Mr. Little's Little Backstory

By Golden Road

Susan is skipping to her Uncle Bowser's castle. Along the way, however, she bumps into a brown Goomba.

Susan: Aww... aren't you the cutest little thing?

The Goomba purrs, but then its eyes turn wide and it scrambles off.

Susan: Hmm... I wonder what scared it off?

???: (in a familar French accent) Hello, Susan.

Susan: (turns around) EEP!

Mr. Little: I guess that means you recognize me, oh how thoughtful!

Susan runs as if her life depended on it, as Mr. Little quickly hops after her.

Mr. Little: There's no use running! I'm going to catch up with you, and then I'm going to capture you, and then I'm going to kill you! Whoohoohoohahaha!

Susan: Wait a minute... you're defenseless. Why am I running from you?

Mr. Little draws a laser, and starts shooting it.

Susan: EEP!

Mr. Little: Just lucky for you bad guys can't aim... but once I capture you, even I can hit you from point blank!

Susan: Gotta keep running. Almost to Uncle Bowser's.

Mr. Little: You won't make it! You're only about ten feet ahead of me... I'll get you before you make it.

Susan: Maybe not!

Susan sees a Mushroom kid riding a bike. She knocks the kid off and rides it off to Koopa Castle. The Mushroom kid cries loudly.

Mr. Little: #*(&@$! I'll never catch up now. And... ARGH! Stop that crying, idiot.

The Mushroom kid starts crying even more loudly, and in response, Mr. Little shoots him with his laser, and the Mushroom kid turns to dust.

Mr. Little: Funny how I can aim when it's not an important character.

When Susan finally gets to Uncle Bowser's castle, he lets her in.

Susan: Thank you for letting me in. I need protection!

Bowser: Protection? From what?

Susan: Mr. Little is after me again.

Bowser: Morton told me he died. It must be someone else who wants to kill you, sweetie.

Morton walks into the room.

Morton: Yes, I remember seeing it with my own two eyes, Mr. Little had died in an explosion. There's no way he could've survived that, so he must be dead, and why did Mr. Little want to kill you in the first place, anyway?

Susan: I saved you all from him, remember?

Morton: Oh yeah, how could I forget that, and did I remember to say thank you for saving us? Probably not, since I don't say thank you, but why did he want to kill us anyway?

Bowser: Well... he used to work for me.

Morton: You mean you actually hired those ugly gray Goombas to work for you, oh King Dad, oh wonderous, intelligent, super King Dad, oh-

Bowser: Shut up! Yes, I used to use a few gray Goombas. You see, back before you all were born, there weren't a whole lot of brown ones. I had to hire a few blue ones and gray ones to have enough for my armies when I first tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Turns out they didn't all get along, so I had to separate the different colored Goombas. I kept the few gray ones in the castles.

Susan: So Mr. Little worked in one of your castles?

Bowser: Well, it used to be mine anyway.

Susan: What do you mean it "used" to be yours?

Bowser: I'll get to that later. I'm sure you're all familiar with those King Koopa suits that some of my minions wore in the castles... well, in the very first castle was Mr. Little, in a suit that looked just like me. Looked a lot better as me too.

Susan: You actually gave a gray Goomba the priviledge of using one of your suits?

Bowser: Well, he was the most intelligent Goomba in my army. Whereas most of the Goombas can't even talk, he could talk, as well as fight. Add to that he was very booksmart.

Morton: You sure know a lot about this guy, don't you King Dad?

Bowser: Morton, you haven't listened to a word I said, have you?

Morton: Sure not! I mean, all you keep doing is going on and on and on about something so trivial, I mean, who cares who this Mr. Little is, I mean, he's dead and all, so-

Susan: He is NOT dead!

Bowser: Let me continue or else!

Morton: Sorry King Dad.

Susan: Sorry Uncle Bowser.

Bowser: Now where was I... oh yes. After around 1985, the brown Goombas started multiplying very rapidly, fortunately for me. I had enough so that I could get rid of the blue and gray Goombas, so I fired them all. Most of them were too stupid to care, really, but Mr. Little was, unfortunately, smarter than them. I knew he had held a grudge, but until he attacked us last year, I hadn't realized just how angry he was with us. It seems he had been training the flying Bloobers I had thrown out several years ago.

Susan: You used to use flying Bloobers?

Bowser: I try as hard as I can to forget that mistake. I couldn't get them to do anything no matter what I did. I don't know how he got them trained so well. Anyway, after he tried to kill us last year, he had completely taken over the castle he was stationed in from 15 years ago. I suppose it's abandoned now, though, that he's dead.

Susan: Uncle Bowser, he isn't dead though.

Bowser: Trust this old Koopa's intuition. He's dead, and he's not coming back. You've got nothing to worry about.

Susan spends the rest of her stay at Koopa Castle staring out the winder, as Bowser worries about what he thinks is just paranoia, and Morton blabs incessantly that Susan needs to stop worrying. Susan, however, knows Mr. Little is still out there, and that she needs to prepare for his next attack.

The End

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