Ludwig's First Chocolate

By Bowser 52589

Artwork by Fried Rooster

It was a slightly black day in Dark Land (sunny to the people who live there). The year was 1991. King Bowser Koopa had just returned home from the grocery store. "Honey, I'm home!" he yelled. He put away the groceries and headed for his bedroom. He held up two chocolate bars. "They were on sale!" he said.

Clawdia sat up in bed. "You know I can't eat chocolate. I'm fixing to have our second Koopaling."

"Oh, yeah," Bowser said. "I'll just give them to Ludwig."

Bowser strolled down to the room of Ludwig von Koopa, his first son. Ludwig was only one year old and was making an invention by combining several toys. However, when he turned it on it fell to pieces.

"Hey, Ludwig, want some chocolate?" Bowser asked.

Ludwig looked up. "Daddy home!"

Bowser smiled, "Yeah, I know. Do you want some chocolate?" he said, holding up the candy bars.

"Choc-o-late? Wuzzat?" Ludwig asked.

"It's food!" Bowser said, pretending to eat a bar.

"Um, kay!" Ludwig took the chocolate bar from Bowser and tried to bite it.

"No, no," Bowser said. He took the candy bar and pulled the wrapper off. He then handed it back to Ludwig.

Ludwig took a bite, chewed it a bit, thought about it for a second, chewed it some more, and then swallowed it.

"Well," Bowser asked, "what do you think?"

"It good!" Ludwig said. He then scarfed down the rest of the candy bar. "Yum! Got more?"

"Well, I'm not that hungry," Bowser said, handing him the other chocolate bar.

Ludwig figured out how to unwrap it and quickly scarfed it down. "Mmm, got more?" Ludwig asked.

"Nope, all gone," Bowser said, holding out his hands.

"Oh well," Ludwig said. "Hey! I got more energy to invent!" He put his invention back together, this time tightening a certain screw. He turned it on and it worked!

'Hey,' Bowser thought, 'maybe this chocolate is a good thing!'

The next day Bowser ordered his chefs to prepare a large batch of chocolate. When it was ready, Bowser carried the bowl of chocolate to Ludwig's room.

"Hi, Daddy!" Ludwig said.

"Oh, Ludwig," Bowser said, "guess what I've got."

"Um, 7.4 ounces of chocolate?" Ludwig replied.

'Dang, that kid's smart,' Bowser thought, handing Ludwig the chocolate.

Ludwig stuck his hand into the bowl and scooped up some of the chocolate. When he popped it into his mouth, his eyes got real wide and watery.

"Oh boy," Bowser said, "here comes one of those mirage things."

Ludwig sat, envisioning himself running along the beach with a huge bar of chocolate. He then saw himself dating a gigantic bar of chocolate. And then marrying it.

"Ludwig, snap out of it!" Bowser yelled, shaking Ludwig. Ludwig slowly came to. "Are you okay?" Bowser asked.

"Yeah Daddy, look." Ludwig held up an invention he had finished. It worked.

"That's good," Bowser said, "Well, I've got to go check on your mother."

The next day Bowser came in to check on Ludwig. "Chocolate, Daddy?" Ludwig asked.

"No, no chocolate," Bowser replied. Bowser stopped giving Ludwig chocolate for a while, and for a while his inventions stopped working. 'Sigh, Ludwig hasn't been doing too good,' Bowser thought. Ludwig just sat in his room, repeatedly tracing out a picture of a chocolate bar in the carpet with his finger.

The day after that, Bowser handed Ludwig some chocolate the chefs had made. He slowly ate it, began to snap out of his trance, and began working on a new invention. It didn't work, but Bowser thought it was at least good that he tried. From then on, Ludwig always got his chocolate.

The End

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