The New Life of Bowser

By Buddy

Chapter 5: Sorrow

Toad de Long: Back for another four chapters of "The New Life of Bowser", and I'm excited!

Fun Guy: How many more after this?

Toad de Long: Depends.

Fun Guy: What?

Toad de Long: We don't even have the next three chapters yet. This could be two more chapters, maybe.

Fun Guy: Why can't we go home between the wait?

Toad de Long: Boss said so.

Fun Guy: We have a boss? Who is he?

Toad de Long: Iggy Koopa and a mole.

Fun Guy: A mole?

Toad de Long: He has a pimple on him that he calls a mole and when people ask who is he says, "I'm Iggy Koopa of the Royal Koopa Family and this is Monty Mole."

Fun Guy: Cute... so... did this story really happen? Like... did he really have a castle and capture Bowser and Morton, Wendy really went on a secret mission through his castle, and Peach actually had a fun time while in danger?

Toad de Long: No, Fun Guy. This is called a story.

Fun Guy: Stories can be real. That makes me sorrowful that this never happened.

Toad de Long: Talking about sorrow and getting back to work, this chapter is called "Sorrow". And in the last chapter, a lot of things happened.

Fun Guy: Not really...

Toad de Long: We can't have ourselves talk longer than the story so shut up. Anyway, Wendy appeared in Iggy's castle in the last chapter because she is on a secret mission that if she doesn't go through, could mean the end of the world. Also, Mario and Peach are going home, but how many challenges will they have to go through and will they get home safe? Find out now... aahhhh...

Toad de Long falls off his chair holding his chest and coughing.

Fun Guy: de Long! Hurry, call 111, somebody! I told you not to eat that hard candy before we were on the radio!


"Not if I can help it!"

"Look out for that bat!"

Mario and Peach were outside of the castle now after Peach showed Mario the hidden door, but now it looked like they were in major trouble. Guards from Iggy's castle were surrounding them. Why'd they go there? Maybe we should go to Bowser's story first.

"Dad," Wendy said, "let's go down the hall quickly, find Morton, and hide."

"Good," Bowser said, staring at Iggy. Surprisingly, he had no guards around him or anywhere near him. It was pretty weird actually.

"Planning something?" Iggy asked them. He was crossing his hands. He also seemed to be wet.

Bowser and Wendy quickly ran away before they waited another second for Iggy to do something. They turned a corner and went down the darkest and spookiest hallway they had ever seem before. They wondered if guards might be waiting in the darkness. Maybe Morton got lost in it. Well, he had to have gone down this hall. It was the only one.

They ran into a wall and got stuck to it. Little did they know that it wasn't a wall, but a very strong spider web. They looked up and saw a light moving around. Afterwards, they tried their hardest to break free, but it just became worse. The light felt the web moving and quickly came down. In a couple seconds, the light revealed a pair of fangs in a wide-opened mouth. Inside of that mouth was Morton. He was stuck behind a wall of webs and was yelling for help. Around him were other victims like guards and more guards. They then saw a hairy leg and knew what they were dealing with. A huge spider, with an even bigger hunger.

"What are we to do?" Wendy quickly asked, now really trying hard to break free.

"I can't believe I never thought of this before!" Bowser shouted. He turned his head, opened his mouth, and flames shot out of it. It took a couple seconds, but the flames made the web break and Wendy got away, free. She then went over to Bowser and did the same for him. When Bowser got free, the spider was right on top of him. Bowser ran, but wasn't fast enough. The spider shot a web out of his mouth that stuck to Bowser's back and neck. He couldn't turn his head to get free. Even if he could, it would never have worked. The spider was fast and Bowser was quickly pulled back into its mouth. All Wendy heard was a scream, and then darkness. The spider's light went out. Was it sneaking up on her, or was it hungry when the light's on and now it's full? The last one was right.

Iggy entered the room and pulled Wendy out. Wendy had a tear running down her eye, but she knew that her loved ones weren't gone. Once they got into light, Iggy spun Wendy around and looked at her for scratches. There were some pieces of web stuck to her, but that was it.

"Thank God it didn't get you!" Iggy said. He looked down the dark hall, and then, not seeing anybody, asked "Where's your father?"

"It's our father," Wendy said, "Anyway, the spider ate him. And Morton and some of your guards."

"I came to warn you all," Iggy said.

"How'd you know?" Wendy asked, confused, "Are you a good guy now?"

"Once I found out about the dangers of my castle and the world from the camera in your cell," Iggy was saying, "I quickly responded and told all the guards to get away and go to Bowser's castle to look around. Anyway, I knew you'd leave through the first hallway that you saw because Dad always does that, so I quickly came. The Bob-omb was sent on his own, not me. Anyway, we could save him. We have twenty minutes before Spidy swallows what he ate. After all of this and the chef, I'll kill you."

"Right," Wendy replied, "use us."

"I wish my guards were here to help," Iggy said, frowning. Wendy rolled her eyes.

Wendy told Iggy that fire is the spider's weakness and that they should use their fire breath when the spider opens its mouth to free everyone inside. "I knew that," Iggy said, with another eye roll from Wendy, "Let's go!"

Before going, Wendy went over to a statue of Iggy with two heads and broke off a spike from its back. Iggy complained about how much the statue cost and they then went in.

Now that we learned about what's happening to Bowser and the others, we can go over to Mario's side.

"We must bring you back to master's castle," a guard said, poking Mario's arm with his spear. Just a little bit though.

"What are you doing here and who sent you?" Mario asked the Koopas standing around them.

"Master is master," the guard said, "and master said to come here to retrieve whatever. You two are whatever."

"Geez they're stupid," Mario said, hitting himself on the head.

"Don't try to commit suicide!" the guard shouted at Mario.

"That's not funny," Peach said to the guard.

"Who's laughing?" another guard replied.

"Looks like they're smart too," Peach replied, getting her hair out of her eyes.

Mario moved closer to Peach and gestured for her to put her ear near his mouth. "We're going to run," Mario told her.

"That's it?" Peach asked, frowning "A basic run. No fighting? No gore? No hunting?"

"Hunting?" Mario asked, confused.

"I'm hungry," Peach replied.

Mario moved away from Peach and near a Koopa, with his fist ready. Mario quickly knocked out the Koopa that was near him. "Anybody else want one?" Mario asked, arms raised in the air. The Koopas around him raised their spears and aimed them at Mario's chest, though poking each other in the head.

"I don't believe I'm engaged to an idiot," Peach said, shaking her head.

"Fine," Mario said, "take us. I want to see your master."

Mario looked over at Peach to see if she agreed. She did. How could she not? Tons of Koopas bent on killing you with pointy spears is pretty dangerous when you don't have the right weapons. Too bad Mario let those Fire Flowers loose.

The guards grabbed spiked handcuffs out of nowhere and put them on Peach and Mario. They then led them away. Away to Iggy's castle, which isn't that far away.

"Do you see him?" Wendy asked, spike in her hand. She was ready for action at any moment. She was trained for that.

"No," Iggy replied with no weapons, "but he isn't hungry when there's no light, but you must be careful. As soon as that light goes on you may disappear. He's watching us right now.”

“Maybe if you don't talk so loud,” Wendy said.

Out of nowhere, a hairy leg appeared. Wendy ran over to it and stabbed it. Green blood splattered out and onto everything nearby, including Wendy. The spider's light went on and the spider's mouth was visible. Everybody was still inside, but they were moving farther back. Wendy threw the spike at one of the spider's eyes, but it missed and came back toward her. She quickly grabbed it again, or did the spider? At that very second when Wendy was reaching for the spike, the spider shot a web out of its mouth and caught the spike, and Wendy's arm.

Without asking, Iggy came over and used his fiery breath to break free the spike, then he broke the spike free from Wendy. Wendy and Iggy quickly retreated for a second. The spider, thinking they were gone, went back up the web. Wendy came back into the area and threw the spike at the spider's back. The spider made a horrible noise and quickly turned around, mouth wide open. Everybody inside was starting to scream and were moving back fast.

"We need to hurry!" Iggy yelled to Wendy.

Wendy nodded her head and used her fire breath. The fire went into the spider's mouth and quickly melted the webs everybody was stuck in, besides one, Morton's web. Everybody came crashing to the ground. Bowser landed first on his spiky shell, and then everybody fell on his stomach. They didn't lose any time, and quickly got up and ran away from the scene, besides Bowser.

Bowser saw that Morton was still in the spider's mouth and he, joined by Iggy and Wendy, used their fire breath to get Morton out, but right before the fire went into the spider's mouth, it closed it and the spider's light went out.

"It's too late," Iggy said, holding his head down.

"That wasn't twenty minutes!" Wendy yelled at Iggy.

"Do you think I just stay around here watching this thing?" Iggy asked her.

Wendy couldn't take this. She quickly threw the spike at the spider, and the light of the spider went on, but quite dim. Toxic waste started to pour down on the ground at them. It was glowing. They quickly dodged it and ran away.

"Good job!" Iggy screamed at her "You hit his light so that we couldn't even try to save your brother."

"Our brother!" Wendy shouted. She turned around and went back in. Bowser was going to follow, but Iggy held out his arm.

"I don't want to lose three people," Iggy said, looking at Bowser.

"If you let me go you won't lose any," Bowser shouted at him and bit Iggy's arm. Iggy grabbed his arm in pain, even though it wasn't bleeding. Bowser quickly ran into the deep blackness, with the spider waiting.

"Who is your master?" Mario asked the guard who was pushing him along.

"Master is our master," the Koopa replied.

"What is your master's real name though?" Mario asked, "You're supposed to call him master, but what does everybody else call him?"

"Master," the guard said again.

"Who is this guy?" Mario asked, confused.

"Master," the Koopa said again for the third time.

"I wasn't talking to you," Mario said, "I was talking to myself."

"Master," the Koopa said again.

"Now you're trying to bug me, aren't you?" Mario asked the Koopa. The Koopa didn't say anything, so Mario directed his conversation over to Peach, who was half asleep from the long day. Actually, you almost couldn't see where you were going because it was dark out. "Who do you think this master is, honey?" Mario asked Peach.

Peach replied with a yawn. "Master," the Koopa behind him said again The other Koopas laughed.

"I'm going to need to go in a crazy house after this," Mario said, quite gloomy. He then started to listen to two Koopas talking to each other while they marched along.

"What cell should we put them in when we get to master's house?" the one guard asked.

"The prisioner-of-war cell," Guard 2 replied.

"What about the other prisoners?" Guard 1 asked.

"We put them together," Guard 2 said, grinning, "They're big enemies. Put them together and they'll finish each other off."

"Bloody and violent," Guard 1 said, "the way I like it."

"It's too easy though," Guard 2 said, touching the end of his spear to his chin, "I thought that they were to be boiled by the new chef and eaten."

This was too much for Mario. Who was this other enemy of his? Who was this master? Who was going to eat him? Where were they going? Mario couldn't stand this anymore.

"Push me faster," Mario said to the guard behind him. The guard nodded his head and ordered the guards to go faster. Peach was now sleeping while standing up. The guard behind her ordered the guards around them to carry her. It was done.

Iggy stood outside the dark hallway, still holding his arm. "They're all goners!" Iggy shouted to himself, "Now who's going to get that bomb out of my castle? Wait... she was talking about my head chef, Shevy Van Opry. Didn't father kill him? That idiot!"

He sat down to make himself comfortable. He didn't want to go back into that room with toxic waste and a now-hungry spider. He lost half of his guards once long ago when the spider was young, but now the spider was older and a lot smarter and stronger.

After a while, Iggy knew that Shevy Van Opry was dead and that his father, sister, and brother were dead. He would not have to worry about the bomb and would just kill those three if they came out. And after a while, they came out. All of them actually. They were all covered in toxic waste besides Bowser, who was holding one of the spider's fangs.

"We killed him!" Wendy shouted.

Iggy was so happy that he ran up to them and was about to hug them, but his siblings were covered in toxic waste so he hugged Bowser, who didn't have any on him. "How did you...?" Iggy asked, surprised.

"We burnt the spider's web so that he would fall off into the toxic waste. I guess his own waste must be poisonous to him. He was squirming about so we used fire breath on him, and he opened his mouth and Morton popped out with more toxic waste on him. He quickly ran away and we all used our fire breath on him, but the toxic waste happened to go up in flames and he burned to a crisp. His body started to explode and Dad got the fang," Wendy said, now taking a breath.

"Genius!" Iggy replied, nodding his head.

"You missed out on it," Bowser said, throwing the fang to the side. "Now are you going to work with us, Iggy?"

"I don't work with anybody," Iggy said, now frowning. "Anyway, you all better go to the "special" cell to recover. I'll fetch the doctor. You may die if that's not treated."

"Thanks for saying that," Wendy said. Iggy then led them to the cell that Bowser and Morton before escaped from and didn't like, but now they were going there as guests. As welcomed guests.

After a while, once they all were in the cell, Iggy went out with the door being open. He was heading away to get the doctor when two guards appeared. It happened to be Guard 1 and Guard 2. "Hello, Master!" Guard 2 said, bowing. Guard 1 bowed too.

"Find anything at Bowser's Keep?" Iggy asked.

"We found two humans," Guard 2 said.

"Mario and Luigi?" Iggy asked, surprised.

"A guy and a girl," Guard 1 said, "They are heading to this cell right now."

"Mario and Peach?" Iggy asked.

"No," Guard 2 said, "Mario and Honey."

"Must be Peach then," Iggy said, "They're not prisoners. Let them be guests. There's already guests in the cell. Reter (Guard 1), go get the doctor quickly before my guests die."

"Okay!" Reter said and went away.

"I'll go get the pri... I mean guests," Guard 2 said, walking away.

"Okay, what's your name again?" Iggy asked.

"I don't have on," Guard 2 said and walked away.

"Right," Iggy said, turning around and going back into the special cell.

Shortly afterwards, Mario and Peach, who was still sleeping, appeared in the cell door without handcuffs on and walking freely. Mario entered and got mad. He saw Morton, Wendy, and Iggy and shouted, "Who's castle is this now?" He started to cry. Everybody laughed at him.

Fun Guy: I wasn't sad at all in that story.

Toad de Long: We thought that Morton was a goner and Mario was sad at the end because he was quite confused.

Fun Guy: That was quite funny because he always wanted to know who the master was and then here's three of Bowser's kids and he was so excited about finding out that he cried because they were all in the same castle.

Toad de Long: Finally we're having good discussions about this story. Anyway, this story had some action in it with the spider part, but not too much on Mario's side. Mostly just talking to each other and guards.

Fun Guy: I really thought that this chapter would tell us where the next room led.

Toad de Long: The next room was a hallway. Bowser's castle had tons of shortcuts, but they're all dangerous. That's because Mario went through it so much that Bowser needed things to make him stop in his tracks. That's what the beds and everything are for. If Mario is tired and lays on the beds, they'll be mad, come after him, and because he's tired he won't be able to run and may be ripped to shreds.

Fun Guy: Quite violent. At least a gap in the story is now explained.

Toad de Long: Talking about stories, the next chapter I think has no action in it at all. There will be the tales  of how Yoshi and Birdo died, about Mario's father, of Mario's adventure in Bowser's castle, of Bowser's adventure to the Toad Town leading up to where he is now, and about Bowser's grandfather and what a brave man he was. Because Mario and Bowser are together, there's finally no going back and forth in the story between the two. The next chapter will be pretty long as it also resolves all the confusion from the beginning.

Fun Guy: Thanks a lot for the preview. I thought our job here was to review the story.

Toad de Long: We already did that so... goodbye. That's it for this exciting epic story of The New Life of Bowser.

Fun Guy: I have a question.

Toad de Long: Fine.

Fun Guy: Why didn't we appear in the first chapter of this book? I read the script that we produced and we're nowhere to be seen.

Toad de Long: We were silent then. Anyway, goodbye! I'm serious this time.

Fun Guy: Another thing... I saved your life before. You owe me like you said before.

Toad de Long: Whatever...

To Be Continued...
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