Evil Strikes Again
The Thrilling Sequel to The Beginning

By James

Part One: Separated

Bowser had taken the princess.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! You are mine, and with my ENTIRE army no longer defending the castle but defending YOU! Mario can NEVER save you this time.

Peach: Mario shall save me. You will see, someday we will get married and celebrate your death.

Bowser pulls a lever and Daisy appears all tied up in ropes like Peach.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! You two can wait for your boyfriends to get here, but they will NEVER SAVE YOU!!!

Clawdia steps in with a plate of beer and brownies.

Clawdia: I thought you might like something. Waiting for those Marios can take awhile.

Bowser: Why thank you dear.

Bowser kisses Clawdia on the cheek. Suddenly a voice is heard.

???: I’m Back!!!

Peach: MARIO!

Daisy: LUIGI!

Clawdia: Kamek?


Smithy crashes in through the roof.


Bowser charges at Smith.

Smithy: HA! You will fail! I have rebuilt myself, and I am now exactly 10,000 times more powerful then before!

Smithy picks up Bowser and throws him hard against a wall.

Smithy: This $#(& must be your wife, prepare to die!!!

Smithy fires his machine gun arm at Clawdia.


Bowser runs and blocks the shot with his shell and it nearly destroys him.

Smithy: Now to make your troops obey me again!

Smithy pounds his hammer and all the troops in the room bow down to him. He then raises his hammer and Exor begins to crash into the castle.

Smithy: HA HA HA!

Bowser pulls out a special phone. He talks into it.


The Kooplings are all in the same room and they see Bowser telling them this on the TV.  A huge rock falls on the TV and the Kooplings watch what could be the last image of their father, crying, defeated, dying… They get out just in time.

The Marios then arrive at the Keep and they see the Kooplings sitting at a locked front door crying their hearts out.  The Marios go up to them.

Part Two: One for All and All for One

Mario: Why are-a you crying?

The Koopalings worst hour has come. Their castle and family are gone and the are being ask to tell about it by their worst enemies. The cry harder and say nothing. Then the Marios see Exor on top of the castle and they realize what happened.

Mario: So where is-a daddy?

Luigi: If-a you cry enough you-a can make a new swimming pool for Wendy.

Mario: Or is it Whinny?

Luigi: Well we-a have to save our gals-a, we will see-a you at the orphanage.

Mario and Luigi knock down the door and step in. Five seconds later they are thrown out with bruises and blood on them. The door is then quickly replaced. The Kooplings see that this would be one of the few things that would make Dad happy so they do what he would do.

Ludwig: I vee zat zou have vailed to vescue vour virlfriends. I also zee zat ve have something in common… I have blue hair and vou have a blue bruise!

Iggy: Even without my glasses I can see better then you can with that black eye of yours.

Roy:  We will show you some Koopa power.

Lemmy: Yeah! Come on, let's go.

Roy knocks down the door and the Kooplings enter. Five seconds later they are thrown out just as bruised up as the Marios. The door is repaired and the Marios and Kooplings lay on the ground badly hurt. Then Smithy goes up to the top of the tower, sees them, and begins to shout.


The Marios and the Kooplings are too tired to answer. They look at each other and realize that if they want to save the ones dearest to them they would have to work together. They help each other up and Roy smashes down the door.


The Marios and the Koopas are surprised at the enemies that had so brutally beat them up: they where standing face to face with what they considered “weaklings”: Goombas, Koopa Troopa, Shy Guys, etc. Mario runs over and punches a Goomba into another, killing them.

Lemmy: Watch out!

Mario turns around and sees a whole group of Spinies ready to pounce on him, but Lemmy throws his ball and it squashes them all.  Mario throws the ball back.

Mario: Thank you so much for to saving my life.

Luigi: Wait a second, there is only one-a place where a Spiny can-a come from!

Luigi looks up and sees a Lakitu hovering high above their heads. Ludwig tries to bring him down with his fire breath, but he is too high to get a good aim at. Luigi ducks and begins to flash; he jumps up, nearly touching the ceiling, and jumped right on Lakitu. He then flutters down.

Iggy: What is that up there?

Mouser fakks down and begins to throw bombs everywhere. Everyone began running around to avoid them. Then one hit Wendy right on the head.


Wendy begins running up to Mouser and when in close enough range she dropkicks him. Mouser falls to the floor and leaves behind a golden key.

Morton: WOW! I have never seen Wendy so angry, I have been angry too but never that angry. All Mouser did was throw a bomb at her and she got real angry. I wonder what she would do if she had something worse happen to her. Personally I would not be upset if I had a bomb thrown at me, because I am bullied all the time and…

Mario and Luigi take off their gloves and stuffs them in their ears to block out the sound of Morton. Larry approaches the still-talking Morton.

Larry: Apples are good for you. They are full of Vitamin A, which stands for… ABSOLUTLY QUITE!!!

Larry begins stuffing apples into Morton's mouth until he can not talk. Everyone cheers for him.  Larry then grabs the key and opens a door. Everyone goes in and then see the door lock and close behind them. Not far away is another door, but to get there they would have to cross hot lava.

Lemmy: My ball will burn up if I try and use it on that lava.

Mario: Hey-a Luigi, do you think you can-a jump it?

Luigi: I never had-a jumped that long before, but I will try.

Luigi gets a good running start and jumps, but he does not even get halfway before he falls into the lava.


Mario looks at Morton who is about to finish his last apple.

Mario: Hey-a Morton, you-a like hot-a stuff, right? Go save my brother.

Morton looks at Luigi, then at Larry, who had plenty more apples, so he decides to answer in as few words as possible.

Morton: I will try.

Morton, not knowing how to swim, dog-paddles up to Luigi, He then grabs him and swims back to the rest of the group.


Roy hits Morton.

Iggy: I have an idea this time! Everyone get in your shell.

Everyone including Iggy get in their shells.

Mario and Luigi: But we-a don’t have shells.

Iggy: Mario, you get on Roy’s shell, Luigi get on my shell, and Lemmy put your ball on your shell so you don’t burn it.

Everyone obeys.

Iggy: Now follow me!

Iggy, still in his shell, rushes across the lava, and all the Koopas follow. In a few seconds they are on the other side. The get out of their shells and then see Bowser only a few feet from them.

Kooplings: DADDY!

As they run happily to Bowser they are not ready for what is about to happen. Just as Wendy gets to her dad Bowser picks her up and throws her against the wall as hard as he can.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha ha!

Ludwig: Why vid you vo zat?

Bowser walks over to the rest of the Kooplings (the Marios are a distance away). Bowser then begins to breath fire on the Kooplings.

Bowser: Because I felt like it! Bwa ha ha ha!

Mario and Luigi are in shock. They had experienced this type of thing themselves, but they never thought he would do it to his own kids.

Mario: That is-a child abuse!!!

Mario runs over to Bowser, who is still laughing and breathing fire on the Kooplings, and grabs his tall. He swings him around, then throws him into the lava. Wendy then wakes up.

Koopalings: Why did you kill our father?!

Luigi: That is-a not your father, he would never do-a that to you. Look!

The Kooplings look at where Bowser was thrown and see he is nothing more then a painted robot. A key then comes out of Bowser (or Robo-Bowser) and lands in near Mario. Mario, still filled with the excitement of Mario 64, grabs it, spins around once, and does the peace sigm.

Mario: HERE WE GO!!!

Mario then opens the door.

Part Three: Puzzles, Bosses, and More

After entering the door vanishes into then air and the Koopas and Marios see before them an unlit torch on the wall and nothing more. Iggy approaches the torch and tries to pull it down, thinking it would lead to some secret. He fails. Then everyone begins to pull, but it still does not move.

Morton: It is only a torch, what good is a torch? There is nothing in here but this worthless torch, which we cannot pull down. We tried to pull it down, but we could not. Maybe we don’t have to pull the torch down, maybe-

Ludwig breaths fire on Morton and he shuts up after a scream.

Mario: That’s-a it!

Lemmy: What is it?

Mario: Zelda!

Luigi: Mario, this is-a no time to-a be thinking about-a your video games!

Mario: No! No! NO! I-a remember Link would-a light torches in-a Zelda games and it-a would make-a stuff happen. Ludwig, we-a can use-a your fire breath to-a light the torch.

Luigi: That is genius! But since when did you ever play Zelda?

Mario: Never. I was-a just in-a so many Zelda games that I-a learned a few tricks from Link.

Luigi: Oh.

Ludwig breaths fire on the torch and a door appears. Our heroes go into a room with plant roots all over the wall, and the door vanishes behind them.

Wendy: Now what?

The ground begins to shake violently.

Lemm: (barely managing to not fall off his ball) Ya ya you shu shu shouldn’t ha hah have as as asked that qua qua qua qqua question We We We We Wendy!

A huge Piranha Plant emerges from the floor.

Mario: Smilax! Everyone, DO NOT LET THE PETALS TOUCH YOU!!!

Smilax: (in a rather rough voice) Pedal Dance attack!!!

Petals begin to fall from the ceiling and one by one everyone turns into a Mushroom. Soon only Mario and Morton are left.

Mario: You-a have to defeat him, I am-a too tired to do it-a myself.

Mario falls over in exhaustion.


Five minutes later...


A bit later, with the help of Able Juice and a Pick Me Up, our heroes are back on their feet, staring, and they see no Piranha Plant in sight.

Lemmy: Two questions, answer them in as little words as you can. One, how did you kill Smilax? And two, why are Mario and Luigi only wearing underwear?

Mario and Luigi: This-a better be good!

Morton: Well I knew that there had to be some form of water to feed Smilax, so I looked at where it had burst out of the floor and saw Wendy’s swimming pool. I knew what I had to do… I took of most of the Marios' clothes, went into the water while avoiding those roots, got out, got the water out of Mario and Luigi’s clothes, and repeated it until all the water was gone. After that Smilax shriveled up and died.

Everyone claps. Morton hands the Marios back their clothes and they enter a door that had appeared when Smilax was killed. The door closes behind them and they hear a voice.

???: Answer my riddle and I will give you the way to me, fail and you shall suffer dearly.

A compass falls to the ground.

???: This compass has no needle, but tell me what direction it should point, that bit of info is all I need, tell me it and you shall succeed.

Ludwig: Vat is simple, it points-

Luigi puts his hand on Ludwig’s mouth.

Luigi: It’s-a not north.

Everyone: Are you mad?

Luigi turns the compass over and sees in small print: Smithy’s false Compasses, Inc.

Mario: Then what is the answer?

Luigi: Smilax.

Part Four: The Strangest Things

Everyone: Huh?

Luigi: S is for Smilax… just like south.

Everyone: I guess so.


???: Very well.

Suddenly all that Mario sees vanishes and he appears in Rose Town, which is being bombarded with arrows. Mario instinctively goes into the inn. Inside he sees Smithy playing with Peach and Bowser dolls.

Peach (Smithy is doing the talking): SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!


Smithy: Will you play with me, Mario?

Mario wants to attack, but something him inside forces him to say yes. Then Luigi and Geno come in. Smithy asks them if they want play, and they say yes.

Later Smithy is having a Mario, Luigi, and Geno doll fight, but the real Geno and Luigi are nowhere in sight.  Then out of thin air Geno appears, grabs the Geno doll, and uses it to “punch” Smithy. Smithy and Geno both fall over dead. Then Mario sees he has a Mario doll, and Luigi has a Luigi doll. A few feet away they see Bowser with a Bowser doll and Peach with a Peach doll. Everyone is pretending to be the doll that they have.

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! Now I shall rule the world!

Peach: Someone save me!!!

Mario and Luigi move over, have their dolls “punch” the Bowser doll, and save the princess doll. Then a loud voice is heard.

???: MARIO!

Part Five: The Attic

Koopalings and Luigi: MARIO!!! MARIO WAKE UP!!!

Mario wakes up, relaizng it was just a dream…or was it, because he had something in his cap. He take it off and discovers… a Geno doll.  Mario, filled with wonder, puts it in his pocket.

Everyone: Come on Mario, we need to got through the door.

Larry: See that door? That is where Smithy is, but we should not go in yet. I will take you to the attic where we can get some weapons.

Larry knocks on a wall and it opens. They then make their way up to the attic. Mario grabs a book.

Mario: What-a is this?

Lemmy: The photo album. That is when mom and dad got married, he said it was one of the happiest days of his life, and that is Dad playing with us when we were little kids, he wanted to spend so mush time with us. He even sent his cousin Wart out after you so he could raise us without the worry of taking over the world.

Luigi: I think I-a found some weapons!

Luigi drops a big crate full of cogs, sprockets, widgets, doohickeys, and watchemacallits. Everyone gets ready for the battle with Smithy: Wendy applies make up and gets a frying pan, Ludwig jumps into his Robo-suit 999 billion trillion million, Iggy lifts weights and spars with Roy, Morton gets a microphone to annoy Smithy with and a flame thrower, being a lover of fire, Lemmy gets a spiked ball and his Freeze Gun, the Marios grab Raccoon Leafs, and Larry gets some Piranha Plant seeds and some insta-grow. Then the Koopalings see that the Marios are right under a cage and that they are near the rope. They think about all the puzzles and bosses they had faced and of both their and their father’s hatred towards them. They are eager to spring the trap, but they know that if they do so they will miss the ones that they love forever, Mom and Dad, the ones that raised them and cared for them. No matter how much they hated those Marios they knew without them they would never see the smiles of those that cared for them. They would not pull the rope if their very lives depended on it.

Part Six: Eight Red Doors

Our heroes approach the door where Smithy is and enter. The door locks shut behind them and they see eight red doors.

???: One and only one of you shall pick a door and enter, then solve puzzles, etc. Repeat until you go through three of them. You lose, you die.

Ludwig: I vill take door zumber vour.

He enters.

???: Puzzle number one, answer my riddle and then you shall go to number two, see: Hit me once and I get mad, hit me twice then kick me and there is nothing left of me, hit me three times and you are quite a stupid lad. Who am I?

Ludwig: Zimple, Side Stepper from Mario Brothers.

???: Puzzle number two: The longer I live the shorter I grow, what am I?

Ludwig: A candle.

???: Final puzzle, no more questions that are easy as pie.

A computer and a chess board appear out of nowhere.

???: Lose to this unbeatable computer in a game of chess and you shall die.

Ludwig knows that the computer is invincible the way it plays but he has a plan. He would sacrifice everything except his king and queen to get the computer in the right position.

Ludwig: Check

Computer: That is illogical, I can just put my king somewhere else while at the same time your queen is in check.

Before the computer puts its hand on its king, Ludwig blows the king down.

Ludwig: Ha! Once you knock down your king you surrender!

???: @$*)^! I will let you go easy this time but don’t try that again!

Ludwig walks through a door and finds himself with the rest of the Koopalings and the Marios.

Everyone: YA!!! Only two more doors to go!

Luigi: I will take door number eight.

Mario: Good luck!

Luigi enters and finds himself on a platform above bowling lava.

???: Fighting challenge one, Luigi versus Metal Mario!

Metal Mario drops down and charges at Luigi. Luigi notes that at the speed Metal Mario is going his attack will spell doom for him with no chance of return, but he stands still ready to put his plan into action. Just as Metal Mario gets in fighting distance Luigi spits on him and watches his plan go into effect.

Metal Mario: Malfunction! Malfunction! Liquid has entered system! Liquid has entered system! Will now shut down will…

Luigi:  Look’s-a like your robots aren’t-a so tough!

???:  While I work on a waterproof robot you will face challenge two, your greatest fear!

Luigi: I have-a no fears!

Luigi finds himself in a regular city except everything is Mario, everyone loves him, he sees people sacrificing to Mario statues and worshipping his games, but when he asks where he is he is shocked by the reply.

Dude: Hey look, it’s Mario’s stupid bro. I forget his name.

Dude: I think his name was Player Two!

Luigi walks away in misery, seeing pictures of Mario yet not a single one of him. He then bumps into George W. Bush.

Luigi: Hi.

Bush grabs a walky talky.


Before Luigi knows it he has the entire army firing M16s at him. He is about to fall over from exhaustion but he feels something in his hat. He pulls out a Geno doll and is transported to a room filled with video games being played by themselves on TVs on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The strange thing is that every one of the games is a Luigi game; he is beating people in Super Smash Bros., Mario RPG, and Mario Brothers 2, but most of them are replicas of him saving his brother Mario in Mario is Missing and Luigi’s Mansion. His soul is warmed.

???: Time to pull you out of this hologram.

Luigi is brought back to the place where he fought Metal Mario.

???: You must face Bowser in a Clown Copter!!!

Bowser hovers just like in Mario World but never drops any Mechakoopas. Luigi has an idea. He runs as fast as he canm using his Raccoon Tail to fly. He gets near Bowser and whacks him with his tail. He does it again. Bowser then starts dropping balls again and again. Luigi times jumps in between the throws and runs and hits Bowser. He does it again. Then Bowser begins to jump up and down in his Clown Copter like in Mario World while at the same time there are spikes sticking up from certain parts of the ground. Luigi waits for Bowser to get near him and when Bowser gets low Luigi jumps and quickly hits him with his tail. He does it again and exits, receiving a warm welcome.

???: You shall all enter any door once another goes through another door, where one final challenge shall be before you face me.

Lemmy enters door number one.

???: Answer my three question Quizzie.

Lemmy:  This should be easy.

Smithy:  What game was the first to have Metal Mario?

Lemmy, knowing it is a trick question, thinks hard. He tries to remember every Mario game, but it seems that the answer had to be Mario 64. Then he realizes that there are different types of metals.

Lemmy: Mario RPG, when Mario was made into a gold statue in honor of saving the Nimbus king and queen!

???: Very well then, who modeled for the Koopa kids?

Lemmy knows he would never know the answer. It was before he was even born, and he did not know much history. He looks down at the floor in hopelessness and sees a Geno doll. Lemmy knows it is his imagination. The doll transforms into a crystal ball and inside it Lemmy sees some people that look a lot like the Koopalings. Above them is a big sign. Lemmy reads it out loud.

Lemmy: The Super Mario Team.

???: $^)_)($@! That is correct. Last question, which was the first game that the Koopa Kids were in?

Lemmy can't think of any unobvious answer, and then he sees what makes this a trick question: there is no trick!

Lemmy:  Super Mario Brothers 3.

??? #@*(@)*$#@! That is @$$)@)$!!!

Lemmy is teleported back to the rest of the Koopalings and they and the Marios enter door four, as the door behind them is locked, and they find themselves facing the most unlikely challenge…

Part Seven: One Last Challenge

The hero of time himself, Link.

Iggy: Take off that mask! We know you are a robot.

Link: Make me.

Link starts throwing bombs and bombchus at everyone but they are thrown back. When he runs out Link is surrounded and Roy gets behind him and breaks all his arrows, boomerang, hookshot, and Deku sticks.  Larry grabs his Deku nuts and eats them and freezes in place. After that Mario and Luigi jump on him until he is only a metal pancake. Larry unfreezes and they spy a key high up in the air. They try making a pyramid out of their bodies but it only is half as high. Mario grabs the Ocarina of Time.

Mario: I think I know a song that-a may help us. I forgot exactly how it-a goes though.

Mario tries a few songs, but they are not the ones he wanted.

Wendy: What is this horse doing here?

Ludwig: I veed to zeach Mario how to vay zat zing.

Mario finally gets the Elegy of Emptiness down and he uses it to increase the height of their pyramid. Luigi grabs the key and tries to unlock the door, but can't bring himself to open it.

Part Eight: The Return of Smash and Master Hand

They stand right at the door, knowing that once they stepped in they would fight, and maybe even die for the ones they love, Bowser, Clawdia, Daisy, and Peach. They all place their hands on the handle and open it, and they stand staring unafraid at Smithy.

Smithy: So you wish to fight me, to get the key so you can free your #^$)$@$ friends. Well you !#$!)&_ can try, but you will all bow before me and my greatness. I may have already been beaten twice, but as they say, three is the charm.

Marios and Koopas: Then let the battle begin.

Iggy and Roy began to attack Smithy head on while Lemmy and Morton stand out of Smithy’s reach and freeze/burn his limbs. Wendy gets hit on the head and begins to attacks Smithy from behind with a frying pan, Ludwig attacks Smithy with friendly fireproof missiles via aerial assault. Larry circles around Smithy planting Piranha Plant seeds, watering them, and occasionally giving a weak fighter a Max Mushroom, and the Mario Brothers fly around Smithy, then land and perform a devastating combo, then fly back up to stay out of Smithy’s range. They fight with all their might for the ones they love, they fight with the last bit of strength they have and even with strength that they do not have, but seem to be summoned by the love of Peach, Bowser, Clawdia, and Daisy.


Smithy raised his hammer above his head and strikes the floor once. The entire wall crumbles away into the boiling lava below. He strikes it again and everyone rolls away with bruises and blood and barely manage grab on and pull themselves up. All their weapons are crushed. Smithy then runs at lighting speed to one, then another, knocking them off, and each time they get back up, knowing that they might as well fall into the burning pits below them then live without the ones they love.

Smithy: I have one last riddle for you.
Eyes I have none,
Fingers I have some,
I am as white as snow,
And Evil is all I know,
Who am I?

Mario and Luigi: You were the one that imprisoned our souls and had us fight one another for your own amusement, you are the one who put evil in the world just because you believed all should be like you, you are the one that we shall defeat to end evil once and for all.

Smithy: Two out of three is not bad.

Smithy is then covered in white light and when it is gone the Marios and the Koopas are faced with pure evil.

Master Hand: Just try and stop me. I created you and I can destroy you!!!

Master Hand fires golden Bullet Bills out of his hand and Mario and Luigi go flying off the battle ground and  are a mere dot on the horizon.

Master Hand: Now I will destroy you, pathetic little Kooplings.


Bowser charges and rams his body into Master Hand and Master Hand is tossed a few feet.

Bowser: And no one insults my kids.

Master Hand: How did you…

Bowser: Escape?

Clawdia: When you made the walls crumble away you let us free, and that is the biggest mistake you have EVER made.

Peach: MARIO!!!

Daisy: LUGI!!!

Master Hand: You won’t need to worry; you will join them and burn in the pits for all eternity!!!

Master Hand snaps his fingers and the sky turns dark, comets fly, a black hole is in sight, lightning strikes, and thunder is heard everywhere. Fire is in the horizon.


Master Hand strikes the ground and everyone goes sailing into the sky.

Master Hand: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAAA!!!


Mario: How-a did you know-a that I had it in-a my pocket?


With all his strength Mario throws the Geno doll.  It bare'y makes it onto the battleground where Master Hand is.

Master Hand: Huh? What the heck?! NO, IT CAN’T BE!!!! IT CAN’T BE!!! NOT HIM!!! NOT SSSSMMMMAAAASSSSHHHHH!!!

A small star appears over the doll and Geno is brought to life.

Geno: So you have not learned your lesson yet?


Master Hand fires golden Bullet Bills (if you don’t get the golden Bullet Bills then play Super Smash Brothers, fight Master Hand, and when he fires those things use your shield to block it and if you pause just as they hit you you will see they are golden Bullet Bills.) Smash (or Geno, the relationship will be explained soon) stomps his foot and it brings back Mario, Luigi, the Koopalings, Bowser, Clawdia, Daisy and Peach. He then fires the Geno Beam and uses it to block Master Hand’s Bullet Bills, which seem to never stop coming.

Part Nine: Geno Explains it All

Mario: Geno, I-a see you have-a gotten some-a new moves.

Smash (who is using his Geno Beam to block Master Hand's Bullet Bills during the whole conversation): I am not Geno, I am Smash.

Luigi: But you died with Master Hand!

Smash: I will start from the beginning. When I Master Hand and I died, our bodies went, but our souls remained searching for a body. I found I had the ability to put more soul into dolls. Master Hand, however, had a body that was made up of evil, and he found a great source, Bowser’s hatred towards Mario. Unlike the other villians who were defeated, Bowser was still alive and hated the Marios. Master Hand used that hatred to create himself a body, Smithy. I realized that and to make things worse most of my power had gone away with my body. While the evil gave Master Hand back his powers I had mine split into seven pieces, the peaces to Star Road. I used the doll called Geno as a body, and when I found you already had Star Pieces I made up the story about Star Road because I knew I if told you the truth news would reach Master Hand. I thought that I had to stay with you to kill Smithy; I was surprised when you defeated Smithy without me helping with all seven Star Pieces. Exor was actually a just a home to the evil beings that Master Hand made. When you killed Smithy, I decided to use my powers to travel across time and space and fight evil, wherever there was a place without heroes as great as you. Over time Bowser’s hatred towards Mario grew ten times greater and now Master Hand is more powerful than you or me. You must help me defeat this evil.

Mario: But, what about-a my dream? Did-a you cause that and-a what does it mean?

Smash: Simple, in the dream YOU are your body, the dolls are your souls. Smithy or Master Hand controlled your souls until I got mine back and defeated him. Then you got your soul or doll back and became a hero yourself. And Bowser, you must forget your hatred towards Mario, otherwise we will never defeat him. Bowser, look at your kids, they came all this way to save you, and if it were not for the Marios both you and your children would be dead. We must stand up against this great evil. The world depends on it. I have seen a world without heroes, a place where people are worked as slaves and not given food or water, children are separated from their parents and never know what love is. It is a world where justice, love, honesty, caring, and goodness do not exist, a world where people live only on the hope that goodness shall triumph over the great evil  It is a world where the clouds cry tears every day and there is no goodness. Fight with me so that evil shall be crushed again. The universe is calling for us. Please answer.

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Luigi:  I’m-a ready!

Bowser: Forget Mario and Luigi, that fiend tried to hurt my wife!

Roy: Let’s get ready to rumble.

Wendy: Beauty and love is paramount.


Iggy: We can do it!

Lemmy: We will succeed!

Larry: Peace shall come!

Ludwig: Ve shall fight to ze death!

Peach: Evil shall be destroyed!

Daisy: Goodness is invincible!

Clawdia: Let’s go!

Smash: ATTACK!!!


Part Ten: Evil is Destroyed

The princess and Daisy run up at opposite sides to Master Hand and slap him and he goes sky high. Luigi jumps up on top of him and serves him downward combos him to the ground where Bowser is. He lands slow yet bone-crushing combos. Master Hand is smashed to Mario. who jumps on him headrams him and then catches him and throws him to Iggy and Lemmy, who begin double teaming him. Master Hand tries to retreat towards the skies but is shot down by Ludwig’s fireballs. He lands by an angry Clawdia, who performs a drill claw move and then roundhouses him. Master Hand ends up upside down trying to pull himself up with the last bit of evil within him like animal or bug. Morton runs up and does a sliding kick then a vicious upper cut. Wendy jumps up, grabs Master Hand, and slams him down to the ground. He rebounds up into the sky and is out of sight. Ludwig then gets below him and hits him a with a backflip kick. Master Hand looks up and sees the angry eyes of Larry, who picks up Master Hand and stares at him with hatred towards his evil ways.

Larry: Hey Smash, I think you have a score to settle with this punk!

Larry pulls his hand that is not holding Master Hand back and punches him to Smash who grabs him with one hand and stares at the near dead Master Hand.

Smash: Evil only leads to destruction, now it has led to its own death.

Smash fires a Geno Whirl and Master Hand goes flying at what seems to be the speed of light. After he sails a distance he explodes and is no more.

Everyone (while high-fiving): YA!!! WE DID IT!!!

They look down and see the Koopa Troop and the Mushroom people cheering.

Mario: Well-a Smash, I-a guess you will be our-a new friend.

Smash: I am afraid not. Although I would like to there are other planets out there without heroes as great as you to protect it. I must protect them so Master Hand will not have another great evil to use as a new body, but if you ever run into an evil that the thirteen of you can not overcome…

Smash turns into a star and rips the Geno doll’s legs, arms, and body into two pieces, separates the head, cape, and hat and gives a piece to everyone.

Smash: Put these pieces together to summon me. Make sure that it is something of great power when you call. Until then I will miss you!

Everyone: Us too.

Smash disappears.

Final Part: The Celebration

After the crowd dies down Bowser and Peace sign a peace treaty between the Mushroom people and the Koopas, and each one invites the other one on tour of their castle.


Bowser: I have an excellent idea.

Bowser summons Kamek.

Bowser: Kamek, make EVERYONE IN OUR TROOPS get to work on a new Mario Party game to celebrate!

Kamek: Yes sir.

Clawdia, Daisy, and Peach prepare food for a feast that is approaching, and the Marios and Kooplings play Susan B. Koopa’s Trading Card Game for hours.

The next day after a big breakfast, everyone plays Mario Party. Celebrations last a whole three months.

Everything was perfect.

                The End, until Master Hand seeks a new evil...

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