The Kidnap

By Lemmy Koopa

The Koopas were at a meeting to decide what should be done about Mario and Luigi. Bowser was calling the role. He did not call Larry because he was excused from these meetings because of his age. "Morton?"

"I'm here. I'm always here. I've been here so long...... ."






"Yeah, yeah, I'm here."


Wendy piped up, "He went to a secret place to build what he thinks will allow him to rule the universe."

"Yes, that's right," said Bowser, "Now I remember. "Ludwig?"

The group shot several glances to one another. Iggy said, "Nobody's seen him all day."

"Or Larry," added Morton, "And something seems suspicious because this is Ludwig here and he is Ludwig and..... ."

Bowser was worried. "We had better start looking right away."

In an empty field surrounded by a tall fence, Ludwig was standing in front of a tall pole. Tied to the pole with a sturdy rope and a scarf over his mouth was Larry. He had frantically tried to run away, but had finally given up and had been caught. Ludwig said, "Okay, Larry, no one is anywhere near us so I am going to take off the scarf. Remember that nobody will hear you if you scream." Ludwig removed the scarf, and Larry remained quiet. Then, Ludwig suddenly demanded, "All right Larry, enough with the baby talk! I want you to dig me a tunnel underground to Mario's house so that I can jump up, surprise Mario, and easily beat him. And I want a tunnel now! Here are some shovels for you to use." As he said, by his feet, was a pile of shovels.

"But I can't dig a tunnel; I'm too young," objected Larry.


Larry sighed and gave in, "All right, I'll build your tunnel."

Before untying him, Ludwig said, "Now remember, the way out of here is hard to find, so don't try running away." Larry sighed as Ludwig untied her.

Larry started to dig. Fortunately for him, the ground here was soft, so he managed to dig through the first layer of earth. All of a sudden, a puff of smoke appeared and out of it stepped Bowser and the Koopa Kids. Bowser was furious. "LUDWIG, YOU'RE GOING TO PAY HORRIBLY FOR THIS," Bowser screamed.

Ludwig smiled. "There you are wrong," he sneered. Ludwig produced a square box. It was the only invention of Ludwig's that ever worked. He turned it toward Bowser and his kids and pressed a button. Instantly, the group was encased in a blue box. It was a force field, and Bowser couldn't get out. Ludwig laughed and put the box away. "Keep digging," he said to Larry, who had stopped to look at the force field.

"Couldn't I take a break? I'm tired," complained Larry.

"KEEP DIGGING," yelled Ludwig. Larry sighed and went back to work.

It took a long time for Larry was very small and shouldn't be digging a tunnel, as he had said, but the two eventually reached the area right under Mario and Luigi's house. "Stop!," said Ludwig, "I want to be the one to make the finishing touches. Go back to where this tunnel started and wait for me. If you don't, I will punish you." Larry was glad to go back, and was gone in less than a wink. This is when Ludwig smashed his shovel through the floor of the Marios' house.

Mario and Luigi had long been expecting this to happen; it was the obvious thing to do, so they had an upsidedown trampoline where they knew the hole would be. Mario and Luigi were sleeping, as it was night, but they still won, because sure enough, Ludwig hit the trampoline and went flying back into the tunnel. When he fell, he crushed his invention, and Bowser and his kids were free. They hugged Larry and all were happy [except Roy, who was upset at Ludwig's loyalty to him as a friend [they were friends]]. Suddenly Ludwig bounced right out of the tunnel. Bowser howled in rage. The sky changed colors, and the Koopas were sent to the palace, but Ludwig to a vat of boiling lava. He was hanging on a rope above the vat when he heard Bowser's voice. "How dare you kidnap your brother Larry. As punishment, you will be put in this vat of lava for a week, and it will be very painful, but you asked for it." Ludwig howled as the rope dropped him, and howled even louder as he hit the lava, where he sat for a week.

Two days later, Lemmy got back. "I got it, I got it," he cried, "I have the invention that will allow me to rule the universe!" He turned it on. The machine said, "The universe is 2,475,486,683,273,593,243 miles long."

Wendy laughed, "It's a ruler machine! It just measured the universe! HA HA HA."

Lemmy blushed. "Oops, I guess I was off a letter. I'm gonna have to try again."

Bowser put his arm around Lemmy, "Don't worry, I'm not mad. Everybody makes mistakes, so you can try again. I'm sure you can do it, you're so smart. And when you do, I'll be very proud and happy and..."

The End

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