Star Koopa

By Foshi

Episode 3: Surprise Guests

Fabulous so far, isn't it? Oh, it's me, Foshi, the Koopa. And don't say I'm a Yoshi! Everyone knows better than that! Anyway, today's new episode begins right where it took off before. Not three days later or anything, but now.
Part 1: The First Fight

Koopright hung up the walkie-talkie. Not there. Too busy or... was it something else? No time to think- Koopright instantly saw enemy ships on the radar. Enemy ships? But... they...
An alarm sounded off. "Enemy sighted! Get in your ships!" shouted Koopright.
Kamo was first to hear, then Kooposhi, then Tullie, then Fizzly. They made a group rush to thier ships, Fizzly in the rear, Tullie ahead of her but positioned to the left, and Kamo and Kooposhi standing side by side in front. They reached their ships and practically hurled themselves into thier cockpits. A doorway opened in front of them. They zoomed out.
Kamo's ship was in front, Tullie and Kooposhi were on the left and right behind Kamo, and directly behind Kamo and last in this formation was Fizzly.
The ships were black and were smaller than the battle ships of Star Koopa. There were probably seven of them.
The team was not stupid. Bowser had taught them much about the controls of their ship.
"Dose are K-O14s," explained Fizzly. "T-they are g-given to eh-eh-expert p-pilots, 'cause th-they have sp-spe-" She paused to fire one of her Omb-Bombs and barrel rolled to avoid enemy fire. The Omb-Bomb game a big KABOOOOOOOOOOM and defeated all but two of the K-O14s, who were out of range of the explosion.
"Dat'll do it," Fizzly simply stated.
"Good job, Fizzly," said Kamo. "Do our ships have Omb-Bombs?"
"N-not unless y-you start collecting s-some," said Fizzly. "Th-they can be found a-around the galaxy."
"What, do you mean those guys use Omb-Bombs too?" Kooposhi asked.
"Perhaps they're too stupid to use them," Tullie said with a giggle.
"I don't think-" started Kamo. Then he spotted something through the windshield. "Hey, isn't that the Training Dome?" he remarked.
"So it is, so it is!" Koopright chimed in. "It'll be much easier to train in there than out here. Let's go!"
Fizzly zoomed up first, then Tullie, then Kooposhi, then finally Kamo.

Part 2: Morton's Last Words
"GIANT GOOMBA!!! RUN FOR IT!!!" That was the first thing Ludwig yelled once he got back into his lab. The other Koopalings were down in the dungeon to put Luigi in one of the cells. Or they were, at least. At the mention of the giant Goomba, everyone suddenly came into Ludwig's lab.
"I didn't do it!" Iggy said as soon as he got in the room.
"Never mind who did it, get rid of it!" cried Susan.
"Yeah, what she said," said Wendy.
"Don't worry!" shouted Lemmy, who was obviously in charge of the situation. "Me, Morton, Ludwig, and Roy will hold off the Goomba for now; Wendy, Susan, and Iggy... go get help!"
"You can count on me!" called Iggy as he sped off with Wendy and Susan.
"Alright, guys, we got a Goomba to pound!" shouted Roy excitedly. He preferred not to use his wand but his fists. Roy charged into the Goomba, his fists in front of him. However the Goomba merely kicked Roy and sent him flying back next to Lemmy. Morton started to laugh hysterically. His eyes were glowing red.
"Calm down, Morton!" exclaimed Lemmy.
"Those eyes... those eyes!" Ludwig exclaimed. "He's another clone- take him out!"
"Oh, we don't have to," said Roy with a smirk. He pushed Morton's clone torwards the Goomba. As he did, he snatched Morton's wand.
"Good one, Roy," said Lemmy as he saw the Goomba pummel the evil clone. "Now, let's take out that Goomba!"
"Once again, we don't have to," said Roy. He picked up a wand that had been dropped- it was Iggy's. Roy pointed it at the Goomba, and...
"How does this thing work, anyway?" Roy said with the wand still aimed.
"Oh, let me see that wand!" groaned Ludwig, snatching the wand from his brother's hand. He flicked the wand expertly and a white beam shot out of it. It struck the Goomba, which suddenly shrunk upon contact.
Ludwig moved over to the micro-sized Goomba and scooped it up. "Gotcha, you tiny terror," muttered Ludwig, staring into the small Goomba's eyes. He gently placed it back into another tank. Just as he did this, Iggy, Wendy, and Susan returned to the room.
"Is everything-" Iggy started but stopped as he entered the room.
"Alright?" finished Lemmy. "Yeah, we've got everything handled. However, we just uncovered another clone who was copying Morton. Don't worry, we got him."
"Oh dear, another dreadful clone," said Susan. "I wonder who they originally were?"
"We don't know yet," Ludwig said with a sigh,"but I did notice that you dropped your wand as you left, Iggy."
"Oh, thanks!" exclaimed Iggy, grabbing his wand from Ludwig's outstreched hand.
"Hey, if you hadn't dropped your wand, things would have gotten pretty ugly in here," said Roy. "So I know you didn't mean to do it, but... thanks for dropping your wand, anyway." Roy's thanks was practically in a murmur.
"Yeah, that's the spirit, Roy!" said Lemmy. "We've all got to stick together now, even if it means forming an alliance with... the Mario Bros."
"Lemmy, did those words just come out of your mouth?" Wendy said with a gasp.
Lemmy ignored Wendy's comment. "I mean, whoever is making these clones... and kidnapping our siblings... is a greater evil than us, no doubt. We can't fight over it with the Mario Bros... this evil must be after them, too. We've got to stick together, and whoever doesn't... is a clone!"
The five other siblings cheered.


Luigi scanned his suroundings. A Koopaling was coming down the hallway. The Koopaling was Iggy, who opened Luigi's cell.
"You're free to go," he said.
"I am?"  questioned Luigi.
"Yes, but... I, er, we... have to tell you something. Come upstairs." And Iggy led Luigi upstairs into the lobby.
Part 3: Copying the Spy
Mario's body hurt a whole lot. And I mean a WHOLE lot. I mean, if you had fallen a looooooooong way down, your body would hurt a whole lot, too.
"Ow..." groaned Mario as he regained his senses. He felt alright enough to walk, but it certainly hurt to do so. Mario had walked a short distance down the tunnel when he saw a red, spiked collar similar to the ones Guardbody and Koolkill were wearing. Mario picked it up and placed it on his arm. The collar fit exactly. Once Mario put it on, he heard voices coming down the tunnel. There was nowhere to hide! Mario'd have to fight whoever came around the bend...
But the Koopant that came down the hallway wasn't shocked at all to see Mario. In fact, he treated Mario as another commrade.
"Yo, Redspike!" called the Koopant. "I thought you had duty above here!"
Realizing that he had transformed into a Koopant, Mario quickly thought of a lie.
"I did, but I saw this intruder and followed him down here, but then he got away," Mario said.
"Ah, I see..." said the other Koopant. "Well, I'll get that intruder for you; you go back up for guard duty. What did that intruder look like? ... And what's your name, anyway?"
Sure is demanding, Mario thought. "Name's... Pyroclaw," he said. "And the intruder was a big, brown ape that had a red tie on that had the letters 'DK' on it in yellow."
The gullible Koopant fell for the trick. "Alright, buddy, I gotcha covered!" said the Koopant. He strolled off, repeating the "intruder's" description. "Yeah, a big, brown ape with a red tie. No, that ain't right.A big, yellow tie with a brown DK on with the red letters "Ape" on it. Naw, a big, red DK with a yellow ape on with the brown letters "tie" on it! That's it! Naw... um..."

Mario, aka Pyroclaw, managed to find his way out of the tunnel and into the interior of Peach's castle, on the first floor room. It was then that Mario was able to see what he looked like through a window: Mario had bright orange skin, extremely tiny fangs, and a red shell and shoes. His eyes were red, too. Pyroclaw was a pretty fitting name for this new body.
Suddenly, Mario heard a shout from above. He turned about to see an enormous Koopant that had a resemblence to Bowser surrounded by other Koopants with golden spkied bands. They were carrying a comfy, scarlet throne.
Seeing this, Mario hid behind a plant in the room. One of the Koopants took out a trumpet made out of bone and blew in it. Koopants suddenly flooded ino the room, including the two Koopants Mario had seen before, Guardbody and Koolkill. Guardbody had transformed into Peach and Koolkill into Yoshi. They approached the big Koopant and bowed.
"Sire, you called for us?" asked Guardbody.
The big Koopant, obviously a leader, sat down into the throne and the Koopants placed it down gingerly. Once he sat down, he replied: "Who else would I call? You heard the Doom Horn. Anyway, I am promoting you, Guardbody, to my Advisor, a Goldspike."
Guardbody was wide-eyed. "You mean that, Sire?"
The king snatched the crown off Guardbody, crushed it, and threw it at Guardbody's face. "Of course not, you idiot! Change back into your old form!"
The audience laughed as Guardbody silently obeyed. He took off the red collar on his left arm and handed it over to the king. He accepted it greedily.
"Loyalty like this shouldn't be wasted on weaklings like you..." he commented as he examined the collar. Then he looked down at Guardbody. "Get back in the ranks!" he yelled.
Guardbody hurried back into the crowd in an undignified trot. Koolkill snickered as he ran by. The king then snapped his fingers, and Koolkill bowed.
"Yes, my ultimate Sire?" he asked.
"You've been a loyal soldier, Koolkill," the king stated. "Therefore, I am promoting you a Blackspike! Goldspike General Grant will be leading an attack on a suspicious old castle not too far from here. I want you to join his army."
"I won't let you down, Sire!" exclaimed Koolkill as he saluted to his king.
"Good," smiled the king. "Now there's Grant's army over there; you may join his army now."
Koolkill smiled, bowed, and marched into Grant's army, where he changed back into his normal form and shook hands with his other comrades.
The king then looked around and then saw Mario, who was at the back of the crowd. "Hey, you!" called the king. "Yes, you, at the back! Come here."
Mario gulped and walked up to the king. "Yes, Sire?" he asked.
The king scanned Mario for awhile, then replied, "You look like a clever Koopant. Here, take this collar. With this, you'll be able to transform into some sort of princess. You may need this transformation to help you into the castle. You will join Grant's army and help them with your transformation."
This would be the perfect opportunity! Now Mario would be able to go back to Castle Koopa and, at the same time, help his brother. "Yes, Sire," replied Mario. "You can count on me." With that, Mario turned around and joined Grant's army.
"Now," boomed the king, "General Grant, your army has permission to go on to the castle. As for you Redspikes, I want you outside, guarding the castle! Everyone else will guard the inside and the tunnels. DISMISSED!!!"
Everyone scurried to their assigned position. Grant's army marched outside and left Peach's castle for Castle Koopa. Mario began to think of a plan. How would he be able to convince his brother that he was Mario and not Peach or a Koopant?


Kamo, Kooposhi, Tullie, and Fizzly flew around the dome in their ships.
"Wow, this dome sure has a lot of space," Tullie commented.
"Well, it has to," replied Koopright. "After all, this dome was designed to train beginning pilots. Kamo, how much experience have you had with flying?"
"Well, I remember that my dad taught me several things about being a pilot, but that was a long time ago."
"Good," said Koopright. "Then our lesson will help you refresh your memory."
"Who's gonna be our teacher?" asked Kooposhi. "You?"
"Oh, not me," chuckled Koopright. "I'll let an expert handle that. Cornelius?"
A blue ship that looked like a jet plane flew into the dome.
"Copy that, Koop," responded a new voice. "So these are our new students?"
"T-that's right," Fizzly quivered. "W-we're Star Koopa."
Cornelius chuckled. "I see. I'm Cornelius Flyback, but I'd prefer you call me anything but Cornelius. My most popular nickname is Ace."
"Can we get started already?" Kooposhi asked impatiently. "I can't wait!"
"We'll begin tomorrow," replied Ace. For right now, get a good rest."
"This is going to be fun!" giggled Tullie. "I can't wait either!"
"Well, Cornelius is right," Koopright said. "C'mon, everyone into the Kamek Koopa. Yes, that includes you, Cornelius."
Ace groaned. "Stop calling me that!" he replied in a most embarrassed voice. "I hate that name!"
And so ends our next and latest chapter. But who is Cornelius... er, I mean, Ace? And what will happen to General Grant and his army? Who is the next clone? We'll find out next time...

To Be Continued...

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