Enemies from Moldroom

By Aquas

It was a normal day in Mushroom Kingdom, Koopas trying their newest scheme, the Mario Brothers counteracting against it. Or just beating them again.

 So Mario and Luigi are coming back for a big lunch, when something happens, all unsuspecting...

Chapter 1: Distress from a Goomba?

Mario: Ahh, I'm really-a tired, let's go eat some-a spaghetti!

Luigi: Oh ya, I'm-a starving too. Let's head down to Mushario's for some!

As the brothers walk down, a green figure shaped like a Goomba bumps into them.

Figure: Move it you lunkheads! Can't you see where I'm going? I'll let you off for now, but you won't be lucky next time!

Mario Brothers: Well excuse you!

Figure: How rude!

Brothers: Are you speaking to us?

Figure: Well duh! I'm not talking to that mushroom over there!

Mario:  ... Are you sure?

Figure: That's it, let's battle!

Battle Screen comes up.

- - - - - -

Figure: I am one of the Mold Goombette trio! Feel my wrath!

Mold Goombette 1 takes off a disguise and reveals a mutated moldy Goomba.

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette 1 uses Spin Whack
Mario hit four times! 50/100 HP
Luigi hit one time! 80/110 HP

- - - - - -

Mario uses Flame Whisp
Mold Goombette 186/200 HP

- - - - - -

Luigi uses Brain Hack
Mario strength up
Luigi magic up

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette uses Grow
Mario paralyzed

- - - - - -

Luigi uses Double Hand Smash
Mold Goombette 90/200HP
Mold Goombette: Ok, ok, i see that's how it is!
Battle Ends

Mario gains ten coins.

Mold Goombette: You guys are strong. i'll get you soon!

Mold Goombette 1 runs off back to Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: Well, let's keep going!

The Mario Brothers continue on to see that the kingdom is on fire.

Toad: Mario! Thank goodness you got here! The princess was captured again, but we don't know who did it.

Mario: Probably-a Bowser. Did you see anyone suspicious around here?

Toad:  Well, I did see three Goombas-

Luigi: We know who did it then! Come Mario! Let's go!

Toad: Wait! Let me come too! I can help a little. But just for the princess!

Toad joins the group!

Toad:  Here are some items to help you all!

Luigi gets Gadget, and Mario gets Stomp Hammer.

Luigi: Shouldn't someone do something about this fire though?

Mario: Don't a worry, they do have fire stations!

Chapter 2: Bowser's Charred Keep

At Bowser's Keep...

Bowser: AaAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! MY Keep! It's ruined!

Back on Bowser Path, the way to Bowser's Keep...

Mario: This is ssssooooooo long, I'm tired and STILL hungry!

Luigi: Sheesh, you're ALWAYS hungry!

Toad: Quiet! I hear something!

Mold Goombette 1: That's them, they hurt me and insulted me too!

Mold Goombette 2: Alrighty, let's go teach them a lesson, brother!

Toad: That's them! But only two of them! They set the village on fire!

Mario: Time for battle!

Battle Screen comes up

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette 1 uses Spin Whack
Mario hit two times 70/100 HP
Luigi miss 110/110 HP
Toad hit five times 5/50 HP

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette 2 uses Thorn
Toad fainted

- - - - - -

Mario uses Stomp Hammer
Mold Goombette 1 140/200 HP

- - - - - -

Luigi uses Secret Recipe item
Toad revived 50/50 HP

- - - - - -

Toad uses Spore
Mold Goombette 2 fatal 50/250 HP

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette 1 uses Foam
Luigi will die in three turns

- - - - - -

Mold Goombette 2 uses Hypnotize
Mario unable to attack

- - - - - -

Mario hypnotized
Mario power loss 60/100 HP

- - - - - -

Luigi uses Gadget, multiple use
Mold Goombette 1 fainted
Mold Goombette2 10 HP

- - - - - -

Toad uses Unarmed
Mold Goombette2 fainted

- - - - - -

Battle Over

Mario gains 50 coins. 60 coins altogether
Luigi gets to level 10.
Toad learns Attack .

Mario: Well, that's done now. Let's continue!

Luigi: We can't just leave them there... ok, maybe we can.

The group reaches Bowser's Keep.

Guard: Halt! Oh, it's you Mario, Bowser's been looking for you. He only made me guard because two mutated Goombas burned the castle.

Group: ... Really? ... So Bowser didn't put an attack on Mushroom Kingdom?

Guard: Yup! Go on in, he's fixing the backyard patio.

Bowser: How could this happen? I don't even know where Moldroom is, and if Goombas there are that strong...

Toad: I'll just stay here, Bowser scares me.

Mario: Hey Bowser, what happened?

Bowser: Some Goombas that say they came from a place called Moldroom wanted my kids' wands. I told them no Goomba can have them, and in rage they burned my castle and stole the wands.

Luigi: Mario! I've heard of this Moldroom place, it was supposed to be a place for mutated Mushroomians and others. Of course it was supposed to be a myth.

Bowser: Don't ask me to help you again. Smithy took over my castle that time, I don't need help for Goombas. Hey, if you want to stop them, you can go to Moldroom in that direction... but the princess was captured, they said, and told me they went to Roy's Floating Isle. Then again, my Koopalings are over in the desert hiding, but they know where the ones with the wands went. Who knows what trouble they could make?

Mario: This IS tough. Well, we'll have to choose first to go to the Floating Isle, Moldroom, or the desert.

From here, choose to go to the Floating Isle, Moldroom, or the desert.

To Be Continued...

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