Friday the Thirteenth

By Lemmy Koopa

Iggy got out of bed. He had to go to a meeting before breakfast, and he was quickly dressed. He took his book of notes and went out the door. Suddenly he tripped over a rug. The book went flying and broke an old mirror.

Playful, the Koopas' cat, and the unofficial king of cats, had been careless and had fallen into some black paint and was now totally black. As he walked around a corner, Wendy opened her door and walked into the hallway. She eyed Playful curiously as Playful crossed her path.

Larry was walking down the stairs to breakfast. He wasn't especially hungry so he decided to take the longer way around the castle to the dining room. All of a sudden, a ladder appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Larry walked under it and continued on his walk.

From then on that day, Iggy, Wendy, and Larry had bad luck. At his meeting, Iggy couldn't think of a single good idea, and at breakfast, there were no more pancakes, Iggy's favorite. Then, he missed all the fly balls in baseball practice and walked into a wall and may have broke his nose.

Wendy had fallen down the stairs, got syrup on her dress, accidently caused a plant to die as she tried to water it by giving it way too much water, and had goofed on her weapon against Mario, which had blown up in her hands.

Larry had suddenly become terribly hungry, and eating didn't help, his pancakes tasted horrible, he forgot the speech he had to make to minions, and dropped a valuable painting he was trying to hang on the wall.

This bad luck seemed to rub off on the other Koopas. Morton had fallen into a thorn bush and had a scar on his face. When Ludwig and Roy ganged up on Wendy to throw her in a secret vat of lava, all three of them fell in and were horribly burned. Even Bowser and Clawdia seemed to have bad luck. Some of the Koopas minions were revolting against them, and the two grownups seemed unable to do a thing about it.

Just before noon, Lemmy entered the door to the palace. He had been out all day trying to perfect his "rule the universe" machine. When he saw Wendy, he asked, "Would you like to see my invention work?" "Sorry, busy," called Wendy. She was trying to get back at Roy and Ludwig for getting her in the vat of lava. As she ran past she bumped Lemmy who dropped the machine. Slowly, the machine said, "Ability to take over universe destroyed." Then it blew up. Lemmy screamed in rage as he picked up the pieces and walked back to the secret place.

From their house, Mario and Luigi saw and heard the revolt, and were wondering about it. Suddenly, they heard somebody say, "Did you see Morton fall into the thorn bush? And how about Wendy and the plant." Somehow, the Marios understood that the Koopas were having a bad luck day. For the first time, Mario and Luigi decided to attack the Koopas, instead of defending. They quickly left the house and marched towards the castle.

Lemmy Koopa was in a way very fortunate that his invention had blown up, and had started back towards his secret place, because he was now having very bad luck and may have been destroyed. The other Koopas were not so lucky. They were very surprised at seeing Mario and Luigi attack, as Mario and Luigi were always the defenders.

Mario and Luigi were able to take advantage of the Koopas bad luck. The Marios cleverly backed the Koopas into the castle's control room. Suddenly, Mario rushed forward and grabbed Iggy. With great aim, Mario threw the poor Koopa Kid into the castle's main generator. It sizzled for a short while. Then it exploded. The room was quickly filled with smoke.

When the smoke cleared, it was clear to see that the castle had been blown to pieces. With a smile, Mario and Luigi quickly left the remains of the once great castle as Bowser and his kids examined the damage. At home, Mario and Luigi had a great celebration, with spaghetti, of course. At least for the time being, Mario and Luigi had recovered Dark Land. The Koopas were now without a base.

The End

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