Mario's Time Machine

By Joey McCollum

(This is not based on the game)

Part 2

Chapter 1: Bowser’s Plan

All had been going terribly at the Koopa Kingdom. Bowser’s forces were getting bored of a few months of nothing. All kinds of monsters were getting drafted into the army. Everyone in the city was getting hungry. And, well, the city was about 2 percent of the whole kingdom… the other 98 percent was Bowser’s Castle. And, speaking of Bowser…

“All is going wonderful in my Kingdom!” declared Bowser happily. “My forces and I are so relieved that Mario hasn’t shown up here for a few whole months! So many of my citizens have joined my army! Everyone’s living a happy, healthy life, and, well, so many people just love living here! Muahahahaha!” Bowser was laying down, eating his favorite (not to mention the city’s) foods. He was enjoying his time of peace while his seven koopalings were in another room watching TV. Needless to say, Bowser was enjoying his summer.

And in another room…

“Arrrrrrrggghh!” cried Lemmy.

“The remote’s mine!” cried Morton.

The seven Koopa Kids were fighting over the television and the remote.

“Hand it over, losers!” yelled Iggy.

“Who are you calling loser, Loser?” snapped Roy.

“It’s time for my show, so hand over the remote!” said Ludwig.

“If you all had half a brain, you’d know I am the one who gets the remote,” said Roy.

“Better hand it over to me, or I’m telling Daddy!” declared Wendy.

“You wouldn’t…” said Lemmy, trying to sound brave. His voice was not very convincing, though.

Iggy was holding the remote. “Oh, Iggy…”

“No way! Wait your turn!”

Wendy took a deep breath. Minutes later the door burst open and in marched Bowser. His attention was directed to Wendy, who was on the floor doing a very unconvincing cry act. Bowser picked her up and asked what happened.

“*sniff* It was- horrible, Daddy! *sniff* Everyone g-got the *sniff* remote, except for- me! And, *sniff* when I asked *sniff* Iggy for th- the remote, and- *sniff* he just laughed and wouldn’t let me have it! Then you know what happened? *sniff* Everyone started laughing with him! It was awful, Daddy!” Then, she began to (try to) cry again. While this was happening, Bowser turned to Iggy. He began to give Iggy a special “look”.

“No, Dad, please!” cried Iggy. “Wendy was just lying! I didn’t do that stuff, honest! Just whatever you do, please, not-”

Bowser, who was quite annoyed already, paid no attention to this. He just carried the pleading Iggy over into another room.

“I’ve gotta ask,” said Ludwig, “how do you do that, Wendy?”

“Oh,” said Wendy, smirking, “it’s my lady-like charm.”

Over in the distance, loud cries and the THWAP of a belt could be heard. Wendy snatched the remote from the spot Iggy was in and turned on the KTV Music Videos.
After this Bowser began to relax again, when suddenly his relaxation was ceased by another interruption. This was General Goomba.

“Please, don’t tell me it’s my kids,” Bowser said, annoyed.

“No sir,” replied General Goomba, “we have learned from spies that the Mushroom Kingdom’s genius Mushroom, Toad, has successfully created a time machine.”

“What’s your point?”

“With that kind of control, sir, one could change anything. With that time machine, we could put an end to Mario and Luigi.”

“You mean- we could- and then they- whoa!”

“I’ll send in Commander Koopa to speak with you, sir.”

Next came in Commander Koopa, the Koopa in charge of the armies. “Sir, I came to speak to ya, concernin’ when you, your army, and me’ll be headin’ out into the Mushrum Kingdom.”

“Umm, yes. We should head out tonight.”

“A’ight. I’ll go out an’ prepare m’ min for tonight. When ya reckon it’s time, jus’ come down an’ git me. We’ll be ready.”

And with that, Commander Koopa left the room.

Bowser sat down to think about this situation for a moment. With the time machine, he could finally put an end to Mario and Luigi, and not even have to fight! “Tonight will be my night,” said Bowser, and he began relaxing again.

Chapter 2: Through the Mushroom Kingdom

“All right,” said Bowser, “Kamek, you’re the greatest Magikoopa in the kingdom and my most trusted friend.  I’ll need you to stay here and watch the Koopalings.”

“Ok,” replied Kamek, “what must I do?”

“Um, oh yeah. Here are the emergency numbers, be careful, Larry might try to make prank calls. Here are the keys to all of the rooms in the castle. Don’t let anyone take them! Oh, and here’s my belt… it might come in handy. Well, that’s just about everything, I'd better get over to Commander Koopa’s. It’s our big night!”

As Bowser left, the Koopa Kids realized that Kamek was in charge. “That Kamek guy is such a wimp,” said Morton.

“Yeah, and with Dad gone, we could cause a lot of trouble,” said Roy.

“Let’s snatch his wand like last time!” exclaimed Larry.

“Hey, with that wand, I could get a magic makeover!” said Wendy.

“Yeah, you’d need it,” mumbled Iggy.

“We could mess up Dad’s room with that wand!” said Ludwig.


Meanwhile, over near the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi were getting ready to head back to their house. The day had been a long one, and Toad had continued to tell them about his time machine. “It would be fun to take a ride in that time machine,” said Mario.

“Yeah,” said Luigi, “once it’s legal and everything, I’m sure Toad will let us.”

“You said that yesterday, Luigi. Let’s just go home.”

So the two Brothers walked toward their home, unaware of what would happen later that night.

Hours later, Bowser’s forces were quickly advancing near the Mushroom Kingdom. They were almost where they needed to be.

“A’ight,” said Commander Koopa, “we’re just about in the Mushrum Kingdom. Once there, we just mosey along into the place where those Mushrums keep their tam machine.”

“All right,” said Bowser.

They all continued until they made it to the Mushroom Kingdom. It seemed that everyone was asleep except for the guards at Peach’s Castle. If the guards didn’t see them, everything would be fine. Slowly, Bowser, Commander Koopa, and one hundred troops entered the Kingdom. Quietly as they could, they walked through the the streets, searching for where the time machine was being kept.

They continued searching until they were left with only one area of the Mushroom Kingdom- the spot nearest the castle. “Commander Koopa, what time is it?” asked Bowser nervously.

“Gettin’ to be four in the mornin’, sir,” replied the commander.

“Oh no! We better hurry.”

The conversation and the sound of walking quickly got the guards’ attention. They ran down to stop Bowser, his troops, and the commander.

“AHHHHHHH!” cried Bowser. “There’s hundreds of guards coming! Attack!”

Once Bowser gave the order, both forces began to fight a bloody battle. Bowser looked around several times, not knowing where to go. Then he saw it. Out near the end of the street to his right was a building marked “The Mushroom Kingdom Future Technology Industry”. That must be it, thought Bowser. Then Bowser heard a cry from the commander, who was about to enter battle. “Sir, go down th’ street to your raght! That should be where the tam machine’s hidden!”

Bowser was fortunate enough to make it to the Industry without being seen by Mushroom soldiers. When he made it inside, he was surprised to find no one there. He looked around. No one. He looked out the nearest window. No one, except for the two fighting armies. He ran through different rooms, but he found nothing that seemed at all like a time machine. Finally he reached a room- the last room- marked TOP SECRET. Obviously not caring, he pulled the door open and ran in. Inside was what Toad showed Mario and Luigi: the car-shaped contraption covered by a black sheet. Bowser pulled the sheet off to see a cool convertible with dials in front, and speed up to 200 MPH.

“Pretty gnarly car,” said Bowser, and he jumped in. He picked up a remote and pushed the “garage” button. Immediately a large garage door opened in front of the car that, after a few miles, would lead the car into the woods. Bowser drove out about a mile and looked back at the Mushroom Kingdom. The battle was continuing fiercely.

“Good luck, Commander,” said Bowser. Then he cheered up and said, “Well, I’m on my way! Next stop, Yoshi’s Island! Muahahahaha!”

Then, Bowser drove through his portal in time.

Less than a second later, Bowser returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. He walked down to the Industry to see if the time machine was still there. He opened the door. Toad was waiting there, facing the opposite direction of him. He looked past Toad and saw a black sheet covering what he knew was the time machine. He decided to see if his plan had worked.

“Toad!” he snarled. The frightened Mushroom turned around.

“Y-yes, King Bowser?”

“How’s that invention you were giving to me coming?”

“Wh-th-oh, yes! That. Um, I’m almost finished.”

“Well, what are you standing there for? Show me how it’s coming!”

“Yes, Your Highness! Follow me!”

Toad led Bowser over to the machine. Toad immediately pulled the cover off to reveal the same convertible-time machine that Bowser had used earlier.

“What is it?” asked Bowser, pretending he didn’t know.

“Well,” Toad said rather proudly, “it’s a Convertible-Sub-con time machine, with 200 MPH speed, unbreakable tinted windows on the left and right sides, optional lightning-proof top cover, Sub-con potion time vortex projection, the toughest in wheels, and brakes that could make holes in the road. It’s the latest, not to mention, the first, time machine in the world!”

“(First of all, could you repeat that?) What? Time machine? Who would ever want that? Toad, you are shameful. Destroy it.” With those words Bowser, King of Mushroom Kingdom, left the Industry, and left Toad to destroy his invention.

Chapter 3: The Yoshis

Back many, many years, several Yoshis were lamenting over something terrible. A terrible danger came and ended their special mission. The Yoshis were grouped together, hiding in a clearing in the jungle.

“This is terrible!” said one.

“What should we do?” asked another.

“Will they get us?” asked another.

“Who will get us out of here?” asked another.

“What do we do with the device we found?” asked one more.

“Don’t worry, I know!” came the answer. That voice belonged to only one person: Tashi, the magenta-colored Yoshi that all of the Yoshis looked up to, mostly because of her knowledge.

“Tashi!” exclaimed a blue Yoshi. “We thought you had died back there!”

“Of course not! I just stayed behind with some others to make sure you all got out.”

“Do you really have the answers to our questions, Tashi?” asked a red Yoshi.

“Of course! And I can give you all the answers you seek, if there are no more questions.”

This time no one said anything.

“All right,” began Tashi, “we all were on our mission to join the two mysterious babies. We had all come to the castle of the evil King Bowser. We all entered his room, only to find that not only King Bowser but someone else- there was probably some relation between him and the baby- was there waiting for us too. Kamek the Magikoopa once again became a hindrance to us and gave the large Koopa super speed. He ran up in the blink of an eye and took the baby away just as fast. He began to climb out of the castle with the baby. A few others and me jumped down after him just in time to see him hold the baby above a nearby cliff. Then, Kamek appeared magically and threw the Koopa into a portal. Fortunately, the Koopa wasn’t able to let go of the baby in time, and the baby went with him. Kamek, who was startled, pulled out his magic spell scroll so he could go back in time and make sure the baby died, but then one green Yoshi, peculiarly named Yoshi, quickly shot out his tongue and ate the magic scroll. We all began to walk toward Kamek, but then he filled the entire area with the evil king’s troops. We all ran away from the castle with someone else taking the second baby while all this confusion was going on. We ran as far as our legs could take us. Near the castle, we were surprised to find a strange device. Since there were weren’t many of King Bowser’s troops behind us yet, we decided to take it with us. And after putting all of this together, I, Tashi have come up with a solution. I haven’t yet figured his name out yet, but that Koopa came to kill that baby. And he didn’t just come from another place- he came from another time. And the device we have found is the time machine. We now have another mission.”

“And what is that mission?” the Yoshis asked.

“That mission,” said Tashi, “is to use this machine to go to the future. Once there, we must get all the knowledge we can from everyone, and use it to stop this from happening.”

“But why don’t we just go back in time?” asked someone.

“Because, we need to know what’s going on here first!” replied Tashi.

A few minutes silently passed. Then Tashi spoke again. “Bring me the second baby!”

Then, a sky blue Yoshi brought Baby Luigi to Tashi.

Tashi spoke once again. “I’m going to need three more people… Yoshi, can you come up here? Okay… now… Boshi, would you mind coming up here?”


“All right then… I’ll give you three cookies if you come with us.”

“I’m in.”

“Good… now just one more… um, Soshi, would you like to join us?”

“Whoa, really? Awesome!”

“All right!” exclaimed Tashi. “Now, I’m asking the rest of you a big favor. While we’re gone, you must take care of the baby as you would your own. After a time, his ‘twin sense’ will cause him to know where his brother is. Take him there. I have heard of a place like this called ‘Yo’ster Isle’. You can live there if you wish. Just whatever you do, don’t let anything bad happen to him. Is that understood?”

Everyone said “yes” to this.

“Good. The four of us will now go ahead in time. We’ll be back soon. And if we do not return… we failed. Goodbye, fellow Yoshis.”

Then Tashi, Yoshi, Soshi, and Boshi jumped into the car. Soshi jumped in front with Tashi, and Boshi and Yoshi sat in the back. They all looked around at everything in the car. After a few minutes, they discovered the buckles. Then Soshi found a little manual on the floor. “Hey, a booklet!”

Tashi snatched it from her. “Look,” she said, shortly after reading it. She pointed to a dial that had the current year on it. “That’s when we are now.” She pointed to one next to it. “The buttons under this control where we’re headed.” Then she pointed to a dial all the way to the right. “This tells where we were. And right now, it’s pointed to Anno Domini June 18, 2002, 4:13 AM.” She continued to read the booklet. “We change hour and minute with these buttons. We change day and year here. And the booklet says we cannot go forward or back in time for more than 5,000 years. We don’t have any danger with that, though. So let’s get going!”

Boshi was happily munching on some cookies, and didn’t care about any this. Yoshi didn’t quite understand the last part. And Soshi was busy painting her nails. But Tashi, who was kind of annoyed, pushed all of the buttons to match the destination dial with the dial that showed the time they were last in. She pushed her foot down on the accelerator. The car began to move. While they were moving, Tashi continued to read. “In order for the time projector to work, we must go at 200 miles per-"

“TASHI, WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!” screamed Soshi, and she turned the car away.

“Whhooooaaa!” said Yoshi and Boshi.

“Um… thanks,” said Tashi. Then she began to drive. Soshi read the instructions and Tashi began to move the car.

Yoshi and Boshi were getting impatient. Yoshi jumped in front. “Just let me drive,” he said, “I’ve been practicing driving a kart for a year. You just stay in the front, Tashi, and push all of the buttons, and Soshi, go sit back there with Boshi.”

“This is pathetic,” said Boshi.

Then Yoshi slammed his foot on the accelerator and the car shot off into the distance. It was not long until they all were going at 200 MPH.

“All right!” yelled Yoshi over the noise. “Do your stuff, Tashi!”

Everyone held on. Tashi pushed the button that would send them into the future. She held her breath. “Ok!” said Yoshi, “Here we gooooooooooooooo!”

Chapter 4: Luigi, Peach, and Toad

Now, when we last saw Bowser he was the king of Mushroom Kingdom. But what happened to Baby Mario? And what about the old king of Mushroom Kingdom?

Luigi was just sitting home, watching TV, eating chips and drinking soda, and just plain relaxing. He was watching his favorite show, uninterrupted, until…

“Oh, shoot! Not another ‘Breaking News’ interruption!” grumbled Luigi. He sat back in his chair, but couldn’t help listening.

“Today at four fifteen AM, Toad… (Wait, what is his last name?) had made an invention for King Bowser,” said the news reporter, a blue Koopa. “This invention was a time machine, capable of taking anyone anywhere in time. However, King Bowser didn’t approve of it, which should teach us all that time travel is, and can be, dangerous. Now let’s see what Toad the inventor has to say.” The reporter turned toward Toad.

“At first I built the time machine because I finally figured out the formula for time travel, and I wanted to try it out,” said Toad. “Then King Bowser asked me to make him something useful. That really motivated me. I worked for months. And after the king kindly said that it was not exactly what he was looking for, I realized how stupid I was to have made what I did. A time machine is a very dangerous thing.”

The reporter turned back to the camera. “Thank you for watching, and I’m Chris Nokikomi. Goodbye.”

The news report then ended and went back to the show Luigi was previously watching. Luigi began to think about what Toad was saying. It would be cool to travel in time, thought Luigi. He turned off the TV. He would’ve gone to see Toad, for he and Toad were once good friends. But sometime after that, King Bowser sent Luigi away from the Mushroom Kingdom (now called the Koopa Kingdom), never to return. So Luigi was forced to live away from the Koopa Kingdom. The only place to get food or any other provisions was at Yo’ster Isle, home of his old friends, the Yoshis. Luigi began to think about going over to Yo’ster Isle to visit his old friends, but his thoughts were interrupted by noise from outside. Someone’s car had pulled in next to his house. Luigi looked outside and was relieved and quite glad to see that four Yoshis had come over to his house. Luigi ran outside, happy to see them. But then he realized that he had never seen these Yoshis before. And he had no idea what the car was for and why the Yoshis were driving in it.

Luigi, who had obviously learned how to speak Yoshi in his childhood, began to speak with the Yoshis. “Have we- met?” asked Luigi.

“Well,” said Tashi, “technically-”

“Oh, shut up,” interrupted Boshi. “You don’t know us, but we know you, Luigi.”

Luigi was surprised. “How did know my name?” he asked suspiciously.

“Luigi, there has been a secret kept from you your whole life,” said Tashi. “Did you ever once in your life wonder if you were really an only child?”

Luigi began to think about his childhood. He remembered several times in his childhood in which he wondered if he had a brother or sister. He would then always ask the Yoshis this and was always given the answer ‘no’. Who were these Yoshis? Had he met them before? What did they know that he didn’t? He had to answer.

“Yes, I remember many different times asking that as a kid, but my foster parents said no.”

“Luigi,” said Tashi, “it’s time for us to tell you the truth. You have an older brother. He may be alive right now, somewhere. Have you felt any unusual feelings recently?”

Luigi was confused and amazed. He had a brother, who was still alive somewhere? Why was he never told this? Then he began to think about how he had felt the last few days. He was not active during most of today, and some vague voice in his head was telling him where to go. If Luigi had a brother, was he linked with him psychically or something? And if so, why did he not feel this way before?

“Luigi?” asked Tashi, waiting for an answer.

“Yes,” said Luigi, “I’ve felt strange for most of today since I woke up. But I don’t think it’s anything serious.”

“Can you explain this feeling?”

Luigi didn’t know exactly what to say. But he began to talk. “It- it feels like- someone’s calling me. Someone’s calling for help, but I don’t know who or where that someone is. The person keeps on saying ‘Help me, Luigi, help me.’ But I don’t know where they are. I try to ask, but I never get an answer. After I kept trying and not getting an answer, I just stopped and figured that I was just imagining it. But… I still hear that voice.”

“So, that voice in your head never told you where he was?” said Soshi.

Luigi suddenly lifted his head up. “The voice,” he said, “it just told me where it was!”

“Where?” asked the four Yoshis.

“Let me drive you there!” cried Luigi, and he jumped into the front seat.

Once Yoshi, Boshi, Soshi, Tashi, and Luigi made it through Koopa Way, they had to find a way to get through the dreaded Koopa Kingdom. “Oh no,” said Luigi.

“What?” asked Boshi.

“I’ve been banished from the Koopa Kingdom. I can never show my face here again! How will I get through?”

Tashi stopped and thought for a moment. Then she got an idea.


“So, why are we going this way, again?” asked Luigi.

“Shh!” whispered Tashi. “We’re going around the side of the city because this is where the fewest guards are. And it’s usually true that in any city the poor people are on the outside and the rich are on the inside. So Bowser, in his castle, must be in the center.”

“Well, yeah,” whispered Luigi, “but wouldn’t there be a wall and guards there to protect against enemy attacks?”

“Well,” said Yoshi, “think about it. Who would be brave enough to fight Bowser and his entire army?”

“Ohhhh,” whispered Luigi. “And Bowser knew this, so being as stupid as he is, he decided not to leave any guards there!”

“Um, well, we didn’t know any of that,” whispered Tashi.

“Well, let’s just get going!” said Boshi. “I’m getting hungry!”

So they continued on in the car. Luigi drove slowly so that he wouldn’t draw attention. As they continued on, the Koopa Kingdom’s walls became darker and messier. “This must be the bad side of the Kingdom,” said Luigi. Everything was getting darker and gloomier. And after a couple minutes of driving, they spotted Princess Peach sitting on the ground near a tree, crying.

“Who’s that?” asked Soshi.

“That’s Princess Peach,” said Luigi. “Bowser killed her father when he took over the kingdom. She still lives in her castle because Bowser has been engaged to her for a couple of months now.”

“Who would want to get engaged to Bowser?” asked Yoshi, puzzled.

“She was forced against her will,” said Luigi. “Let’s find out why she’s crying.” Luigi drove over to where Princess Peach was. But before he could get out, Tashi jumped before him and walked over to the princess.

“Excuse me,” she said, “but, why are you out here alone, crying?”

“Oh, I’m sorry…” said Princess Peach. “It’s just that today is the day I am to marry King Bowser.”

“And I take it you don’t like that?”

“Exactly. I wish I could just leave this place.”

Tashi stood silent for a moment. She thought for a second. Then, when she finally made up her mind, she said, “Would you like to come with us?”

The Princess stood up. “You- you mean it? Could I really?”

“Yes, and when you come back, you won’t have to marry Bowser.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Princess Peach ran over to the car. Then she stopped. “Um, where do I sit? There’s no room!”

“Um... I think you can fit between Yoshi and Boshi.”

Princess Peach opened the car door and sat down. The car was almost full; there was room for one more person though that would make the car really filled up.

“Hey!” cried Luigi. “I know someone who can help us!”

“Who?” asked Boshi.

“He just invented a time machine like this one! He should know all about it!”

“Oh, yes!” said Peach. “Toad, the Royal Inventor! He used to be a good friend of mine, until…”

“I see what you mean,” said Tashi. “Well, with a genius like him, we can fix this in a jiffy!”

“Yeah,” said Luigi, “but we can’t get to him without being seen by at least fifty guards!”

“You have a point there.”

“Wait!” said Peach. “I have an idea!”


“Hold it right there,” said a guard inside the town. What’s he doing here?” He pointed at Luigi. Peach spoke up.

“He built this wonderful car with his own two hands. It is a wedding gift for his Majesty, Lord Bowser, and I.”

“And who are they?” The guard pointed toward the four Yoshis.

“Um… they’re the… the Irish dancing group Lord Bowser called for.”

The guard raised his eyebrows, then shrugged and said, “Very well, then. You may go to the castle. But DO NOT be late! His Majestly does not like to be kept waiting!”

Luigi continued driving until they were out of the guard’s sight. Then they slowly drove down the street to the Industry. Everyone got out of the car and slowly walked over to the door. Soshi looked around to make sure no guards were nearby. She saw none, so she rushed to the door before everyone else. Everyone saw Toad, sitting on a chair facing the wall. When he heard the door close he turned around quickly. He was surprised at what he saw- four Yoshis, one with dark shades, one covered in makeup and with decorated blonde hair, one with blonde hair and glasses, and another that was just plain green, the princess, and…

“Luigi!” said Toad, running forward. “I thought that Bowser had banished you!”

“He did,” replied Luigi, “but I’ve decided to change that. We’re going to stop Bowser!”

“But how?” said Toad. “We can’t get past his forces!”

“We don’t need to go into his castle,” said Luigi. “Tashi just needs us to get some information.”

“Tashi? Who’s that?” Luigi pointed at the magenta Yoshi with the glasses and blonde hair. “Oh. And who are the others?”

“Well, this is Yoshi,” said Luigi, pointing at the green Yoshi, “this is Boshi,” he pointed at sullen-looking blue Yoshi with the shades, “and this one is Soshi.” Luigi was pointing at the Yoshi with all the makeup on her face and decorated hair.

“Okay,” said Toad, “and what about you, princess? Aren’t you getting married to King Bowser?”

Peach looked at Toad and said, “No way I would marry him. I’m going with you guys!”

“Going where?” asked Toad.

“We’re not going anywhere yet,” said Luigi. “We need to ask you some questions. Tashi will ask most of them, and I’ll translate.”

Tashi asked the first question to Toad. Luigi translated. “She asks, ‘Do you know any of Bowser’s weaknesses?’”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” said Toad. Luigi told this to Tashi.

“Okay next question,” said Luigi, listening to Tashi, “she asks, ‘Do you think Bowser would keep a human baby in his castle?’”

“I’m not sure. If he wanted to kill it or something, he would either do that inside his castle or leave it out in the middle of nowhere.”

Luigi translated this to Tashi. Then Tashi asked Toad another question. Luigi translated. “She asks, ‘When did Bowser become ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom?’”

“It was in the ninteen-eighties,” said Toad. “He came and destroyed everything… and no one could stop him."

Chapter 5: Chaos on Yoshi’s Island!

Toad had just finished speaking when he heard a knock on his door. “Open this door, Toad! Open it NOW!” It was Bowser.

“Hurry!” said Toad. “Hide!” He forced everyone into the room that the time machine was once kept in. The banging on the door continued. Toad rushed to the door, and said, “Coming, milord!” He opened the door, not to find Bowser alone but with Commander Koopa!

“Toad!” snarled the angry king, walking into the Industry. “What do I see outside?”

“Whatever do you mean, mi-" Bowser had lifted up Toad by his coat.

“You know perfectly well what I mean.” Then he walked Toad outside to the time machine, and slammed his face onto the window. “Didn’t I tell you that rubbish like is that be destroyed? I’m losing my patience with you, Toad.”

Toad squirmed around on the window. His face was beginning to hurt.

“Oh, and another thing, Toad,” said Bowser. “Make sure that if you see my bride-to-be, Princess Toadstool, you turn her in to Commander Koopa here. He’ll be patrolling the streets- we’ve just heard that Luigi may be in town. If you find him, bring him to the Commander also. And if I see that this time machine is still around, it will be the dungeon for you, Toad.” So Bowser and Commander Koopa went down opposite streets.

Toad went back into the Industry and let everyone out of the room. “That was a close one,” he said. “But what are we going to do about the time machine? And what about the princess? Bowser and the Commander are both searching for her!”

“Wait,” said Peach, “Commander Koopa, with the western accent?”

“Yeah,” replied Toad.

“I hate  that guy! His voice is sooooo annoying!”

Everyone turned to Peach. “That has nothing to do with our crisis,” said Luigi. Boshi rolled hs eyes. Then Yoshi had an idea. He told it to Luigi, who told it to everyone else. “Using our time machine we could drive into Bowser’s castle!”

“Sure,” said Boshi, “that’s a great idea! Just one problem- THERE ARE GUARDS!!!”

“Yeah,” agreed Tashi, “and if Bowser sees us with the time machine, something terrible will happen to Toad!”

“And we need Toad if we’re going to save the baby!” said Boshi.

“But that’s not all!” said Luigi to the Yoshis. “This is a Time Machine, right?”


“So then if we’re caught, we can go back in time and correct our mistakes.”

The Yoshis and Luigi thought for a moment. Then Tashi spoke. “I believe I have found a flaw in your plan, Yoshi. Wouldn’t people find it a bit odd to see four Yoshis, the outcast Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad, speeding down the streets at two hundred miles per hour?”

“What is the idea?” Peach asked Luigi.

“An idea that won’t work,” replied Luigi, sadly. “How will we save my brother?”

Toad was over on the other side of the industry, thinking hard. Everyone else continued talking. “Perhaps we could go out of the kingdom and then go back in time?” suggested Peach.

“No,” said Luigi, “we told the guards that the time machine was a present for Bowser. He would be more than suspicious if we took it back with us.”

“You’re right.”

Luigi looked over at Toad. “What if Toad brought you over to Bowser’s castle, and from there snatched my baby brother?”

“What about me?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Luigi and the princess continued to think of ideas when Toad jumped up. “I have an idea!” he exclaimed.

“And what would it be?” asked Luigi.

“We exit through the other side of the kingdom.”

“What if the guards have heard about us and our ‘present to the king’?” asked Peach. “And it’s pretty obvious that they’re looking for Luigi and I.”

“Wait!” exclaimed Luigi. “We could sneak out through the sewer system, and come back up in Bowser’s castle!”

“But we can’t fit the car down a sewer pipe,” said Peach.

“Wait!” cried Toad. “I’m not finished yet! We don’t need to go to the castle to get Luigi’s baby brother! We can go back in time and stop whatever happened to him!”

“And how, exactly, are we going to do that?” asked Luigi.

“Disguises,” said Toad, a grin spreading across his face.


“Toad, are you sure that they’ll fall for this?” asked Luigi. Toad, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Boshi, Soshi, and Tashi had repainted the time machine and disguised themselves as Koopas. Luigi was driving the car toward the gate in the north wall of the kingdom, hoping that the disguises would work.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Luigi,” answered Toad. “We’ll make it.”

Luigi continued to drive, still worried. What if the disguises didn’t work? What if they were caught and sent to Bowser? What would happen to him? Luigi began to take these thoughts out of his mind when who should see them but Commander Koopa!

“Oh, ‘scuse me, but could you help me?” He ran over to Luigi and Peach, who were sitting in the front seat.

“Um, yes?” asked Luigi. He hoped that these costumes were convincing.

“Yeah, I was jus’ wond’ring if any of you have seen a Princess Peach Toadstool or Luigi? If you’ve seen ‘em, please tell me before ya go.”

“I’m sorry, but we haven’t seen either of them,” replied Peach.

“Well, okay then. I’m off!” And as he left, Luigi, very nervous at this point, slammed his foot on the pedal. As he and everyone else were speeding away, the wind caught his mask and it flew off. Then the same happened to Peach, Soshi, and Yoshi.

As Commander Koopa was walking away, he was thinking about where Luigi and Peach would hide. “Boy, those funny lookin’ Koopers had unusual accents. Almost seemed familiar…” Then a mask hit his head. He reached back and pulled it off. “Hmm…” he began, then another mask hit him. And another. And another. Commander Koopa looked at these. “These look familiar. Wait a second."

Luigi was now driving even faster, having realized what just happened. He was so busy driving fast that he crashed into a food stand. “Oh no!” cried Peach. She pulled wood and fruit out of her hair and looked behind the time machine. Commander Koopa was running toward them at full speed. Then she looked ahead. Bowser had seen what had happened and was running up as well. “Luigi! Hurry up and drive!” she cried. But Luigi was unconscious. Toad looked up at Peach. “Peach! Take the wheel! Get us out of here!”

Peach got out of her seatbelt, pulled Luigi out of the driver’s seat, and got in. She put the car in reverse, backed up, and zoomed away, just before Commander Koopa caught them. As she was driving toward the gate she heard Bowser yell out, “Don’t let them get away! DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY!” Twenty Koopa guards came out of the tower and began shooting arrows at the time machine. Peach raised the lightning-proof top. “Thank goodness this is a convertible,” she said.

“I agree,” said Toad.

But the battle wasn’t over. The Koopas began throwing stones at the windows as well as shooting arrows. Several stones were hitting the windshield, causing it to close in.

“Go faster!” cried Toad. Holes were forming in the windshield, and glass was dripping into the car. Peach was driving as fast as she could. Pieces of wood and fruit were sliding off the hood of the car and arrows and stones were taking their place. If any more stones hit the hood, the engine could get broken. “Faster!” Toad repeated.

“I’m going as fast as I can!” replied Peach.

They were almost past the gate! Just a bit more and they would make it! The Yoshis were now panicing. An arrow made a hole in the convertible roof. Another arrow hit a light in the back of the car. “Close the gate!” they heard Bowser yell.

The time machine was drawing nearer to the rising drawbridge. “We won’t make it in time!” screamed Toad, and he fainted. But Peach continued driving, and soon they were riding up the drawbridge. They were almost out… the drawbridge was closing… and then-

“WEEEEEE MAAADE IIIIIT!” shouted Peach, as the time machine sped through the air. The Yoshis rejoiced. Then the time machine hit the ground with a loud CRASH! “Good thing that’s over,” said Peach, relieved. Then a shower of arrows hit the top of the time machine, the drawbridge opened, and an army of Koopas came out. Tashi jumped to the front of the car and pushed the accelerator down. The car was gaining speed. Arrows and rocks hit the back of the time machine. Peach kept her foot down on the pedal. They were getting faster… faster… Soon they were speeding along at one hundred sixty miles per hour. They were almost out of here. Tashi jumped up beside Peach and put Luigi in the back seat. They were now at one hundred seventy miles per hour. One hundred seventy-five, one hundred eighty-five, one hundred ninety, one hundred ninety-five… two hundred. Tashi reset some dials, pushed a button, and in a bright flash, the car flew back in time.

When Luigi came to, he was still in the time machine. Peach was asleep in the front passenger’s seat, and Yoshi was driving. Toad had regained consciousness before Luigi did and was sitting in the back seat across from him. Boshi, Tashi, and Soshi were asleep. “Where are we, Yoshi?” asked Luigi, rubbing his eyes.

“We’re heading for a dock to find a boat.”

“Boat? What for?”

“We need a boat to get to Yoshi’s Island, remember?”

“How did you tell Peach you would drive?”

“I didn’t. When she fell asleep, I moved her over and drove the car.”

“You know how to drive?”

“Yes. I’ve been driving a kart for a year.”


Yoshi continued driving for about thirty minutes until they reached a dock. The Yoshis and Toad helped pull in the still sleeping Princess Toadstool while Luigi drove the time machine into a cargo storage cell and paid for the fare and the cargo. The ship set off and after an hour they had arrived at Yoshi’s Island. The time machine was set on the island. Luigi continued driving. The day passed quickly, and it was not long until Luigi got tired and had to stop the time machine. He decided to carefully park it in the woods, under several low trees. He also realized, as he was locking the doors, that he would need to get food. Tomorrow everyone would be very hungry. The food served to everyone on the boat was just not good enough. But he couldn’t get food now; it was too dark out now…

Luigi yawned. Oh well, he thought, I’ll think of it tomorrow. And soon after, he fell asleep in his seat.

The next morning, Luigi woke up and looked around. No one else was awake. After scratching his head and yawning a few times, Luigi remembered that he was to go outside to find breakfast. Trying not to wake the others, he unlocked the doors. He slowly opened the doors, snuck outside, then closed the doors behind him. He walked out of his hiding place for the time machine and stepped out into the sunshine. He looked around to see if there were any fruit trees nearby. He decided to leave a trail of leaves behind so that he wouldn’t lose his way. This was a very large jungle. It was an easy place for one to get lost.

Luigi continued walking through the woods. He had chosen to walk down a small dirt path. He pulled leaves off of the trees and left them behind him. He walked and walked for several minutes until in front of him was a small clearing… and beyond that clearing lay an orange tree! Luigi ran forward, but when he stepped on the dirt of the clearing the clearing broke and he fell into a pit! “HEEEEELP!” shouted Luigi. “HELP ME! I’M TRAPPED!” And he was trapped. The pit was too deep for him to jump out of, and he was standing on a net! Luigi continued shouting for help, but he knew it wouldn’t help. He was too far away from the others. What would he do now? He kept shouting for help. But no one came. Until…

“So, um, what do you think fell into our trap?”

“I dunno. What do you think?”

“Um… I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I don’t really know. Whadda you think?”

This continued until the voices reached Luigi. “Whoa!” cried the first voice. “Um, I kinda know one thing- that’s not a Yoshi.” Luigi looked up and saw two Fly Guys looking down at him.

“Um… wow. Should we take that thing to the boss?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

"I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Okay. Let’s take it to… um… the boss.”

“Okay. Well, um, let’s get some backup.”

The first Fly Guy pulled out a whistle and blew it. The noise was so loud that Luigi thought his ears would blow up. When the noise stopped Luigi looked above himself and saw hundreds of Fly Guys heading his way. At first, he thought that they would attack but instead they all took hold of the net he had fallen into and pulled it up together. Using their combined strength, the Fly Guys carried Luigi through the sky and toward Baby Bowser’s castle.

Peach woke up. After rubbing her eyes thoroughly she looked around to see if everyone was still asleep. The first thing she noticed was that Luigi was missing. This worried her. She woke Toad up. “Wh-what happened?” grumbled Toad.

“Luigi’s gone!” said Peach.

“That’s the most worried tone I’ve ever heard from you.”
“What do you think happened to him?” Toad didn’t have an answer to this. Then Peach realized something else. Soshi was gone! “Toad,” she asked, “where’s Soshi?” Toad looked out the windows until he saw Soshi, sitting on a small rock, fixing her hair and looking into a mirror.

“Um, she’s over there.”

Peach sighed, then looked back at Toad. “Okaaaayyy, but what about Luigi?”

“I don’t know. Maybe if we find footprints or something, we could follow them!”

“Footprints? This is grass, Toad! You can’t leave footprints in the grass!”

“No, you can’t,” said Toad, “but you can leave a trail behind.” Toad pointed at several leaves pointing out an obvious path.

Peach woke up Yoshi, Tashi, and Boshi. “We'd better get going,” she told Toad.

“Okay,” said Toad, searching for something, “but where is the key to the car?”

Peach looked at Toad. “Luigi has them in his pocket.”


“Well, Toad, it looks like we’re going on foot this time.”

“Whatever,” murmured Toad. “I’ll go get Soshi. I just hope she’ll understand what I’m saying.”

About one hour after he was captured, Luigi was being carried down by the Fly Guys into a large castle. It took the Fly Guys a few minutes to untangle Luigi from the net. When he got out of the net he was led away by two guards. But Luigi knew that his friends would come, and he hoped that they could save him.

At that same hour, Peach, Toad, and the others were going past the clearing in which Luigi had been captured. They realized that this was where the trail of leaves had stopped. Peach and Toad didn’t know what happened to Luigi after he had fallen into the hole, but the Yoshis must have known something. They began running off past the hole. Peach and Toad slowly followed. Peach grabbed several oranges to share with everyone. They hadn’t eaten for hours! She was going to share them with the Yoshis but they were still running, so she and Toad continued following them. They ran for about twenty minutes. Then the Yoshis stopped in front of a large clearing in the jungle. “Well,” huffed Toad, “it’s about time.“ The Yoshis looked down at the clearing. This was surely the clearing that they had hid in (in Chapter 3).

“Tashi, where is everyone?” asked a confused Soshi.

“No one’s here yet,” said Tashi. “When Peach was driving, I set a dial wrong. We went back four more days than we were supposed to. The first day was all driving, and the second day was on the boat and driving. We were supposed to rest on the third day, but I don’t think we can now. And on the fourth day, we were supposed to head for the castle. We’re here, but the others and us aren’t here yet. They will be tomorrow.”

“Well, it looks like we'd better get going,” said Boshi. “It’s getting late.”

“Look back there, guys,” said Yoshi, pointing at Toad and Peach. “They look tired. We should carry them on our backs.”

Soshi decided to carry Peach, while Yoshi carried Toad. They ran toward Bowser’s Castle at full speed.

Back in the castle, Luigi was taken to the evil king, the Ruler of the Koopa Kingdom. He was taken to… Baby Bowser!

Who’s that guy?” asked Baby Bowser, pointing at Luigi. “He’s ugwy.”

“Um, your Highness, sir,” interrupted Kamek. “What do you want  to do with your prisoner?

“Um, I want him to pway wif me!”

Five minutes later…

“You’re boring. Umm, Mister Funny Hat!” Kamek walked in.

“Yes, milord?”

“He’s boring. Put him in jail. That would be funny!” Kamek called the guards in and told them to take Luigi to the dungeon. As Luigi was being carried away, he saw Kamek pulling out a scroll and talking to Baby Bowser.

“Now this spell will send you somewhere in time without affecting the time you were in! Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t learned the whole…” The rest trailed off as Luigi began thinking about what Kamek was talking about. A spell that would send you anywhere in time without changing the time where the spell is cast? Luigi was then cast into a dungeon cell. Don’t worry, he thought to himself, Peach and the others will come to save me any minute now… they probably're getting out of the time machine right now…


It was 8:00 the next morning. Tashi awoke. She must have fallen asleep on the trip to the castle. She saw everyone else asleep. Angrily, she woke Boshi up. “What are you doing?” she asked Boshi, taking off his shades. Boshi jumped up and snatched them back. “What was that for?” he demanded.

“Why did you stop?” she asked him.

“Stop what?”

“Last night! Why did you stop to sleep?”

“I wouldn’t be asking that, Tashi! You were the first one to sleep!”

“Yes, but you could’ve left me there, you know!”

“Left you there? Well, I would’ve if I knew!”

Just then Peach woke up. She told Toad to get up, then Soshi. She tried to wake up Yoshi, but he wouldn’t.

“What?” Tashi asked Boshi angrily. “Now you think it’s my fault?”

“It is, and it was, that’s what I think of you!”

“Well, do you know what I think of you?”

Peach and Toad watched as the two Yoshis fought with each other. Toad looked over and saw Yoshi wake up with wide eyes. Soshi gasped as Tashi yelled at Boshi. Then Yoshi walked between them and tried to reason with them both. Fortunately, it worked. Soshi forced Toad on Tashi’s back, and Yoshi moved Peach onto Boshi’s. Then the Yoshis ran as fast as they could toward the castle.

The trip dragged on until night. At certain points they stopped for food or a rest, but Tashi always rushed this. It was soon 8:00 at night, and in front of Peach, Toad, and the Yoshis was Bowser’s castle. “Well,” said Soshi nervously, “let’s go in.” Slowly, the six of them entered the dark, gloomy castle.

Soon after Peach and the others entered the castle, a time machine stopped at the entrance of the castle. Bowser walked out and ran into the castle, shortly followed by a rainbow of Yoshis.

“All right,” said Peach, “this is the dungeon. And if I’m correct, then Luigi should be in here.”

“Right,” agreed Toad, “but we have two problems- Number one, it’s getting darker in here, and I can’t find a torch or candle anywhere. Number two, I’m not quite sure, but by any chance would Luigi’s cell be locked?”

“Yes, yes, I know, Toad. But I have a plan that should work.”

They kept on walking and searching through the cells (Yoshi got hungry so he ate the guards), but couldn’t find Luigi anywhere. Until…

“Look!” whispered Peach to Toad. “I see him!” It was true. Three cells away Luigi was waiting behind the cell bars and one guard. After a minute or so, Luigi caught a glimpse of them. He was excited, but said nothing. He pointed at the guard’s pocket. That must have been where the key was. It was just out of his reach.

“Okay, Princess,” whispered Toad, nervously, “What is your plan?”

“Toad,” she whispered, “I need you to sneak up and snatch those keys from the guard. Then stuff this into his mouth so that he can’t warn the others.” She held out a sock.

“Whose sock is that?”

“It’s mine.”

“Um, okay. I hope this works…”

Toad tiptoed over to the guard. Quickly and quietly, he slipped the key out of the guard’s pocket. He hoped that the guard wouldn’t hear the light jingling of the key as he pulled it out and inserted it into the cell lock. He turned it slowly and nervously. As he turned it all the way, the guard began to look around. It was too late to turn back now. Toad yanked the cell door open, hitting the guard’s head. Then Luigi jumped up and kicked the guard in the chest, knocking him back into the wall. Toad took the sock and stuffed it into the guard's mouth.

Luigi was about to thank Toad but Toad told him that it was not necessary and dragged him toward the others. Peach thanked Toad. As Luigi and co. headed for the door, they were passed by about five Yoshis, one carrying Baby Mario. Tashi and Luigi began panicing. “Oh no!” cried Luigi. “Let’s go!”

Luigi, Peach, Toad, Tashi, Soshi, Boshi, and Yoshi ran to the door and swung it open. They were in a dark hallway now. The Yoshis were just in front of them. Luigi attempted to grab Baby Mario but tripped. The Yoshis carefully walked into another room. Luigi got up and ran after them, but he was too slow. He continued following the Yoshis, door after door, and he slowly caught up. And then… they were at the last door. The Yoshis ran in, and Luigi and the others followed.

Inside the room were Bowser, Baby Bowser, and Kamek. Baby Bowser’s eyes widened. “Ooooohh, gween donkeys! Lemme wide them!” Bowser held Baby Bowser back. “Forget about that. Kamek, speed me up!”

Kamek pulled out his wand, about to chant the spell. Tashi rushed up at full speed and rammed Kamek into the wall. Kamek hit the wall and let go of his wand.

“NOOOOOO!” shouted Bowser, and he dove for the wand. He caught it, then knocked Tashi out of the way. “THERE!” he snarled. “Now I have the wand! Muahahahaha!!!”

“Just one problem, Bowser,” said Luigi, stepping forward, “You don’t know how to use a wand.” Then he ran forward, jumped up, and kicked Bowser straight toward the wall. Bowser lost his breath and released the wand. Luigi caught the wand, took the scroll that Kamek had earlier from the table, and began to chant the spell. He pointed the wand at Bowser. Then Bowser disappeared. “Well,” said Luigi, “this is it. Once I do this, everything will be back to normal.” Then he gave the wand to Tashi. “Tashi, take this. When you get back outside, use the time machine to go forward in time. Go tell the king of the Mushroom Kingdom to put his whole army into full defensive position. When you get back, destroy the wand. Thank you, Tashi. Thank you, everyone. You saved me and my brother. Now go defeat Baby Bowser.”

Luigi gave his baby brother to Boshi to bring safely back to Yoshi’s Island. Then he walked out of the castle with the others. When he got outside, he wished Tashi good luck and thanked her again. Peach and Toad walked out with him and also thanked Tashi. Tashi set the dials, then drove away. When she left everyone’s sight, Luigi began to feel strange. He looked at himself. He was disappearing, and losing memory of what had happened. And then, in a bright flash, he was back home with his brother, Mario.

To Be Continued...

Preview of Part 3: Mario and Luigi are taking a walk through the Mushroom Kingdom just after using Toad’s new invention when suddenly a stranger appears out of nowhere and takes them with her to show them a world of fear and confusion. Who is this person? Where have Mario and Luigi been taken? What will become of the time machine?

Stay tuned for Part 3: Future of Terror!

None of the Nintendo characters, places, or things in this story are mine. They all belong to Nintendo or their respective companies. And this story was not created to copy the game.

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