Mr. Little Returns

By Golden Road

It was a dark, stormy night at Koopa Castle... but today's story doesn't take place there! We're at Susan B. Koopa's castle tonight. Susan was getting ready for bed, when suddenly lightning struck the castle, and all the lights went out.

Susan: Gah! Why does this always happen? How can I possibly put on my beauty make-up if the lights are out?

Susan walks around the castle, trying to feel her way around to her bed, but she trips on something.

Susan: Ouch! What the- oh, ok, who left my hairdryer in the middle of the... oh, wait, I guess it was me. I'm having trouble finding my bed though.

Susan kept feeling her way around, when she felt someone.

Susan: EEK!  Who is that?!

???: (in an echoey voice) You'll find out soon enough, Susan B. Koopa.

Susan: Get away from me!

???: Ah, but you are now right where I want you. Or you soon will be, anyway.


Nick (already in bed): Shut up, you #*@&$!

???: You didn't really expect Nick to help you, now did you?

Susan: HELP!

???: Would you shut UP?! No one's helping you, so quit it already.

Suddenly, Morton, wearing a mask and a cape, barges in, and the lights go on.

Morton: Stop you evil intruder, you evil Mr. Little, you little freaky grey mushroom, you-

Mr. Little: (in his usual French accent) Oh, shut up already Morton. Take this!

Mr. Little shoots a laser at Morton, but Morton flies around the room, not getting hit.

Morton: It'll take more than that to do ME in!

Mr. Little: But not Susan. Bye-bye!

Susan: NO!

Mr. Little shoots Susan with the laser, and she turns to dust.

Morton: SUSAN!

Mr. Little: I have won.  t's game over for you. Whoohoohaahaa!

Suddenly, Susan jumps out of bed.

Susan: Whew. I guess that was just a dream. I hate all these nightmares I've been having though, of Mr. Little coming back for revenge. And... I've gotta' stop talking to myself.

Later that day, Susan goes to Koopa Castle to visit her cousins.


Bowser opens the door.


Susan: It's your favorite neice Susan, stopping by to visit her cousins.

Bowser: I thought I told you I didn't want you around her because that crazy Goomba might come back!

Susan: I'm pretty sure I've been here since-

Bowser: No backtalk!

Susan: Ok, ok, I'll just-

Bowser: I'll force those brats to play with you at your castle... I can't risk myself getting captured by that Goomba, after all.

Larry: What?!

Bowser: You heard me, you sneaky snot! You're going to spend the night at Susan's castle.

Larry: You didn't say we had to spend-

Bowser: Well, I said it now! Get out of here, you stupid kids! NOW!

The seven Koopalings rush out to the front door, and all except Morton get a disgusted look when they see Susan.

Wendy: Oh no, not Susan!

Roy: King Dad, tell me she's not staying over.

Bowser: Don't worry, son, she's not staying over.

Roy: That's a relief.

Bowser: You're all going over to Susan's home!


Lemmy: Cool! Roy screamed like a girl!

Roy: But I don't punch like one!

Roy punches Lemmy into a Thwomp.

Lemmy: Ow...

Bowser: Now you all behave!

Bowser goes back into his castle and slams the door. The Koopalings remain silent.

Iggy: Uh...

Roy punches Iggy.

Roy: I'm only staying over for a minute, then I'm leaving!

Larry: But King Dad said-

Roy punches Larry... then Iggy.

Roy: I didn't hear him say how long we had to stay over.

Bowser: (through the wall) All night Roy, or I'll throw you in the dungeon!

Roy punches Iggy again.

Larry: Anyway, why do we have to stay at Susan's place? King Dad's always let her stay over here, but we've never had to spend the night at her place before.

Wendy: I'll bet he's afraid of that tiny little Goomba.

Lemmy: You mean Mr. Big, that Goomba gangster? We could take him on any day!

Wendy: No, you idiot! I mean the grey one with that stupid French accent.

Morton: Mr. Little!

Wendy: Yeah, that's him. He's not coming back.

Ludwig: Well why would our dad force us to sleep at Susan's palace? He has let her over several times since that incident, but not worried about it. Why would he suddenly ponder about Mr. Little's sworn revenge now?

Morton: I don't know Ludwig, let me think- ooh, I got it! HE CAME HERE YESTERDAY ASKING IF SHE WAS HERE! Think that might have to do with it?

Ludwig: I could have sworn that Goomba was purple, not grey.

Morton: There are no purple Goombas! There are only-

Susan: Wait, wait, hold the phone! Mr. Little was here yesterday, asking where I lived?

Morton: Oh, yes, I guess I should've thought to tell you that.

Susan: Did Uncle Bowser tell Mr. Little where I lived?

Morton: Nope, he sure didn't.

Susan: Well that's a relief.

Morton: Not really. Wendy told him. Wendy blabbed to him at least a hundred thousand times where you lived, gave him your address, your points of latitude and longitude, drew him a map, gave him a compass, let him-

Wendy: Shut UP, Morton!

Susan: Wendy, how could you?

Wendy: Well, honestly, I didn't know he wanted to kill you. I thought, uh, that he wanted to give you some candy.

Morton: Wendy's still mad that you ruined her make-up kit.

Wendy: No, really? I forgot all about that until now! Oh, how happy I am that your about to die... or I would be if a certain King Dad wasn't making me go into Death Castle.

Susan: Don't you care about me at all?

Wendy: Let me think- NO!

Larry: Good answer! Good answer!

Lemmy: Show me "no"!

Susan: This isn't a game, you know.

Wendy: I know, but that doesn't mean we can't play it like one.

Bowser: (yelling through the wall) Are you still here?! Get away from here NOW!

Susan: I think maybe we should go now.

Susan and the seven Koopalings go to Susan's palace.

Susan: Why did we come back here? Mr. Little knows I live here.

Ludwig: Because King Dad ordered us to spend the night at this abode, not elsewhere. If we disobey his orders, we may be incarcerated.

Susan: Would Uncle Bowser really know if we spent the night at a hotel or something?

Susan's phone rings, and she answers it.

Susan: Hel-


Wendy: I could hear that abuse of capital letters from over here.

Susan: I guess we should all get prepared for Mr. Little's arrival?

Wendy: You do that, I'll call it a night.

Susan: It's 4 in the afternoon.

Wendy: Well if I'm going to get my beauty sleep, I need a great eighteen.

Morton: When do you suppose Mr. Little is going to strike, anyway?

A flying Bloober comes down the hallway, and Susan smashes it.

Bloober: Ugh...

Nick runs down the hallway.

Nick: Get back here, Bloo- Susan! How dare you hurt my flying Bloober! And- ah, I see we have visitors here.

Wendy: Oh great, it's Nick.

Nick: Oh, nonono! I'm not going to be mean. I wasn't going to come up with some diabolical scheme for tormenting your puny, miserable selves! Hehehe, suckers.

Ludwig: Suckers? I did not know that Nick was addicted to lollypops.

Roy: You moron, he called us suckers!

Roy lunges at Nick, and is knocked out cold when Nick catches him and throws him into the ceiling.

Nick: You don't want to take me on. Now, I will go to my room and think of a way to torment you. Don't worry, I won't be long!

Nick walks back down the hallway to his room, passing a closet with a small crack in it. Little do the Koopas know that a flying Bloober is hidden behind the door, holding a video camera. We then find that Mr. Little is flying around the Mushroom Kingdom in his doomship, watching what the flying
Bloober is catching on the camera.

Mr. Little: (in his usual French accent) Whoohoohoohahaha! I love it! I love it! Nick hates Susan! This is going to be perfect for my plan. That Nick thinks he's so smart, but I'm smarter, and I'm going to get on his good side, talk about getting even with his sister, and then, WHAM! No more Susan! Whoohoohoohaha... why am I talking to myself? Ooh, I've got to hurry to see him!

Meanwhile, back at Susan's home...

Roy: (lying under Susan's fist) Uncle! Uncle! I give, already! I'll let you watch The Girly Girl Show!

Susan: That's better. It's my favorite-

Suddenly an anvil falls atop Susan... or at least it looks like it, but the anvil actually fell directly in front of her.

Susan: NICK! I'm gonna' KILL you!

In Nick's room....

Nick: Drat! I was hoping for a more serious injury. Hurting her vocal chords would've been nice, or-

Nick hears a knock on his window, and sees a grey Goomba.

Nick: What the?

Mr. Little: Let me in already! I have this bag full of coins for-

Nick: (opening the window) Come in! Come in! I love letting strange Goombas who I don't know in my home. I'm very caring, always worrying about the less fortunate and all.

Mr. Little: I'm not really less fortunate. I just... well, you see, I want to kill Susan, but I could use a little help... your help.

Nick: Why would I help you?

Mr. Little throws a bag full of coins to Nick.

Nick: Well, well, I like what I am seeing! Now, how could I help?

Mr. Little: Well, correct me if I am wrong, but you do have a flying Bloober, don't you?

Nick: Yes, but unfortunately it's pretty worthless. It can't even kill anyone, or steal anything, or-

Mr. Little: You know, I have a few flying Bloobers of my own, all very well trained of course. Why not take one of my Bloobers with you to Susan's room? I'll order the Bloober to play dumb until you give a certain signal, at which the Bloober will instantly snatch up Susan and bring her to my doomship.

Nick: And what will this signal be?

Mr. Little: Simple.

Nick: Ok, I'm glad the signal's going to be easy, but what's it going to be?

Mr. Little: Simple! The signal is simple.

Nick: I'm glad it's simple and all, what what is it?

Mr. Little: Idi- I mean, good aquaintance, the word "simple" is the signal.

Nick: Ok, so when I say simple, the Bloober swoops up Susan?

Mr. Little: You got it! I'll be waiting!

Mr. Little hops back out the window, heading toward his doomship and leaving one of his flying Bloobers with Nick.

Nick: Bloober, we're on a mission.

Nick heads off toward Susan's room, where she and the Koopalings are watching The Girly Girl Show.

Ludwig: Make it stop! Make it stop!

Lemmy: It's a commercial, Ludwig.

Ludwig: But Susan keeps letting Morton give a short speech during all these commercials!

Morton: And to conclude-

Ludwig: Shut up Morton! The show is back on!

Lemmy: Yeah, we don't need two forms of torture at once.

Susan: Ooh, you all have to watch this part! This is where one girl braids the other's-

Nick walks into the room, with Mr. Little's flying Bloober.

Nick: So... heya Susan. What are you doing in here?

Susan: You can see what we're doing, we're just watching TV.

Nick: The Girly Girl Show, right?

Susan: Why are you in here Nick?

Nick: I'm just here to apologize, Susan.

Susan: Apologize?

Larry: Is this the same Nick?

Ludwig: Nick, are you feeling well?

Nick: Yes, yes, I'm feeling great. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for trying to kill you with that anvil earlier. It was wrong of me. My Bloober's sorry for scaring you earlier too.

Susan: Well, (sniff) thank you Nick. I never knew you could be so sensitive.

Susan gives Nick a hug, and then the Bloober, but while she's hugging the Bloober...

Nick: It's simple, really.

At that word "simple", the Bloober snatches up Susan and flies out the castle to Mr. Little's doomship.

Susan: Help me! Someone, please help me!

Morton: Why is your Bloober snatching up Susan? Where is that Bloober taking her? Why would that Bloober want her? Why- wait, I think I already know this. That wasn't really your Bloober, was it? It was Mr. Little's Bloober, and he used you to kidnap Susan and he's going to kill her, and you don't care, do you?

Nick: Wait, wait... I don't know this Mr. Little person.

Wendy: Mr. Little came over yesterday asking us where Susan lived... ooh, I hope it was Mr. Little's Bloober!

Morton: Wendy!

Larry: Now I can go through life without having Susan trying to smooch me!

Morton: Larry! Don't any of you care what happens to Susan at all? If she dies, she won't be able to save us anymore in case we ever need saving, and she won't be able to do things for us, and all that!

Nick: Who cares! All I care is that I got money for it!

Morton: Well, I'll do what I have to do... I'm going out there!

Morton leaves the castle, while Nick goes back to his room.

Nick: Ah, it's so nice to have so much money now! I could buy myself my own place with all my money... wherever I put it. I thought I left it on the table... I know it's here somewhere, it can't-

A "clank" sound comes from out the window. Nick runs to see what it is, and he sees a flying Bloobers carrying his bags of money, following Mr. Little's doomship.

Nick: That double-crosser! That was MY money! He gave it to me, and I'm going to get it back!

Nick runs outside, following Morton, who finds a Lakitu.

Morton: So Lakitu, I really really need to borrow this cloud from you. I need to chase that doomship!

Lakitu: But you have no idea how to steer this thing! You've never taken lessons.

Nick: I have!

Morton: Nick? I thought you-

Nick: I do want Susan to die- but I also want to get my money back from that creepy grey Goomba!

Morton: Ok. I guess if that's what it takes.

Nick: Who says I'm taking you? I don't want you rescuing Susan!

Nick hops into the cloud, leaving Morton stranded.

Morton: Lakitu, I don't suppose you have a few rockets, do you?

Lakitu: Yes I do.  Why?

Meanwhile, in Mr. Little's doomship...

Susan: Mph-mph-mph!

Mr. Little: What's the matter, little Susie Woozie? All tied up? Whoohoohoohahaha!

Susan: MPH!

Mr. Little: Don't worry too much, Susan. We're almost at a lava pit. Then I'll drop you in, and I'll let you die.

Nick jumps through a window in the doomship.

Nick: Not so fast, Mr. Little!

Mr. Little: I really need to get that window boarded up. You're not going to stop me Nick! I'm dumping Susan into the next lava pit!

Nick: No, I'M going to dump her into the lava pit. I'm taking you down now!

Mr. Little: Sigh... all this over a little money. I warn you though, I'm a greybelt.

Nick: And I'm a blackbelt. That's as high as it gets.

Mr. Little: Not this little grey Goomba! Take this!

Mr. Little drops a flask, a cloud of smoke forms, and suddenly, Nick is tied up with Susan.

Nick: I HATE being this close to Susan!

Mr. Little: Isn't this going to be a treat? Brother and sister, dying together. How touching... if only I had a heart.

At that moment, a burnt Morton flies through the window of the doomship.

Mr. Little: I REALLY need to close up that window.

Nick: What happened to you?

Morton: (cough) Never mind that. (cough) But Mr. Little, you're going down now!

Mr. Little: I'm not going down, but your friends here are! We're seconds away from that lava pit I've been headed towards.

Morton: There's something you've forgotten though.

Mr. Little: Me? Forgotten something? I do not think that is possible, for I am perfect in every possible way. But oh, do say, what did I do that is not to perfection? What-

Morton kicks Mr. Little into his electric forcefield, which stuns him.

Morton: You forgot to hide behind your little forcefield. Now let me set a course for this airship to crash into the mountain up ahead. Llet me untie you, Susan. Is there a way for me to get you out without getting Nick out?

Nick: No, so HA! You can't save her without saving me!

Morton: Oh darn it! Well, Nick, you're lucking out.

Morton unties Nick and Susan, and ungags Susan.

Susan: Thank you, thank you, thank you Morton!

Nick: Well, if you're so smart, how do we get out of this ship before it crashes?!

Morton: Simple, really. We jump.

Nick:  h good, I- JUMP?!

Morton: Trust me. Now, you two hold my hand. On the count of 3, we jump. 1, 2, 3!

Morton, Nick, and Susan jump out of the doomship, and head toward molten lava.

Nick: Trust you?! We're gonna DIE!

Morton: No we're not!

Morton steers toward a nearby Parakoopa, catches it while falling, throws it out of its shell, and uses it as a surfboard on the lava.

Susan: Wow! When did you learn to surf, Morton?

Morton: Little hobby, learned it going to Koopa Beach all these years.

Morton, Nick, and Susan head for home, while Mr. Little finally comes out of his stunned state in his doomship.

Mr. Little: Now how do I stop this thing?! What did Morton do to these controls?! I'm going to crash into that! Bloobers! Carry me out of here NOW!

The flying Bloobers carry Mr. Little out of his doomship just before it crashes and explodes into the side of the mountain.

Mr. Little: I'll get my revenge yet! Morton! Nick! Susan! You will all perish SOON!

Meanwhile, back at Susan's palace, all the Koopalings are sleeping when Morton, Susan, and Nick get home.

Nick: All I'll say is that I'm glad I finally got a decent role in a story. I just wish I didn't have to share it with you Susan.

Susan: I'm just glad we lived through it.

Wendy: (half-sleeping) Would you go to sleep already? It's so late. And I thought you were supposed to be dead by now, Susan. (yawn) I'll worry about that tomorrow morning.

Morton: You know, King Dad's never going to believe this!

Susan: I wish I could forget it.

So all ends. The Koopalings spent the night at Susan's, and all of them except Morton couldn't wait to go home the next morning. Susan, Nick, and Morton, however, slept all day due to exhaustion. Little did they know, however, that Mr. Little was not yet dead... little did they know...

The End

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