Greed and Gambles

By Jon

Part 1: Off to Dinosaur Island

Mario sighed. He was exhausted. After a long week in the blazing desert he finally slumped down into the sand. His eyes lazily teared up and blinked as he recalled his journey. No, at first it wasn't so bad... a few hardships here and there but overall the journey seemed like it would be a quick one. And what a misguided thought that was. Three months ago, it had begun...


"Luigi, any letters worthwhile today?" Mario asked as he looked over his bunkbed, right at Luigi holding the mail. You see, the mail came early in the Mushroom Kingdom, around 7:00 AM.

"Hmmm... some bills and some junk... there is this one black-enveloped letter, though. It's actually for you," Luigi replied, holding up his left hand with the letter in it.

Mario reached over and grabbed it, jumping back into his cozy bed. He struggled to open the letter. Once he finally did so Luigi had curiously climbed up to the top bunk and looked on with Mario.

If this letter has reached you, dear Mario, you have been blessed.

Mario gave a surprised face at the letter, his eyes reading on.

For this letter is not a hello or spam, but rather a challange. Ah, but are you up for it? For if your courage and persistance pay off then you will be well off in the end.

"What's... this thing... talking about?" Luigi asked.

Dare you continue then come to the Enchanted Forest. Your journey begins there, but rest assured will not end.

The letter ended there.

"Um... that certainly is confusing. Who was that from? Journey? What journey?" Mario questioned.

"I bet it's a trick from Bowser."

Mario opened his mouth to speak before tilting the envelope off the bunkbed and hearing something slip across the floor. He jumped down after it, landing hard on the cold morning wood. He flipped over the now-empty envelope, seeing a dollar bill attached to a note.

Come now, what's a journey without cash?

"What is it?" Luigi asked from above.

"An updated kind of journey..." Mario replied, looking towards the door. "Luigi..."

"Yes, what is it?"

"We have to go to Dinosaur Island... again."


Luigi and Mario walked down the deserted Mushroom Way through the cold morning air.

"Mario, why are we doing this? Do we even know who sent this?"

"Well... no..."

"My point exactly. We could be dealing with anyone or anything, and a Bowser trap is a high possibility."

"But... why would he add money? Why would anyone?"

Luigi suddenly stopped. "Money?"

"Oh yeah. There was a dollar bill. Why would we need cash along this 'journey'?"

"We'll worry when we get there, I suppose."

The rest of the twisty way was silent. They passed by the castle, not even giving a trace of thought about notifying the kingdom about this letter. By what Mario thought, this journey would end short and be private.

Luigi was the opposite. He believed this would be something bigger than it seemed, and tougher. Cash? Strange letter? No, this couldn't be a day's work. And that worried Luigi dreadfully.

They finally reached the harbor along the sea, heading towards the just-opened boat rental booth.


"How can I help you?" the teenage Mushroomer asked the Mario Brothers.

"We need a boat... but, we're not sure for how long," Mario stepped forward and replied.

"Um, can I get an approximate? Six hours? Three?" The Mushroomer blew a bubble, typing information into her computer.

"We... really can't tell... maybe a week," Luigi unsurely said.

The Mushroomer stopped typing and Mario shockedly stared at Luigi. "A week? No, this is a mere trip to Dinosaur Island!"

"Going there only takes an hour," the Mushroomer informed.

"Maybe this will explain." Luigi handed the Mushroomer the letter. Mario again, stared at Luigi.

"C'mon! We said this would be private!" Mario shouted as the Mushroomer read with confusion.

"Mario? Are you the Mario Brothers?" she asked, not even looking up.

"Yeah," they both answered.

She finally finished reading and looked up. "My name's Sammi. This does seem rather interesting. I probably know the way better than both of you combined... maybe I should take you," Sammi smirked.

"Err, that's quite alright, we've already been the-" Mario replied, interrupted by Luigi stomping on his foot.

"Mario," Luigi whispered, "we can use as much help as we can get."

Mario groaned, then finally answered. "Fine. Come on. Let's get a boat."

Sammi jumped for joy and ran over towards the still boats. Hopping into an orange one, she motioned the brothers to come over.

"Yup, this'll definately be bigger than meets to the eye," Luigi sighed. They both hopped into the boat, Sammi starting it.


To Be Continued...

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