The Cell Game

By Golden Road

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad were having a picnic.

Mario: I'm hungry, Peach. Can you hurry up the burgers?

Peach: Mario, they're already done. Just grab one from the pile in front of you.

Mario: I don't want to have to stretch that far. I just wanted a burger.

Luigi: Oh, you're hopeless Mario.

Peach: You don't have to be mean, Luigi.

Luigi: But it's-a true!

Toad: Luigi's right, Mario's a #*(@&# idiot.

Yoshi: Yoshi agree. Mario stupid.

Peach: Well, I guess you two are right about that.

Luigi: But when I said it-

Peach: Enough lies from your mouth, Luigi!

Luigi: I don't lie, Peach!

Peach: Now now, if you don't stop that, Luigi, I'll have you arrested!

Luigi gulps.

Peach: That's better.

Toad: Why, oh why, did your dad say he'd give you a million coins just for making an arrest today?

Peach: I don't know... something about the Royal Prison being undercrowded.

Yoshi: But Luigi not evil. Arrest evil Koopa.

Peach: Yeah, like a Koopa's just going to be wandering around here. They're not going to be here unless they're trying to capture us.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Mushroom Kingdom, Susan B. Koopa is skipping about, greeting the Mushroom People.

Susan: Boy, how great a mood I'm in today, how I want to be nice to the Mushroom folk. Hi Mushroom Person!

Mushroom Person: Yagh! An evil Koopa!

Mushroom Person runs away.

Susan: Um... I didn't say I was going to hurt you, did I? Ah well...

Susan continues skipping about the Mushroom Kingdom, and all the Mushroomers either hide when they see her, or attempt to shoot her.

Mushroom Person (with a shotgun): Take THAT!

It misses Susan, and the force of the shotgun sends the Mushroom Person flying backwards.

Susan: Ugh... all these guys are so racist. Just because I'm a Koopa, they all go screaming over the hills. Maybe Princess Peach will give me a nice reception.

Meanwhile, at the picnic, we see Peach strangling Luigi.

Peach: You take that back!

Toad: But Luigi didn't even say anything.

Peach: That's besides the point.

Luigi: Need... air...

Mario: Keep it up! Keep it up! I'm-a rather enjoying this!

Susan: Uh... did I come at a bad time?

Mario: No, not at- ACK! Koopa Kid!

Mario jumps atop Susan and, being he's so heavy, she's stuck lying on the ground since he won't get off her back.

Susan: Ow... You know, that really hurts, Mario.

Mario: That's the point.

Toad: Which one is that, anyway?

Yoshi: Yoshi don't recognize ugliest Koopa Kid.

Susan: Ugliest Koopa Kid?

Yoshi: Yeah, that be you.

Susan: Well, geez! I didn't come here to attack you.

Peach: Well we don't believe you!

Luigi: *gasp* Yeah...

Susan: You know, just because my uncle hates you all, that doesn't mean I have to hate you too, right?

Toad: Don't fall for that #(*&@, she's trying to mess with our minds!

Peach: Luigi... you may be off the hook. I think I've found someone to arrest!

Yoshi: Yoshi innocent! Me not eat the cherry cobbler in your secret vault last night, honest!

Peach: Uh... how did you know my ROYAL cherry cobbler was missing?

Yoshi: Uh... ugly blonde Koopa Kid here told Yoshi he stole it!

Susan: HE?! I'm a girl, you know!

Toad: Oh please, we've seen Wendy enough times to know what a female Koopa Kid looks like.

Peach: But that's not the point. You're an evil Koopa Kid, so you're going to prison for life!

Susan: But... but...

Peach slaps duct tape over Susan's mouth.

Toad: You know, you're getting lazier and lazier. What ever happened to tying a gag around the mouth?

Peach: Ah, forget that, duct tape does everything.

Meanwhile, at Koopa Castle, the Koopas are all in the TV room waiting for Survivor II to start.

Larry: So, Ludwig, you're betting ALL your gold coins that Tina's not going to win this?

Ludwig: It's scientifically impossible... she's worthless to everyone, they will all see that, and vote her off very quickly. I think it's obvious to all that Colby will win it all.

Roy: No, Elisabeth will win, and I'll pound anyone who disagrees!

Larry: Ooh, Roy has a crush on a human girl, ooh!

Roy punches Larry, goes to cry behind a corner, and comes back in.

Roy: Girls... meh, worthless creatures.

Lemmy: Shh! It's starting!

TV:  We interrupt Survivor II for a special report.

Larry: Ugh, stupid news person... King Dad, can you kill that news reporter for interrupting Survivor?

Bowser: Of course, son. No one interrupts MY favorite TV show and lives!

TV Reporter: We are live, with Princess Peach Toadstool, who has successfully locked away, in prison, one of the nasty, horrible, dispicable Koopa Kids.

Bowser: WHAT?!

Larry: King Dad, we're all here... they must be mistaken.

Peach: That's right, we've caught the most hideous Koopa Kid we've ever seen... ooh, is he ugly!

Roy: Iggy, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in the Royal Prison!

Roy punches Iggy to a bloody pulp.

Larry: Eww, can't get much uglier than that.

TV Reporter: Can we have a view of this horrible monster?

Peach: Yes, but I warn you, don't eat when we show it to you.

The TV shows a picture of a crying Susan B. Koopa behind bars.

Larry: I stand corrected.

Roy: They interrupt Survivor so that we don't see a pretty girl but an ugly thing?!

Roy beats Iggy to an even bloodier pulp.

Bowser: Isn't that Susan on the TV?

Wendy: Ooh, she is not photogenic at all.

Morton: You guys, that is Susan B. Koopa on the TV, and we, as her favorite cousins, must go and get her out, for it would be unfair for her to have to spend forever in that prison, because they don't treat you very well in prison, I should know because-

Roy: YOU went to prison?

Morton: Um... no.

Larry: Touchy, touchy... Roy, you found a way to shut Morton up!

Bowser: Well, I guess you all still have one well-behaved cousin. Well, I'm going to bed, goodnight you brats.

Roy: So... who wants to go to the Royal Prison to make fun of Susan for being in there?

Morton: Ooh, I do, I do, me, me, me-

Roy: No, not you Morton... knowing you, you'd do something stupid, like letting her out. Makes me so mad I need to beat up on someone!

Roy beats Iggy to a non-bloody pulp... guess he ran out of blood. Anyway... let's check up on Susan, see how she's doing in prison... Not well, apparently. We see a Sledge Sister pounding away on top of her.

Sledge Sister: Ooh, you think you got it so good, you gonna be my slave in here. I say jump, you jump right away. I say you steal me food, you steal me food right away. I your master in here.

Susan:  ...

Babs Beetle: Aww, she has a headache, boo-hoo. Maybe some ICE would help!

Babs Beetle throws a huge ice block at Susan's head.

Warden: Ok, ok, clear out, clear out.

Susan: Ugh... I'm in such pain... Thank you, Warden. Uh... where are you, anyway?

Warden: Look at the green wall with the graffiti on it.

Susan looks and hears a bump coming from the other side of the wall.

Warden: Ok... this isn't as easy as I thought it'd be... cannon, that's it!

Susan keeps looking and hears a loud BOOM!, and a cannonball crashes through the wall.

Warden: Allow me to introduce myself, for the fourth and final time.

The figure comes from behind the opening in the wall, and Susan screams.

Warden: I am... still... Mr. Little!

Susan: Get away! Get the real warden!

Mr. Little: I AM the real warden!

Susan: Ooh boy...

Meanwhile, at Peach's castle...

Luigi: You know, Peach, I really don't know about trusting that Goomba.

Peach: Now Luigi, you know that guy's really dead set on killing the Koopas... it seemed like a great idea to me.

Mario: Didn't he try to kill us too, though?

Peach: Ah, what do you know, Mario, all you know how to do is say cheese over and over.

Mario: Stop that! How many-a times do I have to remind everyone my food obsession is pasta, not cheese?!

Yoshi: Mario and cheese, sitting in a tree! K I-

Mario: Cut that out! I like pasta! I like pizza! Heck, I even like frozen yogurt! But I don't care about stupid cheese!

Peach: What about macaroni and cheese?

Mario: Stop it! No, no, no! Red gravy, red gravy and spaghetti!

Luigi: Anyway, back to the topic of the Goomba... it seems stupid to me, still. He begged to be hired at that prison since he found out that the Koopa Kid was being held there.

Peach: What's not to trust? He paid me a hundred thousand gold coins.

Yoshi: That not much.

Peach: So? He's just looking over the prison. Why not hire someone to do that who doesn't expect to be paid?

Luigi: I dunno... but I don't trust him still.

Meanwhile, back at the prison, Susan is sitting in her cell, along with Maple.

Susan: Hmm... I wonder why Mr. Little left me here... and with someone who isn't trying to kill me.

Maple: Ok, sorry... would you be happier if I tried to kill you?

Susan: Ooh, no, no, no! Not at all!

Maple: Relax, I was kidding. I'm Maple.

Susan: So this is why you never appeared before in Lemmy's Land.

Maple: Yeah... arrested because Peach thought I was too beautiful, thus she wanted to do away with any competition she might have.

Susan: I'm sorry... I'm Susan. And I'm scared here... that Goomba is up to something, I just know it. He's already tried to kill me three times.

Maple: Really? I'd be more worried about the other people locked up here. You already had that Sledge Sister trying to kill you.

Susan: Ugh... don't remind me. I-

Mr. Little appears outside Susan's cell, watching.

Susan: Oh, what do you want?

Mr. Little: Well, to be honest, I want to kill you. But not yet... for now, I just want you to be comfortable.

Mr. Little scurries off.

Susan: Ok... that was weird.

Maple: He wants you to be comfortable... just be happy. You could have worse cellmates than me! Pillow fight!

Susan and Maple start giggling and whacking each other with pillows. Meanwhile, in Mr. Little's office...

Mr. Little: (talking into a 2-way television) So, Bowser... as you may or may not be aware, your cousin Susan is in prison.

Bowser: YOU'RE ALIVE?!

Mr. Little: Didn't Susan tell you that? She must've known.

Bowser: DARN YOU! Well as long as she's there, in prison, she'll be away from you at least!

Mr. Little: Ah, but that's where you're wrong, Bowsie. (Bowser gets steam coming from his ears upon being called Bowsie) For you see... Peach hired me as the warden for this prison.

Bowser: What?! That's crazy... she wouldn't hire someone she didn't trust to run the Royal Prison!

Mr. Little: Ah, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to buy her! Shall I prove that I am in the prison, and that I run it?

Mr. Little takes the TV and carries it to Susan's cell, so Bowser can see them both. Then Mr. Little carries it back to his office.

Mr. Little: So, you know now that I am not bluffing.

Bowser: Ok... what do you want? How much money?

Mr. Little: Money? Oh, no, no! I don't want your money! I want you!

Bowser: WHAT?!

Mr. Little: That's right... I'm a bargaining kind of guy... you for the girl. I'll leave that choice up to you.

Bowser: But-

Mr. Little: Ah, ah, ah, you're not in the bargaining position. I want you to be at the prison gates at exactly 3 AM. Bring no one, bring nothing but yourself. If you do not follow my orders, the girl dies. Is that clear?

Bowser:  *sigh* Yes.

Mr. Little: Good, now shoo.

The TV monitors turn off.

Mr. Little: Ah... how great this will be... Susan will die! Susan will die, and I'll be happy. But Bowser will feel compelled to save her, sacrificing himself to do so. So I'll get him too... and it'll be two for the price of one!  Whoohoohoohahaha!

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle, it seems Larry was listening in on Bowser's conversation with Mr. Little.

Larry: You guys, guess what?

Roy: Whadd'ya want?!

Larry: King Dad's going to give himself up to Mr. Little!

Roy beats up Larry.

Roy: Don't say stupid things... King Dad wouldn't do that, and besides, Mr. Little's dead.

Larry: He's not dead! I heard him! And King Dad would do that if it meant saving Susan.

Roy: Mr. Little doesn't have Susan... she's locked away in the Royal Prison, and I must say, that makes me more than happy.

Larry: Peach hired Mr. Little as warden for the prison.

Ludwig: Now, why would Peach do such a-

Larry: Mr. Little paid Peach for the position.

Ludwig: Well... it's starting to make sense now. Obviously, Mr. Little wanted to get hired for the prison after finding out Susan was locked in there, and now, he's using her to get to King Dad, and he'll get the revenge he's always wanted.

Wendy: Why doesn't King Dad just let her die?

Ludwig: You have to remember, Wendy... for some reason, he loves Susan like his own... I haven't a clue as to why, but he does. Just as he would die for any one of us, he would for Susan as well, I'm afraid.

Lemmy: So we need to hurry and stop King Dad!

The five Koopalings rush to Bowser's room, only it seems he's already left.

Roy: Great, just great!

(Roy punches Lemmy)

Roy: It's your fault for slowing us down!

Lemmy: Sorry, I'm not good at running. Do you think we should get Morton now?

Roy: *sigh* I guess we could use all the help we can get.

The Koopalings rush to Morton's room, where they see Iggy tied up and gagged outside.

Roy: IGGY! You were supposed to be guarding this door to make sure Morton stayed in!

Iggy: Mmph!

Roy beats Iggy to a bloody pulp.

Larry: At least Iggy got some blood back.

Lemmy: Well, great. Looks like Morton left too, to break Susan out of prison. Must everything go wrong?

Roy: Look, we can still hurry and stop King Dad from making the biggest mistake of his life!

Larry: Well, let's hurry then.

Wendy: WAIT! I'm hungry... I think we should stop in at Pizza Hut and eat something.

Ludwig: But Wendy, we do not have time to-


Roy punches Wendy.

Wendy: Oooouuuh...

Larry: Wow... I never knew you had it in you to punch our sister, Roy.

Roy: Well... this is serious here. If we're going to save King Dad, we don't have time to eat.

Ludwig: Wait... shouldn't we get my King Dad Locator, at least?

Roy: Ludwig, we don't have time for that!

Ludwig: It'll show us where he IS.

Roy: That's... a good thing, right?

Lemmy: Duh.

Ludwig goes to his room to get his King Dad Locator and comes back, and the five Koopalings rush to Bowser's location. Meanwhile... hey, let's check up on Morton, see where he is...

Morton: (talking quietly to himself) Ok, dynamite, check... that's all I need. Question is, where to use the dynamite. Well... I hope Golden Road wants to hurry and wrap this story up... if so, then no matter where I plant it, it'll open a hole going from her cell to out here, and she'll be rescued, and then I'll be the hero, and King Dad will promote me, and my brothers will beat me up for saving her, but they'll get in trouble since King Dad will look out for me because of my good deed, and all I have to do now is set this dynamite up and detonate it.

Morton places the dynamite by a wall and detonates it... the prison alarm sounds, the smoke clears, and out from the hole in the wall comes...

Sledge Sister: 'Bout time I got outta that place.

Morton:  Um... you're not Susan B. Koopa, are you? Rather, you look like one of those ugly Sledge Brothers, only wearing make-up, and-

Sledge Sister pounces on Morton and starts beating him to a bloody pulp. Luckily, for Sledge Sister at least, she sees flying Bloobers coming, so she runs off, and the flying Bloobers carry off the bloody pulp named Morton to Mr. Little's office.

Mr. Little: I think you're rubbing off on the narrator, Morton.

Well, excuse me!

Mr. Little: Now, I assume you were here to rescue your girlfriend, am I correct?

Morton is still a bloody pulp, and as such, too weak to answer.

Mr. Little: Ah, yes, of course, you're too weak to answer.

I just said that, Mr. Little!

Mr. Little: Gee, you're rather nasty today, narrator. Anyway, Morton, if I may call you Morton... I bet you would like to see a spectacular show, am I correct?

Morton just lies there, as a bloody pulp.

Mr. Little: Well, you will get to see the greatest spectacle on Plit in a matter of moments. Would you like me to share with you?

Morton just keeps lying there.

Mr. Little: Well, I'll tell you anyway. I have your girlfriend locked up in my prison, here, and she will be executed. Quite simply, her cell she is in is actually transformable into a glass cube. I shall fill it with water, and throw a plugged-in toaster into the vat of water, and she will be electrocuted! Whoohoohoohahaha!

Morton is... still half-dead.

Mr. Little: Ooh, but it gets better! Your dad will be here in about an hour, and at that time, I will have one of my flying Bloobers in a Susan B. Koopa suit come down to Bowser, at the same time my flying Bloobers are picking him up... to be put in the vat of water with the real Susan. So they both die! Whoohoohoohahaha!  And you, Morton, will get a front row seat to view it... in the cell across the hall! Bloobers, put him in his cell!

The Bloobers carry Morton to the cell across the hall from Susan's cell. Morton is... a little better physically now.

Susan: Martie! They caught you too?

Morton: Sorry... I was trying to rescue you... it didn't work as I had hoped it would.

Susan: Darnie. Well, I've learned one thing, anyway, never to trust those Marios.

Morton: You trusted them?

Susan: Well, I was in a good mood, and I never thought they had anything against me.

Morton: You're a Koopa... they hate any and all Koopas for no good reason.

Susan: I kinda figured that out.

Maple: Who's that guy?

Susan: Ooh, that's Morton, one of Uncle Bowser's children.

Morton: And may I add, the best of his children.

Maple: See, Susan? Mr. Little isn't trying to kill you. He put a friend across the hall for you to talk to.

Morton: Um... actually... that's not why he put me in this cell.

Susan: Ok... Morton, I'm afraid to ask, but why did he put you in that cell?

Morton: To get a good view of your death.

Susan: *sigh* I somehow should've known.

Morton: That cell you're in, it's actually a transformable glass cube, which Mr. Little intends to fill with water, and throw a plugged in toaster into it to electrocute you.

Maple: Um... not to belittle your problems... but I'm in this cell too.

Susan: Well, hopefully he'll take you out before he kills me.

Susan and Maple hug one another, bawling.

Morton: Gee... Susan made a friend. It's so nice to see... she's always had trouble making friends. Too bad this is the end.

Morton starts tearing up.Meanwhile, at Pizza Hut...

Roy: Ok... remind me ONE LAST TIME why we stopped here.

Wendy: To get pizza! I'm starved.

Roy: You could stand to lose the weight, fatty.

Wendy punches Roy.

Lemmy: Whoo, that's not something you see everyday.

Larry: Well... you should know not to call Wendy that.

Ludwig: *sigh* None of you remember why we're here?

Wendy: To order pizza! It should be here-

Waitress: Here's your pizza, pan Pepperoni Lover's, right?

Wendy: Yep, it's our pizza!

Waitress: Don't I get a tip?

Ludwig: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it impolite for the waitstaff to actually ask for the tip?

Wendy: Good point- lady, you get none!

The waitress spits on the pizza and storms off, cursing.

Wendy: Ok... I don't think the spit hit this slice. I'm taking it.

Ludwig: Anyway, King Dad is here... and according to this, he's still here, but where?

Suddenly the Koopalings hear the toilet explode, and out the men's restroom comes a sewage-drenched Bowser.

Bowser: Ugh, they really need to fix up these restrooms.

Roy: King Dad!

Wendy: Want a slice of pizza? No one did anything to it!

Bowser: No, I just came in to use the restroom. And now, I have... personal... business to take care of.

Larry: King Dad, we all know what you're doing.

Bowser: Uh... whatever could you mean?

Lemmy: You're going to trade yourself to Mr. Little to save Susan.

Bowser: Um... well... ok, yes.

Larry: Why? Why?

Larry starts crying, squeezing his teddy bear.

Bowser: I can't just let that creepy Goomba kill her. She's young, so full of life, such a bright future ahead of her... I'm aging, and completely unsuccessful in taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Face it... we need her more than me.

Lemmy: That's so... unlike you, King Dad.

Bowser: Well... what can I say? Someone needs to look after the poor thing. (crying) She's had a much rougher life than any of you. Her father doesn't care about her in the least. her mother is heaven-knows- where... she can't even get any of you to get along with, as much as I try... she's all alone in this world. I want her to have a better life than she does. And I want her to have a life.

Ludwig: You know, if you don't kill Mr. Little once and for all, he'll be back for Susan later.

Bowser: I know... and that bothers me... Well, I must be going. So long, children.

Bowser walks off, sadly. The Koopa Kids follow him.

Pizza Hut Manager (chasing after the Koopas): Hey! You didn't pay for that pizza!

Meanwhile, back at Peach's castle...

Luigi: Ok, everyone, I'm back with food from the Pasta Palace! And Mario, don't you worry, I got your favorite for you- a cheese log!

Mario: Ugh... I hate cheese logs!

Luigi: No you don't! Every author in Lemmy's Land says you like them!

Mario: They're all lying! Why can't you just get me pasta? Pasta, that's-a all I ask!

Luigi: Anyway, Princess, don't you think we should check up on Mr. Little, make sure he's doing his job, not slacking off?

Peach: Hmm... well, I suppose you do have a point.


Mr. Little: (answering his phone) Hello, Warden Little here.

Peach: Hey, I just wanted to check how everything was going in the prison.

Mr. Little: Well, Sledge Sister escaped, you may want to be on the lookout for her, but I did capture the person who allowed her to escape- Morton Koopa Jr. Also, we're about to capture King Bowser Koopa himself in a few minutes.

Peach: Wow, great work!

Peach hangs up.

Peach: Guess what, you guys, Mr. Little bagged another Koopa Kid! And he's about to get King Koopa!  And you were worried that he wasn't up to the job.

Toad: Uh, he could just be lying, right?

Suddenly the castle alarm goes off, meaning someone broke into the Royal Vault. Two Mushroom guards carry out Sledge Sister, trying to steal all the treasures.

Sledge Sister: You can't keep me outta here! I be back to get the rest!

Peach: Hmm... wasn't that the escapee?

Luigi: Someone escaped the Royal Prison?

Peach: Well...

Luigi: Fire him, Princess, fire him!

Peach: Well, I will now, thanks to that little debacle. Someone tried to steal my stuff thanks to Mr. Little's shoddy work!


Mr. Little: Hello?

Peach: You're fired, good day!

(Peach hangs up.)

Peach: See? Simple!

Suddenly, two large Bloobers bust in and carry Peach off to see Mr. Little.

Mr. Little: Now, Peachie, did you want to discuss matters with me?

Peach: Yes, you're FIRED!

Mr. Little: My, my, that's pretty harsh words coming from such a delicate mouth.

Peach: You are FIRED!

Mr. Little: Really? I rather like my work here, and I'd rather stay working here.

Peach: No, you can't because you're FIRED, and Mario and Luigi will kick your butt!

Mr. Little: Now, Peachie, how about I give you some time to think things through before you fire me... I really think I can get you to see things my way. Bloobers, put her in Susan's cell!

Peach: Susan's cell? I hope she's not violent.

The Bloobers carry her into the cell with Susan and Maple.

Peach: Oh boy... I think I remember both of you-

Maple: YOU!

Maple lunges toward Peach in an attempt to rip out her throat, but Susan calmly pushes her aside.

Susan: Maple... calm down. I know she can be... evil, but I don't think fighting her is going to help anyone.

Maple: It'd make me feel better.

Susan: Yeah, I guess I can see why it would... but still, try not to, for me, ok?

Maple: *sigh* Ok.

Peach slaps Maple.

Peach: Haha! What are you going to do about that? Ha, I can beat you up, and Susan won't let you do anything about it!

Peach slaps Maple more.

Susan: Ok... forget what I said, Maple, feel free to bite back.

Maple: Uh... bite?

Susan: Er, fight back.

Maple and Peach get in a tussle. Meanwhile, Mr. Little is waiting Bowser's arrival on the roof of the prison, as Bowser comes.

Mr. Little: Ok, what are your kids doing here?

Bowser: Err... they followed me.

Mr. Little: Ah, very well, Bloobers, bring the big one up here.

Bowser: Wait! Bring Susan down here!

Mr. Little: Ah, very well.

Mr. Little throws the Bloober in a Susan costume down from the roof.

Bowser: Ack! Kids, catch her!

The Bloobers carry Bowser to the roof.

Mr. Little: Ah, well done, Bloobers. Put him in the cell... you know which one.

The Bloobers go as ordered and drop Bowser off in the cell with Susan.

Bowser: Wait a minute... Susan? I thought Mr. Little released you!

Susan: No... he didn't.

Bowser: But I saw him throw you off the roof!

Morton: No, King Dad, it was a Bloober in a Susan B. Koopa suit.

Bowser: Why that lying, double-crossing-

Susan: We'll be dead.

Bowser: Uh... I did not need to know that.

Peach: At least you three will die, this won't be a total loss!

Susan: Urgh, you are so petty, Peach! Really, what do you have against us all?

Peach: Well, he keeps kidnapping me!

Susan: Ok... what problem do you have with me and Maple?

Peach: Well... you're a Koopa! Koopas are evil, and you're a Koopa, so you're evil. And Maple... she's prettier than me, and she beat me at golf!

Susan: Peach... can you try to put it past you? Try to get along with us?

Peach: *sigh* I guess. I guess I could be a little nicer.

Peach lunges toward Maple to hug her.

Peach: I'm sorry, Maple... you don't deserve this... I was mean, I was bitter, and now you're going to die because of me.

Susan sniffles seeing Peach's actions, and goes to give her a hug. Meanwhile, outside the prison...

Ludwig: Whoops, we accidentally didn't catch Susan, how clumsy of us!

Wendy: Yeah, she's probably dead now, oh darn!

They see the Susan costume rise up though, and a flying Bloober rips out of the costume, headed back to the prison.

Lemmy: Darn... guess she's not dead yet.

Wendy: So she's still in the prison... ooh, she'll be dead soon enough!

Roy: We have to get King Dad out of there.

Wendy: Oh, yeah.

Lemmy: But how will we get in?

Ludwig: Very simple, actually... I brough this little gadget just in case we might need it- my portable helipropeller. Unfortunately, it's only strong enough to carry one of us. Do we have any volunteers?

Roy: I'll go.

Ludwig: Good luck, Roy. Now go rescue King Dad!

Roy uses the helipropeller to get onto the roof. From the roof he goes downstairs through the hallways, looking for the cell with King Dad in it.

Roy: This place seems pretty dead... this is easy, not even any gua- Spoke too soon!

Roy is rushing through the hallways now, dodging, hiding from, and punching flying Bloobers, which are roaming all over the place.

Roy: EEEIII, get away you stupid-

Morton: Roy? Is that you? I hope that is you, because we need someone to rescue us from the evil Mr. Little, and we're all locked up, and we need to get out of here, or else Susan, Peach, Maple, and King Dad will all die, and it'll be your fault if we-

Roy punches Morton through the bars.


Bowser: Roy! Get us out of here!

Just as Roy gets ready to bend the bars, the glass cube forms around the cell.

Roy: Too late... time for plan B.

Mr. Little: Whoohoohoohahaha! There is no plan B, no plan B could work against me, for I am Mr. Little!  Already, as I speak, the cube they are in is filling up with water. Soon enough, I will throw THIS toaster into this cube, and all the prisoners in there will die!

Roy is getting Morton out of his cell, while Bowser, Peach, and Maple are panicing.

Susan: Mr. Little, why must you kill Maple? What has she done?

Mr. Little: That insignificant flea? If I could kill an innocent bystander without any extra effort on my part, why wouldn't I go for it?

Susan: That's just SICK!

Mr. Little: Ooh, but sick suits me so well! Almost as well as DEAD suits YOU! And now... it's time to die!

Mr. Little throws the toaster into the cell, but Morton catches it right before the toaster touches the water.

Morton: Just in the nick of time!

Mr. Little doesn't seem too upset though... he's actually giggling.

Mr. Little: Well I'm impressed! Roy got you out of your cell, and you made it up here to catch the toaster before it struck the water and electrocuted them all.

Morton: Yes... you bad guys really need to stop telling your master plan to the good guys.

Mr. Little: Ah, but that was only plan A... I didn't tell you about plan X!

A flying Bloober knocks Morton into the vat of water.

Mr. Little: Bloobers, hold them tight!

Five flying Bloobers come quickly to hold Bowser, Morton, Susan, Maple, and Peach in place.

Mr. Little: You can't escape... this vat will fill higher, and soon, since the Bloobers will hold you down, you will drown. They can breathe underwater- you can't! And to make sure nothing goes awry, Bloober 6, 7, 8, catch Roy!

Roy: Yikes!

Roy runs for dear life... and Roy himself has a plan.

Roy: Diamond, check... good thing I stole this from Wendy's safe. Duct tape, check. Now, the Bloober.

Roy sticks the sharp end of the diamond out of the tape, and the rest sticks to the tape. As a Bloober lunges toward Roy he sticks the tape onto one of the Bloober's tentacles.

Roy: Now, just to get his attention by this glass... Nya, nya-nya, nya-nya, nya!

The three Bloobers turn red upon hearing the taunt, and rush at top speed toward Roy. At the last moment, Roy leaps from in front of the glass, and the three Bloobers hit the glass, plus the sharp diamond hits the glass attached to one of the Bloobers' tentacles...


Mr. Little: Um... what was that?

Roy: That is the sweet sound of success.

Mr. Little: It can't be... impossible! Bloobers, catch him!

The Bloobers continue chasing Roy, all the while Roy continues pounding against the glass... it eventually gives way, and the water comes splashing all out, all through the prison.

Mr. Little: No, this cannot be happening! ACK!

Mr. Little falls from the top of the vat, as it broke, and is washed away with the fast-flowing water. All are eventually washed outside the prison doors.

Mr. Little: My master plan... failed, yet again! This cannot be!

Mr. Little becomes surrounded by Wendy, Larry, Lemmy, and Ludwig.

Mr. Little: Um... I will be going... Bloobers?

The Bloobers are still holding tight their victims.

Mr. Little: BLOOBERS! Forget them, get me out of here!

The Bloobers immediately all come to carry Mr. Little away, just before Wendy steps on his head, off to who knows where...

Wendy: Darn... I wanted to make a Mushroom soup out of him.

Morton: Ugh, for him to be dead, it'd be worth putting up with your cooking.

Peach: Uh... thank you... for getting me out of there. To show my appreciation, I won't arrest you this time.  Now leave before I change my mind!

Maple: Trust me, she's serious, we'd better go now!

Susan: Ok... goodbye, Maple, I hope to see you again.

Maple: Thanks... well, I know where you live, I can visit sometime.

Susan: Thanks!

Everyone heads back home, except for Susan, who goes home with Bowser.

Bowser: I guess you can stay here for the night... it's the middle of the night anyway, won't make you go home now.

Wendy: Uh... Susan? You can sleep in my bed. It's clean... I thought you might be comfortable in it.

Susan: Why... thank you Wendy. I don't know what to say.

Wendy: Just thank you... and you're welcome.

The End

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