Koopa Christmas

By Lemmy Koopa

One day, Bowser was lying in bed, thinking. He was thinking that the Koopa's should have a holiday. He was trying to think of a good one, but he just couldn't think of one. Suddenly, he said, "I know, I'll go spy on Mario and Luigi and I'll get an idea from them." And, with that, Bowser hopped out of bed.

He was just about to go, when Roy walked in. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Uh, nowhere," said Bowser. Roy knew that Bowser was lying, so he asked, "May I go to?" Bowser decided not to push it, so he let Roy come. They hopped aboard Bowser's doomship, and flew off to Mario and Luigi's house.

When they got there, sure enough, Mario and Luigi were trying to set up a holiday. They were setting up Christmas, because, as Mario put it, everyone needed something cheery. This was very true, as all the Mushroom citizens were fighting over the littlest things. Luigi has said that, as it was the middle of July, it was too hot for Christmas, but Mario said that they had never had Christmas before, so it didn't matter.

And that was why Mario and Luigi were at that very moment, making a bag of great presents. They had told everyone about Christmas, and Mario was going to be Santa. This is when Bowser and Roy appeared on the scene. Roy took one look at the toys, and, without hesitating, said, "I want them, King Dad." As Mario glanced over at where the sound came from, Bowser and Roy just barely hid behind a tree without being seen. "That's weird," said Mario. "I could've sworn I heard somebody." But, he shrugged and went back to work. As he did, Bowser whispered, "That was close!" But Roy yelled, "I WANT THOSE TOYS!!!!!!" Bowser groaned, clapped his hand on his head, snatched Roy, ran back to his doomship, and flew away, determined to come back in an hour. Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to.

Back in Dark Land's castle, Roy was thinking. Whenever Roy wanted something, he would do whatever he could to get it, and this was no exception. He had not seen all the presents, but he knew they were great. "But, how do I get them," Roy thought. Suddenly, he heard screaming a few doors down. Roy decided to investigate.

When he got to the room, he saw what it was. Wendy was having a tantrum at nobody, saying, "I haven't gotten any presents in-- a WEEK! I want presents, and I want them NOW!" Outside the room, Roy, said to himself, "This is great! Maybe I can get Wendy to help me." So, he ventured into the room.

"Uh, Wendy," Roy asked. "What do YOU want, and what are you doing in MY room," stomped Wendy. "Uh, may I ask you a question," asked Roy. "WHAT, and make it quick," snapped Wendy. "Will you help me steal some presents," asked Roy. "PRESENTS, WHERE," asked Wendy, jumping up. At Mario and Luigi's house," replied Roy. "I saw them putting the last touches on them today. Tomorrow, they're going to distribute them to Mushroomers, free. I would steal them myself, but I don't know how. We could steal the presents, and we can pick first, and we can get double our share, and then we'll give the rest of the toys to Bowser to distribute among the rest of us," explained Roy. "Hmmm," said Wendy, "Triple my share, and I pick first. That's my bottom line," demanded Wendy. Roy quickly agreed, and they walked out of the room.

Suddenly, as they were walking out of the room, something occurred to Wendy. "Stop," she said to Roy. "It just occurred to me that I don't know how to get the presents with Mario and Luigi right there, without getting caught." Roy nodded in agreement, and they sat down to think of a good plan. "We could ask Lemmy if we could borrow his freeze gun," suggested Roy. "For once, you have a good idea," said Wendy. So off they went to Lemmy's section of the palace.

When they got there, Wendy, knocked on the door. "Who is it," asked Lemmy. "Wendy and Roy," replied Wendy. Lemmy opened the door, and asked, "What do you want?" "Could we ask you a question," asked Roy. "Could you ask me later," asked Lemmy. I really have to call Larry and see what we can do as far as transporting some plants to Ice Land." "Oh, but its really important," replied Wendy and Roy, together. "Oh all right, what’s the question?" asked Lemmy. "Could we borrow your freeze gun," asked Roy. "We really need it," added Wendy. Lemmy seemed surprised by this request. '"No," he said. "I'm sorry, but I don't trust ANYBODY with it, not even Bowser." Wendy made a very sad face. "But, you don't think that we would do anything wrong, do you?" Thinking, Lemmy said, "No, you wouldn't, but even so, whoever possesses the freeze gun has immense power. What do you want to do with it, anyway?" We want to steal some really great toys, right out from under Mario and Luigi," replied Roy. "Listen," said Wendy, "If you give us the freeze gun, we'll give you three times your share, and you can-- gulp-- choose first." Roy nodded in agreement. Lemmy didn't know what to do. Finally, he said, "All right, but I'm coming with it." Wendy and Roy cheered, and they all raced off to Wendy's doomship.

However, they were not alone, as Ludwig was trailing. He was originally spying on Lemmy {He was still trying to get him}, but now, it looked like a great chance to steal some presents. He sneaked onto Wendy's doomship just before it took off. "Ha," he said, "Here comes a bag of free presents."

Wendy's doomship soon arrived at Mario and Luigi's house. Mario and Luigi had just had dinner, and were back to work packaging presents. Roy, Wendy, and Lemmy had a plan all worked out. The plan was that Wendy would go out into the woods and scream for help. The Mario's would think that it was a poor Mushroom girl, and therefore go to help her. After the Mario's went, Roy would jump out, and snatch the bag of toys. And just incase Mario and Luigi were to return to early, Lemmy was standing behind a bush, ready to shoot at any minute.

But Ludwig couldn't contain himself any longer. Wendy went out into the woods, and screamed, right on schedule. Mario and Luigi went to see what the problem was. But, before Roy could get the toys, and before Lemmy was ready to fire, Ludwig dashed forward and snatched the bag. Unfortunately, the bag wasn't sealed yet, so Ludwig didn't notice his trail of toys. He jumped on Wendy's doomship and flew back to Dark Land.

As soon as they saw this, Lemmy and Roy whistled, and Wendy came hurrying back. Lemmy explained what happened to Wendy, and not wanting to get caught, and having no doomship, they decided to start to run back to Dark Land, and, to this day, nobody knows if they've reached Dark Land yet.

But, when they got back, Mario and Luigi saw the trail of toys dropped by Ludwig. Quickly they found a special net they had, which was used to catch Koopa's, and the Mario Plane, and they flew to Dark Land. When they broke into the palace, they saw Ludwig sitting among a pile of newly opened toys. Mario and Luigi had great aim, and managed to get the net to fall on Ludwig. Then, they took the bag, and threw it into a garbage can, where it still is now. Lastly, they took the toys and went home. Christmas was saved, and Mario delivered the presents that night right on schedule.

Unfortunately, everybody, even Bowser, forgot what they had seen that day, and so never gained a new holiday, which was how this story began, anyway. There was no merry Christmas for the Koopas.

The End

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