The Cloning Machine

By Lemmy Koopa

Thanks Missy!
One creepy day, Ludwig had a spooky idea to kill Lemmy's ball. The end!

"So long-a Bowser!" cried Mario as he threw Bowser out of the Princessís Castle.

"Not again!" Bowser screamed in rage. He had been defeated yet again, but then again, it was not much of a surprise. He went back to his castle, where his load growling and stomping told the Koopalings to stay away. But one of the Koopalings did not catch the hint.

"King Dad, look at my latest invention, the Exploda Gun!" laughed Ludwig.

"Iím not in the mood," grumbled Bowser.

"Of course you are," said Ludwig. He pressed a switch on his gun and it blew up. He looked puzzled, but then smiled and said, "See, it exploded."

"Great, now get out of here," sighed Bowser.

"Not yet!" cried Ludwig. "I still have to show you my food creator." He pressed a switch on the invention and it blew up. "HmmÖ a bit spicy," commented Ludwig.

"Ludwig, Iím beginning to lose my temper," said Bowser.

"Thatís because you have yet to see my next invention," explained Ludwig. "Itís a plant waterer." He poured a jug of water into his invention and pressed the switch. The invention blew up and spat water all around the room. "It waters plants very quickly," said Ludwig.

"GET OUT OF HERE!!!" screamed Bowser.

"Thatís all the inventions that I have right now," said Ludwig. "See ya later." He left Bowser to clean up the mess and groan about his defeat.

Ludwig left the room and walked down the hall to his room. Along the way, he passed Lemmy riding on his ball. "Hey, Lemmy," he called. "I have an invention that will allow you to get through these halls easier."

"I donít need any help," said Lemmy.

Ludwig pulled out a pin that he had made from scrap medal and popped Lemmyís ball. Lemmy fell to the floor in a heap. "Now you can walk," explained Ludwig. "Walking is much easier than riding a ball."

"This doesnít help," pouted Lemmy as he stumbled down the hallway.

"Of course it does," said Ludwig as he continued down the hall. Along the way he passed Wendyís room. She was sitting in front of a mirror, painstakingly combing her hair. "Hey, Wendy," Ludwig called. "Do you want a faster way to comb your hair?"

"A faster way to comb my hair?" asked Wendy. "Sure!"

"I thought so!" said Ludwig. He pulled out the hair blower he invented. He turned it on towards Wendy and it blew up. Wendyís hair turned to ash and fell out. Wendy screamed. Ludwig looked around for Wendyís hair bow and put it on her. "See, you look much prettier," he concluded, very pleased with himself. Wendy looked in a mirror and screamed again. Ludwig left the room, feeling very fulfilled.

Ludwig continued down the hall (isnít the hall conveniently long?) and passed Larry tending to his plants in his room. "Hey, Larry," called Ludwig. "Do you need any helping tending to your plants?"

"No, you helped me last week," grumbled Larry.

"Of course you need help, you kidder," laughed Ludwig. He pulled out his weeder. When he turned the switch, it blew up and its radiation killed all the plants. "Those plants wonít be giving you any more trouble," smiled Ludwig. He left the room as Larry started to cry.

Ludwig continued down the hallway and saw Iggy and Roy fighting. "Guys," called Ludwig, "there is no reason to fight." He pulled out two robotic turtledoves he invented and gave one to Iggy and one to Roy. He used his remote control to activate them and they blew up, scorching Roy and Iggy. "There, donít you feel better now?" smiled Ludwig.

Ludwig continued down the hall and saw Morton shivering in his room. Ludwig did not call to Morton because he did not want to listen to Mortonís long response. Instead, he pulled out the heater he invented, put it next to Morton, and turned it on. It blew up and turned Morton to ash. "Arenít you warmer now?" asked Ludwig. Morton couldnít reply.

Ludwig went to his room, where he had a brainstorm. "If I made a cloning machine, there would be more of me to help my siblings!" he reasoned. He set to work making a cloning machine.

When Ludwig was done, he stood inside the machineís chamber and pressed the switch. Everything went black. When he woke up, he was in a room with five Ludwigs. The room looked a little strange, and Ludwig seemed to move quicker than usual. Ludwig did not seem able to explain his actions. All he knew was that he led the copied Ludwigís out of Bowserís castle and to the Princessís castle. There, he surrounded Mario and Luigi and fried him with fire. He laughed as he kidnapped the princess and took over the Mushroom Kingdom. Then he heard faint voices in the background.

"What happened here?" asked Roy.

"Ludwig is unconscious," said Lemmy.

"Quick, call a doctor!" cried Iggy.

"No wait, I think heís coming to," said Wendy.

"I hope not," muttered Larry.

Morton could not speak.

Ludwig opened his eyes, shook his head, and sat up. "Where am I?" he asked.

"Youíre in your room," explained Bowser. "You went unconscious when you turned on your invention."

"What? You mean there arenít five of me?" asked Ludwig, stunned.

"No," said Bowser.

"Five of him!" started Lemmy. "That means heÖ"

"Öwas trying to duplicate himself!" concluded Iggy.

"No!" cried Wendy.

"Yes, I know itís bad that I failed," replied Ludwig.

"No, itís good that you failed," insisted Larry.

"Right, so I can make it better," said Ludwig.

Suddenly, Bowser screamed. "NO, NOT MORE LUDWIGS!!!" He took a deep breath as the Koopalings stared at him. "Ludwig, I forbid you to duplicate yourself."

Ludwig looked startled. "But-"

"NO!" said Bowser. He and the other Koopa Kids left Ludwig wide eyed in the middle of his room.

"That was not like you," commented Lemmy as they walked down the hall.

"You really donít like Ludwig?" asked Wendy, her eyes gleaming.

"Well," stammered Bowser. "Maybe heís not my favorite kid."

They continued down the hall in silence. Back in his room, a thought suddenly occurred to Ludwig. "Bowser said not to duplicate myself because he would need to provide more food. But he most certainly didnít say I couldnít duplicate my inventions!"

Maniacal laughter filled the castle.

Artwork by Master Lord Roy.

The End

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