The Search for Respect 2

By Blue Boo

As Larry lay in the cold dungeon again, his mind was filled with anger.

Larry: How did they come back? I thought I had them. I would have done something else with them if it weren't for that princess. But King Dad has tried to kidnap that princess several times before.

Guard: Shaddap!

Larry: I'm thinking!

Guard: I said shaddap!

Larry: (thinking) I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that dinosaur. Mario and Luigi would be easy to defeat if their friends weren't there to help them. Hmm... I also would've put the helmet back on if that dinosaur hadn't jumped on me. It's that Yoshi! I could easily defeat the Marios without him! I could make another thorn cap... no, the Marios know about it now. They would probably use a Starman. If only there was a way to destroy the dinosaur and make sure they didn't have any Starmen. But we are also defeated by Fire Flowers. Maybe if Mario and Luigi couldn't use those, I could destroy them. But how?

Guard: Dinner!

Larry: Really?

Guard: Nope! Haha!

Larry: *sigh*

Guard: Go to bed!

Larry: Not now!

Guard: SLEEP!!!

His guard started chucking rocks at him. Really big ones that hurt really badly.

Larry: Ok!

Larry tried to fake his sleep and think, but he was too tired. He fell asleep in an instant. The next morning, Bowser was in the dungeons (outside the cell of course).

Larry: King Dad? What are you doing here?

Bowser: I just came to tell you the seriousness of what you have told me. Mario and Luigi are not easy to defeat, but one day one of us will defeat them.

Larry: Yeah?

Bowser: And if that is somehow you, we might not believe you. Understand?

Larry: Yes. Can I got to my room?

Bowser: What?! NO! You were sentenced for a week!

Larry: But, King Dad!

Bowser walked out of the dungeon and accidentally tripped on the stairs. He rolled down every step until he eventually hit the ground with a loud thump.

Bowser: Ow.

Bowser left the dungeon, but the door hit him on his way out.

Bowser: Ow.

Larry: *sigh*

Guard: Ow! Bowser fell on me!

Larry: Serves you right.

Guard: I can't feel my legs!

Larry sat on his bench. When he looked up, he noticed that Bowser had left a big dent in the cell bars. One just big enough for him to fit through.

Larry: Perfect!

Larry crept out of his cell and kicked the guard on his way out. As he got out of the dungeon, he looked left and right to make sure nobody was there.

Larry: Looks like the coast is clear.

Suddenly, Roy burst out of the room next to Larry, and pushed him down the steps. Larry was knocked out as he hit the bottom step. The next thing he saw was a bright light, and a blurry figure above him.

???: Larry? Are you okay?

Larry: Oooh...

Larry's vision began to return, and he saw that the figure was Bowser.

Larry: King Dad? Where am I?

Bowser: When Roy pushed you down the steps you hit your head on the ground. You have a... er... Ludwig, what was that word for bones that are broken?

Ludwig: Concussion, King Dad.

Bowser: Yeah, you got a cucstuction in your head. But you will be okay. I'm going to excuse you from the dungeon.

Larry: Thanks...

Bowser: You should be okay to walk around and do your normal activities, but just don't do anything extreme.

Larry: Okay, King Dad.

Larry hopped out of the hospital's bed and walked to his room. He then shut the door behind him.

Larry: Now I can make my plans in peace! Now, what would make the Marios unable to use Fire Flowers or Starmen?

Larry looked at one of his plants that he had watered the other day before he went to destroy Mario and Luigi. It appeared to be drooping a bit, and it was dripping water.

Larry: Uh oh. I think I might have given him a little too much water.

The plant then fell down.

Larry: Aww man. I guess you can never give a plant an overdose of water.

Then, that one word was stuck in his head. "Overdose".

Larry: I wonder what would happen if Mario and Luigi got too much of a Fire Flower or Starman? That's it! Hehehehehe.

So, Larry started to grow a garden of Fire Flowers and he went around bashing blocks for Starmen. Finally, he had about 50 of each. He smiled at his work.

Larry: Excellent! This will do just fine! But what about the dinosaur who eats everything? Hmm...

Larry got one of his most toxic plants and clipped off a leaf.

Larry: Sorry, little buddy.

Larry then picked up one of his watermelons from his fruit garden. After carefully removing a piece just big enough, he put the leaf in. He then glued the piece of watermelon back on.

Larry: One toxic leaf and some toxic glue! That oughta take care of him! Now to put my plan into action!

So Larry boarded his doomship again and went to Yoshi's Island. He went to Yoshi's house and spotted Yoshi.

Larry: Hey, dinos... I mean, Yoshi!

Yoshi: What? What Koopa do here?

Larry: I wanted to say that I'm sorry for all I've ever done to you and the Marios, so I'm going to give you this truce watermelon.

Yoshi: Yoshi forgive Larry. Me glad we friends now!

Larry: (Yeah right.) So, here it is!

Yoshi shot out his tongue and ate the watermelon. As he swallowed it, he started to stumble.

Yoshi: Oooh... Yoshi no feel good!

Yoshi then started sweating, and he fell on the ground.

Yoshi: Oooooh... bad watermelon...

Larry: Haha! You foolish dinosaur! Don't you know that you can never trust a Koopaling? Now I will destroy the Mario Brothers!

Larry returned to his doomship and took off. Yoshi lay there helpless, with the world spinning around him. Larry returned to Castle Koopa and went straight to his room.

Larry: This time, I've created a new thorn cap and put sunblock on it, and I have changed the off word. I will have to say, "Mario is the best!"

Larry then put the helmet on, packed up the Starmen and Fire Flowers, and took off with his wand. He parked the doomship outside Mario's Pad and rushed inside.

Mario: Huh?

Larry started chucking Fire Flowers and Starmen at Mario and Luigi. At first they were feeling strong, then stronger and stronger and stronger.

Larry: Maybe this won't work!

As Larry chucked the last few power-ups, Mario and Luigi lost their power and returned normal. They then turned a pale color and fell down. Larry pulled out a Fire Flower and placed it on Mario's hand. Nothing happened. He placed a Starman on Luigi's hand. Nothing.

Larry: It worked! And this time, there is no Yoshi to stop me!

Luigi: What-a happened, Mario?

Mario: I think we got too many-a powerups!

Larry: Hehehe. Now for your death!

Larry pulled out his wand and shot their heads. It looked like the end for Mario and Luigi.

Larry: Yes! I can't believe I did it! This time there is NO stopping me!

Larry started to grin as he walked away from Mario's Pad to kidnap Peach. Then everything went black. Larry woke up in the hospital room again. He saw Bowser looking at him again.

Larry: What? The Marios... what happened?

Bowser: Well, Ludwig found out what you were trying to do, and he started to research it. He found out that... um... Ludwig?

Ludwig: If Mario or Luigi get over 25 power-ups, they will momentarilly go into a weak state as a new power develops.

Larry: But I shot them.

Ludwig: And the developing power inside them was stronger than your wand. After their power developed, they tripled in strength, size, firepower, and the invincibility of Starmen. Once that happened, they jumped on top of you, crushing your new thorn cap and knocking you out. Unfortunately, it's still on your head and we can't get it off.

Larry: At least I got Yoshi.

Bowser shook his head.

Bowser: Nope. Sorry, but all Yoshi's friends took care of him and took him to the Nimbus Land hospital. We just need to get the cap off. I got poked a bunch of times.

Larry: Mario is the best.

The cap came off.


Larry: Darn.

So, Larry was once again sent to the dungeon, where he was greeted by a new guard. A nicer one.

Guard: Hello. You're old guard was in critical condition, so Bowser hired a new one.

Larry: About time! Grr... Mario! Some day I will destroy you!

The End

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