Koopa Family Reunion

By Coin the Yoshi

Chapter One: The Discovery

Bowser was pale white as he hung up his personal phone in his bedroom. He slowly opened the huge, red framed double doors which lead to the hall, and quietly ambled along, hands behind his back, face in a grim twist of heavy thinking. “She's coming...” he thought as he bumped into his throne, and decided to sit down. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.

“Oh... man... what am I gonna do?" he thought to himself as he bit his lip. He buried his hands in his face, looking for some unseen answer that seemed to reside deep in the crevice of his mind.

"SIR!" a voice shouted, shaking him out of his thoughts. Bowser jumped and looked around for where the voice had come from. A small Koopa Troopa stood in front of the throne as Bower looked up at him.

"Huh, what?" he asked as the Koopa panted and heaved, as if he had just raced somewhere for his life.

"T... the Mario... Mario brothers... s- sir, I, we, have them, we captured them, i-, in Lava World, w-, what are your orders sir?" the Koopa asked as Bowser seemed to be drifting around in thought space. "SIR!" the Koopa yelled as Bowser looked down at him.

"Wh, what?' he asked, as the Koopa looked confused.

"Y, your orders sir?" he asked as Bowser shook his head.

"What, ord- oh, right, uh, let them go," he said as the Koopa nodded and smiled.

"Right, sir, I'll tell the troops, let them... what... sir?" the Koopa asked as Bower looked down at him.

"Yes?" he asked in a tired voice as the Koopa shook his head.

"Uh... did you say... let them go?" he asked as Bowser shrugged.

"Yeah yeah, let them go," Bowser repeated as the Koopa took a step forward.

"B, but sir... I, we can't just..." he said as Bowser glared at him. "Right, right, le, let them go," the Koopa said sadly as he turned and walked away slowly. Bowser groaned.

“Some things are just more important,” Bowser thought to himself as he switched positions in his chair and shook his head.

"Daddy?" a voice called out as Bowser looked up. It was a young-looking Koopa with a large pink and white polka-dot bow in her hair, and gold and jewels all over her body. She had a pierced ear and belly button, and a small, cute mole on her left cheek. Cherry red lipstick dominated her plump, luscious lips, and several small rings were tightly clinched over her fingers. She wore an outfit that made her look something like a Hollywood movie star, but not as fine. She slowly sauntered up the Bowser and sat in his lap, grinning at him. She was the charm of all charms. She was Wendy O. Koopa. But around the house (and everywhere else for the matter), it was always...

"Kootie Pie!" Bowser yelped as the girl jumped into his lap.

"Daddy, growing up... is, a very difficult thing, and... with that, come mistakes. Now, I know what you're gonna say, and I know, making mistakes is part of growing up, and, since I've never grown up before, I'm bound to make some mistakes." Kootie Pie said as Bowser raised an eyebrow.

 "What... 'mistakes'?" Bowser asked as Kootie Pie flashed him a smile.

"Daddy..." she whined as Bowser sighed.

"What did you do?" he asked as Kootie Pie gulped.

"Uh, well, Dad, your, um, Koopa, credit cards, um, kinda, fell out of your wallet, and, um, I, um, kinda, um, picked them up, and well, I, wanted to see how much money you had left. I, um, noticed your birthday was coming, so, um, I went out, and, I went to buy you something nice. I, noticed, this realllllllly pretty dress that I knew you'd want me to have on your birthday, s, so I bought it myself to save you the trouble, and, um... things got out of hand and um... I maxed out all your cards."

Kootie Pie whimpered as Bowser shrugged. He sighed and put her on the ground. "Don't do it again," Bowser said slowly as Kootie Pie stared at him.

"I, I'm not grounded?" she asked as Bowser shook his head.

"No, no honey, you're not, just... don't do... that,” he said, drifting off into space again as Kootie Pie blinked and stared at him.

"Daddy... what's wrong?" she asked, but Bowser didn't respond. Kootie Pie shook her head. Her dad was never like this! He hadn't been this depressed since Mom came for a visit last...

Kootie Pie gasped and took off for her room.


Kootie Pie slammed the door to her room closed and looked in the mirror.

"Dang am I hot!" she thought as she turned and wiggled her hips. She grinned. "Leon! Get in here! Bring me an outfit, NOW!!!" she yelled as Leon (a personal servant Koopa) ran into her room, carrying one of her many outfits.

"Yes, ma'am, here ya go. Will there be anything else?" Leon asked as Kootie Pie bit her lip.

"Yeah, tell everyone else... uh... no. Just... go, I'll do it," Kootie Pie said as Leon very, very slowly made his way to the door. "Then again, Leon... go get me another outfit, I hate this one! I think I've worn it before! Are you still here? GET GOING!!!" Kootie Pie yelled as Leon gasped, Jumped up, and ran into Kootie Pie's closet and looked around for a different outfit.

Kootie Pie's closet was like a library archive. Each drawer had a different dress, suit, or outfit in it. There were thousands among thousands of drawers. Leon quickly grabbed one and ran into the bedroom where Kootie Pie was holding a bottle of nail polish.

"Red or green?" she asked as Leon raced in.

"Tsk, red matches your shoes honey... but green matches your eyes. Tough call. I have an idea," he said as he pulled out a short, shimmering black suit from the box he was holding. Kootie Pie quickly tried it on, grinning, and walked around in a small circle.

"Oh, lovely!" Leon smiled as he handed her some red nail polish. She smiled, and handed it back to Leon, who nodded, and began to apply it to her nails. "So, anyway, like I was telling Bobby, 'Boy, you ain't right!' is what I sez to 'im and the next thing you know, he's talking with Bruce! I was like, 'Oh m' god!', like, how could he do this to me?" Leon rambled on, as Kootie Pie sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Leon, this is all very interesting... but, well, I hate hearing about your stupid stories about your stupid friends," she said as Leon blinked.

"Wh, what?" he asked as Kootie Pie hopped up and ran out of the room. "Leon, clean my room, and MAKE IT SNAPPY!" Kootie Pie yelled as she left Leon there to work.

Chapter Two: The Plan

"Second door to the... right," Kootie- Pie said to herself as she slowly opened the door. In the room there were pile of dirty clothes, socks, and, several games and toys on the floor. "Cheatsy? Get your ugly tail out here!" Kootie Pie yelled as she wandered into his room a little more, jumping over a small wagon, and side stepping a pair of dirty underwear.

"Not now! 29998, 29999, 30000, 30001, 30002..." a voice yelped out from the other side of the room.

Kootie Pie slowly walked over and tapped the boy on the shoulder. He was hunched over his desk, counting the Koopa coins he had... "borrowed" from dad. Cheatsy whirled around in his chair and snarled. Cheatsy was the meanest of the Koopas in the family, well, not quite the meanest, just the most untrustworthy and the most cleaver.

"Sis, whatever it is, it'd better be good and it'd better be fast," he said as Kootie Pie sneered.

"Mom's coming you ape (ooh, what an insult!), get your act together," she said as Cheatsy blinked.

"Wh, what did you say?" he asked as Kootie Pie's sneer turned into a soft smile. "I said Mom's coming so clean up your room," she said as shewalked out the door.

"Hey sis!" Cheatsy yelled as Kootie Pie poked her head back into the room.

 "Whadda want ya pea-brain?" she asked as Cheatsy shook his head.

"Is she really coming?" Cheatsy asked as Kootie Pie nodded. Cheatsy whirled around in his chair. A huge smile pasted onto his face. Wow! Mom's coming! I can't believe it! This is great... what number was I on?

Kootie Pie slowly continued down the dark dusty home of the Koopa's den. She walked along and stopped counting the rooms. "Fifth on my right," Kootie Pie whispered to herself as she pushed the door open. The room was a crazy mess. Much worse then Cheatsy’s even! There was NO sign of the carpet! Kootie- Pie groaned as she stepped into an ankle-high pile of dirty clothes and other junk. In the middle of it were Hip and Hop, the youngest of the Koopa Kids. Hip, siting on his star ball, and Hop, lying on a large, smelly pile of clothes, worked hard at a game they were playing. Kootie Pie watched, as they seemed to be playing some kind of video game.

"Fire! Fire!"

"No, use ice!"

"Ice doesn't work against the undead!"

"Yes it does!"

"No it doesn't, fire and cure works the best against undead monsters! It’s a classic RPG fact!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"If it is, then why haven't I ever heard of this before?"

"Maybe you’re just a idiot, that’s my vote!"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"


"Dad 's not gonna hear you!"

"Will too!"

"Will not!"

"Will too!"

"Will not!"

"BOYS!" Kootie Pie yelled, as they both looked up at her.



"-Sis!" they said, mix-matching their words as Kootie Pie shuddered. She hated it when they talked like that.

"I have some news for you," she said as they looked at each other.

"Well what-" Hip said.

"-Is it, sis?" Hop continued as Kootie Pie shivered.

"Mom's coming," she said as the two boys hugged eachother.

"YAY!" they both yelled in unison as Kootie Pie shuddered.

"This is just plain scary." Kootie Pie left as quickly as she could as the boys jumped around and made lots of noise.

Wendy slowly slid the door open. She gasped as she walked into the small room. "Clean..." she said to herself as she walked in a little. The room was pretty much bear except for a small cord that hung from the ceiling. A small sign behind it read: pull for service. Kootie Pie shrugged and tugged on the cord. Seconds later, a small portion of the floor opened up to reveal a trap door. A tired looking Koopa woth crazy hair and black soot or something on his face opened the door and looked at her. "Yes?" he asked, as Kootie Pie looked him over.

"Explosion?" she asked as the Koopa nodded. It was Kooky. Kooky was the smartest of the Koopa family, not to mention the cleanest. He was the only one Kootie Pie actually tolerated. Kooky stared at Kootie Pie for a second, as Kootie Pie seemed off in space.

"YES?!" Kooky said again as Kootie Pie blinked.

”Oh, right, sorry, Kooky, um, Mom''s coming," she said slowly, thinking about how much fun her mom really was when it came to girl to girl.

"Annnd?" Kooky asked as Kootie Pie stared at him.

"MOM! Mom is coming for a visit! She's going to be staying here for awhilem" Kootie Pie said as Kooky scratched his head.

"A bomb?" As Kootie Pie shook her head and left. Kooky blinked and shook his head. "Bomb... calm... dom... Vietnam... atom... lom... mom...? MOM?!" Kooky said as he realized what Kootie Pie had been trying to tell him. That explosion had rocked his ears a little. "Say! Thanks sibling!" Kooky said, but she was long gone.

Kootie Pie growled. Of all her brothers, this room ticked her off the most. She slowly pushed the huge door open, and was blasted with a powerful wave of rock music. The room reeked of sweat and foul smelling clothing. It was like a gym locker room. There was a punching bag in the corner that looked used recently, and a pile of spray cans, cherry bombs, kegs of dynamite, large brass knuckles, and other unpleasant things covered the floor in the corner.  Kootie Pie covered her ears and walked in. The closer she got, the louder the music was. In a small corner of the room, there were two Koopas. One had a red shell, while the other had a pink shell. The first Koopa had a red shell and a red spiked mohawk and was playing on the drums next to him. The pink-shelled one had on a pair of cool sunglasses and a pink bandanna on his head. He held a guitar in one hand and was playing along to the music. This was Bully Koopa, the oldest and strongest member of the Koopa Clan kids. Roy smiled and pushed the mute button of his huge stereo system.

"Ok, were gonna try that again, but this time, with feeling, ok?" he asked as the other Koopa nodded and Roy hit the play button. Apparently, the two Koopas seemed to be playing along with the music, or something. Roy wished the other two members of his band were here, but now he only had the music they would play. Oh well, practice makes perfect. Bully didn't hear his sister’s shouts and screams, but he did notice when the music stopped playing.

"Hey, what the?" Roy asked as Kootie Pie twirled the plug around. "Hey! Wendy! Come to here us jam?" Bully asked as Kootie Pie twitched; she absolutely HATED being referred to as Wendy, by her idiot brothers...

"Heck, no, ROY, but I came to give you some news," she said as Bully sneered.

"Oh really, WENDY? What might that be, WENDY?" Bully asked as Kootie Pie twitched a little more.

"Well, ROY, it seems like Mom is coming over, ROY, and ROY, you'd better stop calling me Wendy, before I get mad... ROY!" Wendy said as Bully growled.

"Well, Wendy, I'd like to know what happens when... d, did you say Mom?" he asked as Wendy sighed and nodded.

"Whoa! Really, Mom's coming? Wow! Hey, Rocky, we gotta practice!" Bully said as the spiked-haired Koopa nodded and Bully pointed to the cord. Kootie Pie sighed and plugged it back in. The second she did the music attacked her poor ears, and she found herself racing out of the room.

Kootie Pie sighed. This next one would be just as annoying. She pushed the door open and walked in. The room, a nasty mess like all the others except Kooky's, was dirty. The only problem was, there was no sibling in site. "Bigmouth?" Kootie Pie asked, as a response seemed to be coming from all directions.

"Yes?" he asked as Kootie Pie looked around.

"Uh, where are you?" Kootie Pie said as the most hyperactive member of the Koopa Clan spoke.

"Why I'm up here sis! Look at the ceiling! The cealing, sis, the ceiling!"

Kootie Pie sighed and looked up to see the young Koopa above her, walking on the ceiling. "What are you doing up there? Didn't Dad tell you no more ceiling walking after you destroyed that chandelier last week?" Kootie Pie asked as Bigmouth looked down at her.

"And I do believe it was you who decided it might be fun to see how far Dad's CDs would fly if you used them as a frissibee after he told you you had to be home by 12!" Bigmouth said as Kootie Pie gulped.

"Ha, ha, funny, wasn't it you who destroyed Dad's prized bowling ball by trying to see if you could balance like Hip?" she asked as Bigmouth gulped.

"What do you want, sis? I'm a very busy Koopa you know! Ihaven't got time to be messing around with you all day long you know that If I wasn't-"

Bigmouth said as Kootie Pie cut him off. "Mom's coming!" she said as Bigmouth shut up.

"Did you say Mom's coming?! Whoa! Has it been a whole year already?! I have to tell everybody else! Everybody must know! Oh wow! Mom'scoming! Do you know how long's it's been since I saw Mom? A whole year! I think I'll-" Bigmouth continued. But Kootie Pie was already gone.

In the meeting room...

Kootie Pie sighed and sat down on the end row of five chairs at the meeting room where the Koopa troops held discussions about diversionary tactics and how to catch the Mario Brothers and things like that. She set herself down and listened to the squabbling bunch of youngsters who were all yelling and screaming at eachother. Bigmouth seemed to be tied and gagged to the chair.

"My siblings!" Kooky announced as everyone continued to talk.

"God, is my makeup running?" muttered Wendy.

"I believe we all know why we are here?" Kooky continued.

"Have you ever played secret of Mana 2?" Hip asked.

"All you see is the gun, reflecting off the sun!" rapped Bully.

"I hope I have some in my purse," Kootie Pie muttered.

"That deadbeat punk's supposed ta be here at one," rapped Bully.

"Dude, I don't think it's out yet,” Hop said to Hip.

"I wonder what the combo to the safe in the basement is," Cheatsy pondered.

“M, my siblings?" Kooky asked.

"I heard Mana 2 was out in Japan!" Hip replied.

"But it was still early, and I heard he fights dirty," Bully rapped.

"Hey, I forgot I had this lipstick!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Siblings?" Kooky asked again.

"If the first number is 345... the next number should be... " Cheatsy pondered.

"But I'm a put thirty in side him an' leave early," Bully rapped.

"If Mana's in Japan, then I probably never played it then, HUH?" Hop said to Hip.

"I went to put the gun to is head, and this is what he said," Bully rapped.

"Shut up!" Hip yelled at Hop.

"Hmm, blush..." Wendy wondered.

"The next number might be 482..." Cheatsy whispered.

"Make me!" Hop challenged.


Suddenly, everybody was quiet, and listened to Kooky.

"Hey, you guys know why were here?" he asked as everyone looked around and shook their heads. "We're here, because Mom is coming," he said as everybody nodded.

"So then why-" Hip said.

"-Are we all here, and not-" Hop continued.

"-Waiting at the door for her?" Hip finished as Kooky rolled his eyes.

"Yes, yes, I KNOW we should be waiting, but that's not the point, because she's going to leave in a week or two. What we want is for her to stay! We have to get her to stay," Kooky finished as everyone nodded in agreement.

"So then we have to trick Dad into letting her stay," Cheatsy said as Kootie Pie perked up.

"Well, we could always show Mom humans are really scum," she said as Kooky shook his head.

"Dad got rid of Mom because she likes humans so much, so either we show Mom how bad humans are, or we show Dad how good humans can be," Kooky said as everyone shivered at that Idea.

"But suppose Dad doesn't even take Mom after that, or, what if Mom doesn't want to live with Dad anymore?" Kootie Pie asked as everyone looked around.

"Well den dats a chance we's gotta take. If Mom don't come back for Dad, she'll come back for us. We all's love 'er and she love's us, what do we's gotta worry 'bout?" Bully asked as everybody nodded. "Love is a very powerful ding ya know, so, ya know, Mom's gonna come because she has too... heh, I's got that from T.V.," Bully said as everybody stared at him.

"Yeah, well, in the years in the past, Mom didn't stay. So we need something a bit more powerful then love here," Cheatsy said as everyone shook thier heads and talked amongst themselves.

"Well den what are we's gonna do?" Bully asked as Bigmouth stood up.

"I say we take Mom and Dad and-" he started as Kootie Pie cut him off.

"No, I think we need to make Dad remember how much he loves Mom. How’d Bigouth get the gag off?" KootiePie said as Hip looked at Hop nodded.

"I think that they should-" Hop started.

"-Have a romantic dinner that-" Hip continued as Hop perked up.

"-Make them think and want to-" Hop said as Hip looked up.

"-Talk and disscus things, that-" Hip said as Hop jumped in.

"-Used to make them love eachother-" said Hop.

"-in the first place," Hip finished as everyone looked around.

"Say... that's not a bad Idea," Kooky said as everyone agreed.

"And afterward, they's should-" Roy began.

"Cut that out," Kooky ordered.

"It works in da movies!" Bully insisted as everyone sighed.

"For right now, let's work on the dinner. Say... when IS Mom coming?" Kooky asked as everybody looked at eachother and talked amongst themselves. Eventually their gaze turned to Kootie Pie, who had been looking at her nails and filing them.

"What, just because I heard she was coming doesn't mean I know when," she said as a small Koopa Troopa raced in.

"Hey, can't yous see we're in a meeting?" Bully yelled as the Koopa shook his head.

"Uh, sorry, sir, but, um, the king, told me, to inform you, that, uh... Bowzaira is, um... here," he said as everyone looked at eachother. And almost instantly, there was no one left in the meeting room, only swinging chairs.

At dinner...

Cheatsy sighed and looked at his mother, who so diligently ate, while the others except Kootie Pie and Kooky shoveled plate after plate of food into their mouths. Cheatsy sighed. What was wrong with him? So what if Mom was leaving in a few weeks? BIG DEAL! He had more important things to worry about. Like the safe in the basement, or the throne in King Dad's room. That was where all the real good stuff was. He was sure. So why couldn't he get his mind of his mother? With everybody thinking about Mom, this should be so eassssy to get into the vault, It would be so very ssssimple just to avoid Dad, while his mind was on Mom. So why can't I stop thinking about her?" Cheatsy wondered as her glanced up at his family.

He jumped down from the table and slowly walked away, leaving his family to glance at him for a second and tren forget about him. Cheatsy took a detour from his room and walked into the king's room, poking his head around. "Vault... vault," Cheatsy thought as he opened the door to his father's closet. "Let’s... see here..." Cheatsy said slowly as he pulled open a drawer of the thing's dresser. "Combo should be around here somewhere..." Cheatsy slowly picked through the items, carefully moving each back into place after looking under it. "Gotta put... everything... back... the... way... it... was," Cheatsy said slowly as he pulled out a large, LARGE pair of black briefs. "EWW!" Cheasty yelped as he dropped the underwear.

"No way am I touching those again..." Cheatsy said softly as he looked back into the drawer. Underneath the underwear was a picture of King Dad, sitting on a bench. Cheatsy pulled some more clothes off it and found that Dad was actually sitting next Bowzaira... to Mom. Cheatsy sighed. He began to push the door closed and then noticed another picture underneath the other one. He reached in and fished it out. It was a picture of King Dad and an old girlfriend. Cheatsy sighed and put it back in. As he closed the door, he noticed something. He pulled out the picture again and stared at it.

"Dad divorced mom... after this? Then that means... HEY!" Cheatsy said as he realized the picture was current. He grinned evilly. His evil mind was already forming a sinister plot...

Kooky sighed, walking around in a small circle as Kootie Pie sat on his bed, with her hands on her chin. Kooky's entire room was in an underground lab that he had built himself. Well actually, he had some Koopa troops do it for him.

"Kooky, why don't we hold it up on the roof of the castle?" Kootie Pie asked as she pulled out a nail file and began to file her nails.

"Thats a GREAT idea sis!" Kooky squealed as Kootie Pie shrugged.

"Uh-huh..." Kootie Pie said, not too interested in Kooky any more. Since Mom was spending her time with Bigmouth, Kooky and Kootie Pie had some time to work out the plan.

"We'll set up the tables and stuff tonight, I have a tape of some classical music!" Kooky said as he cracked his knuckles. "Actually, heh, I've been known to play classical music..." he said as Kootie Pie rolled her eyes.

"We want them to listen to some soft love music, that way they'll end up in the mood," Kootie Pie said as Kooky looked through some of his tapes.

"Gee sis, I don't think I have any of that," he said as Kootie Pie smacked him over the head.

"Idiot!" she said as Kooky rubbed his head. "If you were such a big genius, you'd have figured it out by now that we NEED some music like that!" Kootie Pie said as Kooky shrugged.

"Well, don't you have any?" he asked as Kootie Pie smiled.

"As a matter of fact, I doooo," she hissed as Kooky sneered.

"Then go get it," he hissed, mimicking her, and Kootie Pie growled and jumped off the bed and trotted to her room. Kooky grinned. This was gonna work... it had to.

Chapter Five: The Roof

On the roof...

"Oh, my!" Bowzaira squeaked as Bigmouth pushed the chair underneath her. They were on top of the roof of the castle, underneath a starlit sky. It had been Cheatsy’s idea really. No one really trusted his plan, but as of right now, it was turning out perfectly. Bowzaira fell into the chair and Bigmouth smiled. "Hello Mom and Dad! WELcome to the Bigmouth restaurant! It's fantastic stupendous it's marvelous it's absolutely great you can't get any better than this it's simply-"Bigmouth said as Bully smacked him over the head.

"Jus give dem da menu!" he said as Bigmouth grumbled something and handed the menu to Bowzaira and Bowser. "O, oysters?" Bowzaira asked as Bigmouth shrugged.

"You can have a choice of either our oysters or clam, fish and chips, burgers and fries, hotdog and... er... chips! Ham and eggs, sausage and-"

Bigmouth said as Bowzaira smiled and silenced him. "T, that'll be enough Morton," she said as Morton smiled and walked back to the door of the roof where most of the kids were.

"Ok, now what?" Bully asked as Kooky looked up.

"Now we send Bigmouth to go get the food," she said as Kooky blinked.

"So, uh, where’s the food coming from?" he asked as Kootie Pie got the strangest look on her face.

"Uh, well, actually... Hip and Hop, can, uh... cook. Who knew?" she said as everyone stared at her wide-eyed.

In the kitchen...

"Hip, are you done with the salad?" Hop asked as Hip nodded and "tossed" the salad to Hop, who grinned and caught it. He smirked and put it on the table as Hip bounced to the other side of the counter and turned on a burner.

"Hey you guys are you done with that salad and food and oysters and-" Bigmouth asked as Hop shoved a plateful of food into his arms.

"Here, take this and-" Hip said.

"-Give it to Mom and Dad!" Hop remarked. Bigmouth looked down at the food, and then back up at all the progress Hip and Hop had been making.

"Hey why don't you guys make a meal! I mean a really big meal, something that Mom and Dad can really sink their teeth into! Hey! All this stuff is great but how about making a lot more! I mean a LOT more then Mom and Dad can eat and eat and eat and never get finishedI know! Let me help with that steak,whoops!" Bigmouth spoke as he knocked the steak off the table and onto the dirty floor, wjere rats attacked seconds afterward.

"GET-"Hip screamed.

"-OUT!" Hop yelled as Bigmouth grumbled and left carrying the food.

On the roof...

"You guys know oysters mean-" Bully asked as Kooky rolled his eyes.

"Yes, yes we do," he said as Bully grinned.

"And heeeere we go!" Bully said as Kooky sighed.

 "Hey, where's the music?" Kootie Pie asked as Kooky gulped.

"Uh, well, see, Sis, I... kinda... blew it up," he said as Kootie Pie's eyes widened.

 "YOU DID WHAT?!" she shrieked as Kooky shook his head.

 "I, I was trying to amplify the power in my stereo and, uh, got a little carried away," Kooky admitted as Kootie Pie sneered and wrapped her hands around his neck.

"And just WHAT are we gonna do NOW, genius?" she screamed as Kooky weakly held up a small violin. "Heck, no..." Kootie Pie whispered as Kooky shrugged.

"What else are we gonna do?" he asked as Kootie Pie groaned.

"Ok, ok, who's gonna play it?" she asked as Kooky scratched his head.

 "I think I've listened to enough classical music to do this," Kooky said as he placed the instrument on his shoulder and tried it. The noise came out as a terrible screeching sound. Kootie Pie shuddered as Bully grabbed it from him and walked outside with it. "What the?" Kooky asked as he watched Bully walk over to them.

"A little music while you dine?" he asked as he began to play a beautiful melody that enchanted and soothed at the same time. Bowzaira and Bowser both sat and listened as Bully played. When he finished, everybody started clapping, and Bully sported a cheery red blush.

"That was wonderful, Roy." Bowzaira said, as Roy blushed even more.

 "Aww, maw," he said as he walked back over to the rooftop door.

"Bully, I didn't know you could play," Kootie Pie said as Bigmouth smiled.

"WOW Roy! That was wonderful super great! Stupendous! Fantastic-" Bigmouth said as Bully lifted him up.

"Did you call me Roy? Shut up and go git som' mo' food fool!" Bully said as he picked Bigmouth up and threw him down the stairs.

In the kitchen...

"Hey you guys! Things are going great up there! They're done with the appetizers though! Where's the main course! I was sent down here to get some more food! Where is it? Come on hurry up! Gimmie something!" Bigmouth yelled as Hip and Hop both stared at him.

"Why do you start every sentience with a "wow" or a "hey"? Hop asked as Bigmouth simply shrugged. Hip sighed and handed Bigmouth a plate filled with food as he turned another burner on.

"You know, this would-"Hop said.

"-Go a lot faster if-" Hip continued.

"-We had some help-" Hop carried on.

"-From a certain-" Hip chimed in.

"-Big brother who-" Hop added.

"Hasn't shown-" Hip remarked.

"-His ugly face!" Hop finished as they both looked around.

"Say, where IS Cheatsy?" Hip asked as Hop shrugged. They both turned and looked at Bigmouth, who opened his mouth to say something. "OUT!" Hip yelled as Hop shoved him out the door.

On the roof...

"Guys I got the food and boy is it hot! It's so hot I'm burning my hand off! You guys need to-"

Shut up and give me that!" Kootie Pie said as she grabbed hold of the tray and carefully and quickly carried it over.

"Mom, Dad, uh, your food," Kootie Pie said as she left before a thank you was given to run some cold water over her hands. Kooky and Bully watched as the couple seemed to be talking about something.

 "Can you make out what dare saying?" Bully asked as Kooky sighed.

"Not... really," Kooky said slowly.

Bowzaira stood up suddenly and left, walking quickly down the stairs as Bowser just sat there.

"What happened?" Kooky asked as Bully ran downstairs after Mom.

 "K, King Dad? Kooky asked as he stepped out onto the roof and over to Dad, who seemed to be staring into space.

"D, Dad, w, what happened?" he asked as King Koopa looked up.

"Well, son, we, uh, talked... and... uh... she.. doesn't...-" And at that, Bowser buried his face in his arms and sighed.

"Not a good sign," Kooky said as he slowly backed away and ran downstairs.

In the meeting room...

"Ok, my siblings," Kooky said as he sat down at the far end of the table.

"My, I wonder what kind of nail polish Mom uses," Kootie Pie pondered.

"Gimmie the Gs up straight, can't hardly wait!” Roy rapped.

"I wonder if MY invention can defeat those dumb Mario brothers,” Hip wondered.

"Hey you guys I think I know why hotdog bags come in 12 and buns come in 10!" Bigmouth stated.

"Why isn't he gagged?" Hip asked.

"I'm on it!" Bully sighed.

"Ack! Get away from me with MHHMhhmh!" Bigmouth chirped.

"Heh, heh, heh," Bully chuckled.

"Ok, now that that's settled, can we please have our meeting?' Kooky asked.

"These meetings are stupid," Hip sighed.

"I think you're stupid," Hop quipped.

"I finally got a gun, can't wait to cap someone,” Bully rapped.

"That wasn't nice," Hip pointed out.

"Some deadbeat punk, lower then a skunk," Bully rapped.

"Mhh mhhh hhh MMM hmhmhh!" Bigmouth struggled.

"You're right, I"m sorry," Hop said.

"Red doesn't go with this dress. What the heck is he talking about?" Kootie Pie sighed.

"Hee, hee, he sounds like Kenny!" Bully chuckled.

"Thanks,"  Hip said.

Mhh mhh MRRR mm..mmmm!" Bigmouth groaned.

"Sorry I didn't say it sooner!" Hop quickly added.

"Why, you! Come here!" Hip growled, tackling Hop.

"OW! Get off me!" Hop yelped.


"Where IS Cheatsy?" Bully asked as everybody shrugged.

"If he's dead, I get his r-" Kootie-pie started as Bully jumped in.

 "I get his room!" Bully yelled.

"Oh no you don't!" Kootie Pie replied.

"Yeah I do! Beat it short stuff!" Bully said, pushing her aside.

"Short stuff? Boy you'd better watch yo'self!" Kootie Pie said, snapping her fingers.

"Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?" Roy taunted.


"Ow! What the heck you dirty..." Bully whined.

Slap smack!

"Cut that out Wendy, you're fat!"

"Uh... s, sorry Kootie Pie..." Bully said softly.

Slap slap slap smach slap punch smach punch slap slap punch kick, punch, slap, slap, poke, slap, smack, punch, slap, slap, punch, slap, slap, punc, slap, slap, punch, punch, SLAP, smasck, slap!


"Dang..." Hip whispered as he watched Bully fall to the floor.

"Geez, Kootie P-“ Kooky started.

"YOU WANT SOME TO?" Kootie Pie yelled.

"N, no ma'am..." Kooky quickly said.

"ALL RIGHT THEN!" Kootie Pie screamed.

"Meeting... over, everybody run!" Kooky yelled as everybody ran, except for Bully, who lay on the floor.


With the meeting a failure, the Koopa children all went off to plan their own idea to make Bowzaira stay.

"Kooky, what are we gonna do?" Kootie Pie asked as Kooky looked at a vial and poured a purple liquid into a tube containing a yellow liquid. The result was an explosion that seemed to make the castle shake.

"I've done it! I've caused an explosion that makes no clouds of smoke!” Kooky yelled happily.

Kootie Pie growled and knocked some flasks off the shelf. "Are you crazy? Mom's gonna leave in a few days, and all you can think about is how you just made an invention no one will use!" she yelled as Kooky looked at her. He ran his claws through his white/yellowish hair and looked into his sister’s eyes.

"Look... sis... Kootie Pie... Wendy... Mom... is gonna leave… and there's nothing we can do about it. We can try to make her stay the next time she visits, but... Kootie Pie... love... is a very strange force. Simple children like us cannot hope to change it. If Mom and Dad split up for good, and Mom never comes back, do you think we will be able to change her mind? Do you think It will be us, the Koopa Kids, who decide to make Mom and Dad stay together? Geez, sis, they have emotions and feelings we can't possibly begin to understand at our age! ... And then there are outside factors. Mom might think Dad's to strict, Dad might think that Mom's to nice, this leads to arguments, which leads to fighting, which is where we are, and soon it leads to divorce... sis... do ya understand? We can't  stop this... it's over... let it rest, and go on with your life."

Kootie Pie sneered and cursed at him. Kooky gasped as she began to destroy flasks and beakers and tackled her, pinning her to the ground. "Kootie! Kootie! Wendy, stop!" Kooky yelled as Kootie Pie looked at him. There were tears of sadness in both their eyes.  "Kootie..." Kooky said slowly as Kootie Pie sniffled and picked herself up off the ground and left the room.

Before she did she kicked her brother hard for making so much sense. She cursed him and the family and her stupid father and mother for breaking up in the first place. She sighed, and realized slowly that she was crying and that, she was standing outside of Cheatsy's bedroom. She pushed the door open and looked inside. Her brother Cheats, was someone she had not seen for three days. As it turned out, Cheatsy was sitting at his desk, using the dim light of small lamp to illuminate something he had in his claws.

"C, Cheatsy?" Kootie Pie whimpered as Cheatsy gasped and looked over to her. He hissed softly, and turned away. "What's that?" Kootie Pie asked, taking a step into the room, as Cheatsy opened up a drawer in his desk and pulled out his magic wand.

"Another step sister... and I’ll blast you," Cheatsy said wryly, though Kootie Pie could tell he barely had the strength to hold the wand upright and level.

"Cheatsy..." Kootie Pie said slowly, looking at her brother.

Cheatsy didn't look good at all. There were heavy bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and his face and body were a terrible mess. He wore a white bandage on his right arm, which seemed to be soaked through with blood.

"Cheatsy..." Kootie Pie said as Cheatsy growled at her.

"I, I said not a step closer!'" Cheatsy warned, but it was obvious that the poor kid was not a threat. Kootie Pie took another step into the room, and Cheatsy hissed and the end of the wand began to light up. But just as quickly the light vanished and Cheatsy panted softly.

"What are you doing?" Kootie Pie asked as Cheatsy growled.

"I said get the heck out of my ROOM!" Cheatsy said as he began to toss objects left and right at Kootie, who yelped and quickly ran out. She whimpered and held her arm where Cheatsy had hit her with a broken broom handle and slowly walked back into her room, where she lay on the bed and began to cry. She hated them all. All off them!

"Wanna talk about it?" Leon asked, sitting next to her on the bed as Kootie Pie grinned. She had an Idea of something that might make her feel better.

"Leon..." Kootie Pie purred softly as Leon looked at her with a cocked head. Kootie rolled over onto her side and patted her thigh, trailing one finger up and down. "Come here Leon..." Kootie Pie said as Leon looked at her like she was crazy.

"Um... maybe some other time," Leon said slowly as Kootie Pie tackled him and straddled him.

"I think that time is now baby," she said slowly as Leon gulped.

"P, please Kootie Pie, I, I don't think w, we should do this..." Leon whimpered as Kootie Pie laughed.

"Do what? I don't have a punching bag, and I'm really kinda ticked, so I figured… I'd just kick your butt" Kootie Pie said as she raised a fist.

Leon screamed.

The End

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