fact that some cats liked to chase him because he was small and funny looking to them. Peach smiled at her. None of them recognized her. Dinogirl sighed with relief. She was lucky no one paid attention to it, though.
She then jumped on Peach's lap and began to purr loudly and innocently. Peach's smile grew and she began to stroke her.

"This cat doesn't have a collar. I wonder if she has a home?" asked Peach.

"Well, she must have came here looking for a home. I don't see why else she would be here," commented Mario.

Luigi nodded.

"Well, I'd be glad to keep her and take care of her," said Peach kindly.

Toad's eyes grew. He didn't like that idea. Peach then continued, not noticing Toad.

"I've always wanted a cat. I'll go get her a fancy collar later on. For now, I'm going to fix her some milk. Tell Setsuna where I went when she gets back."

Before Peach could set Dinogirl down Dinogirl raised her paw and with all of her might knocked Clawdia's brooch off of Peach's dress.

"Oh!" said Peach, startled.

To look innocent and playful Dinogirl began to bop Clawdia's brooch with her paw like she was playing with it. She made sure to be gentle with it, though.

"That's a weird cat!" commented Luigi.

Mario went to get the brooch, but Dinogirl grabbed it in her mouth and began to run. Although it was hard to carry she could still run with it.

"Stop that cat!" yelled Toad.

Luigi and Mario were on Dinogirl's tail, but she was faster and more agile then them. They had been eating too much pizza and had gained weight. They might have been able to catch her if they had been on a diet.

Meanwhile, Karma and Rainbow were sitting behind the two big trees, waiting for Dinogirl and talking.

"This is boring! I want to get in on the action!" complained Karma.

"Shh, I hear something inside of the castle," spoke Rainbow.

They both stopped talking and listened.

Karma laughed. "It's Mario, Luigi, and Toad yelling, 'Get that cat!'" laughed Karma.

"I hear Peach squealing too! Oh, and I hear stuff getting broken," laughed Rainbow.

"Let's go in and help her!" said Karma, excited.

"Dinogirl isn't screeching yet. We can't," answered Rainbow.

Karma sighed, but before she could say anything she heard something running. "It's Dinogirl, and she has Clawdia's brooch in her mouth! Uh oh, and Mario and Luigi are on her tail too!" she said.

Dinogirl yelled something with her brooch in her mouth and then jumped into one of the biggest bushes around.

"What did she say?" asked Rainbow.

"I don't know, but she said something about the bush. Let's jump in it before those fat plumbers find us!" answered Karma.

With that Karma and Rainbow dove into the bush.

"Aaahh!" they screamed.

They plunged through darkness. No sooner had they been falling but they landed down in another bush.

"What happened?" asked Rainbow and Karma at the same time.

"You jumped into a warp pipe," spoke Dinogirl. She had already morphed back into her true form and was holding Clawdia's brooch in her hand.

"You've got the brooch! You go, girl!" spoke Rainbow, excited.

Dinogirl smiled. "Let's go pay my aunt and uncle a visit," she suggested. She then pointed. They were right behind Bowser's castle. Karma and Rainbow nodded and smiled and then walked toward the castle.

"You can stop looking for that cat now," yelled Peach to Mario and Luigi. She then continued as they walked back. "That wasn't my real brooch anyway! Toad and I found my real one while we were picking up the mess you guys made while trying to hit that poor cat with a broom. It was under one of my books! I guess Bowser didn't steal it after all!"

"I'm glad you guys found it! We're sorry that we tore up your castle," said Mario, embarrassed. He was looking down and so was Luigi.

"It's Ok. The cleaners are coming tomorrow anyway. They'll fix the whole castle back up," said Peach kindly.

Everyone then went back into her castle and discussed how weird their day had been. That was the end of that.

"Angels, you did a great job retrieving Clawdia's brooch!" praised Bowser.

"Thank you, Bowser!" spoke his three Angels.

"I'll return Clawdia her brooch now. You're free to go, Angels. I'll be contacting you to give you your next assignment tomorrow," spoke Bowser.

His angels then told him goodbye and began to walk out, but right as they got to the door Bowser spoke again.

"Oh, and Dinogirl, you did a great job, but try to include the other two Angels more in the next assignment," ordered Bowser.

Bowser then turned away and walked off before Dinogirl could reply back. The three Angels watched him disappear and then walked off into the sunset while laughing and picking on each other.

The End

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