The Mushroom War

By DanielleKong

Chapter 1: Bowser's Plan

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this story.

"Bring me the princess!" roared the King of Koopas to his subjects, who were cowering in the corner.

"My king," protested a Paratroopa, "we've done all we can but Mario-"

"I don't care!" yelled Bowser, cutting him off mid-sentence, pounding his gigantic fist on the table. "I will have Peach as my queen! Now get her before I send you all to the dungeon!"

The subjects were out the door of the castle in a flash.

Meanwhile, Peach was eating breakfast when three of Bowser's subjects rushed in.

"What are you doing?" Peach screamed as the subjects carried her out.


Everyone in Toad Town was going crazy. "What will we do?!" the Toads screamed. Mario woke up, seeing what everyone was going crazy about.

"Thank the stars you're here Mario," a Toad said, coming up to him. "Peach has been kidnapped again."

And so once again Mario set off to rescue the princess.


"BWA HA HA HA!" Bowser laughed.

"Let me go Bowser," Peach screamed, "Mario will rescue me like he always does."

"No he won't," Bowser replied, "because there's a second part to my plan!"

"What second part?" asked Peach.

"Well," Bowser replied, "If I own all the land in the Mushroom Kingdom everyone will have to listen to me so I just sent some Koopas and other minions of mine to go to war with the Mushroom Kingdom."

"But Mario doesn't know you have an army coming." Peach said.

"I know," Bowser laughed, "Mario will easily be wiped out and I will rule the Mushroom Kingdom. And once Mario is defeated you will be forced to marry me!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Peach screamed so loudly that you could probably hear it on another planet.


Mario was still in Toad Town trying to calm down the Toads when Bowser's army approached.

"What are you doing-a here?" Mario questioned.

"We are here to fight the Mushroom army," said the leader of Bowser's army.

"What Mushroom army?" a Toad asked.

"Well, you'd better get one," a Paratroopa in Bowser's army said, "because we're ready to fight."

Chapter 2: Battle of Toad Town

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Please don't sue!

Flaming arrows soared threw the air, landing on many unsuspecting targets, the Toads.

"Find rocks to throw!" Mario yelled to the Toads.

Thankfully, the Toads ran off to find rocks. Upon returning many Toads ended up lying on the ground, arrows buried in their chest. Mario threw a rock, hitting a Koopa of Bowser's army in the temple.

Another wave of arrows flew through the sky. Frightened, the Toads ran off as fast as their legs would carry them in the direction of Forever Forest.

Bowser's army cheered at their first victory of the war.


Meanwhile, in Forever Forest the Toads that were still alive sat down to nurse their injuries.

"There's got to be a way to stop them!" Mario spat, kicking a rock into a nearby bush. "Muss T! Fice T!" he called to two of the Toads.

"Yes Mario?" said a Toad sporting a spear.

"Fice T," Mario addressed the Toad who just spoke, "go to Koopa Village and find some Koopas who are willing to fight, Kooper should be one of them."

"Yes sir!" Fice T. said, throwing a fancy salute and marching off.

"Fice T," Mario called.

"Yes?" Fice T. questioned, looking back.

"Don't call me sir, okay?"

"Sure Mario," Fice T. said, turning back to resume his mission.

"Muss T," Mario mustered, "go to Lava Lava Isle to gather some Yoshis."

Muss T. needed no more commands; he turned and headed off to Lava Lava Isle.


Back at Bowser's castle, the army told Bowser of their win.

"They ran off like a bunch of wussies!" Flight, captain of the Lakitu team, commented.

"Don't get to cocky!" Bowser roared at the boasting soilders. "There are still more fights!"

Chapter 3: The New Recruits

Disclaimer: I still don't own anything.

The following day was a good one for Mario's Army. Muss T. and Fice T. returned with an uncountable number of recruits consisting of Yoshis, Koopas, Boos, Lakitus, Bob-ombs, Goombas, and Penguins. Even Luigi had joined the Mushroom Kingdom's side.

Meanwhile, Bowser's army was practicing outside.

"You call that marching?" Bowser roared. He noticed a Koopa holding a spear wrong. "You," he addressed the oddball Koopa, "you're right handed, right?"

The Koopa nodded fearfully.

"Well then," Bowser sneered, "hold up your right hand."

"W-w-w-w-what?" the Koopa stuttered.

"Hold up your right hand, stupid!" Bowser commanded.

The Koopa held up what he hoped was his right hand.

Bowser jabbed his spear butt into the koopa's stomache, causing it to double over in pain. "Idiot! Your right, not left!" With that he stormed off."


"Mario! Mario!" a Bob-Omb shouted, running over to Mario.

"What is it?" Mario questioned.

"I've been watching how Bowser's army been practicing and they seem to be pretty tough. We're going to need some help," the Bob-omb stated.

"Army! I'm going to need to go to Dry Dry Outpost to get more recruits," Mario asserted to the soldiers that were sharpening their spears on rocks. "Luigi, can you take over the army while I'm gone?"

"Sure thing bro," Luigi replied.

"Watt, Lakilester!" Mario shouted. "You're coming with me."

Mario, Watt, and Lakilester ventured out of Forever Forest into the area where Bowser's soldiers were running drills. Only Flight noticed.

"Hey Koopen," Flight said to a Koopa, "see those three out there? Go out and follow them; make sure they're not causing trouble."

"I'm not going alone," Koopen said.

"Fine chickenboy," Flight said. "Goomer! Terror!"

"Yes," a \Goomba and Boo asked.

"Go with Koopen and follow that trio out there!" Flight commanded, pointing his dagger in the distance where you could hardly see Watt, Mario, and Lakilester.

Quickly the three villains ran (Terror floated) into the distance after Mario and the other two.

Chapter 4: The Journey Begins

Disclaimer: Once again, I don't own a darn thing!

Bowser stood in the highest room of his castle, overlooking Toad Town. "Stupid idiots," he grumbled to himself. "Why are they even fighting? They already know I'd wi-"

"Your Majesty," said a voice from the doorway, interrupting Bowser conversing with himself.

"What it is this time?" Bowser growled, now recognizing the voice as Flight's.

"I've sent out three soldiers to follow a trio heading to Dry Dry Outpost."

"Good," Bowser said, "the train is shut down because of war, right?"

"Yes, your Evilness," the Lakitu Captain said.

"Well," ordered Bowser, "send some troops to block off the warp pipes. I don't want the journey to be too easy for them."

Flight saluted. "Right away, sir!" Then he floated off.


"Darn it!" Mario shouted, leaning against the broken down train. "I should've known-a they shut down-a trains before war!"

"We can always take the warp pi-" Lakilester started, then stopping mid-sentence after seeing some Koopatrols placing steel over the warp pipes, then drilling them in.

"What are they doing-a?" Mario asked quizzically to his companions.

"Probably blocking our easiest way besides the train to Dry Dry Outpost," Watt responded.

The trio walked off in the direction of Dry Dry Outpost.

"At least-a I brought supplies and food," Mario said, patting the sack he was carrying.


Terror, Koopen, and Goomer were not far behind the trio.

"Do your thing they took the warp pipe?" Terror said, pointing to a bolted up pipe.

"It's nailed, stupid!" Goomer retorted.

"Quit your moanin' you morons and looky here!" Koopen said, pointing over the horizon at three shadows following the train tracks. "I bet Bowser will give us a reward if we return with them."

"Yeah," Terror laughed, "that'll give Flight something to shut up about! Bowser will probably make us generals!"

Goomer was sniggering stupidly, "Flight will be taking orders from us!"

Thinking off rich rewards, the trio of villains ran off after Mario.


"Let's stop here to make-a camp," Mario said.

The threesome set up a tent and started a campfire. Mario pulled out some fish and cooked it for dinner.

While eating Watt noticed something or someone in the distance. "Hey Mario, what do you think those three are up to?"

"Probably some of Bowser's soldiers, better-a stay out of sight-a if we know what's good for us-a," Mario stated.


Darkness quickly fell over the desert, making the three villains uncomfortable.

"I wish I would've brought a latern." Goomer whined.

"Oh, shut up," Koopen, the self-appointed leader of the bunch, growled to the complaining Goomba.

"We're going to stay the night," Terror noted.

"Here?!" Goomer cried.

"How many times do I have to tell you to zip your lip, whiner-butt?" Koopen asked as the trio fell into a restless sleep.

To Be Continued...

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