Torn Paper

By Imara

Warning: This story reveals a small bit about the ending of Paper Mario. I had to reveal it to get the story flowing. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Note: When I mention "Toad" or "Toads", I mean the Mushroom people in Mario games. I would've just mentioned them as Mushroom people, since I feel that is more politically correct, but this supposed to be a sequel to Paper Mario, so I had to use the terms. I have decided to use official Nintendo characters for this Fun Fiction, thus leaving out characters like Clawdia and Karma. Though I do think it would be interesting to know Clawdia's reaction to a situation like the one featured in my fanfic...

Chapter 1

It was an unusual night in Toad Town. The normally quiet plaza was filled with concerned voices as Toads crowded the gate that once lead to Peach's castle. They knew it was unsafe to continue any further, especially after what they seemed to believe was an earthquake. They knew that their hero, Mario, was up there in the sky, probably fighting Bowser. They received this information from gossiping Toads and the town newspaper.

The Toads were as nervous as ever when a small blast was spotted on the night sky. Suddenly, the Toads became frantic as they feared that the worst had come. Most of them were yelling the names of Mario and Peach and a few were actually crying. The Toads had no hope in calming down until one hopeful Toad spotted an odd, shining orb as it flowed slowly downward. Their hopes sparked back up as the orb became more and more identical...

But there was another event that was taking place. However, the Toads wouldn't have cared if they knew it was happening. Flung out by the blast, Bowser and Kammy were falling down to an unknown area. Kammy had her broom in her hand and eventually gained back her control against gravity, but Bowser was not as lucky. She would've used her magic to float Bowser safely to the ground, but most of it was used to power up Bowser for his final fight, which failed miserably. Now all she could do was make a measly yellow block.

Frantic, Kammy tried to think of something to lighten Bowser's fall, but her mind was drawing blanks. However, Bowser wasn't exactly being quiet about her lack of help. He was yelling every bad word known in the English language at her, ordering her to save him. But time was their enemy as Bowser's body and voice fell through the dense forest below. Kammy only had to wait a few seconds to know what happened to him as a loud crash shook the trees.

Kammy flew through the thick branches and leaves to the forest ground. However, it was too dark to see anything. She took her wand, which she was safely holding onto, and emitted a small light from it, using whatever magic she had left. She remained on her broom and flew across the ground until she spotted Bowser... or what was left of him.

Kammy flashed her wand over the corpse to get a better look, but was horrified at what she saw. Too stricken for words, she yanked back the wand, hoping to remove at least some of the detail. She did not cry, for it was not her way. However, she did feel pain for not at least trying to help him. But now she had another task at hand. With whatever strength she had mentally, she muttered a simple sentence, "I am sorry... King Koopa..." With that, she flew out of the forest.


Hidden near a tall mountain, in a valley which was protected from the outside world with bushes and trees, lay a small castle. The valley was filled with lush, green grass and small trees that bore fruit during certain seasons. The castle seemed old on the outside, with its walls covered with vines, but the insides were very advanced technologically, yet cozy.

The valley was far from quiet, though, as its only residents were a few guards and seven energetic Koopalings. Usually, they found entertainment themselves, either it was raising plants or building a new invention. However, this evening, most of them were bored, so the only entertainment they could think of was harassing each other.

However, the one that lead the harassment was Roy. He stomped all over Larry's plants, kicked Lemmy's ball, brok Ludwig's latest invention, and has now taken Wendy's makeup purse. Teasing her, he dangled it above her head, then pulled away when she went to grab it.

"Neener, neener, neeeener!" Roy chanted as he once again pulled the purse out of Wendy's reach.

"Give that back, you big jerk!" Wendy yelled. "Or I am telling King Dad!" She pounded her foot on the ground to prove her point.

Roy smirked at her dismay. "He isn't here, ugly!" He laughed at her, thus provoking Wendy to try to punch her brother in the gut. However, the attempt to cause him pain failed as he barely felt the punch.


Roy's head turned sharply as he found his very unhappy brother, Ludwig. "I am quite unpleased by your ridiculous actions. Let your siblings be."

Roy smirked. "Oh, and when did you become the boss of me, Einstein?"

Ludwig sharply slashed Roy's face. "Since you decided to alter and destroy my latest invention, which I have slaved over for weeks."

"So?! What are YOU going to do about it?!"

Ludwig pounded Roy to the ground as he sent him sharp punches to the face. Roy fought back as he wrapped his arm around his older brother's neck and tried to strangle him.

"Sheesh, we really are bored! Even Ludwig has gone crazy!" Lemmy grumbled as he watched the two Koopalings wrestle.

"Someone stop them!" Wendy wailed, for she hated the noise they were causing.

Roy enjoyed this fight, while Ludwig did not. Wanting it to end, Ludwig grabbed Roy's glasses. "Let me go, and I shall not enforce harm to your specs," Ludwig said simply.

Roy snarled and muttered, "Fine." Ludwig threw the glasses at him and got up. Just then, Kammy ran toward the Koopalings, who were gathered in a circle because of the fight. Her broom in one hand and the wand in the other, she stopped and caught her breath.

"King Koopa's children!" she choked out, mostly in fear of what they would do to her after they heard the news.

Morton chirped proudly, "That is us, that is we, here we are, on the double-" He was stopped by a pound on the head by Roy.

"I hate to tell you this... but... " Kammy backed away from the Koopalings.

"What is it?" Iggy inquired.

"But... King Koopa... is..." She paused and looked at each of the Koopalings, their young, glittering eyes blinked with curiosity. "... dead."

Silence filled the hallway. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of breathing. Even the guards nearby were spooked, but they paid no mind.

Ludwig was the first to speak up. "Are you confident that he has passed on?" he muttered bravely.

Kammy replied only with a simple nod.

Silence once again filled the hallway.

Unlike his siblings, Roy wasn't too sensitive of a Koopa. Besides, he never felt he knew his father. He just grinned when he said, "Where's the will?"

The others moaned while Ludwig growled at his brother. "You insensitive fool!" The two were about to fight when Kammy spoke and regained their attention.

"King Koopa never made a will."

"He didn't?!" Roy snarled, "That cheapskate!"

"Well, he wasn't expecting to die..." Kammy sighed. "Look, why won't we talk about this in the morning? I'll even let you all go see the body... if scavengers haven't started picking on it already..."

"You mean you didn't bring the body?" Iggy said innocently.

"How could I? If I could lift dead King Koopa, then maybe I would've..." Kammy realized what she was saying, and covered her mouth up. The Koopalings blinked, but before they could respond, she said, "Well, guess we all need some rest..."

"If there is any chance of getting any," Wendy said simply.

"Yes..." Kammy lowered her head and walked away. The Koopalings were still confused, but they headed back into their rooms otherwise.

However, Ludwig was still restless. While his siblings were trying to get some sleep, he was trying to think about what Kammy said. "She seemed to fear us for some reason... I sense she is concealing something..." He muttered, trying to put his thoughts into one simple understanding.

Suddenly, his door flung open, breaking him from his thoughts. He turned to find Lemmy as he stood there, his body quivering quite a bit. His hand tightly concealed a piece of paper.

"Ludwig!" Lemmy yelped. "I am so glad you are awake!"

Ludwig was spooked. He knew Lemmy was the laid-back kind, and when he became scared, he knew there was something terribly wrong. "Lemmy! What might be the matter?" he tried to say as calmly as he could.

Lemmy shoved the piece of paper into Ludwig's hand. "Iggy and I... found it... in the living room..."

Iggy silently slipped into Ludwig's room. "We tried to look for Kammy...  but... she's gone..."

Ludwig tried his best to hide his shock and tried to focus his mind on the paper. Slowly, he smoothed it out enough for him to read it. What he found spooked him.

"This... this is the royal proclaiment..." he muttered, almost in fear. The royal proclaiment was simply the statement which said that the Koopa family had power over the lower Koopas! Even though they didn't need it anymore, it could still mean that someone might be plotting against the royal family...

"Look what was cut into it," Lemmy whispered.

Ludwig looked harder at the paper, and noticed that there was something etched out in Koopese. Ludwig muttered its meaning out in English, "Divided you stand, united you fall..."

"What does that mean, Ludwig?" Iggy asked as he hoped his older brother would bestow his knowledge and solve the problem. Though smart, Ludwig could not do miracles.

"Your guess is as accurate as mine." Ludwig paced over towards the window. "I don't even know what King Dad was planning before he died. All he informed us with was that he was going to kidnap the princess..."

"What if Kammy is playing mind tricks on us?" Lemmy asked.

Ludwig sighed out of pure frustration. For once, he did not have the answers. "I don't... know... but I know only one thing... we are going to have to take matters into our own hands..."

Iggy and Lemmy walked up to their older brother as they looked at each other in the eyes. The three seemed like scared children, yet they were afraid to cry. The only piece of truth they had left was the torn piece of paper, as it floated softly to the floor.

To Be Continued...

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