Legend of Plit

By AqPy-SoHy

Chapter Five: Discovering Jade

Dear Diary,

Today, we have left my secret cave to find this Jade character. I personally think that he looks quite cute.  Hydros only said ask him when we find him. It's supposedly off in some sky tower, so we're thinking of visiting Roy's castle by the descriptions. My feet are getting really sore from this trip... and I'm sleepy. I haven't had a make-up change in days, it's really getting boring. So, the people I'm traveling with are kinda odd. Hooded sorcerer here told us how to fight, but not his name. Mei and her family are shop owners, and the rest aren't exactly what i'd call interesting. Well, the rest are starting to wake up so i have to go, bye Diary.


Wendy put away her diary and looked to see her surroundings. Everyone was just waking up at this moment, and within one hour, everyone was ready to travel on. It was about halfway to Sky Land when they decided to stop for the night in Giant Land's Giant Tunnel. It lead up to Sky Land so that's why everyone camped. Around midnight, someone sturred in the musky tunnel. It was Larry, and he was writing something...

Dear Journal,

Hello, this is Larry again. I'm sorry to go to this girly style of keeping memories but I have to. I have something really secret to place here. I accidentally read Wendy's diary and I have to say she's extremely off base. What really happened was after Jade scared Zeto away, he told us to look for him and Hydros knew where. Hydros said the legend claimed during the rescue of the water blossom (Hydros) to go to the lands of white air. Hard enough to stand on yet weak enough to fall through. It's a castle in the sky, we figured, and we're now going to Roy's castle. Thinking of Roy, i wonder how the rest are doing, I sure miss them.

Larry closed the journal and just laid on the ground to look up at the outside sky and wondered what would happen next, only knowing the peaceful clouds and stars up above without a care.

The early sunrise caused everyone to wake up because of Giant land's giant sun.

Wendy (still sleeping): Oh Richard, turn off that light... Mmm, that's better...

Everyone else: ...

Larry: Who's Richard?

Ludwig: That was the guy who let us stay for lunch at his house yesterday.

Mei: Ready for the trip upward? Looks like a long way and I've never been around Plit before.

Lemmy: Don't worry, I've been through here and it's not really that long, just watch out for Buzzy Beetles, bitsybugs and Beetle Buster.  Especially quadclydes and Clyde, the single but large snake.

Larry: What about Wendy? She always gets grumpy when she wakes up, something about beauty sleep.

Ludwig: Don't even go there.

So the rest had to travel up the long cave with Wendy dragging along being pulled by Larry's wand magic.  Lemmy couldn't pull her because he was riding his ball.

H.S.: So what are we supposed to look for when we get there?

Mei: I think Hydros wanted us to look for Jade up there but I'm not sure where.

???:SSSSSSSSsssssssss   S  S  S  S

Lemmy: Quadclyde, I'd recognise his voice anywhere. Let's hide in that crevace over there. It looks pretty big.

So everyone went to hide in the crevace as the ssss got louder.

Mei: Mushroom! A lot of Mushrooms, let's eat them. I'm hungry, Fried Mushroom always tasted good. Here, I'll use my instant fire torch to start the fire.

Ludwig: Stop, if you use it Quadclyde will know we're here!

But Ludwig was too late.

Mei: Hold on, almost done... there. This should taste good, here everybody. I made a lot so eat up!

Wendy: Mmm, that smells good. Breakfast!!! Wait up guys, I get first dibs.

Everyone's HP is refilled.  They gain four Fried Mushrooms.

Wendy: That was good- uh... I feel weird. Hydros? What's going on?!

Hydros: It seems that the food you ate seemed to- oh my! Your fighting abilities are gone. Those are forget me flowers!

Ludwig: You mean we can't fight anymore? What if Quadclyde finds us, then what'll we do?

Quadclyde: Roar! I found you scalywags, now be fed to my many heads!

Everyone: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Everyone dodged out of Quadclyde's reach and ran further into a small hole in the wall. Quadclyde quickly followed after them, spurting fire at every chance it could get a clear shot. Each turn and corner seemed to go deeper into the ground, instead of going up, but everyone just kept running.

Larry: I don't wanna be snake food! But I can't run anymore. I have... to... stop... soon.

H.S.: If you do you will be snake food. Just keep running… *cough*

Mei: But I can't, he'll outrun us anyways. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Everyone stopped, for the cavern up ahead was filled with Buzzy and Bitsy Beetles. Buster Beetle somehow wasn't there.

Wendy and Mei: EEWWW, I'm not going in there!

Quadclyde: Then fightsssssss me!!!

Everyone: I guess we have no choice, let’s fight!

Enter Battle Royale Arena (means fight non-RPG)

Quadclyde: It won't be long before I have dinner! Heheheheh.

Author: Eek, now I have to say everything like an announcer... here goes.

Quadclyde had started the battle by firing a fireball from each head at Lemmy, and he dodged three of them but got hit by one. Lemmy, charred, was completely vulnerable to attack since his ice powers were weak to fire. Wendy sprinted over to Lemmy to protect him as Larry tried to get close enough to hit Quadclyde. Quadclyde sent one head after Larry as they shot three more fireballs heading Ludwig's way.

Ludwig: Let's fight fire with fire! Fire breath attack!

Ludwig launched an attempt to stop all three at one time but only stopped one. He jumped away as he saw his power didn't work, thinking of another plan.

H.S.: My turn! Orbion!!!

Quadclyde turned all four heads at H.S. as he kinda hypnotized them.

Wendy: No body charbroils my brother but King Dad!  Let's see how you like this! Hydros, I hope you're ready to use magic.

Wendy and Hydros: Summon Deadhead!

Deadhead appeared out of nowhere and started spraying ink all over Quadclyde, causing them to regain focus.

Wendy and Hydros: Now let's try Summon Caruban!

Caruban came rushing out of the ground and heaved up a great breath, then yawned at Quadclyde. It wasn't really a yawn though: he was freezing him. H.S. was ready to deliver the final blow when Hydros called out.

Hydros: Don't kill him. He's really good inside, it's the mist controlling him! Just let them sit there frozen; if we stop the source of the mist around here they'll turn good!

Battle Over
Winner: Koopa/H.S. team

Mei: Lemmy? Lemmy, are you all right? Please be ok... I know what'll work.

Smooooooooch. Mei kissed Lemmy like it'd heal him.

Lemmy: Uh… Oh, I'm so sore. Come on, don't let me hold you back. Let’s keep going.

So they did continue on, but before advancing they used frozen Quadclyde as a car to get through. About halfway through the cavern Bitsy Beetles started to fly and attack in lines.

Ludwig: How utterly annoying!

Ludwig shot flame breaths at the lines, destroying the Bitsy Beetles, but the odd thing was all the bugs disappeared.

Larry: That's odd, why are we slowing down?

Up in front of all them one big beetle, about the size of Mario, was stopping the icemobile.

Lemmy: Buster... Beetle. You have to stop him!

Wendy: Done, let's go brothers! H.S., you stay here in case something happens.

Buster Beetle: You go further none! Show strength I pass, you die you not leave.

Buster Beetle tried to entangle Larry in a web but luckily he knew how to get out.

Author: Hey! Can't I at least say enter battle here?

Buster Beetle: Sure, I give one second... Done. Now let fight me!

Author: Hrmph.

It did not take long for Wendy to try to summon Deadhead but oddly Buster Beetle was unaffected.

Buster Beetle: Ah, nice bath. Here's my present to you in return. Poison Thread!

A thread came and wrapped all around the warriors, all trying to get out.

Lemmy: I guess I have to fight, H.S.! Get me a Fried Mushroom!

H.S. gave Lemmy a Mushroom that powered him up.

Lemmy: I'm super strong now!  Hey bug bait, prepare for frost!

Lemmy used Frostbite and Buster Beetle was encased in frost.


A giant snake slithered out from the direction the warriors were traveling at a fast pace.

Mei: ... Oh my… Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, run away!

Ludwig: ******, this was not supposed to ******* happen!

Wendy: How dare you?! There's no swearing in this story, don't act like Toad now!

Toad: Only I can ******* swear in this ******* ******* story!

Everyone: ...

The silence was filled with Mei's shudderings.

Mei: (with tears in her eyes) Oooh mmyyyy, sssaaavve  mme Leemmy!

Clyde: Sssso, you came into my tunnelssss and froze my brotherssss, eh? Well I'm only warning you this once, get out!!!

Most of the cavern seemed to gain darkness as Clyde slithered on. To prove Clyde's strength he went up to the frozen corpse of Buster Beetle and charbroiled him gone. The threads that were holding up the warriors released now.

Lemmy: Aw man.... There's no way we can beat this guy.

Wendy turned around to see Lemmy quivering in fear as the others were too.

Wendy: I don't think a summon would kill this guy, but we are the legendary warriors, right? Nothing can kill us!

Ludwig: Yes I do believe so my sister, let's get 'em! Oh my, Roy seems to be rubbing off on me.

Clyde: Ssssoo, you will not go? Heed my warning not and you will perish, say goodbye!

The room started to shake with an unimaginable rumbling.

Clyde: Thunderquake!

As if an energy bolt hit the ground the Koopalings were overpowered by the shock that seemed to constrict them to the ground.

Larry: Oh no.... Someone please stop this.

Tears formed in Larry's eyes, and he started sobbing uncontrollably.

Clyde: Here, I'll kill the cocky girl and the strongest one first! Flameshards!!!

Many little flashes of fire appeared in Clyde's mouth, steadily gaining power.

Mei: Noooo, not Lemmy and Wendy!

Mei, not thinking, jumped infront of the Koopalings as a shield.

Clyde: Ooow ieeee!

Flames creeped out of Clyde's mouth and aimed straight for Mei.

A light flashed, a scream followed. It seemed like all time slowed down. Mei was hit by the fire. She was sent back through the air and hit H.S. Both were knocked out and unable to move. The rest of the attack came and hit all the Koopalings at the same time with fatal accuracy.

Hydros: Wendy? Wendy... Wendy, are you all right? Please answer me!!! You have to still be alive, you can't die. You just can't die... think of me. Think of everyone who needs you!

Wendy: ... Uh. Hydros?! I can't move. I guess we weren't unbeatable after all. I'm sorry I failed you, at least we can all live in peace now. Just remember I lov... e... y. o... u... you.

Wendy rested her head down on the cold dusty ground, tired.

Hydros: No Wendy... I won't let you die. You still have some life energy left, I'll protect you. I have no choice... I will win!

Hydros, at that moment, started glowing and a beautiful woman appeared up out of nowhere. She was emiting a light too bright to see what she looked like. Only her face escaped the light.

----~~~/\/\/\/*******!Hydros Water Star Make-up!*******\/\/\/\~~~----

Hydros raised her now human-like hand as her body stopped glowing and some pen-like thing started glowing in her hand. She spun round 'n round, making the light form some armor-like clothes on her.  A flower in her hair, Hydros, the human guardian, came out in her normal form.

Hydros: Ah, how good it feels to be human again. 492 years as a flower and I'm free!

Hydros was seemingly refreshed and decided to stretch out and run around like a Crazee Dayzee due to her new freedom.

Clyde: .... 0_0"

Hydros: Now to get down to business, listen here you great behemoth!  Your judging day is here and you've been scaled as guilty. Time to face the music for I'm going to stop your reign of terror!

Clyde: You've gotsssss to be kidding.  Well if itssssss a fight you want, a fight you get. Prepare to lose!

Author: Here goes again... Hydros will probably win again. (Hey guys, I bet 20 bucks on Clyde.)

Hydros made the first jump, dodging a flame attack from Clyde.

Stunned that Clyde missed, Hydros used this to her advantage and sent a wave of icy water to Clyde. This hit his tail but he remained undamaged. Clyde turned his head toward her direction and tried to bite her.  Hydros was then bouncing back and forth off the cave walls trying to dodge Clyde as his head just missed her right foot.

Clyde: Try thissss!!!

Clyde sent a giant heat wave toward Hydros that she couldn't dodge.

Hydros: Well then I'll have to conquer this move with a counter attack!  Water Weave Laser!

Lots of water spurted out of the ground in thread-like movements that then weaved a giant shield and quickly advanced upon the attack. With plenty of steam arising from the attack, the battlers kept on fighting as something happened somewhere a little far off of Plit...

Side Chapter 1:  Escape or Not?

Stuck inside a small but drippy oozing cell, the captured Koopalings attempted to escape and rescue their imprisoned father.

Roy: Uh, I can't break through these bars, yo Morton!  Get over here!

Morton: No way, uh uh, never, I resist, negative, I won't go there.

Iggy: Just shut up and do it, alright?! I can't stand being with you in here.


Roy: SHUT IT!!!

Morton walked over to Roy only to be picked up and banged against the wall as a hammer.

Moron: Yeouch!!! What are you trying to do, gag me? ... Wait, is my name moron now?

Roy: (struggling to hold Morton) Just hold still OR ELSE!!!

Right above Iggy, a book fell from the crumbling ceiling.

Iggy: Oh, something to read.

Iggy opened the book but nothing was written on the pages. He still attempted to find something to read.  Morton fell down on the ground as Roy finally gave up.

Kamek: (awakening) Oh, what's all this ruckus?  Iggy! Where did you get that spell book?! But I'm too tired to use it, so Roy... go give it a shot and read it, then use the spell against the wall there.

Roy: What? Maybe Iggy can be useful after all, give me that book!

Roy grabbed the book right out of Iggy's hands and frantically looked through the pages and stared at the wall as the book disappeared.

Roy: Now for the new magic... Hammer58!!!

A string of light flashed and formed a white outlined hammer and Roy just flung it at the wall. It collapsed in three seconds.

Iggy:  ... Wow, well then let's go and save Dad!!!

To Be Continued...
Read the Trimming!

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