Poisoned Italian Restaurant

By Doktor TnT

One sunny bright day- no, wait a sec, the sun doesn't shine in Dark Land. Sorry, ahem...

One dark and cloudy day, Bowser woke up from his bed thinking of how to get revenge on Mario. He spent the entire morning thinking of a plot. It was a very quiet breakfast. Even Morton didn't say much after Bowser gave him a dirty look. Then breakfast ended and just as he was about to leave the room, he enthusiastically shouted, "I got a plan!" Of course everyone had already fleed quickly from the room, thinking he was in a bad mood after being defeated (once more) by Mario.

Ludwig was in his room around noon, working on a special poison that would kill the Marios five minutes after ingestion. The hard part was that it could only work on the Mario siblings and nobody else. He worked for hours and hours, and finally emerged from his room upon success. His siblings stared at him.

"Hey Ludwig, what were you working on? You were sure in there for a long time and you look tired, and it smells funny and-" Wendy stuck a really big sock in Mortan's mouth before he could finish.

"Who cares? It probably doesn't even work," said Larry, holding a small pot with a little purple Piranha Plant in it, but it looked less ferocious than a normal Piranha Plant would at that size, it looked more like a regular tulip than anything else. Everyone left, except for Ludwig, Larry, and Morton, who was still trying to get that giant sock out of his mouth.

"What's that little thing?" asked Ludwig, pointing at the small plant.

"It's a new breed of Piranha flower. I haven't named it yet. It may look small and powerless, but not only can it spit fire, freeze, eat, or poison an enemy but it is only sensitive to the Mario Bros. If they walk by these babies, they wont last for five seconds," said Larry.

"Why's that?" asked Ludwig.

Larry held a brown shoe over the plant. The plant burnt it and and the show froze into an ice block, which caved in Then the ice melted and the shoe caught on fire again and the plant ate it, then spat it back out  It covered in a thick, purple, venomous looking slime. It then disintegrated into a small pile of goop.

"It can digest bigger things too," Larry said as it ate the remains of the shoe. "That shoe used to be Mario's. Roy clipped it from him in a battle, but left it in my room because he had no need for the thing. He only took it so he could prove to Wendy that Mario was a wimp when compared to him. Geez... I don't think it proved anythin- " Larry was stopped mid-sentence by the matching shoe hitting him in the face.

"Does your little flower want seconds?" exclamed Roy as he slammed the door to his room.

"I was working on a special poison. It kills a Mario Brother five minutes after ingestion. It only works on the Mario Brothers," said Ludwig.

"What do you intend to do with that?" asked Larry with a very skepticle look on his face.

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!" exclaimed Ludwig, who had not yet thought of a plan, and had only made the poison because he was bored.

They both exited the room and went into their own. Mortan finally got the sock out of his mouth.

"Hey are you guys still here? I really wanted to say somethi-"

"SHUT UP!!!!" Ludwig and Larry shouted from their bedrooms, interrupting Mortan mid-sentence.

It was three in the afternoon, and Bowser went into Ludwig's room and announced his plan to him. He asked him to make a special poison that would only kill Mario and Luigi.

"I already did, in fact I just finished today, here it is." Ludwig showed Bowser a bottle full of colorless, water-like fluid. "It must be ingested for it to actually work. It takes five minutes," said Ludwig.

"WHAT USE IS THAT?!" screamed Bowser.

"I was just thinking we could start an Italian food restaurant and put this in the food," said Ludwig.

"Y'know, that isn't really a bad idea, but what about employees?" asked Bowser.

"I can have my underlings disguise themselves as Mushroom people, and act as restaurant workers. They will wait on the people, and when the Mario Brothers come and eat this, they will die. Nobody will suspect a thing because it is completely tasteless and oderless and invisible, and it's so powerful that one drop could kill ME if it would work on me," said Ludwig.

"Then I guess the Mario Brothers wouldn't stand in our way. I could kidnap Peach and get power over the MK without breathing any fire at the toilet boy. Sounds good to me. I want to set up the restaurant in the MK, first thing in the morning," said Bowser, looking up at the clock. It was three thirty, time to bark orders at his troops.


The next morning, Lemmy woke up and got onto his ball. He rolled over to the other side of the room and got his Freeze Gun, for today was the first day he was to wait around Bowser's restaurant for the chance to freeze the Marios. He already knew he would loath waiting, so he brought his wand. He decided that if he had to wait around in a restaurant full of Mushroom people, he may as well make the best of it. He then rolled down the corridor on his way to breakfast.

Breakfast that day was hectic, Morton's mouth was open and wouldn't stop moving. Wendy had been given specific orders not to gag him and throw him in the dungeon, but it was really driving her nuts. Everyone could still hear his annoying voice through the earplugs they were wearing, until finally Wendy slugged him in the face.

SHUT YOUR FAT LIP!!!" shouted Wendy. Morton paused for a few seconds and then started whining and blubbering about how much his face hurt. Bowser left the room with his ears covered and went to check if everything was set up at the restaurant.

"Is everything ready to go?" asked Bowser.

"Yep, it will open at 10 AM?" asked a Magikoopa.

"Yes. Get back to your post," said Bowser.

Bowser went back to the dining room to make sure Morton was still alive, and he was siting on the floor with a bloody nose and looking up at Roy, whining "Why'd you do that?!" Roy kicked Mortan across the floor.

"Roy, Morton- dungeon time, go!" exclaimed Bowser, who usually doesn't mind this, but when he's in the middle of conquering, he's extra strict.

"Roy! This is all your fault now we have to go to the dungeon!" Mortan continued whining until Roy eventually stuck a litle brown shoe in his mouth.

"Eat Mario's feet and die!!!" belowed Roy, who had now gone insane from having to be in the dungeon with Morton, who it would be usless to knock out because he whines and complains when he is unconsious too.

About an hour later a guard came by and let Roy out. Roy had threatened to kick the door down if he didn't. He went into Lemmy's room to try and steal the Freeze Gun but it was gone along with Lemmy. "Drats! I wanted to freeze Mortan's mouth shut!" Of course it would have been useless for Roy to try especially because he didn't really know how to use the thing.

Lemmy was aggravated with the fact that he had to be stuck disguising himself as a Mushroom kid. He was purely disgusted, but at least it was better than waiting around in the hiding spot Bowser had offered him. At one point, he went around poking people in the back screaming "Boo!" He was really bored. He ran around the restaurant acting like a brat kid all day. At one point, he pulled out his wand and made the place stink. All the grown-ups gave him a really nasty look. The smell wore off with the smell of food. Then Mario came in just as Lemmy was running past the door. Mario picked Lemmy up by the shirt.

"Hey, put me down you fat goon!" shouted Lemmy.

"Where is this little brat's parents?" asked Mario. All the people started glaring around the room.

"My dad is the owner! PUT ME DOWN YOU LOSER!!!" screamed Lemmy. Mario put him down and waiter came and directed him, his brother, and Peach to a small table.

Luigi ordered pizza, Mario ordered lasagna and Peach ordered pizza. Lemmy continued to run around disguised as a Mushroom brat. About three minutes after the Marios started eating the food, Lemmy hit them over the head with his wand and screamed, "Catch me if you can, Fat Boy!" The Mario Bros. chased him around the store, and then chased him outside. Mario collapsed into the tulips that were in front of the restaurant. They were actually the special Pirahna Plants that Larry had made, and they ate him. All that was left of Mario was a pile of ashes. Luigi was still alive and chasing Lemmy, who run across the flowers. Luigi followed him, but found himself dodging the hungry plants. He made it out of the flower bed but didn't make it ten feet before Lemmy shot him with his Freeze Gun.

"NYAH! NYAH!" Lemmy said, returning to his true form. He then ran into the restaurant and chased the people out as four waiters grabbed Peach.

Morton was still in the dungeon, sitting on the floor, periodically talking to himself. Then the guards came in with a blond-haired girl in a pink dress. She was wearing a crown on her head. Morton wondered if it was Princess Peach.

"Hey, are you Princess Peach? I am Morton Koopa... blah blah blah..." Mortan continued talking and Peach sat on the floor. After about an hour she pulled out a pistol and shot herself, but unfortunately forgot to shoot Morton. Morton left the cell the next morning and went to breakfast. Bowser was in a really good mood and talked and talked even more than Morton did. The koopalings just stared at Mortan, because for once in his life he was actually quiet. Bowser blabbed and blabbed about how great it was to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. All the koopalings left the room with their ears covered and continued on with their lives. They knew that Bowser would be in a very bad mood when he found out Peach had shot herself...

The End

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