Reversal of Misfortune

By Crazy Packers Fan

Chapter 6: The Grand Illusion
December 13, 2002 9:15 AM

The Koopalings are brought before Princess Peach, heavily guarded by Mushroom guards, but it is not as bleak for them as they had thought.

Princess Peach: Mario and Luigi have some good news for you.

Morton: What kind of good news is that? Very good news? Extremely good-

Mario: You are going to the Mario Bowl!

Roy: Yes! I knew the Nintendo Football League's officials would eventually overturn that bad call against us! Who are we playing?

Mario: You aren't playing anybody. You're going there because we are all playing in the Mario Bowl, and it
would be too dangerous for you to be here.

Iggy: Wouldn't it be easier just to leave us in jail- oops!

Luigi: After we, the Mario Mushrooms, take down the Titanic Giants of Giant Land, a certain friend of yours will decide your fate.

Wendy: And which friend is that?

Luigi: Rocky Wrench.

Wendy: Some friend he is.

Mario: You will be in the locker room, which is locked, so don't think about escaping. A little bit after the game, Rocky Wrench will join us.

Toad comes running in from a back room.

Toad: Bad news! Our best two Mushroom receivers are injured! Who's going to play?

Mario: Who else is left?

Luigi: How about the two princesses?

Peach: I can't play football!

Luigi: Too bad. You'll have to play.

Peach: And why?

Luigi: So you can earn millions of coins for your castle.

Peach: Okay...

Meanwhile, Ludwig has started to sneak between the Mushroom guards, who are all holding spears. He
finally makes it past a couple of them and continues to tiptoe towards the front door of the castle. For some reason the door opens.

Ludwig: (whispering) What are the chances of this good fortune happening?

Daisy appears at the door with a bunch of Super Mario Land creatures, like Chibibos, Flies, Gaos, Tamao,

Ludwig: Ouch!

The Super Mario Land creatures are on top of Ludwig. The other Koopalings groan.

Daisy: Don't worry; he wasn't getting anywhere.

Peach: Good.

Mario: I can't wait for tomorrow's game... first we win, then Rocky Wrench has a surprise in store. It will certainly spell doom for the Koopalings...

Chapter 7: The Big 12
December 14, 2002, 6:00 AM

The Koopalings are back in the castle's jail cells, thinking of an escape route.

Roy: There's one way out of this mess, and that is to escape at the end of the game, when there's a lot of confusion. The Marios will be either celebrating or crying, and with all the emotion, we can make an escape.

Lemmy: There's a little bit of time for escape, because at that time, the room will be unlocked for them to get in. That's when we'll have to creep out in the commotion.

Ludwig: There is about a 3.7 percent chance that this will work.

Wendy: It's better than 0.0 percent, isn't it?

Ludwig: I guess so.

Iggy: Why not escape at halftime?

Lemmy: Mario won't be celebrating or crying then. They'll still be in a fighting mood, and I'm sure
trying to escape then would be futile, as they'd easily tackle us. But if they're partying, or very upset, we can creep out of the place, as they won't be paying much attention. Remember, even though those Marios are smart and even though they outnumber us, they've always been the type to focus on only one thing at a time, and if that's the Mario Bowl trophy, we might not be as important to them.

A few hours later...

Mario: Let's go! It's time for our championship!

At 12:45, the Koopalings are sitting in the locker room with all the Mario Mushrooms, who are having a pep talk. Afterwards, the players go out a door towards a hall to the field, and Mario locks the door as he walks out.

Roy: Now we play a waiting game, and just wait to see if our plan will work.

Meanwhile, up in a press box is Rocky Wrench, with Bowser, Larry, and Crazy Packers Fan, the public
address announcer.

Larry: This plan of yours won't work. My brothers and sister are smarter than you think!

Rocky Wrench: Let me guess, they're going to escape at the end of the game, when the Mario Mushrooms are celebrating their victory?

Larry: That's a pretty wild guess.

Rocky Wrench: No, that's their plan that I heard already.

Larry: How?

Rocky Wrench: I have cameras in the Mario Mushrooms' locker room, where they are, of course. It's too bad
my crew of officials once worked in the Big 12.

Larry: What's the Big 12?

Rocky Wrench: Oh, some college football conference. Let's start this game!

Bowser: Come on, Sledgy, don't let me down... I've got five coins on you!

The game starts out rather uneventfully, with the Mario Mushrooms and Titanic Giants doing pretty much
nothing. The Mario Mushrooms seem to not be able to move the ball against the Giants' defense, as the
giant characters are too big to do anything against. The Giants seem to be overpowering, but every time
they get near the Mushrooms' end zone, a penalty is called, which then forces them to try a field goal
attempt. The kicker of the Giants is poor, and he misses every attempt.

At halftime, neither team has scored, and Rocky Wrench gets up to leave the press box.

Larry: Where are you going?

Rocky Wrench: I've got some stuff to check on... see you later!

Rocky Wrench leaves the room, then puts a lock on the door in order to prevent Larry and Bowser from

Larry: Something's fishy about this game...

Bowser: You're right! The Giants should be winning me five coins!

Halftime ends, and both teams go back to the field. Meanwhile, the Koopalings can hear Crazy Packers Fan's announcements.

Roy: Pay very close attention to how much time is left.

The first points of the game are scored when a penalty on the Giants sets up the Mario Mushrooms only one yard away from a touchdown. They score it, but have a kick blocked afterwards. The score is 6-0.

Bowser: What is with these officials?

Larry: I'm starting to catch on to something here...

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Mushrooms score another touchdown after another strange penalty call on the Giants. Mario throws an incomplete pass on what would have been a two-point conversion, keeping the score at 12-0.

Bowser: Come on, Giants!

At 12:00 to play in the fourth quarter, Mario calls a timeout. All the officials then run off the field towards the Mario Mushrooms' locker room, along with Rocky Wrench, who was standing on the Mushrooms' sideline.

Larry: What are they doing?

Larry remembers a statement Rocky Wrench had made...

Rocky Wrench: I have cameras in the Mario Mushrooms' locker room, where they are, of course. It's too bad my crew of officials once worked in the Big 12.

Larry: They're going to where my brothers and sister are!

Larry then looks at the scoreboard, and it all becomes clear.

Larry: This game is fixed! Look at that, King Dad!

Bowser: 12-0 with 12:00 to play. What's your point? I'm going to lose my bet?

Larry: No, the officials must have worked this out with the Mario Mushrooms. Rocky said they worked in
the Big 12, and the number 12 is on that scoreboard twice!

Bowser: What does that mean to us?

Larry: They waited until there were 12 minutes left, and now they're going to the locker room to stop my
brothers and sister from escaping!

Bowser: That's great! We're stuck here!

Larry: I have an idea. Crazy Packers Fan, let me speak on this here!

Crazy Packers Fan: Wait, what?

Larry has already grabbed the microphone from Crazy Packers Fan.

Crazy Packers Fan: Hey, you can't use that!

The Koopalings hear Larry's voice coming over the public address system.

Larry: Rocky Wrench and crew are coming! You've got to stop them from making it to you!

Lemmy: Uh oh... there goes our plan.

The Koopalings rush to the doors, hoping to block them with something. It's too late, however, as Rocky
Wrench opens the lock on the doors and enters the room, followed by his gang.

Rocky Wrench: Trying to escape?

Chapter 8: Mario 2

While Rocky Wrench and his gang have closed in on the Koopalings, Luigi talks to Peach.

Luigi: I don't think it's right to throw the game.

Peach: This is Mario's choice, and he's our team's coach. We can't argue with that.

Luigi: That's not something Mario would do, though... Wait a minute!

Luigi sees Mario is talking to Toad. More importantly, he sees that Mario and Toad are of the same height.

Luigi: Now I get it!

Luigi runs over and kicks Mario to the ground. Then he wrestles with Mario.

Peach: What are you doing, Luigi?!

Luigi rolls away, revealing Kamek the Magikoopa, whose Mario costume has come off.

Peach: Now this makes sense...

A swarm of Mushrooms takes the unarmed Kamek away.

Luigi: This guy is obviously part of Rocky Wrench's gang. I wonder what happened to Mario, though...

In the locker room, Rocky Wrench's crew has started to fight with the Koopalings. It is actually a pretty
close battle, but Rocky Wrench's wrenches can be pretty scary. That is when Iggy tries to hide from them.

Iggy: Those wrenches won't hit me if I'm in this locker... hey, wait a minute!

Iggy opens up the locker, finding Mario tied up inside, with the duct tape normally on Morton's mouth covering up Mario's mouth.

Iggy: Mario?

Mario: Mmmmph!

Rocky Wrench: Hey, what's this?

As Rocky Wrench goes over to that locker, Iggy grabs part of the rope on Mario. Then, as Rocky Wrench steps into the locker, Iggy quickly pulls on the rope. Mario ends up landing on top of Rocky Wrench. From there, it is all too easy for Iggy and Morton to steal Rocky Wrench's wrenches and toss them at the other crew members.

Rocky Wrench: Get this stupid plumber off me!

Iggy takes the tape off Mario's mouth.

Mario: I guess it's good that I gained a lot of weight lately...

Mario is untied, and Iggy and Morton use the rope to tie up Rocky Wrench. The other crew members, who Roy and Ludwig brought to the ground, are unable to fight back very well. Iggy and Mario leave the locker room, then come back with the Mario Mushrooms football team. There is no escape for Rocky Wrench's crew.

Rocky Wrench: What an embarrassment! Where's that stupid Magikoopa?

Luigi: Some of our Mushrooms sent him to the dungeon in Peach's Castle.

Rocky Wrench: This can't be happening!

Tony, a Sledge Brother, walks into the locker room.

Tony: I'm sick of letting the Mushrooms win!

Luigi: We'll start this game over the right way, now that Mario's back.

Eventually, the Koopalings are re-united with Larry and Bowser, and Rocky Wrench and his crew are put in
the dungeon in Peach's Castle. Castle Koopa did get rebuilt back to its former good shape. As for the
football game... the Mario Mushrooms did come away with a 15-12 win. And as for the Marios and Koopalings' temporary friendship, well...

Peach: Eeeeekkkkk!

Roy: Bowser will be so proud when he finds out we actually kidnapped the princess! He will- oof!

Mario: Not be happy with you!

Another failed kidnapping mission for the Koopalings, but at least this time, they didn't blow up the wrong castle.

The End

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