Return to Final Destination

By Biribiri X

Deep in the newly rebuilt castle of koopa, King Bowser Koopa cursed under his breath. He looked around the castle halls. "That scum!" he snarled. "How could I have been defeated so easily by the only piece of trash lower than the Mario Brothers?!". Bowser was angrier than he had ever been in his entire existance. "My castle destroyed, the aqua crystal stolen back, how could that low down Biribiri X have crushed me in battle so easily?! I've never been so humiliated in my life! I killed every single one of the aquanitans years ago, but he survived! And it was because of him that I was defeated again! Well I'll get back at him and I'll finish what I should have done years ago!" he yelled. 'First, I must come up with a plan.' he thought. For some time, Bowser sat in his throne room in deep thought, but he was so filled with hatred and a longing for revenge that he could come up with nothing. He decided there was only one thing to do at times like this: consult Ludwig.

Ludwig was busy working on some sort of invention and was adding nitro glycerin to it, but just before he put it in, he thought, 'Normally one of my family walks in on me at this time and startles me. I'll add this later,' he decided. As if on cue, Bowser entered the room. 'Figures,' Ludwig thought.

Bowser noticed the invention Ludwig was working on. "That had better be some sort of weapon," Bowser said.

Ludwig shot back, "No, it's a gift for Karma! Of course it's a weapon!"

Bowser shoved him out of the way and picked up what looked like a golden orb. It shined with a brilliant light that seemed to carry some sort of magic with it. "What is this?" he asked curiously.

"This," said Ludwig, grabbing the orb out of Bowsers hands, "is the ultimate weapon!"

"That's what you said the last time!" Bowser grumbled.

"You have no idea, King Dad. Do you remember the time you hosted that fake tournament to trap Mario, and you transformed into your giga form? Well this is going to do that very same thing to all of us!" Ludwig said.

Bowser was not impressed. "Imbecile! Have you not forgotten that it was the energy sphere under Final Destination that gave me my power?! And that after Mario almost killed me, Final Destination was sealed up within a black hole?!"

Ludwig nodded. "Yes, I know, but Lemmy and I are going to go back to that same black hole and bring Final Destination back out." He held out the orb. "Then this will come into play. I will launch this into the sphere and strengthen it. And once that is done, all of us will be able to receive the giga power, but thanks to this golden orb I have made, we will be ten times stronger than you were the first time you used it."

Bowser smiled. He walked out of the room. A servant stood outside with coffee. "Pardon me sir, but your coffee is ready," the servant said. Bowser took the drink and walked off to his throne room. The moment Bowser was gone, the servant tore off his mask to reveal... Mario! Mario quickly made his way into the underground hangar of the castle. 'Man, these guys are so easy to fool. How does Bowser manage to put up with them?!' he thought. Mario took out a Fire Flower and dashed in, flinging fireballs everywhere. One of the Sledge Brothers threw a storm of hammers at Mario. Remembering his past battles with the Sledge Brothers, Mario ran under the hammers and flung a fireball in the turtle's face. He was shot back into the wall. 'Now for the last part of the mission,' he thought cooly to himself. Mario grabbed the blueprints for two new doomships. Suddenly, a beam shot past his ear. He turned around to see...

Iggy! "Just what do you think your doing?!" he growled. Mario was not intimidated. He leaped into the air and punched Iggy on his way down. Iggy got up and sweeped his wand. A wave of energy shot towards Mario. Just before Mario could jump, the energy hit him and his fire power left him. "Not so hot without your fire power are you?" Iggy taunted.

Mario did not respond. He picked up a hammer next to him and threw it. It struck Iggy in the head. He staggered back. Mario saw an opportunity and grabbed Iggy. Then he spun around and threw him into a wall so hard that he went right through it. "Piece of cake!" Mario said.  He took out a SuperLleaf and got raccoon power. Before Iggy could get up, Mario flew off with the blueprints.

Iggy cringed. "King Dad's gonna kill me when he finds out about this."  Iggy went back inside to break the news.


Mario entered the Mushroom castle and presented the stolen blueprints to Peach. She looked them over. "I'm still not sure about this. Bowser's doomships have caused us problems in the past and I feel that we might be doing what he does to us," she mused.

Mario reasurred her that this was alright. "We'll just give them a taste of their own medicine by building our own ships and launching a surprise attack on them. That'll show 'em!" he said.

Peach was reluctant, but she agreed. "Luigi and Biribiri X are the main technicians, so you should get those blueprints to them,"  she said.

Mario went upstairs and entered a doorway at the end of a hall. Unfortunatly, Biribiri X was inside sharing a kiss with Seiyu, his girlfriend and a light blue Yoshi, at the time.  "AH!" he screamed.  "Don't do that!"

"Sorry," Mario said. Biribiri X was irritated, but quickly calmed down. "I got the blueprints," Mario said.

Mario handed the blueprints to Biribiri X, who looked them over. "These are good designs and I think I can modify them," Biribiri X said. He turned to Seiyu. "I'll be right back," he said.

Seiyu had always had a deep love for Biribiri X since the day he saved her life...

Seiyu was walking down the road for a pleasent stroll when she happened upon an apple tree. 'Ooh!  Apples! My favorite!' she thought. Her stomach growled. Seiyu hadn't eaten breakfast that morning and she was quite hungry. "I'll just pick myself an apple and be on my way." Seiyu lashed out with her toungue and grabbed one of the red fruits.

As Seiyu bit into the luscious-looking apple, she failed to see a shadow near the tree holding a jewled wand. That shadow happened to belong to Roy Koopa."What's a Yoshi doing here?!" he huffed. "This is the best apple tree in all the land, and she thinks she can just take one of my apples like that?! I guess I'll have to put her in her place!" Roy leapt from the shadows and pinned Seiyu down. "Listen up scum, I don't like you at all, regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, but when you try to touch something that belongs to me, you pay the ultimate price!" he snarled.

Seiyu was frightened and pleaded. "Let me go! This tree belongs to everyone! It isn't yours just because you wa- AAHH!" Roy had punched her in the face.

"Shut up! For talking back to me, I'll make it slow and painful!"

Roy drew his hand back and put his claws in a drill-like position. As he prepared to strike, a voice from behind him said, "Let her go." Roy turned around and found himself staring into a pale white face. POW! He was knocked to the ground by a powerful punch. Roy turned around to see...

Biribiri X! "Let her go now or I'll smash your face in!" he growled.

Roy's expression turned from pain to anger. "I thought you'd show up about now," he mused. Biribiri X responded with his fists. Roy sparred with him, wildly throwing punches. He punched Biribiri X in the stomach and then in the face.

Biribiri X yelled out "WHIRLWIND SLASH!" and sent Roy spinning into the air, courtesy of a shredding blast of wind. Roy fell to the ground, slashed everywhere on his body. Biribiri X advanced on Roy, wand in hand. "Had enough yet?" Biribiri X asked.

Roy slowly got to his feet. "Alright, I know when I'm beaten." Roy growled. He stumbled off, but then he turned on Seiyu again and held her with his claw on her throat. "But before I vamoose, I'm taking her out of the picture!" But she was fed up with Roy. In one swift motion, she slammed her elbow into Roy's stomach. Roy stumbled back, moaning in agony. Seiyu wasn't done just yet though. She held out her hand and a wand materialized in it. She shot a bright blue beam out of it which blasted Roy into the horizen.

"Thanks," Seiyu said. Biribiri X didn't respond. He was looking at Seiya and seemed totally unaware of anything around him. "I said thanks!" Seiyu said again.

"Oh yeah, sure." Biribiri X said, coming to his senses. Seiyu walked off, contnuing on her way, when Biribiri X said, "Uh... what's your name?"

"Seiyu." She turned around and looked at Biribiri X again. This time, however, she looked at him entranced. 'What a good'looking guy!' she thought. She snapped out of her stupor and asked, "And your name?"

"Biribiri X."

Seiyu blushed. "What an interesting name!" she replied.

"By the way," Biribiri X inquired, "how did you manage to get a wand?"

"It's a wand that was passed down from generation to generation in my family. One of my relatives made it 250 years ago and it's been my family's heirloom ever since," she replied.

Biribiri X took out his wand. "Well I've got one too. This wand belonged to my people and the crystal on it represented our planet," he said. He looked up. Seiyu was entranced. Biribiri X again fell into a molasses-like stupor as he looked at Seiyu. From that point on, romance had blossomed between the two of them...

Biribiri X poked his head into the room. "Hey Seiyu, could you give us a hand here?" he asked.

"Coming!" she replied. She got up and went to help Biribiri X with the construction of the doomships. In the hangar, Seiyu constructed a cannon for the ships, Luigi programed the main computer, Mario loaded the weapons, and Biribiri X constructed various laser cannons. "This is good exercise, huh?" Seiyu asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Biribiri X said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Is something wrong?" Seiyu said, curiously.

"No nothing's wrong," Biribiri X said, putting down the hard disks. He floated off, depressed.

Seiyu looked at the catfish/human as he floated off. She turned to Mario. "Does he always get depressed like that?"

Luigi responded "Only sometimes."

Seiyu was puzzled. "I just don't know why he's so depressed all the time. It's almost like he's keeping something from me that he doesn't want to talk about."

Luigi muttered, "You have no idea."

"Did you say something?" Seiyu asked. Luigi continued working. Seiyu stood, confused for a moment. Then she shrugged it off and returned to her work.

At Koopa Castle...

"YOU WHAT?!" Bowser screeched at a cowering Iggy.

"King Dad, I'm sorry!" Iggy pleaded. "I was too weak to get up!"

Bowser smacked Iggy across the room. "Well you weren't too weak to come here and tell me this! If they have the blueprints for our latest doomships, they'll gain an advantage!" he yelled, punching him again.

Iggy began to sob. "Please! I tried to stop him but-"

"SILENCE!!!" Bowser roared. He stood over his crying, frightened son and looked down at him. He snarled. "Need I remind you that failure like this is not to be tolerated?! You may be of royal blood, but I can still execute you as if you were a servant!"

Iggy trembled in fear, tears running down his face. "Please... don't execute me!" he begged.

"I'll let it go this time, but if it happens again, than I'll do the same to you as the last one who lost something this important!" he screamed.

Iggy silently got up, still crying, but just a bit, and left the room, trembling in fear. Bowser felt no remorse for what he had done. There were more important things at stake here. He walked off to the hangar of the doomship Apocalypse and surveyed the progress of its reconstruction. "I trust that you are all making good progress with my ship's reconstruction?" he said in a slightly menacing tone of voice.

The chief technician came up to his king and said, "Reconstruction is going ahead of schedule, sir."

"Excellent," Bowser said.

"Sir, we have also made a new weapon that will make up for your son's failed attempt to protect the blueprints," the chief technician said. He took out a new set of blueprints which Bowser had never seen before. "While the enemy may have the plans to construct our two latest ships, we have a way to ensure that their plans will be in vain." The chief technician held up a strange computer chip. "With this destabilizer chip, we'll be able be able to use a special scrambler ray which will fry their ships circuits. They will tumble out of control and eventually explode. They'll either blow up up in the explosion or die an almost endless death by falling through infinite space as Final Destination is in another dimension," he said.

Bowser smiled. "I like the way you think! Keep up the good work and I might promote you to a place in my military unit!" he said.

"Thank you sir!" the chief technician replied.

Bowser walked out of the hangar and back into the castle. He had to find a way to lure Biribiri X and the Mario Brothers out into the open. 'It will take them a month to build the ships. When they have built them, I shall make my move,' he thought.

In the hallway, a servant was carrying a case of the destabilization chips Bowser was just talking about to the hangar when a faint sob interrupted his journey. He turned down the hall and saw Iggy, huddled in a corner, gently crying. The servant put down his case and went to him. He kneeled down. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Iggy looked up, tears streaming down his face. "Oh, hi." he said quietly.

"Is something wrong, your highness?" the servant asked.

"Oh, I'm alright. But it's just that...  that..." He never finished as he began sobbing again.

"That what?"

"That King Dad and I just..." Iggy said, trying not to cry.

"You got into a fight with him?" the servant interrupted.

"Yes," Iggy said quietly. "How did you know?"

The servant pointed to Iggy's right arm, which had a large bruise. "That tipped me off," he replied.

"Why does he do this?" Iggy asked.

"Bowser is just annoyed by the Mario Brothers beating him every time, and he can't really deal with it. This wildly increases his thirst for revenge and victory, and failure greatly upsets him. That's really the only reason why I can see he lashes out at so many things." he said.  "Now follow me. We've formulated a new plan for taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and it'll lift your spirits." Iggy went with the servant to the hangar.

One month later...

Mario looked around in fear. Where was Peach? He hadn't seen her anywhere in the castle and there was no sign of her having gone out on an errand. 'Where could she be? This could be Bowser's work. But it's not like him to kidnap her without a confrontation,' he thought.

Biribiri X floated into the hallway, an expression of worry on his face. "Where's Seiyu?!" he yelled in worry.

There was no doubt about what had happened. Only Bowser could be behind this. "C'mon!" Mario yelled.  "Get the others! We'll take the airships we constructed and launch an attack!"

Biribiri X shot off and got the others. They piled into the ships and took off. Mario looked uncomfortable. "Something wrong?" Yoshi asked curiously.

"Oh, it's nothing really. It just feels strange flying in a ship that only our enemies would use," Mario muttered. A loud blast of sound rocked the ship. Mario picked up the intercom and yelled, "BIRIBIRI X, TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC!!!"

"Aw man, but this is Purple Haze!" Biribiri X yelled back. Mario yelled something about catfish for dinner and Biribiri X quickly turned down his music's volume.

In the doomship Apocalypse, Bowser laughed as he looked at the radar in the cabin. "Yes, thats right. Come after me. You'll only be walking into my trap!" he laughed. He turned to Peach and Seiyu, who were tied to chairs and guarded by Roy and Lemmy. "Once they arrive, phase one of my master plan will be complete!" he said.

Peach spoke up. "Phase one of what? You just brought your kids and we've had experience in fighting them!"

Bowser looked at her and replied, "It's not my kids alone that you'll have to battle. You'll see what we're going to do."

Seiyu looked around her. "I just don't know what to do. If we enter midair combat, we'll blow each other to pieces and we'll all die. So what's the point?" she asked, curiously.

"I won't need to use midair combat this time," Bowser said. He turned back to the ship's radar. "Ah! They're here at last! Ludwig! Prepare the dimension portal!" he barked.

Ludwig quickly punched in a code into the main computer. "Dimension portal?" Seiyu wondered. "What are they talking about?"

In Mushroom Airship No. 2, Luigi activated the main cannons. "Mario, contact the others and tell them to activate their lock on radars and turn on their main cannons. We'll just blast the Koopas out of the air with one combined shot."

Mario signaled the other ships. Mario, Yoshi, and Biribiri X locked on to the doomship Apocalypse and prepared to unleash a barrage of cannonballs. But no one was prepared for what happened next. In Bowser's ship, Bowser yelled out "NOW!!!" and Ludwig slammed down a button on the main computer.

Seiyu was teleported into Biribiri X's ship and Peach were teleported into Mario and Luigi's ship. At the same time, a huge purple vortex appeared in the sky. "What is that?!" Yoshi screamed. His question was quickly answered as the vortex sucked the four ships into it.

Bowser looked outside the window. There was nothing but a swirling mass of purple outside. He didn't mind. They were going to the next dimension, where Final Destination awaited.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Mario screamed as his ship tumbled wildly through the spinning vortex. The ship was spinning wildly and the world seemed to be vanishing. Mario grabbed a hold of a metal beam and held on for dear life. "I don't know what Bowser's done, but this beats every single crazy plan he's done before!" Mario was knocked off the beam as Luigi came flying through the air and smashed into him. The two spiraled around in wild, choppy circles, crashing into everything that was around them. Then they blacked out.


Mario was the first one awake. He looked around and wondered what had happened. Mario got up and walked over to the cabin window... and gasped in horror at what he saw. This was not Plit! This was the next dimension! The one where Master Hand had challenged them. Mario remembered Master Hand. He was pure evil. He had hosted a fake tournament for revenge for being beaten by Mario and Luigi before, and Mario and his brother as well as the others had almost been killed by him. Master Hand and Crazy Hand, his brother, were by far the strongest warriors of all. Even Bowser had been beaten easily by them. Mario also remembered Bowser and when he transformed into Giga Bowser. That was a living nightmare. Giga Bowser had powers far beyond Master Hand and Crazy Hand combined. He almost killed Luigi and Yoshi in just one single punch! But they had just narrowly beat him and then sealed up Final Destination to ensure Bowser couldn't return and transform again. "Why did Bowser bring us here? And what is he going to pull?" he wondered.

Mario looked over his shoulder to see that his ship was in ruin and Yoshi was on the floor, unconscious.  Mario shook him. He opened his eyes. "Whuh?  What happened?" the dino asked. Yoshi got up and looked around. "We're in that place you told me about, right?" he asked.

"Yes. Bowser threw open a portal and teleported us here. He's going to try something. I don't know what, but I don't like it."

Yoshi suddenly remembered the other ships, shot to the control deck, and screamed, "What about Biribiri X and the others?" He screamed into the CB radio "Biribiri X! Are you there?! Are you okay?!". No reply. Yoshi became frantic. He yelled even louder than before, "ARE YOU OKAY?!"

This time a voice answered. "Yeah, I'm okay."

Yoshi calmed down and said, "Oh thank goodness! I thought you were..."

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry old friend. I'm fine. I had a feeling you were alive too."

"How did you know?" Yoshi asked, puzzled.

"I heard you yelling," Biribiri X replied. Yoshi went red in the face.

Everyone was okay; a few bruises and cuts here and there, but nothing to worry about. They treated their wounds and realized it was late. Mario remembered something. "Biribiri X, did you remember to put beds in the ships?" he asked.

"Er..." was all Biribiri X said.

Yoshi moaned. "Oh no!  Now where will we sleep?"

Peach pointed out of the window. "How 'bout on that island?" she asked.

Mario looked out and saw an island, floating in space, with various trees and plants. "Fine," Mario said, reluctantly.

Biribiri X rolled his eyes. "Well it's not like you installed the weapon programs I made!" he retorted. Mario growled in frustration.

"Oh, will you both knock it off?!" Peach yelled. They both piped down. "That island will be fine! It looks deprived of anything living, so we won't have to worry about wild animals," she said.

Depression hit Biribiri X again. Deserted island... no life... oh why did everything lead back to that horrible event that had occurred so many years ago? "Um... yeah. It'll be fine. I have to get some food... Be right back..." he said quietly. He floated off with his head down.

"There he goes again," Seiyu remarked.  They gathered supplies and headed for the island.

As the gang unpacked, Biribiri X reached into his sack and a small ray of light emitted from it. He quickly covered it. Luigi turned towards him. "What was that?" he asked.

"Uh, nothing," Biribiri X said, nervously. Everyone unrolled their sleeping bags and went to sleep. Biribiri X felt a wave of sadness sweep over him again. 'Why must I live with that horrible memory? Why doesn't it give me a moment's peace?' he thought. He looked around. Everyone was asleep but Seiyu. "Now's a good time to sneak off and play out my feelings on the family instrument." He quickly slunk off into the shadows, undetected. 'It's a good thing Seiyu isn't very attentive when she's tired,' he thought.  Finding a tree, he sat down under it and took out a strange instrument. He began to play a quiet melody on it, mixed with joy and sorrow.

That night...

Seiyu was dozing off from the events that day. "G'night Biribiri X. See you in the morning," she said. Normally, he would reply with "I hate morning" or just grunt and kiss her, ut something was different: Biribiri X wasn't there! "Where could he have gone?" Seiyu wondered. Suddenly, something broke into her thoughts, some sort of soft music, sad yet harmonious. It made her want to sing and cry at the same time. She got up and followed the sound and found Biribiri X in the moonlight, sitting under a tree, playing an instrument which looked like a flute, but it was silver-tipped. "Watcha' doing?" she asked.

Biribiri X was startled and looked up as if he had been stabbed. "Seiyu! What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I heard your music," she said. Biribiri X slumped down a bit. He looked sad. "Is something wrong?" Seiyu asked.

Biribiri X said quietly, "Yes".

Seiyu knelt down in front of Biribiri X. "What is it?" she asked.

"A secret that I hate telling," he replied. "It's my past."

"Your past?" she inquired.

"Yes. I've never shaken it from my memory, as it's too dark."

"Tell me." Biribiri X began...

"Long ago when I was a child, my home planet was destroyed. My people were prosperous and peaceful. We had been in wars before, but we had always made amends with our enemies. We had many treasures, but our most prized one was the aqua crystal. It was a powerful crystal which had amazing power. One day, Bowser heard about it and launched a full scale invasion, intent on getting the crystal. He had somehow planted Bob-ombs around the planet and quickly destroyed us all." Biribiri X was weeping as he spoke. "I was the only one who survived. I was frightened beyond all reason, as I was only a child. I fled to Plit and have resided here ever since," he wept. "After two years on this planet, Bowser's goons ambushed me. Yoshi rescued me and we have been friends since then. Then one day, Luigi and I battled Bowser and I defeated him. I regained the aqua crystal and took the revenge which I had so long wanted. But even though I gave Bowser what he deserved, I've never felt better." Biribiri X broke down into quiet sobs. He hugged Seiyu and cried into her shoulder. Seiyu also felt tears coming out of her eyes as well.

"You poor thing," she whispered to herself. Those words seemed to echo into the night.

Biribiri X looked at her, his faced stained with tears. "You have no idea," he said quietly.

"That's exactly what Luigi said to me," Seiyu said.

Biribiri X leaned against the tree, and hysterically cried into the bark. His tears rolled down the tree and disappeared into the sand. "Why does it have to be like this?! I've been left totally alone with none of my own kind! I have to live totally alone in this world with nobody whom I've known before! Where will it all come to an end?!" he screamed. Seiyu tried to pull him away, but he pushed away from her. "Just let me be..." he said, quietly.

Seiyu recoiled, but then left. As she walked off, she muttered, "You're not alone. You're far from alone." She looked back at Biribiri X one last time, crying as if what had he had just revealed had happened again.

Next morning...

Seiyu woke up and looked around her. It was still dark out and she wondered why. She noticed Mario and the others were wide awake. "Why is it so dark out when it's morning?" she asked.

"In case you've forgotten, we're in an alternate dimension. It's always dark here," Luigi replied.

"Oh yeah," she muttered.

She saw Biribiri X over by the ships, looking frightened. He screamed something that they couldn't hear as they were too far away, but it sounded urgent so they dashed over. "Hurry! Bowser and his kids are heading towards where Final Destination is sealed up!" he screamed.

The gang shot to their ships and took off. Mario thought to himself, 'What would they want with the black hole? I just hope they aren't going to do what I think they're going to do.'

"Yes!" Bowser crowed. "You've walked right into my trap! Iggy! Fire the destabilization beam at them!" Iggy aimed the main cannon at Mario's ship and fired a bright blue beam at them. It struck the ship square in its hull. It began to tumble around in the air in wild movements, crackling with electricity. Iggy laughed and fired again, this time at Yoshi's ship.

Yoshi fired every shot he had at Bowser's ship, but the incoming energy beam deflected all the shots. "What the?!" he screamed. He saw a beam cover his ship... and then all was chaos. Sparks flew everywhere and his ship went out of control. "What is going on?!" he screamed.

"Bowser has some sort of weapon that's screwing up our ships! I don't know how he got such a twisted idea, but we're in serious trouble!" Biribiri X yelled. Electricity shot out of the ships computer and pinned Biribiri X and Yoshi against the ground. They looked around and saw everything either short circuit or explode. Then they blacked out.

Bowser laughed loudly. "Excellent work Iggy! The destabilization beam is a success!" he laughed.

"No problem Dad!" Iggy said, triumphantly.

Bowser turned to the monitor. "Now all that's left to do is watch them tumble into space and then ressurect Final Destination. Once we do that, the Mushroom Kingdom will be ours!" he said. The Koopas looked at the monitor, anxiously waiting for the ships to fall, forgetting that they were a bit off from them.

Peach was battered from the fall she had taken in the carreening ship with the Marios. 'Darn it.' she thought. "Bowser has won at last! Maybe by some coincidence, things will be alright. I only wish something would just come out of the sky and blast that ship of theirs out of the sky!" she yelled. Then an idea came to her. All the ships were above Bowser's ship! They could crash down into them and then teleport into the remaining ship and head home! Peach yelled into the intercom, "Crash your ship into Bowser's ship! Bail out at the last second and teleport inside mine!"

"Roger that!" Yoshi yelled. He gunned his ship's thrusters into full speed and dove towards Bowser.

"Whats this?" Lemmy screamed.

"Whats what?!" Bowser demanded. Lemmy pointed a shaky finger at the monitor. Bowser was horrified. One of his enemy's airships was screaming towards him! "No way! Ludwig! Get us out of here now!" he ordered. But it was too late. The ship smashed into the doomship Apocolypse and exploded, setting the ship ablaze. Electricity and flames flooded into the cockpit in an instant. "GET IN THE REMOTE SHIPS AND USE THE ORB!!!" Bowser yelled.

Lemmy and Ludwig shot to the docking bay and leapt into a pair of small ships from the Koopas' air force. They rocketed out into the distance towards the black hole at an amazingly high speed. Ludwig pressed a button on the main control deck and a silver orb shot out of his ship. Lemmy bounced it into the black hole. Ludwig grinned in silent anticipation. "Mission, accomplished," he said quietly.

The black hole began to radiate a bright purple light. Then it began to expand to a giant size. There was a horrible sound of screaming wind and a surge of lightning. Then it finally exploded into a mess of darkness. Bowser looked up excitedly, despite the fact that his ship was burning up, but his excitement became anger when he saw nothing at all. "NO!!! How is this possible?! Final Destination was designed to never be destroyed!" he screamed. Bowser jumped up and smashed into the ground of his ship so hard that electrical bolts shot everywhere. The Koopa Kids shook in fear. Bowser had never been this mad before. He screamed, "I can't believe this! Have I truely been beaten?! There must be some way to beat them still!" he screeched.

Bowser looked back again and noticed something he had failed to notice before. There, right where the black hole had been, was a giant platform, hovering in the air with the help of propeller blades and a giant scarlet orb in the middle of it. It was Final Destination. "So my efforts bear fruit." he murmered. He turned to the intercom. "Lemmy! Ludwig! Teleport to Final Destination! The rest of you do the same! It's time for the last part of our plan," he said. Bowser and his kids teleported to the arena-like platform just as their ship exploded in a blast of flaming shrapnel.


"Yes! We've done it at last!" Peach cheered. Yoshi and Biribiri X had managed to teleport onto Luigi's ship just as they collided with Bowser's ship. They celebrated with a happiness they had never felt before.

Luigi turned to Mario.  "I guess we've finally beaten ol' Bowser down once and for all eh?" he asked. Mario was too happy to even speak.

Their happiness was quickly dashed as Yoshi called out "Look!"

They rushed to the radar and fear took the place of happiness. They saw Final Destination floating in space.  Mario stared at it, paralyzed in fear. "This isn't happening! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!" he screamed.

Biribiri X ran to the teleportation room. "Happening or not, we can still stop them! I'm gonna get Bowser back for all this!" he yelled. Realising that they had no choice but to do battle, they ran to the armory room and equipped the armor used during their battle with Smithy. Then they each took a sword. They teleported onto Final Destination and caught up with Bowser.

"So, you've managed to find us!" Bowser said.

"That's right!" Mario said, unsheathing his sword. "You've gone too far this time! We're gonna finish you for good this time!"

Bowser just laughed. "So you think that you're skilled enough to beat me and my kids, huh? Well we'll make you wish you had never been born!"

Lemmy took out a sword made of mist energy. The others revealed they had blades of their own as well. Roy crouched down, prepared to attack. "You want to fight, we'll give you a fight! Let's rumble!" he boomed. The two groups charged forward and the battle began.

Just before the groups connected, they flipped backwards. Before anyone could react, Roy charged forward and delivered a slash that would have proven fatal had it connected, had it not been countered by the princess. She grinned and slashed back at him. Roy nimbily dodged and counterattacked. Finally, Peach managed to slash him across the arm, leaving a jagged line of blood. Roy looked at his arm, then turned to Peach. "Nobody hurts me and lives to tell about it!!!" he yelled. He blindly slashed at her, not caring about anything else except killing her. Peach dug into her pocket and threw a bomb into Roy's face. He staggered back and collapsed.

Luigi was busy dealing with Iggy and Lemmy, who posed a major problem for him. Luigi ducked, jumped, dodged, and blocked too fend off the twins' wild onslaught of sword swipes. Lemmy called out, "Let's team up!". Iggy grabbed a hold of his brother and they both spun around, their blades flashing in the dim light.

'This is just like the time I fought the Ice Climbers in the Smash tournament!' Luigi thought. Lemmy managed to get Luigi across the chest. He flopped onto the ground, seemingly dead.

Iggy advanced on his dying enemy. He raised his blade above Luigi's chest. "Time to finish you off," he said.  Suddenly, Luigi sprung up and slashed Iggy across the face. "AAAAAAAA!!!" he screeched, covering his face.

Seeing an oppurtunity, Luigi threw him into Lemmy. "You morons! I've been wearing invisible armor all the time!" he crowed. Lemmy got up and attacked Luigi wildly. Luigi threw a fireball at him, burning him. Lemmy screamed and ran around, desperately trying to put the flames out. Luigi ran off to help the others.

Biribiri X dueled with Ludwig, who was putting up a good fight. Ludwig ducked Biribiri X's slash and headbutted him. Biribiri X socked him in the stomach and then sliced off one of his claws. Ludwig lept forward and chopped at him. Biribiri X ducked and counterattacked, but Ludwig quickly blocked the blow and returned the favor, just narrowly missing. Biribiri X ducked and smashed him in the face with his tail. Ludwig ducked into his shell, but kept his arms out, still holding his sword. He spun around and charged forward, tearing up the ground like a buzzsaw. Biribiri X held out his hand. "Whirlwind slash!" he yelled. The wind energy dug into the ground and forced Ludwig to come out of the ground. As he fell back down, Biribiri X ran his sword through Ludwig's arm. He clutched his shoulder and knelt on the ground, moaning in pain. 'Guess I'd better help the other guys,' Biribiri X thought. He charged off, leaving a wounded Ludwig behind him.

Yoshi and Seiyu were battling Larry and Morton. "It's ironic," Seiyu said.

"What's ironic?" Yoshi asked, jumping a slash from Larry.

"Normally I'd fight alongside Biribiri X and wait until we finish'd whoever we were dueling until I fought with the others," she said. Seiyu cut Larry's sword in half and then leaped high into the air. She dropped onto Larry, slamming her foot into his face. Larry stumbled back, but then charged forward. Seiyu had no trouble finishing him off. She lashed out at him with her tongue and took him into her mouth. Then she spat him back onto the ground, knocking him out.

Morton proved much harder. He opened his mouth and began to talk endlessly, as he always did, trying to bore his opponents into defeat. "You managed to beat my brothers huh? Well rest assured I will prove a far greater challenge than Larry since I'm the greatest fighter around next to King Dad and nobody can so much as land a blow on me because I'm the most greatest, perfect, masterful, and not too mention downright good-looking Morton Koo..."

"Ah, shut up!" Yoshi yelled. He lept into the air and did a ground slam on Morton's head. Morton collapsed with some of his teeth knocked out.

Mario was having a difficult time with Wendy. She ducked every single sword slash Mario made at her as if she could predict his movements. Then she threw her blade away and flung a fireball at Mario. Mario avoided it, only too be hit by another. She grinned. "I knew your skills from the Smash tournament hadn't fallen over time, so I took the liberty of perfecting the technique of conjuring two fireballs instead of one!" she sneered. Wendy kicked Mario across the battlefield as if he were a football. Then she stomped on him, repeatedly. Mario suddenly jumped and smashed his fist into her mouth, hard. She stumbled backwards, and then threw one of her usual extra loud tantrums. Mario fell on the ground, laughing like a lunatic. "Ha ha ha ha ha! She is so stupid when we she does that!" he laughed. Wendy heard this and screamed so loud that she hyperventilated and lost consciousness.

The group turned to Bowser. "So Bowser, what are you going to do now? Your brat pack has been beaten down, and you'll never beat all of us!" Mario taunted.

Bowser smirked. "So you think it's that easy, huh? Well I've got news for you," he said, menacingly.

Bowser snapped his fingers and Ludwig's stabbed arm healed. Ludwig took out the orb he had been working on earlier. "You are probably asking yourself, what is that thing?" he said. "Well I'll tell you. This is an orb I've constructed which will power up Final Destination's crystal orb." Ludwig hurled it over the edge. The glowing sphere boomeranged into the crystal orb underneath Final Destination as it fell. There was a brilliant flash of light. Then the crystal began to spew out a dark purple blast of light.

Bowser laughed, wickedly. "This time, me and all of my kids shall receive the giga power! But this time we shall be ten times stronger than a normal giga transformation!!" he screamed in triumph. The gang was horrified. The spiraling purple energy shot into the Bowser and his children. They began to glow a dark purple. Then lightning struck the eight of them. They transformed into forms which had extremly pumped up muscles, longer hair, extremely sharp claws and spikes, and evil bloodshot eyes. They were also much larger too.

Mario and Luigi backed away. "This is what I feared they would try!" Mario said, meekly.

Bowser glared at him. "Ah yes! I feel great! My power has never been higher! Now I'll test it on you!" he screamed.

Bowser gathered a huge mouth of blue fire and prepared to fire at Mario and Luigi when Biribiri X darted in front of him. "No way!" he screamed. "You may have become stronger, but we can still beat you! And I've got a score to settle with you! I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to my friends and family!" he screamed in rage, taking out his wand.

Iggy made the first move. He sent his fist flying into Biribiri X, sending him flying to the edge of the arena, his body enveloped in shadow energy. Seiyu, horrified, shot forward and stabbed Bowser so hard with her sword that it went all the way down to the hilt. But it had no effect as the blade only looked as though it had broken Bowser's scales. It had actually shattered upon contact with his body.

Bowser reared back his head. "Let me show you what a real attack is!" he yelled. He swung his head forward into Seiyu, creating an explosion. She was sent flying off in a blast of flame and smoke.

Mario and the others dropped their swords. "Alright then! We'll take you on! C'mon guys! Let's split up!" he ordered. They charged towards the eight beasts and began the most dangerous fight they had ever fought.

Mario challenged Bowser. He flung fireballs and slammed him with every punch he could throw, but Bowser showed no sign of pain. Bowser ducked into his shell and spun around, creating a flurry of icicles around him. Mario was frozen in a block of ice. Bowser then slashed at him with his claws, which had been heated to absurd temperatures. Mario was melted out of the block. "I'll show you!!" he screamed, rushing at Bowser. They traded punches for awhile, with Bowser quickly gaining the upper hand. Then Bowser breathed a blast of hot blue flame at the plumber. Mario was forced to block it, giving Bowser enough time to headbutt him.  He was kncoked back. Then Bowser leaped into the air and slammed into him like an anvil. Mario was almost dead. Bowser got up and laughed triumphantly. "I have won at last! My greatest nemesis is dead, and I have attained victory!" he yelled.

Peach rechallenged Roy, but before she even knew he was attacking her, he grabbed her and slammed her down into the ground. Roy began to pummel her recklessly as she lay imbedded in the ground. "This is for beatin' me that last time!" Roy screamed. Finally he lifted her out of the ground and threw Peach onto his back. He spun around like a tornado, repeatedly hitting her with his back spikes. Due to his increased power, his spikes shot out electricity. Peach flew into the air, severely wounded. When she hit the ground, she was too weak to move.

Luigi traded blows with Iggy and Lemmy as he avoided their fire and ice shots. Suddenly, Iggy struck Luigi from behind. He flew towards Lemmy, who spun around and used his tail as a baseball bat. Luigi was slammed into the floor. He moaned in agony as the twin terrors laughed. "That felt great!" Iggy said.

"No, that felt awesome!" Lemmy corrected. Lemmy brought both of his hands above his head and charged ice energy into them. Then he brought them down, unleashing a blast of icy mist. Luigi was frozen in ice.  Unlike with Mario, however, Lemmy did not attack him and break the ice. He and his brother just stood there, laughing.

Yoshi wasn't having any luck either. Larry grabbed him by the hair and flung him off towards Wendy, who kicked him away. Morton picked him up and threw him away again. Yoshi tried to fight back, but he had been greatly weakened from the beating he had received. Finally, Ludwig grabbed him. "I've never liked sports, but this time I can't resist!" he said. Ludwig rolled Yoshi up like a piece of clay and then spiked him into the ground like a volleyball. Yoshi was knocked unconscious.

Off on the edge of Final Destination, Biribiri X struggled to move. After taking the full force of Iggy's shadow punch, he felt as though every bone in his body had been broken. 'This is exactly what it was like when Bowser destroyed Aquanet,' he thought. He looked to his side. Seiyu lay a bit away from him. She was bruised, bloody, and seemingly dead. Seeing this horrible sight was too much to bare. Biribiri X turned his head away and broke down into a fit of weeping.  "No...  Seiyu... Luigi... Yoshi...  It can't be.." he said quietly. The past was repeating itself. That only made it harder for him to take. He couldn't move as he felt so weak. He saw his wand next to him. 'I just can't believe it. Bowser has finally won,' he thought. His tears splashed down on the aqua crystal.

Suddenly his wand began to glow a radient light. Its warm glow seemed to carry some sort of unknown feeling of peace and calmness to Biribiri X's soul and body. "Is this death?" he asked himself. He was quickly answered as the crystal covered him with an aqua blue light. He looked at himself. He had been healed. "Of course. When an aquanitan's emotions become strong enough, the aqua crystal reacts to them and gives off a light which can heal the user and all of his allies!" he remembered.

Biribiri X got up and shined the light on Seiyu. Her wounds healed in an instant. She opened her eyes. "Biribiri X!  What happened?" she asked.

"There's no time to explain!" he said.

Biribiri X pointed his wand at the others and shined the light on them. They got up, fully healed. Mario didn't ask any questions. He simply yelled, "Now it's our turn!" and charged forward with the others.

Mario and the gang returned to battle, but this time they knew how to fight their enemy. Mario and Biribiri X attacked Bowser head on. Mario leaped up and punched Bowser harder than ever. Bowser staggered back, his nose bleeding. "How could you have done that?! I'm ten times stronger than ever!" he screamed. Mario didn't answer as he didn't know why he felt stronger than he had been previously. Biribiri X delivered a headbutt to Bowser's stomach, causing the king to fall over. Biribiri X leaped onto his enemy and began pummeling him wildly.

Biribiri X looked over his shoulder and saw Seiyu beating Roy down easily. "Watch out!" she yelled. Bowser punched Biribiri X off of him. Mario flung fireballs which Bowser caught easily. He slashed Mario out of his way with his claws. But that was what the plumber wanted. Mario fell down behind Bowser and grabbed his tail. He swung Bowser around and then flung him into Roy. Seiyu jumped above Roy and did a ground slam into his stomach, kncoking the wind out of him.

Bowser got to his feet and slashed Biribiri X. That was it. Biribiri X was consumed with demonic fury the moment Bowser's claws struck him. He leaped onto Bowser and began savagely attacking him as if he had become as bloodthirsty a killer as Bowser. Seiyu was entranced. She was horrified at what she saw. Some sort of new feeling was in her now. She felt afraid, almost terrified of him. This was not the same Biribiri X she had known and loved, but a wild, infuriated creature which had only revenge in it's mind. Bowser kicked Biribiri X off of him and Seiyu snapped out her trance. She returned to battle.

Yoshi turned to Ludwig and began to fight him. Ludwig slashed at him with his claws, but missed. Yoshi threw an egg at him which exploded in his face. Ludwig clutched his face, leaving him open to attack. Yoshi leaped up and kicked him. Then he crouched down and slammed Ludwig with his tail like a whip. He fell back. Ludwig quickly got up and sent a bolt of electricity sailing at Yoshi, but Yoshi whipped his tail forward again and sent the ball sailing into Ludwig, knocking him out.

Iggy and Lemmy, who had previously had the advantage against their adversary, were now fighting a losing battle. Luigi shot around them with his green missile attack. Lemmy leaped forward and threw another freeze blast, but this time he missed. Luigi suddenly appeared behind Lemmy and punched him. Lemmy was knocked unconscious. Iggy threw a wall of flame, but Luigi shot a bigger blast which overwhelmed it. Iggy was so startled by this that Luigi had enough time to grab him and throw him into the ground. Iggy bounced off of the floor and Luigi leaped up and kicked him in the face, knocking out one of his teeth. He fell to the ground, knocked out.

After awhile, the Koopa Kids and Bowser were floored at last. Mario looked around. "We've beaten them!" he shouted victoriously. The others cheered in victory. This had been a close shave, but they had managed to pull through. They slapped high-fives and let out a loud "HURRAH!!!" Mario looked back at Bowser and his children. "Even with their powers, they couldn't defeat us because we worked together. And teamwork overcomes speed and strength," he said.

"On the contrary!" Bowser yelled. The gang turned around and saw Bowser and the Koopalings up again. "You may have overpowered us, but Final Destination still has one feature left in it!" he said.

Peach was shocked. "What kind of feature?!"

"The ability to descend back onto Plit! Once it reaches Plit, Final Destination's power will overwhelm the planet and destroy everything on it except property belonging to the user!" he said, evily.

The group looked around nervously. What Bowser had said was true, as while they had struggled with the Koopas they had failed to realize that Final Destination had descended and was now directly over Plit's surface. The sky turned a dark gray and lightning surged around them. The arena crackled with surging electricity, but for some strange reason it did not hurt anyone. Bowser broke into hysterical laughter. "Soon all of Plit will fall to Final Destination's power and so will you! Now nothing will stop me from taking over this planet!" he screamed.

The storm had now become a wild wind storm. Mario and the others struggled against the winds. They were fresh out of ideas. It seemed that nothing could be done now. Then Peach got an idea. "Mario!" she called out over the screaming wind, "maybe if Final Destination'ss core is gone, it won't have any power! If we can destroy it, this place might be destroyed and Bowser will go down with it!"

Mario hesitated, but then decided it was the only way to end this whole affair. "C'mon everyone! Let's hit the core!" he yelled. Everyone else struggled towards Mario and began their most dangerous task of all.

Bowser and his kids were too busy laughing in victory to notice their enemies dart past them. They jumped down and let the wind push them onto Final Destination's crystal core. It was difficult to hang onto the sphereical energy source, but the wind helped them hold onto it  Luigi looked back and saw a fireball screaming towards them. "LOOK OUT!" he yelled. The gang just barely managed to dodge the flaming sphere. More fireballs came rocketing at them. They had little time left before the whole arena overwhelmed Plit. It was now or never.  Mario and Luigi shot the biggest fireballs they had ever thrown into the core, Peach shoved a Bob-omb into it, Yoshi threw an egg into the core, and Biribiri X and Seiyu shot powerful energy blasts into it with their wands.

The core suddenly swelled up and beams of light began emitting out of it. Bowser looked down and gasped. He knew what was happening almost immediately. Below him, he heard Biribiri X yell "JUMP!!!" and saw his enemies leap off Final Destination. The core shattered like glass as they faded out of sight. Final Destination began smoking and burning. Bowser and his kids panicked and tried to get off the exploding platform, but it was too late. The arena glowed a brilliant bright light and the flames engulfed it. Bowser let out one last long, loud scream of despair as Final Destination exploded in a blast of light and fire, sending him and the Koopalings flying off into the distance, burnt and beaten. As they dissapeared, they reverted back to their original forms.

Far below, Biribiri X and the others had just seen what had happened from the ground. They cheered and watched Bowser and his posse fly off into parts unknown. Mario was the most relieved. "Phew. For a moment there I thought we were history. I remember my first fight with Bowser in his transformed state almost perfectly... his power, the pummeling I took, me just narrowly beating him, all of it," he said. "Now he comes back in his giga form with his power increased tenfold, and we beat him again. I can relax now, knowing that he can never transform again." Mario had never been happier than he was now.

Biribiri X turned to Seiyu. "Well, we can kick back and take it easy now. We've earned the rest, right Seiyu?" he asked. Seiyu did not reply. He waved his hand in front of her face. "Seiyu? You in there?" Still no reply. Biribiri X was confused.

Finally, she spoke.  I'm sorry, but..."

"But what?" Biribiri X asked, curiously.

"I... I just can't..." Seiyu started.

"Just can't what?"

"I just can't be with you anymore!" she blurted out.

Biribiri X almost had a heart attack. "W-what?!" he yelled in disbelief.

"Sorry Biribiri X, but I just think it would be better this way," she murmured.

"But why?" he asked.

Seiyu felt a tear run down her face as she spoke. "I- I just can't tell you. It would be silly to you, but it's important to me." Biribiri X couldn't understand why Seiyu was leaving him. He had never given her harm or done anything bad to her, but he knew she was serious about leaving him and looked solenmly down at the ground. "I only hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive what I'm doing," she said. She was crying now. Seiyu kissed him one last time. She was frightened of him after how she had seen him in battle, but she still loved him at the same time. Yet she felt it would be better to leave him and not have to live in fear of his wild side and go insane from fear. She whispered, "I'll miss you," and lept into a warp pipe.

Biribiri X looked up. He looked at the others, who were shocked at what had just happened. Biribiri X floated past them and muttered, "It's like Shakespere said: 'parting is such sweet sorrow'."

Yoshi put his arm on his friend's back. "I'm so sorry. I don't see why she left you so suddenly," he said.

Biribiri X just shrugged and sighed. The gang returned home for a party with the others at the castle. They had pulled out their biggest victory ever and they were going to make the best of it, even though the memory of what they had gone through had been seered into their minds.

The End

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