Mario Meets the Koopa Kids

By Lemmy Koopa

Many years had passed since Bowser had tried to kidnap the Princess. He had sent his brother Wart to make trouble on one occasion, but for 7 years, Bowser was being a family man. He raised a family with his wife Clawdia and was proud of his children. But now it was time to put them to the test.

Bowser called a family meeting, and all the children came running, except for the fat, oldest Koopaling. Bowser admired his family, and saw 6 boys and 1 girl. 2 of the boys were sitting very close together, and were acting like twins. Bowser was pleased that they had such good teamwork. 1 of the boys was an inventive genius. 1 of the boys was a big strong bully. Another boy was talkative but determined. The youngest boy was a great spy and would certainly be useful as one. Bowser was not quite sure what his daughter would be used for, but he was sure she would think of something, since she always demanded her way.

"Okay, kids," said Bowser, "the time has come to show your loyalty, your strength, and your courage. We are all going out together to find Mario and Luigi and fight them. Along the way, we will kidnap Princess Toadstool. With all of us working together, there is no way we can fail!"

All the Koopalings jumped up and down in glee, except for the one that was balancing carefully on a ball. He had an extra hard time because two of his siblings shook the floor as they jumped. He also had to weed out the distraction of his brother’s constant talking, and the threat of a sudden tantrum from his sister.

One of the jumping Koopalings was thinking differently about the plan. He decided that he wanted to go fight Mario alone, since his superior strength and weight would certainly see him through. When the meeting was over, the Koopaling went to find his older brother, the genius. The Koopa in shades narrated his plan, and the other Koopa made a large spring.

One hour later, they hatched their plan. The genius put the spring to the left side of the Koopa’s Ball Room, towards the door. The bully escorted Bowser in, saying that the twins were doing a cool trick. Suddenly, he pushed Bowser hard. Bowser fell onto the spring and bounced on top of the chandelier. If he jumped down, he could destroy the castle and kill himself, so Bowser was stuck.

The Koopalings were delighted that they could go fight Mario themselves, except for the twins who felt unsafe, especially about breaking up. But the plan was settled, and the Koopalings went off on their own way.

The youngest Koopaling destroyed Grass Land. The talkative one looted Desert Land. The girl washed up Water Land. The smarter of the twins pillaged Giant Land. The Bully earthed Sky Land. The ball rider wreaked havoc in Ice Land. Finally, the genius caused chaos in Pipe Land.

The Koopalings were all very proud of the damage they had caused. Enemies were roaming everywhere and no Mushroomer dared to go outside. But when they split, the Koopalings forgot on thing: nobody kidnapped the Princess.

The Princess told Mario and his brother Luigi that the Mushroom World had been invaded and that the seven kings had been transformed. They, of course, jumped into action, and raced to Grass Land. They had a fairly easy time getting through. The fourth action of fighting was a difficult race against time over a bottomless pit, and in a fortress they met up with Bowser’s favorite servant, Boom Boom for the first time and had to defeat him, but that was about it. Finally, they reached the castle, where Toad told them that Larry Koopa had transformed the king. Mario and Luigi were surprised, because they thought they would have to fight Bowser 7 times, and because they didn’t know about the Koopalings. They boarded Larry’s aircraft, called a doomship, and went to dodging the cannon balls that were shot at them. Finally, they reached Larry’s chamber, but they could not find Larry. Suddenly, they heard him chuckling behind a pillar. Larry turned out to a weak Koopaling, and Mario put his weight to it. He took back the magic wand and saved the king.

Desert Land had harder enemies than Grass Land, but the challenge increased with Mario’s skill. They had a hard time in the quicksand course and the pyramid course. Finally, they reached Morton’s castle, where they were distracted by his continuos talking. He was weak too, however, and Mario and Luigi sent him away.

Water Land was all wet, and Mario and Luigi had to do a lot of swimming. Fortunately, they had brought along some frog suits. They had difficulty in two areas because they had to avoid a giant fish swimming below or else die instantly. The first fortress was also difficult because it was a maze. Mario and Luigi shook themselves off when entering Wendy’s castle. Her doomship was harder than the others, and they had to avoid many wrenches thrown by mole-like turtles. They found Wendy playing with candy. She threw a tantrum when she saw them, and then looked around for another weapon, but found none. She fought with her candy, and Mario and Luigi learned a new meaning of hard candy. But they sent her away, with her candy.

Mario and Luigi were midgets in Giant Land, but their firepower helped them kill all the giant baddies. They had trouble in a fortress in which they were chased by fire, and had trouble with hammer throwers who shook the ground. They had trouble on the doomship, which went extremely slowly and faced them up with lots of fire. When they reached Iggy Koopa, they found him in a corner. His eyes went wide and he said, "How did you get-". He did not finish his sentence. Mario and Luigi looked at each other and started to fight. Iggy turned out to be a better jumped than his other siblings, but not as good as Mario and Luigi.

Sky Land was large, but Mario and Luigi breezed through it with their Racoon Tails. They had lots of trouble fending off Lakitu, the flying turtle, and his spiny turtles. They also had to avoid lots of spikes in a fortress which took them to the sky. There, they found Roy Koopa, who only grunted at them and charged. Mario and Luigi were temporarily stunned when he jumped, but they regained their balance quickly. They did beat him, but he was the hardest Koopaling yet.

Ice Land was huge, the biggest land yet. Mario and Luigi had to be very careful not to slide off a cliff. Besides that danger, they had trouble in the three fortresses, which contained many enemies and lifts over bottomless pits. Fortunately, Mario and Luigi found many Toad’s houses, including a special white Toad’s house, and also a coinship. They were in good spirits when they met up with Lemmy Koopa. Lemmy had been in good spirits, too, as he rode on his ball, but when he saw Mario and Luigi his eyes widened, and after a pause he said, "…through my traps?" Mario and Luigi were confused but they started to fight. They had trouble with Lemmy because while on his ball, he was too high to jump on. Mario and Luigi had to jump on the balls he was making magically without hitting their sides and then jump on Lemmy. They finally beat him, as he pouted because it wasn’t much fun.

Mario and Luigi continued on to Pipe Land, but did not know that the other Koopalings they had already beaten were up to no good. They had returned home and helped Bowser down from the ceiling. Threatening to punish them all later, Bowser ran off and kidnapped the Princess. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were lost among pipes and plants. Every level was full of enemies, and was very difficult. Ludwig turned out to be the hardest Koopaling of all, with his speed and ground shaking weight. His maniacal laughter didn’t help either. Mario and Luigi managed to send him away, and felt their job done.

They were surprised to find out that the Princess had been captured. They went to Dark Land and braved hoards of doomships. The fortress was the hardest yet, as it was a huge maze. Another dangerous maze awaited them in Bowser’s castle. When they finally met up with the father of the Koopalings, they could not find a way to hurt him. They did, however, find out that he was heavy enough to break holes in brick, and he ended up falling through his own hole to his death (not). Mario and Luigi found the Princess and went home.

Luigi was thinking about the day’s events over a feast of spaghetti. Finally, he asked Mario, "What have we learned today?" Mario thought for a second and replied, "I don’t recall!"

The End

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