The Crystal Bane of Cruelex

By Arim

Lemmy walked into the darkness that was the fortress. The hallways were only lit by dim torches. There were many soldiers marching across the hallways including Fire Brothers, Terra Cottas, and Goombas.

Lemmy: Goombas?! That´s so lame!

Lemmy made his way through the hallways, hiding from soldiers. He stopped behind a pillar near an important-looking golden door with velvet patterns. There, a Goomba stopped in front of a Fire Brother.

Goomba: Hey you!

Fire Brother: Yes sir?

Goomba: Don´t let me catch you slacking off!

Fire Brother: Yes sir!

Lemmy: (What the? A Goomba bullying a Fire Brother?)

Goomba: The big man wants to see you!

Fire Brother: Y-yes sir!

The Goomba scurried off while the Fire Brother fumbled with the keys he was given to open the golden door. Lemmy thought more about following him, and decided he'd better try to find Kamek.

Meanwhile, in Castle Cruelex...

Cruelex: Hmhmhmhmhahahahaha!!! The poor fool wants to save his trusted mage.

Geglash: My head is spinning... O_o

Cruelex: He does not know that I see all.

Geglash: Leave the kid alone!

Cruelex: ... And you will give me a reason?

Geglash: Stop hurting him!

Cruelex: I am not hurting him. He is foolishly hurting himself.

Back in the fortress, Lemmy saw a narrow winding staircase that led down to a basement. He assumed that the dungeon was downstairs, so downstairs he went. Downstairs was a complete good-looking dungeon. As
good as a dungeon can look, at least. The walls were made of shiny gray stone, and the cells´ bars looked shiny too. The guards looked like the Manager from SMRPG, but instead of axes they had a chained spiked ball. There was no way that Lemmy could get past them, because there were no hiding places. Then he looked at his hand.

Lemmy: AUGH! Where is my wand when I need it?

It seemed like he had lost his wand. He looked at his surroundings and saw that at the end of the hallway there was another winding staircase that led up. A guard was in the middle. The staircase was right below the room with golden doors! Lemmy didn’t even finish thinking before he sped back to the golden doors. To Lemmy´s surprise, the door wasn´t locked. Inside, there was a huge fat Goomba the size of ten normal ones.

Big Goomba: The name´s Foomba! I am the master of this fortress! I will kill you and then eat you! Meeheehee!

Foomba clicked his fingers and the golden doors closed behind Lemmy. Lemmy could easily see a winding staircase at the back of the room. Foomba jumped at Lemmy with incredible agility. Lemmy only dodged barely. He didn´t even have his Freeze Gun.

Lemmy: I could swear I brought it with me!

This continued for some time until Lemmy could not move one more muscle. He collapsed on the cold floor.
Foomba just slowly walked towards him. When Foomba was about to bite him, something unexpected happened. Foomba flashed a rainbow of colors while screaming.


Then Foomba exploded into tiny sparks that dissolved in the air. Lemmy slowly lifted his head. In the winding staircase at the end if the room he saw the figure of a Magikoopa with his wand raised.

Lemmy: Kamek!

Lemmy lifted himself up and walked towards the Magikoopa.

Magikoopa: My name is not Kamek! My name is simply Magikoopa.

Lemmy looked at the Magikoopa intently and saw that his robes were red, not Kamek´s blue. Red meant that
the Magikoopa had a different boss.

Magikoopa: You helped me defeat him while he was distracted. What is your name?

Lemmy: L-Lemmy.

Magikoopa: This Goomba gave all rights to Goombas and imprisoned us Magikoopas in his dungeon.

Out of the winding staircase came an assortment of Magikoopas and... Kamek! Kamek looked really weak and his head was bowed.

Lemmy: Kamek!

Magikoopa: So this is your Kamek? Well, his garb is blue. So that means he is not one of us. Even so, he IS a Magikoopa so we invite you to a feast at the kitchen.

The Magikoopas left Lemmy and Kamek alone.

Lemmy: Kamek, are you ok?

Kamek: Not very well, prince, it seems as if this place drains my power and mind. Every Koopa is experiencing his very own nightmarish adventure. For some unknown reason we are in the same one.

They headed down to the kitchen. There, the table was chock full of delicious food and drinks. They sat down to feast while talking for some time. When they were just about finished Magikoopa asked a question.

Magikoopa: So, Kamek, why have you come here?

Kamek: We intend to stop Cruelex-

Kamek stopped himself. How could he tell that to a complete stranger? This horrible place was taking a toll on his mind.

Meanwhile, in Castle Cruelex...

Cruelex: So, they will stop me? Let´s see if they can battle Magikoopa.

Back in the fortress, Magikoopa´s eyeglasses turned black.

Magikoopa: I am afraid you cannot do that. I shall personally kill you!

Immediately Magikoopa fired a spell at Kamek, which was blocked by a shield spell that dissipated on contact with the aggressor’s spell. They both leapt back and started a full spell melee. Lemmy didn´t know how to help because he didn´t  have any weapons. It was then that he noticed two swords that hung on the wall as decoration. He jumped to grab one but it was too high, not to mention that he was really short. Magikoopa fired a lightning orb spell that Kamek expertly dodged, then retaliated with a Flare Beam spell which was in turn dodged as well. Lemmy used a stool to get the sword. He initially extended his arm to get the sword at the left, but by some kind of compulsive or magnetic force, his arm was dragged towards the one on the right.

Meanwhile, in Castle Cruelex…

Cruelex: What the %!”!&?! The Crystallized Emerald Sword!!!

Geglash: So, Cruelex, you finally ditched your cool.

Cruelex: You! You placed it there, didn´t you? You shall pay!

Back in the fortress...

As Lemmy grabbed the sword´s hilt the blade gave off a blinding flash of green light. Then the blade turned
crystal green. Magikoopa was blinded exaggeratedly even with his mirror-like eyeglasses. Kamek used the opportunity to use a Hydro Blast spell. Magikoopa was thrown at great speed about one meter away from Lemmy. The arm that gripped Lemmy´s sword was mysteriously extended towards the place where
Magikoopa was flying and cleanly passed right through Magikoopa´s body as Magikoopa went flying backwards. Magikoopa´s body flashed bright green light for three seconds, then disappeared. At that very instant they began to mysteriously teleport to an unknown place.

Cruelex: ARGH! They have the (&””/ sword! Doesn´t matter. I shall teleport them to my front door. The
mouth of their doom! Hmhmhmhahahaha!!!

Geglash: Cruelex, you aren´t usually THIS rash. I mean, teleporting them directly to you? That-

Cruelex: Shut up! I didn´t ask for your opinion!

Lemmy and  Kamek suddenly were placed at the front door of Castle Cruelex.

Lemmy: I thought the fortress was named after some Mega Sledge Brother?

Kamek: Apparently, although we encountered anything but.

Lemmy: And what is this strange sword I found?

Kamek: I don´t rightly know. You did a very good job with that Magikoopa.

Lemmy: Who, me? I didn´t do anything.

They entered the castle and found that it was deserted. The hallways were made of fine marble but were very dark. They continued because it was the only way to go.

Kamek: You… didn´t?

Lemmy: Nope. My arm extended on its own.

Kamek: Surely this weapon will help us.

Cruelex: Yes… let´s just see them survive the trek…

Kamek: This place looks more like a labyrinth.

Lemmy: Ugh, yeah. And this is the part where it branches off. Should we choose the first road, the second, or the third?

Kamek: Hm, let´s take the… third.

Cruelex: Argh! Stupid mage!

They both walked quite a bit. They found about ten branching offs of road. Kamek always chose the right one. After thirty minutes of walking they came to a door. Inside awaited a huge Sledge Brother that immediately jumped towards them.

Sledge Brother: Die you puny ants!

Lemmy: Wha!

Kamek: Twister Pulse!

Kamek´s spell sent the Sledge Brother flying to the back of the room.

Lemmy: Talk about dirty! He attacked us before we saw him!

Kamek: Summon… Dae- ACK!

Kamek toppled over for no apparent reason.

Lemmy: W-what happened?

Kamek: Magical powers… lowered drastically… cursed place!

Lemmy ran towards the Sledge Brother, sword in hand. It seemed as if he had run all his life without his ball. He ran without stumbling or anything.

Lemmy: Must be the power of this awesome sword!

Lemmy leapt high into the air and came down upon the Sledge Brother with tremendous force. The Sledge Brother held the iron hammer over his head to deflect the blow. Lemmy´s sword cut cleanly through the front part of the hammer. The Sledge Brother looked at the hammer and then at Lemmy and over again with eyes widened.

Sledge Brother: My…my… my beautiful hammer!

Lemmy: Die scum!

Lemmy leapt once again and came raining down upon the Sledge Brother. The sword cut cleanly through and the Sledge Brother flashed green before disappearing.

Kamek: … Maybe you… could have let him live.

Lemmy: Really? These evil things are better off dead.

Kamek: … Yes, prince.

They opened the door on the other side of the room and found themselves in a foyer of some kind.

Cruelex: Very well! Let them come in and feel my wrath!

Lemmy: Why don´t we enter those huge double doors?

Kamek: I sense it is better to first investigate the tiny door to our right.

Lemmy: Aw, alright, let´s go.

They opened the door and inside they found a strange-looking creature. It had the head of a koopa, the body
of a dragon, the arms of a kong, and no legs. It was just planted on the floor.

Kamek: … What a horrible thing! It is more than horrible! It´s disgusting! It´s worse than any freak!

Lemmy immediately jumped on top of the creature and started hacking and slashing away. Kamek could only

Kamek: Talk about dirty…

Lemmy: Die! Die! DIE!

Monster: GUO!!! GUA!!!

Green slime gushed out from the wounds Lemmy was causing. He kept stabbing at the enemy without mercy
and the monster could only try in vain to stop him.

Kamek: Enough! Stop!

After the twenty-fifth stab the monster flashed green and then disappeared.

Lemmy: Serves ya right!

Kamek: But we didn´t even know if he was really evil…

Lemmy:Something as ugly as that has GOT to be evil.

Kamek only gave Lemmy a stare that asked, "Are you some kind of maniac?".

From the back of the room came a small blue artifact hovering into Kamek´s hands. It was in the shape of a hallow square pyramid that was like a glass ball because you could see the inside.

Cruelex: WHAT THE )(&^%&?! They have the marble pyramid of truth?! Geglash!!! You )(&^%&!!! YOU PUT IT THERE!!! YOU SHALL PAY!!!

Geglash: Hahaha- ACK! NO! AUUUUGH!!!

Lemmy: Let´s enter the double doors already!!!

Kamek: Alright, alright! Let´s go!

Cruelex: They´re coming…

The double doors opened and from inside emerged Kamek and Lemmy to meet eye to eye with Cruelex himself!

Cruelex: You want to fight? You got a fight! Prepare for your doom!

At the far side of the room there could be seen a chained man with rags for clothes. In the center was
Cruelex´s crystal ball. Cruelex´s hands were forming energy around themselves when Lemmy leapt at Cruelex, sword high in the air for a mighty blow. The blow never met its target. The energy in Cruelex´s
hands was shot at Lemmy like a ball of pure energetic rage.

Lemmy: ACK!!!

Kamek: Prince!

Lemmy slowly got up once again.

Kamek: Azure Bestial Rage!!!

Barrage after barrage of azure beams were fired at Cruelex, but he only deflected them with his arm. Lemmy kept trying in vain to get close to Cruelex.

Cruelex: Plasma Flare Bolt!!!

An orange ball of electrical fire the size of Kamek was shot at Kamek. Kamek used an advanced shield spell
but the blow was so great that he received 1/16 of the damage.

Kamek: FUNGAH!!!

Cruelex: You can never hope to defeat me! I am invincible!

Lemmy: DIE!

Lemmy finally managed to drive the sword into Cruelex´s abdomen.

Cruelex: GUAWWW!!!

Cruelex lifted his arms and electrical surges began to form between his arms while Lemmy stabbed three more times, then he placed both hands on opposite sides of Lemmy. The electrical surges began to do their job.

Lemmy: GAHW!!! BLAGGAGAGAGA!!! (No way will it be like Roy´s electrical chair.)

Kamek began charging a spell as Lemmy began to burn. Cruelex saw this however.

Cruelex: Summon… Sledge Brothers!

Seven Sledge Brothers appeared before Kamek and he had no choice but to fight them while Cruelex´s electrical surges grew stronger.


Lemmy suddenly began to flash green, then he jumped high into the air and came with his sword upon Cruelex´s head, then descended through his body. When Lemmy´s sword was at the part where Cruelex´s heart was supposed to be, a massive green bolt of lightning split the skies above the castle and came upon the castle, destroying the roof and landing exactly on Cruelex. Cruelex screamed as the electricity surged
within his body and the room was lit incredibly. Then the bolt exploded into a hundred green sparks. Both Lemmy and Cruelex were sent flying to opposite sides of the room and fell on the floor. The bolt also
shattered Cruelex´s crystal ball and Geglash, the chained man, began to flash white, and before Kamek´s
very eyes the man transformed into… Culex!!!

Culex: Quick! Kamek! Give me the pyramid!

Kamek was flabbergasted and didn´t move as Cruelex painfully began to arise.

Culex: Quick! Before it´s too late!

Kamek found himself tossing the pyramid artifact at Culex. Culex caught it with one hand and gripped it hard
while white bolts surged through his arm and into the artifact. Then he tossed it in the middle of the room. The artifact opened and began to suck Cruelex in.

Cruelex:GWAO!!! NooOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO!!! Culex!!! You )(&^%&!!! You shall come with me!!! You shall pay if it´s the last thing I do!!!

Cruelex mouthed the words as he was being sucked in and with a final effort a magical white energy emerged from his hand and caught Culex. It pulled Culex closer to the artifact to be sucked in too. And suck him it did. As they were both completely inside the pyramid and the pyramid´s top was beginning to close, Cruelex shouted two last phrases unto Plit.

Cruelex: I hate you Lemmy!!! My curse shall fall upon you!!!

The castle began to shake so violently that cracks opened in the floor to unknown depths. Lemmy´s vision blurred. Then everything went black.

Lemmy´s vision began to come into focus. He was in his comfy bed and corny music was coming from an old radio. On the side of his bed was Kamek, reading a book.

Lemmy: K-Kamek?

Kamek: Prince!!!

Lemmy: I´m fine. But what happened?

Kamek: You see, prince, as the castle was falling apart, I used the last of my energy to teleport us here. Then I fainted. It looks like the castle is back to normal. Strange though,  that sword has been glowing green all night. You have slept for five days. It looks like nobody has memories of what happened.

Lemmy: MY SWORD!!! Where is it?!

Kamek: Calm down, prince, it´s in your closet.

Lemmy ran to his closet but stumbled and fell down. He crawled to his closet and saw the sword hanging inside. He got up and grabbed it. Oh, how wonderful it felt to have it in his hands. He felt refreshed.

Lemmy: Kamek, tell my servants to make a sheath for my sword.

Kamek: Um, yes, prince.

Before long Lemmy had his sword in his sheath. He decided to walk away to the halls. There, he first saw Roy beating up poor Iggy.

Roy: There ya go! For when you escaped me the last time! WHAMO!

Iggy: Augh!!!

Roy: Huh? Is that Lemmy over there? Hey! Come over here! You escaped me too!

Lemmy approached Roy.

Roy: Well, looks like you´re brave for once, Punching Bag! Ready for your daily wham?

Lemmy: No I´m not! Not now or ever again!

Roy: Huh? Well, too bad, ´cause now I´m ticked off, and you´re about to have the beating of your life.

Lemmy unsheathed the Crystallized Emerald Sword.

Lemmy: Never!

Roy: Aw, lil´ Lemmy is gonna hurt Roy wit' his toy sword?

Lemmy advanced and Iggy backed away. For a second fear welled up in Roy´s eyes as he saw the glowing blade. Roy backed away.

Roy: Y-you´re n-not gonna use that on me, r-right?

Lemmy: Watch me, pie-face!

Roy backed away some more, then turned tail and ran away. Lemmy chased after Roy through the halls and didn´t bump into his other siblings. Roy ran inside Bowser´s throne room and ran behind Bowser.

Roy: King Dad! Lemmy has a weapon!

Lemmy came running towards them both with an inexplicable rage in his eyes.

Bowser: Lemmy! Stop that! NOW! Or dungeon time for you!

Lemmy stopped.

Lemmy: Two? Well, more fun for me!

Bowser: Lemmy! Don´t!

Lemmy: I… I… Die!!!

Lemmy wobbled as he ran up the hall towards Bowser and Roy, seemingly battling with himself.

Bowser: I´m sorry Lemmy…

Bowser breathed a mouthful of fire at Lemmy. Lemmy stopped for a bit to shield himself with his arm as Roy jumped behind him and punched him in the spine with all his might. The strength he used to beat up Iggy wasn´t even half his strength. At that Lemmy turned around while slashing. Fortunately for Roy, Roy fell backwards so the slash was only a flesh wound.

Bowser: GUARDS!!!

At that, about a hundred Hammer Brothers came running to the throne room.

Bowser: Attack Lemmy Koopa!!!

Hammer Brothers: Huh? Why?

Bowser: JUST DO IT!!!

Hammer Brothers: Yes sir!!!

The Hammer Brothers started battling Lemmy and after some time Lemmy killed every one of them. He was all bruised and battered. He looked like he was about to fall.

Lemmy: Killing. Good fun. Now it´s your turn!

At that moment Bowser jumped and slammed his huge fist against Lemmy´s skull. Everything went black for Lemmy.

Lemmy´s vision was black but he could hear voices all around him. He could hear Roy´s voice very near.

Roy: Can´t pry the… sword… off from… him... He grips it too… firmly!

The sword! They were trying to get his beautiful sword! Lemmy felt Roy trying to pry the sword away from him. Never!

Lemmy: Get your hands off from my sword!!!

Roy gave a yelp and tumbled backwards to join the others. Lemmy leapt off from the hard bed. He was in the
hospital, but he didn´t pay attention to that as he saw the doctor beside him. He immediately stabbed the
doctor with all his strength and as the doctor flashed green and the sword glowed an even more intense green Lemmy smiled and turned towards his family.

Lemmy: You want a free sample?

They all ran away. Only Iggy stayed immobile before Bowser came back to grab him and they all left.

Lemmy: Cowards. Well, I don´t feel like chasing them now.

Lemmy sheathed his sword and as his hand left the sword, he felt an incredible pain across his skull.

Lemmy: ACK! ARGH!!!

Lemmy immediately gripped the sword again and the pain left instantly. He left the hospital and walked in the hallways, sword unsheathed. There, he passed many servants. They all addressed him and as he ignored every one of them, the sword´s green glow began to dim. After a while he encountered Morton Jr. talking to a bunch of servants who had their ears plugged but still seemed to hear him. Lemmy came up behind him.

Lemmy: Stop talking!

Morton immediately ceased talking. He only stared at Lemmy.

Lemmy: … Thank you.

Lemmy´s stomach began to growl, signaling that it was time to eat. He made his way to the kitchen. There, he fancied meat.

Lemmy: Servants! Give me something to eat, please.

Chef: Prince, today´s specialty is spinach casserole with strawberries and ice cream.

Lemmy:Yuck!!! What sane mind would do something so horrible? Give me steak or roasted beef!

Chef: Yes, Prince Lemmy.

Meanwhile, in the Koopa meeting room, Bowser and his 6kids were devising a way to stop Lemmy while Kamek listened unseen by all.

Bowser: We have to stop this madness!!!

Larry: But we can´t think of a plan!

Roy: I can´t pound ´im!

They continued talking while Kamek teleported to the kitchen.

Lemmy was eating with one hand while the other was firm on the sword. The sword now was a dull pink. Kamek teleported in front of him.

Lemmy: Hi, Kamek.

Kamek: Prince, you have to stop yourself.

Lemmy: Huh?

Kamek: You are not safe to be around here anymore. You have to get rid of that sword. It is evil!

Lemmy: N-no! Not my sword!

Kamek: Yes, your sword. It is evil. Now, you will slowly give it to me, or you will place it on the table so that I can destroy it. If I try to destroy it while you have it, it will be too dangerous.

Lemmy: No! Never!

Kamek: Lemmy, you are not listening to sane advise…

Lemmy: It´s mine!

Kamek: … I´m sorry… Flare Beam!!!

The spell hit Lemmy with tremendous force. He was sent flying backwards and immediately he got up to face
Kamek while the blade began to glow green. He lunged at Kamek but the Magikoopa dodged just in time. Then Kamek ran out of the kitchen and shouted.

Kamek: Follow me, if you can!

Lemmy: I´ll follow you and have the pleasure of killing you!!!

Lemmy chased Kamek through the halls while hacking and slashing any servant who got in the way. The sword again glowed its complete green. Kamek led him out of the castle and into the courtyard. There, three other apprentice Magikoopas awaited lemmy.

Kamek: Battle us.

Lemmy: My pleasure.

As the apprentices fired basic spells at Lemmy, Kamek remained at a safe distance.

Lemmy: Heh! These spells will get you nowhere!

Kamek: … Summon… Fire Elemental!!!

As Lemmy killed the first apprentice a being of fire and magma twice the size of Ludwig emerged before him.

Lemmy: Ugh. I don´t enjoy killing these things. But anyway, DIE!!!

Before long, Lemmy was burned to a crisp. But that didn´t stop him.

Lemmy: How can I kill something that has no flesh?!

As Lemmy mouthed these words a screen of green smoke came from his blade. It formed into a cloud above the Fire Elemental and acid rain began to fall upon him. The summoned creature gave a cry before dissolving into nothingness. The two apprentices hesitated for a moment before attacking Lemmy again.

Kamek:This can´t be. That sword is far more powerful than I ever imagined.

Kamek began to fire bolts of plasma at Lemmy from behind while the apprentices continued their assault.

Lemmy: Argh! Stupid mages!!!

Kamek: Bolt!!!

Apprentices: Wind Scythe!

Kamek: … Summon… Magma Amoeba!!!

Before Lemmy appeared another being of pure magma.

Lemmy: ARGH!!! ))/·%”!!!

Kamek knew very well about Lemmy´s weakness was fire.

The Magma Amoeba engulfed Lemmy completely for ten seconds, then Kamek snapped his fingers.

Kamek: Bowser, send them in!

Around the amoeba over 200 Hammer Brothers came to wait for Lemmy. Five more seconds passed, then the Magma Amoeba dissolved, leaving a completely black Lemmy on the grass. Any other Koopa would have died instantly from the first touch of magma. Incredibly enough, Lemmy slowly got up as the blade glowed the most powerful green anyone had ever seen.

Lemmy: Augghhh… I will… have no mercy!

As Lemmy began to kill the Hammer Brothers at an alarmingly fast pace over fifty Magikoopas arranged around Kamek in a semicircle.

Kamek: Ready Magikoopas? Most basic spell! All of us, concentrate on getting the sword oiut of Lemmy´s hand!

Magikoopas: Yes SIR!!!

All the Magikoopas touched their temples and began to try to get the Crystallized Emerald Sword away from
Lemmy. Lemmy´s hand began to tremble as he kept killing Hammer Brothers.

Lemmy: N-no!!!

Lemmy had killed over 300 Hammer Brothers but more and more came pouring in. Bowser saw this from the window high above while screaming.

Bowser: My army!!!

Kamek: M-more power!!!

Apprentices: A-argh…

Kamek: F-full power!!!

Lemmy´s hand shook violently. He was not about to give up!


There was a massive clap of thunder that could be heard on all corners of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the Crystallized Emerald Sword finally left Lemmy´s hands Lemmy toppled over on the grass. The sword flew at tremendous speed and as it twirled in the air a massive green bolt of lightning came down with all its force upon the Magikoopas. Only Kamek had all the years of experience, of wars, of spell casting, and of
adventuring to teleport out of the circle in the nick of time. The bolt hit the circle with full force, destroying all the apprentices and leaving a crater while the sword at last hit the ground and drove its blade into the ground. Plit shook. The ground where the sword had planted itself gave away and a huge crack the width of
a giant opened up. The Crystallized Emerald Sword fell in. It fell inside the crack into the abyss, never to be seen again.

Lemmy opened his eyes. All his family was leaning over him.

Lemmy: H-hi.

Iggy: He´s awake!!!

Clawdia hugged him firmly.

Clawdia: Oh, Lemmy, you had me so worried!

Lemmy: It´s ok now, Mom.

Wendy: The doctor says you will be alright if you rest for two months.

Lemmy: Well, alright. I really can´t get up anyway.

Kamek: You are well, Prince.

Lemmy: Kamek! Oh, I´m sorry I almost killed all of you…

Morton opened his mouth to talk but Roy immediately taped his mouth shut.

Morton: MPHH!!! MPH!!!

Larry: It´s alright. Kamek says the sword possessed you or… something like that. Heh.

Ludwig: I can only say I am glad you´re all right.

Roy: Heh, yeah! Anyway, we´re all sorry.

Bowser: You destroyed 13/16 of my Hammer Brothers. You should go to the dungeon for life! But… I will let it pass just this one time…

Roy: Alright, Morton, but if you talk with more than twenty words, you get a pounding!

Morton: I´m glad Lemmy is well, not bad, not dead, not anything went wrong and I´m so happy about that!

They all laughed.

The End

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