By Koopa T. Quick

Scene 1: Koopa Castle
Time: 2:00 P.M., June 2, 2001

"What shall, I do, Iggy?" Lemmy asked Iggy. "I need my 20th Koopa Point or else my grade won't go up this year!" Suddenly, a lightbulb popped into his head. "Iggy! Where's Gruntilda?" (From Banjo-Kazooie)

"I'll get her, but why do you need her?" asked Iggy.

"For her (quote Nintendo Power's Banjo-Kazooie movie) Super Duper Wart Smoothing Thing-A-Ma-Jig! (unquote)"

"I'll go steal it."

"Anyway, I'm going out to capture Toad!"

"Oh... I see what you're getting at!"

"Right. I'm gonna-"

"Become Toad for a second."

So, it all worked out. Iggy went out and got Gruntilda's Thing-A-Ma-Jig and Lemmy captured Toad (the Royal Mushroom Retainer one, not one of Peach's people). Soon, Lemmy not only looked like Toad, he sounded like him, too! Now Toad was exactly the opposite...

Scene Two: Mushroom Kingdom
Time: 1:00 P.M., June 3, 2001

"Princess Peach!" "Toad" said when running up to her. "I barely escaped from the Koopas to tell you that they're planning to launch an attack from the sea!"

"What?" Mario said, coming from Toadstool's Castle. "You're saying that the Koopas are going out to lunch in a few days for seafood?

"You know, if you had two stomachs, you'd be dangerous!" "Toad" said. Suddenly, Lemmy Koopa (or who they thought was Lemmy Koopa) came running up the path.

"Princess!" "Lemmy" said. "Listen, the Koopas made me sound like and look like Lemmy Koopa! I'm really Toad!"

"Who should we trust, Mario?" princess asked Mario.

"I know! Hey, Lemmy! What's the password for the castle?"

"Pasta!" "Lemmy" said.

"Pasta!" "Toad" said.

"Sheesh, they're so alike, we can't tell them apart!" Mario said.

"Yeah, and neither ONE of them knows the freakin' password!" Peach said.

After about 50 more minutes of trying stuff, "Toad" said, "Please! You have to believe me!" Suddenly "Toad" started turning back into Lemmy and "Lemmy" started turning back into Toad. The spell had worn off.

Mario and the princess gasped. "Lemmy was telling the truth!"

"I'm not Lemmy, I'm Toad!" Toad and Lemmy were back to their original forms.

"Princess, shall we take the real Lemmy to Mushroom Kingdom Prison?" Mario asked.

"No, just take him home. There will be a MUCH WORSE punishment there- for not completing his job!"

The End

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