Snow Princess

By D.G. the Mew Princess

Dedication: I would like to thank my friends Brooke and Stephanie for their constant support and encouragement. They contributed many ideas that I feel really made my story work. Thank you!

Author's Note: Well I just want to say that this story is a love story and it could get mushy. It has some of my lame humor, too. Well you’ve been warned. Anyway, you should still read it because maybe you’ll like it, who
knows? Oh and by the way it’s from the point of view of a Yoshi named Aurora’s, got it? Also it was going to be a sequel to a different story called Enascopa, which has some info on Wildfire’s adventures, etc. but I stopped writing it. I might write it later. On with the fic, finally!

Chapter 1

As I meandered though the white wasteland, I tried to imagine what it would be like to be an adventurous knight like my father, Wildfire. I imagined being knighted by my uncle Whiteblaze, I imagined my adventures
through Enascopa fighting evil with a sword that gleams in the sunlight and ZING BOING!

My thoughts were interrupted by two peas that hit me on the nose. “Ouch! Daisy, Buttercup, that hurt!” I shouted angrily at the twins.

“We ‘it cha! We ‘it cha!” they chanted. Buttercup... or was it Daisy... aw, who cares, it was one of them, pulled out a note and handed it to me saying, “Unca’ Wildfiro tell us give ya’ dis.”

“Whatever, I don’t care! Scram! Now!" I yelled as they scampered off.

The letter read: “Aurora, bring the firewood now! It’s been three hours!” I guess he didn’t sign it for two
reasons, one he assumed Daisy and Buttercup would say it was from him or two, HE’S THE ONLY JERK IN THE KINGDOM WITH THE NERVE TO SAY THAT TO ME! My stupid father... I... I... hate him! I huffed angrily to myself, him and his stupid rules! If only I could form a plan, that’s it! Yes, a plan! A plan so cunning, so sly, so... so perfect it can’t fail. Oh! Silly me, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

My name’s Aurora. I’m an ice Yoshi and I’m Wildfire’s adopted daughter. Wildfire was the knight of our kingdom and had many daring adventures in his youth. But now he’s too old to fight so he and his twin
brother, King Whiteblaze, then began to look for a new person to be trained as a squire. But guess what they did to me? They overlooked me, treated me like a girl. ERR! I’ll show them! Hee hee! Um... I mean, sometimes I get a tad cared away.

Anyway, when Uncle Whiteblaze adopted the twins he made them princesses, and that’s the only word I wouldn’t use to describe them, those villains! The twins are light yellow Yoshies they are impossible to tell apart. They’re called Daisy and Buttercup but I call them the terrible twos though Dad thinks they're angels, he treats them like goddesses! It’s always twins this twins that, there’re all he ever talks about!

Well as I was saying about the plan, it will be great.

Chapter 2

A few weeks later the plan began.

The day was going good, it was  normal. At breakfast I asked if I could show the twins a surprise I made them. Dad gave me a look that said I highly doubt it. Typical, I thought, probably because the last “surprise” was a free trip to a steep cliff. But he said, “Show me first and I’ll think about it.”

YES! I thought, but I said, “Sure.”

I rose and told him to follow me out the door. I lead him though the cold snow to a large old tree. On top sat a fort, which we climbed up the stairs to get to. I looked over to my dad; he shivered and shook with cold for he was a Fire Yoshi who hated the snowy winter. I was an Ice Yoshi and walking though the snow was a bed of roses. I gazed into his reddish eyes once more and roughly shoved him into the fort and swiftly locked the door.

For a second neither of us moved for we were both in total shock. As another second ticked by and my dad, from inside the fort, yelled, “Aurora! What are you doing?!” a tear rolled down my nose and fell into the snow.

“I’m leaving,” I said sadly.

“But why did you do this, why are you leaving?”

I knew my dad was fighting back tears behind the door. “I have to, Dad, nobody cares about me.”

“But Aurora, I love you...” His voice trailed off into the cold morning air.

“I love you too Dad, but I can’t stop now, I just gotta leave!” I sighed. “Goodbye Dad.”

I dug up a small bag of food and a cape, which I hastily tied on, from the snow. I slowly turned away, my eyes burned with tears as I ran away from my father, away from the castle, away from my life.

After about a day of running for awhile then resting a bit then running again I was sure that I was pretty far away from the castle. Dad would probably try to send guards to look for me, not that very many would be willing to do so in the snow. After another hour of running I was pooped. Then an idea hit me, why run when I could hide? It was a great idea: I’d build a house like the snow fort and wait ‘til the guards passed me.

As I built the fort a memory came back to me of when I was young in a strange place building a snow fort with a young boy Ice Yoshi. As soon as it came it left again. As I continued work I began to wonder when that memory was from. It puzzled me because I’d never seen a boy Ice Yoshi before. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any other Ice Yoshis at all. After a little bit I stopped working to think more. I was completely stumped, so I dismissed it from my mind and got back to work.

Chapter 3: Aurora: A Dream and a Sword

After about another hour my new home was finished. It was already dark when I had finished. I crawled in and lay down in the snow. I slept restlessly, tossing and turning, but the thing I remember most is the dream I had...

There stood my father, but instead of his usual proud and arrogant stance, he was softly crying. He lifted his head and sang to the sky, "Tears in the night." Then I saw myself standing staring at the sky crying.

I sang back. "When no one can find you..."

He sang again, "Tears in the night."

I sang back, "When the shadows hide you."

He sang, "I shed them for you, though you may hate me!"

I, in return, sang, "I shed them for you, though you agitate me!"

Then we both sang, "I still love you! Tears in the night!"

I woke up suddenly, and there was a dark figure in the corner. "Wh- Who ar- are you?" I said shakily. He said nothing but stood up and walked over to me and I could see what he looked like. He wore a long hooded
cloak so I could barely see his deep blue snout, but his eyes were handsome and scary at the same time. They were a glowing sea green. My eyes were drawn straight to them but couldn't look at them for long because of the emotionless stare he had. I looked down at the snow nervously as if to ask it for help.

I could feel his empty gaze on me as he asked, "Do you love him?" I gulped and nodded speechlessly. "Good," he said, "I have gift for you then. Here you go." He handed me a shining sword. It had lots of shades of blue on the hilt and about 12 small red diamonds along with some pictures, and at the very end of the hilt there was a large red diamond. Then he disappeared with a puff of dark blue smoke.

I sat up the rest of the night, nervously clutching my sword. I slumped against the snowy wall and shivered, slightly drawing my cloak closer to me. All alone in the darkness, tears rolled down my snout. I miss them, I can't believe it, I thought sadly.

But I knew I couldn't go back now. I looked at the silver blade in my hands, I knew that the sword was now mine but I wondered if it had belonged to someone before me. It seemed to gleam with the knowledge of many centuries long past.

I was deep in thought when I suddenly heard two voices nearby. "She was nice, a bit odd at times but, for an ice Yoshi, she was nice," said one.

"Yeah, it's a shame Wildfire adopted her, huh? He's so mean. It's probably HIS fault she's cracked," said the other.

I gasped. They're talking about me! I realized. Wait! I'm not crazy! Some stupid Yoshi must have started some nasty rumers about me! I was pretty angry and about ready to vent some steam, but I continued to listen in a bit longer.

"Yeah, well I think she's dead already. I mean, she's just a girl." That was about all I could take.

JUST A GIRL?! I'll show THEM just a girl! I clutched my new sword tighter and leaped out of my snow house at them.

"YIKES! Ma, Ma, Miss Aurora?!"

"Yes?" I snarled back.

"You'd better drop that sword and come back to the castle with us now or else," one said with as much courage as he could muster.

"Or else what?!" I snapped.

"I'll... I'll... fight you," he said, holding out his sword bravely.

"Bring it on," I replied as I went into a fighting stance with a terrifying grin. We both began to try to slice each other with powerful sword swings. I was very surprised to find that the sword felt very natural to me even
though I had never trained with one. There were several minutes of intense swordplay and you could here the steady sound of metal on metal as the swords clashed. Finally I hit his sword with a sharp, quick swing that sent his sword sailing into a snow bank. I laughed at the astonished look on the face of the unarmed Yoshi.

"Leave and don't come back! Tell my father I'll come back when I'm ready. Now, GO!" Then they both ran off in a hurry, leaving behind the lost sword. After they had gone I went to retrieve it. I pulled from its resting place in the snow with little effort and brought it along with my sword back to my fort. I gathered a small pile of wood and brought that too.

As I walked home I looked up and saw the almost black clouds overhead. Well I'm in for quite a blizzard, I thought as I scurried inside.

Chapter 5: Aurora: Meet the Clutz

After I got back inside my temporary home I held a sword in each of my hands and examined both of them closely. The blade on the sword that the guard had left wasn't as impressive and radiant as mine. My sword's blade had an almost magical shine to it that the other blade lacked. I carefully turned the swords over and studied the hilts curiously. While mine was a rainbow of shades of blue with the red gems, the other was all one shade of red with streaks of orange and yellow, making it look like it was on fire.

I peeked out the entrance of my fort and found that the snow was falling so thick and blowing so hard that all I could see was white. I pulled my head back inside and shrugged. I set both swords by my side and got ready to take a well-deserved rest until the storm subsided.

I was on the verge of falling asleep when from outside I heard a voice over the howling winds. "HELLO! Anyone out there?" called the voice that was coming closer. "Hey! I can't see! Can anyone help me?" The voice called from almost next to my roof and suddenly there were a few thumps on the roof and then a large thud as the Yoshi fell right through the roof. His head landed hard on my sword hilt and he was out cold instantly.

The first thing I noticed was that he was an ice Yoshi just like me. Ice Yoshis were the only Yoshis that had a sort of crystal glitter in their scales. The place on his head the he'd hit was bleeding slightly. I quickly
decided to help him. And it wasn't just because he was cute, it was also because I wanted to find out what he was doing and where he was from. I wanted to know why I had never seen another ice Yoshi before him. I wanted to know everything about him.

I tore a piece of my cloak off and tied it around his head tightly to stop the bleeding. I judged that the storm would last a while so I built a little fire with the sticks in a spot that I had surrounded by rocks. Over the fire I cooked some thin soup with frozen vegetables and melted snow. I was watching the soup when he started to wake up.

"Where am I?" he said with a moan. I walked to where he was laying and stood over him. "Are you an angel?" he asked, his eyes still coming into focus.

I was shocked into silence by his question. He sat up and looked straight at me. That was the first good look that I got of him. He had light feathery wings on his head that did not enable him to fly but looked really neat. I had a pair of my own, for they were characteristic of ice Yoshis, but mine were more of a pinkish tint and his were a pure white.

Our scales were almost identical in color; both were a very light shade of blue that sparkled like fresh snow. His eyes were almond-shaped and were pitch black. My eyes were more of a soft brown. On his head, between his two little wings, were several spikes of black hair that hung in his face. He looked around and finally sighed, "Well Heaven is smaller than I imagined it."

I had recovered and said back with a bit of annoyance, "You're not dead you know."

"Then what am I doing here? I felt like I was gonna die and-"

"I saved you," I interrupted him.

"You did? Thanks a lot, I-"

"But only so you could fix the hole you made in my roof," I cut in again and then pointed to the spot in the ceiling were snow was falling in.

"Oh, sorry for that, I-"

"Just fix it," I stopped him in mid-sentence a third time.

"I was SAYING that I can't."

"Well why not?" I retorted, not happy with his response.

"I lost a good friend of mine when I was building a snow fort. I refuse to build them now. I could pay you for the damage I guess, but I-"

Now that he said that I felt bad for yelling at him so I answered with more of a hint of kindness in my voice, "That sounds fine. If you have some food I could have then that'll be okay."

"Food? Sorry again. I haven't eaten for a few days now." He sniffed the air. "Is that soup?" he asked as his eyes lit up.

"Yes," I answered indifferently, turning to get the soup off the fire. "I guess you can have some."

"Really? Wow, thank you so much, I-" he started happily.

"Yeah yeah." I rolled my eyes at his excitement. I handed him a bowl with some soup in it and he drank it gratefully. I had some soup as well; it tasted surprisingly good for its lack of ingredients.

"Hey, do you mind telling me your name?" he asked, suddenly breaking the silence.

"Aurora," I said bluntly. Frankly I didn't really want to ask him his name even though I was curious to know. He seemed unfazed at the fact that I hadn't asked and decided to respond to the unasked question.

"My name's Lance."

"Hi," I answered back briefly before turning back to my soup. As we ate in silence for the rest of the meal, I found that I liked the company of someone else.

Maybe, I thought, I could think of some reason for him to stay with me for awhile? Well maybe...

To Be Continued...

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