The Adventure of Biribiri X

By Biribiri X

Chapter 1: Memories of Terror and Blood

'Why can't I push the memory of my past away?' Biribiri X thought to himself as he floated downstairs. Deep inside of him, he had a hideous memory that he did not want to remember. And yet it floated back to him like an unwanted nightmare. As he bit into a ripe necterine, he recalled what had happened on Aquanet so many years ago when he was a young boy...

"Hurry! They're coming! Run!"

"It's no use trying to escape!"

As Bowser had promised, he had attacked Aquanet, but nobody was prepared for his next move.

"Activate the bombs! NOW!" Bowser roared.

In a matter of seconds, all life on Aquanet was destroyed in a raging explosion.

"That finishes all of them. Let's go!"

As Bowser's fleet left, they did not notice one lone survivor...

"No!" Biribiri X shouted. "I must not let that memory haunt me any longer! I must put my past behind me! All that is over." There was a knock at the mansion's front door. "Come in."

It was Luigi. "Biribiri X, I have something important to tell you."


"It's Bowser," Luigi said gravely. "He's at it again. This time he has found a magic crystal and kidnapped Toad. If he learns how to use the crystal, the entire universe will be destroyed. But the crystal's power can be used for good too."

"So you want me to get the crystal back, Luigi? I'd need some help doing that."

"I'll come with you. I know what Bowser did to your planet, but you can't let that hold you back," Luigi said.

"I won't," said Biribiri X. They both packed supplies and other things for the long journey ahead.

Chapter 2: Bowser's Trap

Deep in Bowser's Keep, Bowser looked in rage at the monitor screen. "Curses! Those two have figured out what I have done! And they're coming to stop me. Well not this time. I'll send my best soldiers after them to kill them. Koopa Bros.! Get up here now!"

In a flash, the Koopa Bros. were up with their master. "What is it you require, your evilness?" Red asked.

"To kill Luigi and Biribiri X, that's what!" Bowser yelled.

"You won't succeed!" Toad yelled from across the room.

"WHAT? How dare you talk to our boss that way you stupid mushroom!"

"Oh yeah?!  Well take this!" Toad grabbed a ball 'n chain and smashed the Koopa Bros. out the window with it. They all land on their ribs.

"Oooooh... that landing was totally uncool" Yellow moaned.

After their bones knit, they ran off to find and kill Luigi and Biribiri X.

Chapter 3: Fight! The New and Improved Koopa Bros.

'I would just love to see Bowser die for what he did to my homeworld,' Biribiri X thought to himself. 'He destroyed everything and everyone on my planet. All I know is that he was after something. But I just don't know what...'

"Hey Biribiri X!" Luigi called. "You going to have some spaghetti or not?"

"Yeah, coming." Biribiri X took a bite of spaghetti and swallowed it. "So this crystal could destroy the universe?" Biribiri X asked, shoveling another bit of spaghetti into his mouth.

"Yes. It has enough power to destroy anything with ease," Luigi said.

Suddenly four colored shells zoomed in front of them. It was the Koopa Bros.!

"What the heck are you guys doing here?!" Luigi yelled.

Red answered impatiently. "King Bowser sent us to kill you and make you die a really slow and painful death, you stupid uncool geeks!"

"Oh really?!" Biribiri X yelled.

"Yeah! Let's fight!"

"Bring it on!"

The Koopas piled up, one on top of the other. "Check this out! Super fire spin!" They all caught on fire and raced forward. Biribiri X's tail was burnt and Luigi got hit directly! Then the brothers jumped down and each of them took out a whip. They began to whip Biribiri X and Luigi.

"Okay, that's it! Mega fireball!" Luigi shot out a huge fireball and destroyed Yellow and Black. Only Green and Red remained.

"Time to finish this! WHIRLWIND SLASH!" Biribiri X whipped around and fired a large, half-moon shaped blast of wind energy out of his hand and destroyed Green.

"NO, MY BROTHERS!" Red yelled.

"Are you gonna go quietly or do we have to get ridda you?" Luigi yelled.

"I'm not sticking around! Sayonara losers!" Red flipped into a warp pipe.

Chapter 4: Plant Attack!

"Rrrrrgggghhhhh!!!" Bowser growled in frustration. The Koopa Bros. had been defeated. Now what could he do?

"Dad! Dad! I just came up with a way to kill Biribiri X and Luigi!" Larry said, entering the room.

"What Larry?"

"I've grown some new plants and I think they can do the job."

"Than get to it Larry!" Bowser yelled. Larry ran out of the room. "I only hope he succeeds. I must destroy them both so that no one can stop me." Bowser looked at the screen monitor. "Biribiri X, you will soon meet the same fate as your people did..."

"We're almost there!" Luigi yelled. Biribiri X was just itching to fight Bowser. The memory of his past suddenly came back again. He shook it off and went ahead of Luigi. Suddenly they saw an enourmous Piranha Plant.  It was soon joined by six more. Larry ran up.

"This is far as you go!" he yelled. Larry made a forward gesture towards the two heroes and the plants attacked. One tried to eat Biribiri X, another tried to breathe fire at Luigi, and the remaining four spat ice. All that the both of them could do was run in defense as there was too many plants. Finally one of the plants wrapped itself around Biribiri X and Luigi. The other plants leaned back and prepared to charge.

'If I can just get free...' Biribiri X thought. He suddenly got an idea. Acting quickly, he bit the plant's vines. It screamed and dropped both of them. Luigi vaporized one of the plants with a cool laser attack and Biribiri X charged energy into his body. "Electric discharge!" he yelled. In a blast of light, electricity shot out of his body everywhere! The blast was too much for the plants to take and they crumbled into dust.

Larry began to cry. "You guys don't fight fair! I'm going home!" Larry ran home to cry the rest of the night.

"What a baby," Biribiri X said. "Really. Let's go!"


They looked back one last time, then ran into Bowser's Keep. They soon found Bowser at the top with Toad.

Chapter 5: The Final Battle

"So you've come at last, eh?" Bowser said sarcasticly. "Well I'm not letting you two defeat me!" Bowser held up the crystal and trapped Luigi and Toad in an electric cage. "Now let's see how well you do against me, Biribiri X!" Bowser taunted.

"You'll pay for what you did to my homeworld, Bowser!" Biribiri X yelled. Suddenly Biribiri X remembered something. When Bowser destroyed Aquanet, he was looking for the planet's most treasured possesion, the Aqua crystal. That was the same crystal Bowser had!

There was no more time to think as Bowser raised the crystal above him and fired a large blast of water. Biribiri X blocked it with his whirlwind slash. He lept high into the air and brought his fist down into Bowser's face. Bowser unleashed five lightning bolts. Biribiri X swooped down and grabbed the crystal.

Suddenly the crystal began to glow! A magic wand appeared in front of Biribiri X. The crystal fused with it.  Bowser unleashed an insanely strong fire attack at him. Biribiri X grabbed the wand and fired it. Bowser's fire was extinguished and a beam of light rocked his body.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Bowser screamed. In a flash of light the entire castle exploded! Then everything went black.


Biribiri X woke up in his mansion. Toad and Luigi were both standing by him. "Are you alright?" Toad asked.
"Yeah I'm fine, just a little shaken up," Biribiri X said. "What happened to Bowser?"

"The entire castle was destroyed by your wand and we couldn't find Bowser, so I assume that he's been destroyed," Toad answered.

"You did really, good Biribiri X. No one will forget this," said Luigi.

Biribiri X looked out the window. He had avenged his race by defeating Bowser, reclaimed his planet's magic crystal, and gained a new weapon in the process. It was over at last...

Back at Bowser's Keep, the smoldering wreakage was a sight to behold. No life stirred, nor was there any movement. Suddenly there was a rumbling. Bowser and his seven kids came out of the rubble. "I'll get you for this, Biribiri X," Bowser said quietly...

The End?

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