Bowser's Rival

By Bowser 52589

Artwork by Fried Rooster

Chapter One: Morton Makes a Friend

Morton Koopa Jr. was walking along the path to Castle Koopa. He was returning after a visit to the candy shop, mumbling to himself along the way. "I can't believe King Dad gave me extra allowance money to buy candy it must've been 'cause I didn't talk too much even though I love to talk because talking is fun and..."
I won't bother typing the rest.

Suddenly, Morton heard footsteps behind him. He turned around, but saw no one there. He continued walking. The footsteps continued behind him. This time, he turned around holding his wand. No one was in sight. But as he continued walking, sure enough the footsteps resumed. He stopped, and they stopped also. At this point, Morton started running. He ran as fast as he could. After a while, the footsteps stopped behind him, and panting was heard.

Morton turned around and saw a Goomba panting behind him. "Hey," Morton said, stepping closer, "so it was you following me, huh. Why did you? You should have known better, for I am the great, spectacular, almighty Morton Koopa Jr.! I never run out of breath, as you can tell, so keeping up with me is impossible, absolutely undoable, cannot be done..." I won't bother typing the rest.

To Morton's surprise, the Goomba actually sat and listened to Morton, who rambled on about things such as cocoa trees, size six pants, and lima beans.

Suddenly, Morton stopped right in the middle of a speech about the country of Mozambique. A curious look spread on his face. The Goomba had listened to every word he had said. "Hey, you're the only person who has listened to what I have to say without interrupting or telling me to shut up, be quiet, hush, or anything else." The Goomba just cocked its head. Morton stepped a few paces back, and the Goomba followed. Morton stopped, and the Goomba stopped with him. Morton then got an idea.

Chapter Two: Can I Keep Him?

This is exactly the question Morton asked his father. Bowser quickly said yes and scooted Morton and his new Goomba friend out of the room before Morton blew into one of his speeches about the good qualities of having a pet.

Morton took the Goomba to his room and stayed up half the night talking to the one thing in the world that could handle his speeches.

The next morning, Morton woke up and went downstairs to see his six siblings and his mom and dad eating breakfast. "Look sharp," Roy whispered to Ludwig, "here comes windbag." Morton just quietly sat down and began eating his Koopa Crisp cereal.

"First person to get him started talking gets a pounding," Roy whispered to the other Koopalings, except Morton.

Ludwig, being the oldest and as such immune to Roy's threats, decided to show his extremely rare mischevious side. "How are you today, sibling?" Ludwig said to Morton.

At this point, everyone braced themselves for a long speech. However, to everyone's surprise, Morton just replied with, "Fine." Ludwig got a curious look on his face as Morton finished eating and went upstairs to his room.

Chapter Three: The Spy

Ludwig tiptoed down the hall towards Morton's room. He put his ear to the door and heard Morton's voice. He overheard things about 35mm cameras, condensed polyurethane, and chocolate chip pancakes. He knocked on the door. "Come in!" Morton shouted. Ludwig opened the door and stepped into the room to see Morton sitting on his bed talking to a small Goomba who was sitting next to him.

"Who is that?" Ludwig asked, pointing to the Goomba. "Oh, this is Michael John Zachary Jacob William Jordan Oreskovich the third, but you can call him Mike," Morton said, petting the Goomba on the head.

"Wow, something that can actually withstand the incessant vocalizations coming from your pharynx!" Ludwig said.

"Say, what?" Morton asked, dumbfounded.

"Oh, nevermind," Ludwig sighed. "I guess that explains why you didn't feel the need to talk a lot to us."

At this point, the Goomba began to show expressions of discomfort. "What's wrong, Mike?" Morton asked. The Goomba stuck out his tongue and his left foot.

"Of course," Ludwig said, "that's a Goomba's way of saying it needs to go to the restroom." Ludwig walked out of the room, and so did the Goomba.

The Goomba walked along throughout the vast corridors of Castle Koopa. It passed many guards and several Koopalings. At several points of interest, it set up cleverly hidden cameras. It came to a dark area at the far end of the castle, where few guards patrolled. The Goomba stepped into the shadows and pulled out a secret radio transmitter. "This is agent G66 reporting!" the Goomba spoke quietly into the radio.

"Roger that, agent," a mysterious voice replied. "Are the surveillance units in position?"

"Roger," the Goomba replied.

"Excellent," the mysterious voice cooed. "The boss is gonna like this! Resume your post, agent."

"Roger that, over and out," the Goomba said, switching off the radio. It then headed back to Morton's room.

* * *

A mysterious figure sat at a computer screen, which was downloading information at a very slow rate. "How long does this thing take?" the figure said, obviously annoyed. "And where is my sandwich? Lieutenant Goober!"

A Goomba wearing a golden spiked hat and a much too large army uniform with many badges scurried into the room. "Lt. Goober, reporting for duty, sir!" the Goomba said proudly. The large figure glared at him.

"Where is my sandwich? Is that cook slacking off again?" the large figure shouted.

"Well, sir, while grilling your cheese sandwich, the cook slipped on a spot of grease and, um, his face landed on the stove."

The mysterious figure was unimpressed. "Well, finish my sandwich. And fire the cook."

"As if he weren't fired enough already," Lt. Goober whispered under his breath.

"Oh, and by the way, Lieutenant," the figure said, "has our agent reported yet?"

Goober turned around. "Yes sir, the cameras are in place."

"Excellent," the figure smiled, clicking some buttons on his computer screen. An image of Bowser appeared on the screen. "Let's see what our old 'friend' is up to! Mwahahahaha!"

Chapter Four: The Mysterious Ship

Bowser sighed. He was bored of doing nothing, and sick of not having a plan. He called his chief advisor and head of his elite group, the Magikoopas, Kamek. The old Koopa appeared in a puff of smoke. He hobbled over to where the King of the Koopas was sitting. "You called, sire?" Kamek said, bowing.

"Yes, Kamek," Bowser said. "I need a new plan on how to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom."

Kamek lifted his tall wizard hat and scratched his head. "Hm," Kamek thought, "perhaps you should ask your children. I'm fresh out of ideas." Bowser thought for a moment, then decided to schedule a family meeting.

"So," the mysterious figure said as he watched Bowser's conversation with the Koopa in the wizard outfit, "the old bum's gonna try to take over the Mushhead Kingdom. Ha! Not if I conquer it first!"

The figure called his lieutenant. "Lt. Goober, ready the Mega Star!" he ordered.

* * *

Mario stepped out into the sunshine. "Ah, what a beautiful day!" he said, "Hurry up-a, Luigi, or we'll-a be late to the picnic!" Luigi hurried outside carrying a basket and a blanket.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" The Mario Bros. headed off towards Mushroom Park, a beautiful park in front of Peach's castle. There, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad were waiting for them.

"Finally," Yoshi sighed, "Marios is here! Yoshi starved, wanna eat!"

Mario and Luigi quickly ran up to them and stopped to catch their breath. They set up the blankets and food. "We brought-a some sandwiches and-a chips," Luigi said, opening the basket. Peach held up a large pitcher of lemonade, and Toad pulled out the cups. Yoshi ran off and picked some fresh fruit.

The five friends enjoyed themselves. They ate and talked and shared funny stories. Birds chirped and the sun continued to shine.

"And then," Peach said, although she could hardly keep herself from bursting into laughter, "he actually fell in!" The Marios, Peach, and Yoshi laughed and laughed.

Toad blushed. "I don't think sharing embarrassing bathroom stories is peaceful," he said.

"Nope," Yoshi said, "but it sure funny, though!"

Mario looked at Peach. "This picnic sure was a great idea." Peach smiled.

"You said it, bro," Luigi said, "This was-a the perfect day. The sun is shining, the birds are-a chirping, and there's not a cloud in si-" Luigi was cut off when a huge shadow fell over them.

"Holy cow!" Toad yelled when he looked up. "It's a spaceship!" Everyone looked up to see a huge ship looming over them.

It looked remarkably like a doomship, but much, much larger and made out of metal. It had a gigantic cockpit at the front that sported a giant glass dome, and then a middle section shaped like a Koopa's shell. It had long wings with glowing lights, and at the end, a set of enormous jet boosters. It rumbled as it slowly flew overhead.

"In Brooklyn," Mario said, "you'd see stuff like that on-a TV all the time."

"It looks like-a that ship from Star Trek!" Luigi shouted. "And it's headed for-a Bowser's Castle!"

"So," Bowser stated, "yhat is why I have called you all here." Lemmy raised his hand. "Yes, Lemmy," Bowser said.

"Well," Lemmy replied, "I say we should-"

Lemmy was interrupted by a low rumbling sound. Suddenly, the castle was enveloped in darkness. "What's going on?" Bowser shouted as guards and troops frantically ran around.

"It must be a power failure," one troop shouted.

"But it's the middle of the day. It wouldn't be dark!"

All of a sudden, the castle was surrounded in a bright glow. Before anyone could lift a finger, everyone inside disappeared.

* * *

Mario and his friends watched in awe as the mysterious ship emitted a beam of light. Bowser's Castle, directly below, was trapped in the beam. Suddenly, all of the Koopas and other various creatures were seen floating out of the castle, as if on strings. "They're being abducted by aliens!" Toad yelled, panicking.

"It's-a some sort of-a magnetic beam!" Luigi said.

"Mario," Peach said, looking worried, "You'd better find out what's causing all this. It could be a threat to the Mushroom Kingdom." Mario and Luigi nodded.

Quickly, they hurried off to the Mario Plane. They got in and started to chase after the mysterious spaceship.

Chapter Five: Aliens? Nah!

"We've got 'em!" a strangely colored Koopa Troopa yelled. The mysterious figure, who was in the mysterious ship, was talking with his non-mysterious lieutenant. "Excellent work," he said. "Lt. Goober, make sure our new guests are properly dealt with."

The spiked Goomba scurried off to the area of the ship where the Koopas were being brought by the mysterious beam.

"Sir!" the mysterious Koopa Troopa yelled, "I've spotted something on our mysterious radar." The you-know-what figure trodded over. "It looks like a small aircraft," the Troopa said, "and it's headed our way!"

"Bring it up on visual," the I-won't-bother-to-type-it figure said. On the screen, the Mario Plane was seen following them. "Shoot it down!" the evil figure commanded.

"Yipes!" Mario yelled. "I think-a they know we're here!" The Mario Plane was suddenly surrounded by laser fire. Mario frantically dodged the lasers in the highly-maneuverable jet. Unfortunately, they couldn't dodge all of them.

"We're-a hit!" Luigi yelled. The plane shook as another bolt hit its target. Luigi's monitor began flashing red. "We've-a got trouble!" he said.

Suddenly, a loud banging was heard on the top of the plane. A tentacle pierced through the roof, and soon an armored Bloober floated in. "Ahh!" Luigi franctically slapped at it, but to no avail. The Blooper was followed by another one, and they grabbed Mario and Luigi. The Bloopers hauled them out of the Mario Plane just as it was destroyed by the lasers.

The Bloopers carried the Mario Bros. to the spaceship, which opened up. They flew in, and the hatch closed behind them.

* * *

Yoshi, Peach, and Toad saw the whole thing. Well, except for the Bloopers. "Oh no!" Peach said when she saw what happened to the Mario Plane.

"Marios goners," Yoshi said. "I got dibs on house!"

"No way!" Toad yelled.

"Toad, nobody gets their stuff," Peach said, fighting tears. "Oh, Mario!"

* * *

Everything was dark. Bowser heard faint noises. Suddenly, he woke up to see his eldest son Ludwig standing over him. "Wha-what happened?" Bowser asked, groggily. Ludwig looked down.

"All I remember," he said, "was falling asleep in a weird glow, and then waking up here."

Bowser sat up. He saw his other six children all asleep around him. He saw that they were in some sort of futuristic prison cell. "I remember that glow, too," Bowser said, standing up.

Suddenly, the cell door opened, and two large Hammer Brothers wearing strange alien-like armor stepped in. But instead of carrying hammers, they carried electric rods. They surrounded Bowser. Bowser and Ludwig tried to fight back, but ended up getting shocked. Ludwig was tossed back, and Bowser was led away by the strange Hammer Brothers. The cell door closed behind them.

* * *

"Mario," called a faint voice, "Mario, wake up!" Mario snapped awake to see Luigi next to him. They were both chained and shackled. They were inside a large domed room. Almost all of the walls were made of glass. Outside, they could see space.

"I see you are awake," a mysterious voice said.

"Who was-a that?" Mario said. He looked around and saw a large black chair in the center of the room. The voice was coming from behind it.

"You have company," the voice said.

All of a sudden, a door at the back of the room opened. The strange Hammer Brothers entered with Bowser in tow.

"Welcome," the voice said.

Chapter Six: Meet Bowser 52589!

The chair at the center of the room slowly turned. Sitting in it was a large Koopa who looked exactly like Bowser, but with purple scales and a black shell. The spikes on his shell were golden, and his hair was blood red.

"Welcome to the Mega Star," the Koopa said in a gruff, vicious voice. "I am Bowser 52589." Mario, Luigi, and Bowser stared in amazement.

"Hey, you look just like me!" Bowser said. "How is that possible?" Bowser 52589 stood and snapped his fingers. The Hammer Brothers hurried out of the room, leaving Bowser unrestrained.

"Allow me to explain," Bowser 52589 began. "To begin with, there are many dimensions. There is the dimension of the real world and of Plit (the video game universe), and there is a dimension parallel to that. Sort of a mirror realm. Everything that happens in the real dimension affects our dimension. MY dimension. And, mighty Bowser, since you have never conquered your own realm, I haven't been able to conquer my realm. So, I've come to change that. I will conquer this dimension, and my own."

"Never!" Bowser yelled. "The Mushroom Kingdom is mine!" Bowser shot a great jet of fire from his mouth. However, it glanced off of an invisible shield.

"Tsk, tsk," Bowser 52589 said. "You think I didn't expect that? Since our dimension is a mirror dimension, we share each other's strengths and weaknesses. But I still have more power! I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way." Bowser 52589 held up his hand, and a great ball of energy began to develop. Suddenly, a beam shot forth and struck Bowser full in the chest. Bowser was thrown back. He roared in rage.

"I'm-a confused!" Mario said. "What do we have to do with all-a this?" Bowser 52589 looked over at them.

"You two," he growled. "Do you have any idea how much damage you've caused in our mirror dimension? All of my plans have been thwarted by you two."

With this, Bowser 52589's lieutenant, Goober, entered the room. "Perfect timing, Lt. Goober!" Bowser 52589 grinned. "Make our two guests of honor as uncomfortable as they can be."

Goober smiled. "It would be my pleasure, sir!"

Unfortunately, neither of them had counted on the fact that Goombas were extremely weak. As soon as he got in range, Mario and Luigi kicked him (only their hands were chained to the wall). Goober was quickly sent flying through the glass window and out into space.

"Hey!" Bowser 52589 shouted. "That glass was expensive! Oh well! I'll take care of you two later." Bowser 52589 approached Bowser. "I've been watching all of your actions in this dimension. It makes me sick. But now, I'll get rid of you! Prepare to taste my wrath!"

At this point, Bowser 52589 pulled out a plastic bag marked "Wrath". He opened it and took out a sandwich dripping with mayonaisse. He then threw it at Bowser. "No!" Bowser yelled. "How did you know I was allergic to mayonais-" Bowser quickly fainted away.

"Now," Bowser 52589 said, "I'll get rid of you two!" Bowser 52589 began to generate a ball of energy in his hand.

Suddenly, an armored Koopa Troopa rushed in. "Sir!" it yelled. This distracted Bowser 52589. However, he still hit Luigi with a beam of energy. But, instead of destroying him, it turned him into a chicken. Bowser 52589 then zapped the Troopa for interrupting.

* * *

"Weeee!" Goober was still floating in space. "Uh oh!" he whimpered. A small meteor was headed his way. He bounced off the meteor and was sent flying back towards the ship.

Chapter Seven: Bowser to the Rescue!

Since Luigi's body was reduced to the small size of a chicken, he escaped his chains and began running around the room squawking. "Oh well," Bowser 52589 said, "I'll eat him later." Just as he was about to zap Mario, though, Bowser woke up.

"Mario's mine!!!" Bowser yelled, charging at Bowser 52589. The interdimensional monster was thrown back by Bowser's force.

"You're harder to get rid of than I thought," Bowser 52589 said, getting back on his feet. He began to charge up again. Bowser tried his fire breath one more time, but to no avail.

All of a sudden, a faint whistling sound was heard, followed by a crash. Goober's spike broke through the glass and the Goomba landed spike-first on Bowser 52589's tail. "Yeooowwwwch!!!" Bowser 52589 yelled as Goober's spike dug into his tail. This caused his beam to miss.

"I'm alive!!!" Goober yelled, dizzily walking around. Suddenly, Luigi the chicken began chasing him around the room. "Aaahhh! Heeelllp! Ow! Get this crazy chicken off of me! Ow!"

"Now," Bowser growled, "Let's settle this Koopa to Koopa." Bowser 52589 deactivated his shield and lunged at Bowser. They fought hard against each other. However, since Bowser 52589 usually fought with magic, he wasn't as physically strong as Bowser. But, just as Bowser overcame him, he struck him with an energy bolt. "Hey," Bowser yelled. "That's cheating!"

"Who said villains had to play fair?" Bowser 52589 said, shooting more energy beams. Bowser dodged, and the beam struck one of Mario's chains. Mario was able to break free of the other one, and soon joined the fray. All the while, Luigi kept Goober occupied.

Mario and Bowser together soon gained the advantage. Mario would draw Bowser 52589's fire, while Bowser snuck behind and attacked. Bowser 52589 was defeated. One of Bowser 52589's beams had managed to strike Luigi, who turned back to normal. They took over the ship and flew back to the Mushroom Kingdom. On the way, they dumped all of Bowser 52589's troops into space. All, that is, except for Bowser 52589. He escaped, along with Lt. Goober. They blasted away in an escape ship.

When Mario and the others returned, the Mushroom Kingdom made peace with the Koopas.

However, as he watched from his base in his own dimension, Bowser 52589 waited. "I'll be back. You just wait. Mwahahahaha!!!"

The End

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