Roy Learns a Lesson
Told from Roy’s point of view

By Dr. Hannah

So today I woke up and saw Lemmy rolling down the hallway on that stupid ball of his. I was feeling mischievous; Bowser and Clawdia left for the day, leaving Kamek to baby-sit us. Hehe, I remembered all the pranks that Lemmy pulled, and decided to pull some myself. Before he even noticed, I had charged and rammed into him, popping his ball; he tried to chase me but couldn’t even walk. I ran off with glee and saw Kamek; I conked him out with my wand and started the rest of my prank-pulling-terror spree.

The first room I passed was Ludwig’s, hard at work with his latest invention. He was thinking so hard about it that he didn’t notice me run off with his only wrench. Next was Wendy's room, she was fast asleep. I easily made off with her bow. 'Ha, there goes your beauty sleep, sis!' I thought while leaving. Next was Morton; after pounding him, his newest extra-loud microphone joined the bow and wrench in a secret box in my room. Larry was next, also asleep. I grabbed many of his plants and hid them all over the castle. Finally, I found Iggy outside. I cornered him but only landed a few punches when I feel down in pain. Iggy and I both knew that it wasn’t because of him or the fight. I suddenly felt weak and sick. I landed on the floor with a thud, groaning. I knew Iggy would run off when he had the chance, leaving me in the garden.

To my amazement, I felt myself being dragged, by Iggy! He hadn’t abandoned me after all! He took me inside the castle where we met Lemmy, still without a ball. Instead of convincing Iggy to get revenge on me while I was weak like I thought, he started dragging me too! Unfortunately, he fell without his ball. He decided to go find Kamek, and staggered off. Maybe Iggy and Lemmy had a master plan in mind, but before I could develop that idea, Wendy was screaming that she wouldn’t leave her room without her bow, and obviously wouldn’t come outside to help us. Iggy was getting really tired too, I wished I hadn’t punched him and I wished I hadn’t taken Wendy’s bow or popped Lemmy’s ball. Then Larry ran past, holding many plants in each arm; he rushed around wildly, probably looking for the rest of his plants. He was gone before Iggy could ask for help. Finally we arrived a Ludwig’s room; he said he'd made an anti gravitational vehicle, or floating car, but couldn’t finish it without a wrench. Ludwig helped me get to where Kamek was, though. Lemmy and Morton were there, trying in vain to wake him up. Ludwig said that Morton’s voice amplifier, or microphone, would help. Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig set off to find it, leaving Morton with me. I knew they would probably never find it, and realized how ironic this whole day turned out to be.

When I woke up, I was in the hospital. They told me that I’d been out for a week and it would take at least a month before I could leave. They told me that if I’d gotten here sooner, I could have left in five days. I changed into “Good Roy” that day, and have stayed good for a long time since.

Artwork by Fried Rooster

The End

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