Lil Cheep Cheep's and Axem Leader's Quest

By Lil Cheep Cheep and Axem Leader

Part 6: The Final Batlle... Er, Battles!

Axem Leader goes to the door and tries to open the door but it’s stuck.

Lemmy: Here… I have experience with this.

Lemmy goes over to the door and turns the doorknob… The door opens.

Axem Leader: Uhh, thanks.

Axem Leader walks in but doesn’t come back out…

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ahh! Let’s go!

The gang runs and falls through a trapdoor.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Wahhhh!


Lemmy: Whoa! Fun!

Luigi: I think I have to go ag- oops! Never mind.

Axem Leader: AHHH!!!

Thump, thump, thump, thump… pause… thump!

Lil Cheep Cheep: OHH! MY LEG!

Luigi: You don’t have any legs!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Oh yeah, thanks!

Wendy: Are all of you being stupid purposely?

Axem Leader: We seem to be in a dungeon-like room…

Luigi: Oh no!

Lemmy: Here we go again…

Axem Leader: We seem to be in a dungeon-like room…

Luigi: Oh no!

The party looks around to see five doors.

Axem Leader:  Uhhh… I think we should each go in a door.

Lil Cheep Cheep: No… what if behind each one is an Axem Ranger?!

Axem Leader: I doubt it, it's probably just a bunch of random tests.

Lemmy: Yeah right!

Axem Leader: Oh well, let's just get this over with!

Each person walks through a door and is greeted by an Axem Ranger!

Axem Leader: Oh poopy! I didn't want to have to fight!

Axem Black: Well you have to fight me!

Where Lil Cheep Cheep is…

Lil Cheep Cheep: That's the last time I listen to Axem Leader when he says somethin’ isn't going to happen!

Axem Green: Think you can get by me?!

Where Wendy is…

Axem Pink: I wonder if I will ever tell boss I like hi- er, I'm gonna beat you bad!

Wendy: Sure ya will…

Where Luigi is…

Luigi: I'm scared!

Luigi wets his pants.

Axem Yellow: Hi scared! I'm hungry.

Axem Yellow chews his tongue.

Where Lemmy is…

Lemmy: Wow! This place is pretty big!

Axem Red: FOCUS YOU IDIOT!!! You're supposed to be fighting me!

Lemmy: Ok…

At Axem Leader’s battle…

Axem Black jumps as Axem Leder slices at him with his axe. Axem Leader elbows him in the face and throws his axe. Axem Black jumps but doesn’t quite make it.

Axem Leader: Ew… oh well.

Lil Cheep Cheep’s battle…

Lil Cheep Cheep tries his “Kamikaze dash” and hits the wall!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Oof!

Axem Green: You’re going to be a piece of cake!

Axem Green charges at the unconscious Cheep Cheep but Lil Cheep Cheep rolls over and Axem Green gets her axe stuck in the wall.


Lil Cheep Cheep starts spinning around and around and around. Axem Green gets dizzy and falls down.

Axem Green: Ugh…

Lil Cheep Cheep spins even faster! He starts to look like a buzz saw now! Lil Cheep Cheep runs into Axem Green while doing this, and let’s just say Axem Green didn’t quite make the “cut”.

Wendy’s battle…

Wendy: You will never beat the future queen of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Axem Pink: We will just have to see about that!

Axem ink kicks Wendy and she is sent flying into the wall. Wendy moves just in time before Axem Pink lands a kick in her face. Wendy takes out her wand and fires at Axem Pink, freezing her for a good 1000 years.

Wendy: He he he…

Axem Pink doesn’t stay in there long though. She breaks free and goes ballistic! She knocks out Wendy completely…

Luigi’s battle…


Luigi jumps on Axem Yellow’s shoulders and does his business…

Axem Yellow: AHHH!!! YOU FREAK!!!

Axem Yellow grabs Luigi and sits on him. Luigi faints.

Lemmy’s battle…

Lemmy: Don’t worry, I will make quick work of y- *clunk*

Axem Red easily hits Lemmy with a rusty pipe. The walls start to fall from the intense battles and Axem Pink, Axem Yellow, Axem Red, Axem Leader, and Lil Cheep Cheep are in the same big room.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Axem Leader! Let’s finish them!

Axem Leader: Right!

Axem Pink just stands there looking at Axem Leader as if he were a god.

Axem Pink: Some day I will be with him.

Axem Yellow tries to sit on Lil Cheep Cheep but Axem Leader smacks him and he hits the wall and… his skin comes off!

Lil Cheep Cheep: What the?! These aren’t the real Axem Rangers! These are robots!

Axem Leader: POOPY!!!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Whatever, let’s get rid of these fools anyway!

Axem Leader: Gotcha!

Lil Cheep Cheep jumps into the air and does the “Super tail kick” and gets rid of the Axem Pink robot. The Axem Red robot kicks Lil Cheep Cheep and makes a field goal!

Lil Cheep Cheep: AHHHH- *thump* MEDIC!

Axem Leader: Uh oh!

Axem Leader throws his axe at Axem Red and he gets destroyed. Axem Leader walks up Lil Cheep Cheep.

Axem Leader: Lil Cheep Cheep! We must fight them! The others are knocked out completely! Please get up!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ugh… Uhh… Ok, let’s go!

Lil Cheep Cheep falls on his side again.

Axem Leader: Ok here!

Axem Leader takes out a Mushroom labeled “Emergency Mushroom”. He gives it to Lil Cheep Cheep.

Lil Cheep Cheep: *chomp chomp* WOW! I FEEL LIKE A NEW MAN!!! Er, Cheep Cheep.

Axem Leader: Right! Let’s go!

They start walking into the hole they made in the wall and travel through an underground tunnel and see them.

Axem Red: Very good work “boss”.

Axem Black: Yeah.

Axem Leader: … I'm gunna hurt you badly!

Lil Cheep Cheep: Yeah! Me too!

Axem Red: HA!!! You don't stand a chance.

Just then a huge door opens to reveal a clone of Luigi, Lil Cheep Cheep, and Axem Leader.

Axem Black: How can you possibly beat three people at once?!

Axem Red points towards Lil Cheep Cheep and the Luigi clone jumps on Lil Cheep Cheep, knocking him out.

Axem Pink: I hate to say this, but you don't stand a chance!

Axem Leader: … I do stand a chance!

Axem Leader throws his axe and it hits the Lil Cheep Cheep clone, killing him.

Axem Red: One down, two to go.

The Luigi clone jumps at Axem Leader but Axem Leader dodges, he then winds up a Bob-omb and throws it at Luigi!

Luigi Clone: Wow! This-a looks delicious!

The Luigi clone eats the Bob-omb.

Axem Leader: Wow… he's as stupid as the real thing!

The Bob-omb explodes, destroying the Luigi clone.

Axem Leader: Now it's just me and me.

Axem Red: Nope! Now it’s you and all of us!

The Axem Rangers get into a fighting position and prepare to attack.

Axem Leader: Holy duct-tape!

The Axem Rangers (including the clone) all pounce on Axem Leader and tie him up.

Axem Leader: Ack! Oh no!

Axem Black: Ha ha ha!!!

Wendy walks in and heals Lil Cheep Cheep with her wand.

Axem Pink: Look! It’s the Koopa freak!

Wendy: Uh oh…

Wendy tries to get away but Axem Pink tackles her and ties her up too.

Wendy: Ugh! You messed up my make-up you stupid wanna-be pretty girl!

Axem Pink starts to cry and accidentally falls into the lava pit behind her.

Axem Pink: EEEEK!!!


Axem Black: Oh well for her.

Wendy: Whoa! Who knew I could defeat someone just by talking? I’m truly
the future queen of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Axem Green: Shut your pie hole!

Wendy: Grr…

Lemmy walks in to see Lil Cheep Cheep down and tries to make him eat a Mushroom but Axem Red sees him.

Axem Red: Agh!

Axem Red charges at Lemmy but Lemmy pushes him and Axem Red falls into the lava. He then takes out his wand and shoots like crazy and knocks the Axem Leader clone into the lava. The other Axem Rangers jump on him and tie him up too!

Lemmy: (looks to his right) Hi Wendy!

Wendy: If we don’t make it out of this… I need to tell you something…

Lemmy: And what’s that?

Wendy: Well I need to tell you that I- oh look, it’s Luigi!

Luigi walks in and sees Lil Cheep Cheep and pokes him. Lil Cheep Cheep still doesn’t get up! Axem Yellow doesn’t let anyone else say another word and grabs Luigi. Luigi elbows him and Axem Yellow falls into the lava. Luigi is surprised when Axem Black and Axem Green tie him up also.

Axem Leader: Lil Cheep Cheep is our only hope!

Lil Cheep Cheep finally wakes up and see the Mushroom next to him. He eats it and gets up again. He sees all of his friends tied up and something inside of him snaps.

Lil Cheep Cheep: … ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Lil Cheep Cheep goes ballistic and starts flashing colors and zips around every where like mad!

Axem Black: Wow, he had bad aim!

Axem Black looks down to see that he’s hovering over the lava.

Axem Black: Aww fudge!

Axem Black falls into the lava and so does Axem Green.

Lil Cheep Cheep: Ok, let’s get you guys free!

Lil Cheep Cheep unties everyone.

Axem Leader: Oh no! I didn’t want to kill my team! I just wanted to teach them a lesson!

Lemmy: It’s ok, They were jerks anyway!

Wendy: It’s finally over! We won!

Then there is an earthquake!

Lil Cheep Cheep: ACK!!!

Axem Leader: Everyone run into that hole over there!

They all rush into the hole and see Smithy and all the REAL Axem Rangers in a cage!

Axem Leader: What?! I’m getting tired of this clone thing!

Smithy: Welcome! Now you are probably wondering why I kidnapped the Axem Rangers and tried to destroy you, Axem Leader…

Axem Leader: Yes… an explanation would be nice!

Smithy: Ok, well… as you know, when I tried to take over the world and Mario and his stupid friends beat the crud out of me… well I was furious the day after that. But I still had the powerful Axem Rangers on my side! Seeing that they almost beat Mario and his dumb friends, I decided to do a surprise attack when he was sleeping. Then I would again try to rule the world! But the Axem Rangers didn’t want to and they beat me up! Then they freed you, Axem Leader… The one I disliked the most!

Axem Leader: Yes, I remember that…

Smithy: I was so mad! So I kidnapped the Axem Rangers and made a cloning machine and I sent the clones to destroy you! But now with your new other friends you are too powerful, and now I must finish you off for good!

The Axem Rangers: HELP US BOSS!!!

Smithy presses a button and a cage falls over Lemmy, Wendy, Lil Cheep Cheep, and Luigi.

Lil Cheep Cheep: You can beat that stupid guy! I know you can!

Wendy: Don’t worry, he should be a piece of cake!

Lemmy: Just stay calm whatever you do!

Luigi: I have to use the bathroom…

Everyone: LUIGI!!!

Luigi: Sorry!

Smithy: Enough! Battle start!

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