Mikko's Diary

By Husky/Washu

Sunday, Larrius 1,

Well journal, this is my first time writing in you. It finally happened. After years of fighting, Bowser and his kids have finally taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi moved out to who-knows-where. I don’t know where Princess Peach is. I’m assuming she’s a prisoner, but who knows? I hope Mario and Luigi come back soon because things are getting really bad here. Bowser’s sent out some troops to look for anyone who escaped.

Right now, I’m sitting in a cave with a few other Yoshis. We have a fire going, but we’re scared someone will find us. Bowser has most of the Yoshis working for him now. A few rebel Yoshis turned on us and went to work for him. Bowser was glad and let the rebel Yoshis help him keep the other Yoshis in check. The bad Yoshies started bossing the others around. The good Yoshis are innocent! They’re just working for Bowser because they don’t have a choice!!! We got the info from a few friends, but they were captured, so we don’t know what’s happening right now. Oh well, it’s getting dark now. We can’t keep the fire going any longer, so I have to stop writing. Maybe I’ll write some more tomorrow. G’night!

Yours truly, Mikko da black Yoshi

Tuesday, Larrius 3,

We were lucky last night and the night before. Bowser’s army walked right past us. We were all sitting close together in a corner of the cave. We didn’t have a fire going or anything. They would’ve found us for sure if we had. Anyway, we’re thinking of moving somewhere far away from here. Maybe somewhere like Grass Land or something where we can hide until we think of a plan.

We’re getting hungry. We sent a yellow Yoshi named Sandy out to find some berries because she said, "I’m willing to risk my freedom for you guys, so wish me luck," and she ran out the door. It was actually kinda sad but we think she’ll be okay. At least we hope.


Wednesday, Larrius 4,

We’re getting worried. Sandy isn’t back yet. I’m guessing she was also caught. So now we’re a group of six Yoshis. There is a green Yoshi named Ivy. She’s nice and she’s REALLY worried. She acts like a mother to us all even though we’re all the same age (11).

Then there’s Blaze, a red Yoshi. He’s really brave. He makes fires for us whenever he finds something to turn into a fireball.

Aquarius is a blue Yoshi. She’s also nice. She’s probably the most optimistic. She keeps saying, "We’re gonna make it out of this. Mario and Luigi will come back fore sure. Then Bowser and his kids will go back to Dark Land and give back the Mushroom Kingdom to Peach." I don’t believe her though. Things aren’t looking up.

Then there’s a white Yoshi called Blade. He’s really good at using a sword, or more like sticks right now. He helps Blaze make the fires.

Finally, there’s a purple Yoshi called Twilight. She usually keeps to herself. She’s shy and quiet. Twilight seems to have some psychic powers or something. She says she sometimes gets visions in her dreams. I think that’s why she doesn’t talk much. Must be focusing on the future.

So those are my friends, or should I say family now. We are probably gonna be family for a long time now. I hope nothing happens to us. I just hope this ends soon. I’m tired of hiding! I wanna go out and fish or swim and not worry about Bowser!

Yours truly, Mikko

Friday, Larrius 6,

Sandy isn’t back, and the worst thing happened yesterday. Bowser’s army came looking around again. Ivy was outside, looking for food nearby so she could run and hide and we would know where she would be. So she saw them coming and she hid in a bush. So then a red Yoshi (not Blaze) came walking up to the Koopa Troopas and told them to go back to the castle. He acted all tough and scared them away, I think. So he told Ivy to come out. She thanked him and was heading back to the cave when the red Yoshi grabbed her arm and said, "Come back you guys! I got her!" And we figured that we couldn’t trust anyone. So they took her back to Bowser. Twilight and Aquarius cried the whole night and none of us got any sleep. I’m getting really scared.


Saturday, Larrius 7,

We’re calming down now. We all know that Sandy isn’t coming back. We really want to see her again but that’sllonly happen if we get caught too. We all miss Ivy and Sandy a lot now. Sandy was probably the funniest out of us, and Blaze is also really funny. Now that we’ve lost two of our best friends, Blaze tries to cheer us up by making jokes about stuff. They’re really dumb, and we all know it. But we laugh anyway.

We’ve decided that if the army comes by here again, we’re gonna stand up and fight. We want to avenge our friends, even though they’re still alive. So we’ve prepared for them. Even Twilight says she’ll fight. I’m
really surprised. I just hope no one else will get caught if we fight. Come on Mario! Where are you?


Sunday, Larrius 8,

Well that was it. Yesterday, the army came back. We all jumped out in front of them and started eating them and kicking and punching and all that stuff. Twilight stood behind us. She must’ve been really scared. While Blaze, Aquarius, and Blade fought, I walked back to Twilight. We both smiled. She walked back with me and we joined the fight.

Half an hour later, the Koopa Troopas ran screaming back to the castle. We all laughed and cheered. We looked for food and built a fire. Twilight was really proud of herself. Now she smiles even more. She talks to us and tells us about stuff she sees in her dreams. But she shouldn’t have because they weren’t good. All the Yoshis would be captured and we would all work for Bowser. Mario and Luigi wouldn’t come back. We would never have our freedom. Why? Why in the name of Plit did Bowser DO this? Oh yeah. He’s Bowser. Well we’ll just have to keep on fighting until someone wins.

Now Blaze tells us that Bowser will probably send a stronger army. Well THAT doesn’t seem good! Night-night.


Wednesday Larrius 11,

It’s OVER! My life has practically ended right here and now. Blaze was right. Bowser sent another army AND his kids to fight us and bring us back. We fought really hard, but it wasn’t enough. Oh sure, we beat most of the Koopa Troopas and, well, those other wimpy critters. We hadn’t expected the Koopa Kids to come in and fight, though. Ya know, it was actually kinda funny. I mean, here we were, standing around, waiting for the dust to clear. The Koopa Troopas ran back to the castle. So we figured, "Okay, we beat them. Does Bowser EVER get any other ideas?" And we started walking back to our cave when we heard this "Ahem" behind us
and we turned around and sure enough, all seven of them were standing there. Boy, it was funny! We stood there thinking, "Um, well that’s unexpected." And they all had these big bazooka thingies and missile
launchers and all that stuff like they were afraid they were gonna die fighting us and I was thinking, "Whoa! I didn’t think they lived by the rule ‘Take No Prisoners’. Gawd, what is this world coming to?" So I whisper to Blaze. "I think we should get outta here." And he says, "No way! We gotta fight till the end. Why, ya scared?" And I smile and say, "What do you think?" and then he faces them and says, "Alright! Let’s go." So he charges them and Aquarius follows and Twilight also runs up there. I decide I should too, so I dash up there and start fighting. So the Koopa Kids also ran up and, well, they outnumbered us by three, so we didn’t stand a chance.

So while my friends fought them, I stood there amidst the battle and said to myself, "Why the HECK am I even here?" I saw the kids had dropped their weapons and decided to fight with their fists instead. "Well,
that’s not good." So while I’m watching this going on, I forgot about my own safety and was knocked out by Roy, I think.

I just woke up. Right now I’m in the dungeon of Bowser’s castle. Blaze, Aquarius, Twilight, and Blade are here too. I think I should stop writing. My hand hurts and so does my head. Geez, that kid hits hard.


Thursday, Larrius 12,

I believe Bowser is giving us a day to rest. My head still hurts. Blaze and Blade are pretending to battle. Aquarius is comforting Twilight. Both of them had cried even harder last night. Lemmy came in last night with an ice pack for my head. It sorta helped, but not by much. Blaze and Blade stopped battling and took a nap. I think I will too.


Okay, I’m up. My head feels a little better. I wonder what work I’ll have to do tomorrow? I hope it’s not hard. I’m not too good and work that involves a lot of physical strength. Twilight and Aquarius are walking over here... hiya! They’re really upset. Aquarius isn’t as optimistic anymore. Maybe we’ll see Sandy and Ivy. That’ll cheer em’ up!

Your captive, Mikko

Sunday, Larrius 15,

Sorry I haven’t been able to write. Bowser’s been working us like dogs lately. The other Yoshis and I have been building something… I don’t know what yet. It looks like a laser, but I have no clue. I wonder what
Bowser’s planning? I hope it’s nothing dangerous. Hey, guess what? It seems like every five Yoshis get their own cell in the dungeon! Great, huh? No? Well, at least Blaze, Blade, Aquarius, Twilight, and I are in our own cell. That’s pretty much the only good news so far. But how big is this dungeon? Is it big enough to hold EVERY Yoshi? I doubt it. But I don’t know.

For the last few days, the food we’ve been eating is berries, berries, berries. Ya know what? I’m getting sick and tired of berries. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that’s all we have. We do have water, and that’s good. It’s straight from Water Land! Cool! I hope we get every Sunday to rest. That’d be nice.

Hey, we saw Sandy and Ivy today!!! But we couldn’t talk much. The Koopas want us to work a lot. Those meanies!


Monday, Larrius 16,

I’M GONNA KILL THAT KID!!! Whoops, sorry ^_^. Larry looked at what I wrote in there! Ack! I’m getting REALLY ticked right now. These kids are driving my crazy! For starters, it’s obvious I don’t like Larry sneaking around at night. Next, Morton needs to lay off the talking. I can hear Ludwig playing his music all the way in this dungeon. It’s terrifying! Then Wendy is admiring herself all the time… that’s not too bad. Lemmy and Iggy are pretty nice. Roy scares me, though. He already punched me hard; I don’t want to go through that again.

Today, Bowser and co really pushed our limits hard today. I think we got up at 5 AM to work and we stopped at 10 PM. Right now, it’s probably 10:30. I’m really tired. All my muscles ache. I’m gonna sleep now. See ya!


Tuesday, Larrius 17,

YAY!!! Today we got something other than berries! Clawdia made some really good soup. I think she would’ve been happy making other stuff, but she couldn’t because we are "inferior". Yeah right!

We’ve almost finished the thingy we’re working on. Kamek told us that we’d have to wheel it over to Peach’s castle. Why would we have to do that? We’re in Dark Land for crying out loud! I’ve also learned that Peach is still living in her castle. In fact, I was totally wrong. Bowser drove the Mario Bros. out, but he doesn’t have Peach’s castle yet. I think the thing we’re building has something to do with that. Maybe he’s gonna blow up the castle or something.

Anyway, Twilight and Aquarius have still been crying at night. I really wanted to do something to make them happy. So when Iggy came in with dinner, I asked him if Sandy and Ivy could stay in our cell. He said he’d have to ask his dad. He came back ten minutes later and asked us which Yoshis were Sandy and Ivy. I told him Sandy was yellow and Ivy was green. He had to walk by each cell because there were a lot of green
and yellow Yoshis. He came back with both of them. YA!!! Twilight ran over to the cell door and smacked right into it. We all laughed. "Owchies." Twilight rubbed her head, but bounced right up again and waited for Iggy to open the door. Sandy and Ivy came running in and we all did a major group hug as Iggy closed the door. Pure bliss I tells ya. PURE BLISS!!!


Wednesday, Larrius 18,

We’re all much happier now that our group is back together. Sandy told us that she and Ivy had stayed in the same cell, so they were together. "We were crying every night," Sandy said. "But now that we’re together
again, I know we won’t be." Blaze and Sandy told some more jokes and we all laughed really hard. Some of them were so stupid we just had to laugh. And Twilight kinda lost it there. She laughed so hard she cried
and she had to stop and try to catch her breath. Then Blaze or Sandy would say something and Twilight would start cracking up again.


Now it’s 10:30. Blaze and Sandy had told us some jokes before we went to bed. Twilight is crying now; I don’t know if she’s still laughing, if she’s glad Sandy and Ivy are back, or if she’s sad that we’re still stuck here in this smelly old dungeon. Wait a second…err, Blaze and Blade are snoring. Loudly. I mean, REALLY loudly. If I had a pillow, I’d whack them in the head with it. Or something like that. I have a feeling I’m gonna need my strength for tomorrow. I’d better get some sleep. Good nighties! ^_~


Friday, Larrius 20,

Things are getting a little rougher here. We got up at 5 AGAIN and we worked even more on the laser. Yeah, it’s a laser gun all right. I’ve got half a mind to sneak outta here when the time comes. I think I’ll tell the others. Oh, if Larry’s reading this, I HATE YOU!!! STOP GETTING INTO MY STUFF!!! There. That should do it. Anyway, I REALLY think Bowser’s gonna blow up Peach’s castle. Not that I’m psychic or anything, it’s just that it seems like he’d do something like that.


Good soup. It’s about 6:30 right now. Bowser’s gonna have us wheel the gun to Peach’s castle tomorrow… I’m gonna tell the others my escape plan. And just for our safety’s sake, I’m not gonna write down what I tell them just in case Larry’s reading this. I’ll try to write in you tomorrow.


Saturday Larrius 21,

We’re on the run now! We made it out! We’re free! I think. So you might be thinking what the plan was. We kinda made a bad choice to tie up Morton, but hey, we’re free for now. Anyway, when he came in with the soup (I wish I hadn’t skipped it), Blade tackled him and tied him up with a rope (I have no clue where he got the rope). Blaze grabbed the keys and opened the lock, so we ran out. Here are two things we forgot: 1. We should’ve gagged Morton. 2. We should’ve locked the door on him but we forgot.

So now we’re running… somewhere. I have a feeling we won’t get away, but we’re gonna try. We spent the rest of last night in a cave a few miles from Dark Land. Twilight said she saw two big ships flying in the air in
a dream last night. That, like many things, can’t be good. I hope our escape delays the transfer of the laser gun.

Your fugitive, Mikko

Sunday Larrius 22,

We’re getting more and more discouraged. Twilight woke us up this morning and said that the flying ships are coming this way. She also said that the two of the Koopa Kids were flying them. So we left right away. We ran as fast as we could away from Dark Land. When Aquarius asked if Bowser decided to stop moving the laser, Twilight nodded. So we’d saved Peach’s castle for now. Now we have some hope. Blade and Ivy discussed where to go. Ivy said we should try to go to Ice Land, but we didn’t like that idea. It would be too cold, and Blade said that we shouldn’t go to Desert Land because we’d get too hot. We decided to stick with our first idea and go to Ice Land. Aquarius said that because she had played Super Mario Bros. 3 and Lemmy owns Ice Land. Since he’s so happy-go-lucky, we might be able to avoid too much trouble. But now we have a problem: We don’t know how to get to Ice Land. Twilight said that if we had a Warp Whistle, then we could warp to some place and choose our destination. She said maybe if she focused a lot, she could figure out where to get one.

Now we’ve gone about 24 miles. We don’t want to go to Peach’s castle at all. We were thinking about warning her, but that wouldn’t do a WHOLE lot of good since Bowser might change his mind and the Yoshis would drag the laser over there. Then he’d be at the castle and we’d be there. So we found another cave (smaller, but it’s good enough), and we went to sleep.

Zzz… Mikko

Wednesday, Larrius 25,

Sorry I couldn’t write to ya. No, we’re not in Bowser’s castle or anything. Twilight saw a Warp Whistle in a few castles, but when she mentioned the Koopa Kids owned them, and that they were in other lands, we frowned. But she saw one in the ground somewhere. Blaze asked if it was in Underground Land, but the answer was NO. Instead, it was very near where we stood. Fat chance, right? Yeah, but hey, we dug it up.
Aquarius rubbed off the dirt and said she would play it. We had no idea where to stand, so we stood in a circle while Aquarius played in the center.


Whoops, heh heh. There was this tornado that appeared when Aquarius finished. It transported us to the Warp Zone. Ivy knew which pipe lead to Ice Land, so we hopped in.


Oookay… this is n-not what I h-h-had in m-m-mind. I’m just REALLY FREAKING cold right now. Well, it ain’t called Ice Land for nothin’! Now Blade is playing "Leader" so we’re following him around. But now I’m
thinking about something: Why did we go to Ice Land in the first place? I don’t think we want to live here for the rest of our lives! I think we decided to come here in case someone found us, and that someone would
probably be Lemmy.

I’m tired, cold, and hungry. I don’t think we’ll find much food here. This place stinks! And not the smell! IT’S TOO DANG COLD!!!


Thursday, Larrius 26,

This isn’t too bad. The castle’s warmer than outside and… huh? Oh yeah, right. Like I didn’t tell you. <rolls her eyes> Um, I didn’t? Hee hee! <smacks herself> So I’ll tell ya.

Memo to me: Never sleep out in the open. We were REALLY lucky no one found us. Okay, we weren’t TOTALLY out in the open… we found yet ANOTHER cave to sleep in last night, but it was really cold and none of us got any sleep, so we’re really tired. And that’s one of the reasons we’re stuck here. So we were walking along, then a big shadow fell over us and we looked up and the two flying ships (now I know what they’re called) were hovering right there and everyone’s like, "Ack! We’re gonna die! HEEEEEELP!!!" And Blade says "Just calm down." And everyone stops running around and we look back up at the doomships. Then Iggy and Lemmy look over the edges. So Blaze (ya know, the comedian) goes, "Darn you! Darn you and your ships!" as he shakes his fist at them menacingly, and Ivy walks up and kicks him in the leg. "Shut up!!!" she yells, so he gets quiet. And Iggy says, "Did you really think-", and then Lemmy says "-You could get away that easily?" and we’re looking up at them and thinking, "Okay… they share sentences?!"

So, since I’m tired, I yawn. I look over my shoulder to see Twilight and Aquarius sleeping in the snow. I yawned again and I sat down in the snow and watched as Blaze and Blade start yelling up at the twins and Ivy shaking her head like they’re a couple of lunatics. Then Iggy and Lemmy start yelling down at them and I’m thinking, "They’re gonna make an avalanche." Then a minute or so later, Iggy and Lemmy nod to each other and they walk over to some place on their doomships and they don’t walk back. Meanwhile, Blaze and Blade are still yelling at them like angry monkeys; they’re making such a ruckus that you couldn’t tell what they were saying. Five minutes later, Iggy and Lemmy walk back eating pizza and we all look at them and Blaze goes, "Hey! Pizza! GIMME!" So when he sees Lemmy and Iggy pretending to sleep he gets all mad and starts screaming even more and Blade joins him.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Aquarius are STILL sleeping, and Ivy sits down next to them and watches as Blaze and Blade tire themselves out. Then Lemmy walks somewhere on his ship and brings out two pairs of earmuffs, and he tosses one pair to Iggy and they both put them on. But that didn’t stop the two Yoshis from yelling, not by a long shot. I got so mad I made a pile of snow and made a sphere out of it and chucked it at the two. It smacked Blaze in the face so he turns around and says, "WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON?!" So I laugh and he makes a snowball and he throws it at me but I duck. It hits Aquarius in the head and she wakes up immediately and makes a snowball and throws in at Blade, then he makes one and throws it at Ivy just for
the heck of it, while Blaze and Aquarius continue making them and throwing them at each other. I just sigh and look up at the two ships. Iggy and Lemmy were talking to each other, then they look back down to
see all of us (except me) throwing snowballs at each other. "Now this is MY kind of game!" Lemmy shouts as he jumps off his doomship, holding his ball. He jumps on his ball and balances, looking at us. So we all stop
and watch and we sorta say telepathically, "Get him!" So everyone starts throwing snowballs at him. Then Lemmy takes out his Freeze Gun and freezes Blade, so Blaze gets all made and starts throwing snowballs like some sort of gun on "rapid fire".

I can’t remember the rest of the battle. So after the snow dust stuff clears, Lemmy looks around and doesn’t see anyone standing (they’re all asleep, but I’m still sitting down staring off into space), so he says "I win!" "Do you want me to take them back to King Dad?" Iggy asks. "Nah. I’ll do it." So Iggy asks, "Do ya need any help?" Lemmy blinks and rolls over to Blaze (still sleeping) and tries to pick him up by the tail but he’s too heavy. "Uh, sure." So they extend the ramp on Lemmy’s doomship. Lemmy and Iggy start to drag the others onto the ship. They had a bit of trouble, but they manage to get them on board. So I sigh and walk up the ramp into the ship. Iggy and Lemmy talked about something for a little while longer. But I was too interested to listen. I looked around and walked over to the edge and looked down. Lemmy looked over for a second, then went back to talking. I sat down by the edge of the ship and waited as he started it up. When it rose up into the air, I looked down. Satisfied, I walked back to where the others where and sat down.

When we got to his castle, they woke up the others. Tired and defeated, we walked down the ramp and awaited instructions at the bottom. "Anyway… if you want, you can stay at my castle until tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll have to take you back to King Dad." So we gathered into a group and consulted. Or, at least we pretended to. "We think we’ll stay here for the night." Blaze said. "Is that your final answer?" Lemmy asked. We looked at each other. Yup, tonight will be loads of fun.

So did I confuse you? Were the grammatical errors enough to drive you crazy? Was it long enough? Thought so. Good night… <yawn>


Friday, Larrius 27,

It’s probably around 12:00 in the afternoon. We’re still in Ice Land. Yesterday was crazy. Um, that is, after the snowball fiasco. When Lemmy told us to go into the castle, Blaze acted like some army dude and saluted Lemmy and said, "YES SIR!" So we all went into the castle and looked around. It was big, and warm too. That was nice. Lemmy lead us to his room. We were still tired from the night before in the cave, so we all kinda fell onto each other and went to sleep. So we woke up around 9:00 PM. Lemmy cooked us something, but I was too groggy to look at it and smell it so I ate it immediately. The others did too. Anyway, he lit
a fire in the fireplace (but he didn’t go near it because he doesn’t like the heat) and we all ran over there and warmed up. To quickly summarize that night, he told us some jokes (Twilight laughed even
harder. I swear, she’s crazy!) and stories and stuff like that.

We finally went to bed at 11:00. We had to sleep in the dungeon again because he was afraid we’d attack him during the night or something. It was better than the one at Bowser’s castle, so we were sorta comfortable
during the night.

Now, Lemmy tells us we’re going to Dark Land after lunch. I’m still hungry, so I’ll try to write in you some more at Dark Land.


We’re on Lemmy’s doomship right now. So I said I’d write in Dark Land. Big deal! It’s way more exciting on his doomship. Wait a second... something’s wrong… Lemmy’s running back here, screaming. He’s telling us to get into the captain’s cabin.


Whoo boy! Now THAT’LL get your adrenaline running! The doomship crashed… in DESERT LAND. So now Lemmy doesn’t feel very good because of the heat. He told us we have to get to Morton’s Castle really soon. We decided Lemmy would ride on ME because they say I’m the fastest. So he climbed up on me and we took off in the direction of Morton’s castle. Lemmy, of course, had to tell us where to go since we have NO clue where Morton’s castle is. I don’t think it was a good idea for him to ride on ME because black attracts heat… but maybe we’ll get there soon enough.

I hate to say it, but I can’t write and run at the same time. Hopefully nothing bad will happen during the night so I can’t write in you. I certainly hope nothing will happen to Lemmy in this heat…


Saturday, Larrius 28,

Lemmy is doing okay. We think we can see Morton’s castle in the distance. We couldn’t find anywhere to sleep last night so we slept under a cactus. Blade carefully took out the needles and tried to make a hole in it by scratching it. After a few minutes, we were able to get water out of it. We let Lemmy have the most ‘cause he needs it. So Lemmy hopped up in my saddle and we took off again. Still, we see the castle. For Lemmy’s sake, we hope it’s not a mirage. Every time we find a cactus, we get water from it. After an hour running, we get really tired. We’ve been thinking about having Lemmy letting Aquarius eat him so she could fly to the castle, but that wouldn’t work because they’d be higher up so they’d be closer to the sun, and we might be able to run that fast if we try. So as it stands now, Lemmy’s just gonna ride me util we get to Morton’s castle.

Now that we’ve been in the desert for a day and a half, the heat is really getting to all of us. Only Blaze seems better than us. Maybe it’s because he’s used to the heat because he can breathe fire. Anyway, the
castle is getting a little bigger, but we’re still a long way off. Hold on, Lemmy!


Sunday, Larrius 29,

We’re REALLY getting tired. We’ve gotten more water from the cactt. The enemies we see look really confused. They must not have heard about the stuff going on in Dark Land. So when they see a Koopa riding a Yoshi, they kind of walk away startled. Morton’s castle is a little bigger now. But we’re still a long way off. We slept under a cactus last night again. None of us has talked since we discussed flying. Everyone’s too hungry, thirsty, hot, and tired. We don’t know why we’re even helping Lemmy, since Yoshis and Koopas have been natural enemies for as long as anyone can remember, but we don’t seem to care because we’re all in this together. ALL of us need to get to the castle, enemy or not, we have to trust each other.

Did I really just write that?

There’s a first time for everything, then.

Your hot, tired, hungry, and thirsty Mikko

Sun- no, Monday, Larrius 30,

This heat’s been making me forget stuff… even the date. Lemmy isn’t doing too well now… we’ve been in this desert for about three days! But the good news is that there have been a lot more cacti and the castle is
getting bigger and bigger.

We keep pushing ourselves as hard as we can. WE JUST WANNA GET THE HECK OUTTA THIS HEAT!!! Even though we’ve drunk all that water, we’re still dehydrated. Lemmy has been sleeping a lot now. I guess that’s a good way to save your energy, hmm? Maybe he should go inside his shell. But we Yoshis don’t know if it’s cooler in there or not. But we’re all too tired to talk. We can’t run anymore. We just walk on. Luckily, everyone (i.e., us Yoshis) is still up walking. No one has fallen down in the sand like you see in those movies. But I can tell when I look over my shoulder that everyone is really tired.

Twilight hasn’t been telling us about her dreams. We don’t know if it’s because they’re too sad to tell us or if she’s too tired to tell us (boy, I can believe that!). I think I should stop writing. My hands are getting sweaty, and I need to save my strength for the next few days. As Aquarius would probably say, "We’re gonna pull through. And don’t you question it either!"

Your less-optimistic Mikko.

Tuesday, Wenda 1,

It’s the first day of Wenda… I think that’s June, but I can’t remember because of this heat. Maybe since this is a new month, we’ll get to the castle today. We’re not sure that anyone can last another day in this heat. The castle is right there, maybe a mile off or so… we’re all walking slower. But it’s right there!!! We have to keep going! But we can’t. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it that far. If only something good could happen…

Ack! Everyone else can’t go any further either. Is this it? NO IT CAN’T BEEEE!!! NONONONONO!!! THIS REALLY STINKS! Oops. Sorry… zzz...


To Be Continued...

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