Ludwig’s Time Machine

By Double D

Chapter 3: Rescue and Realization
5:10 PM

Mario had taken off the Frog Suit, panting. He was so tired that he fell to the ground and stared blankly. He was not down for long though. He heard the loud noise of the doomship and reached into his pocket.

Mario: I knew I would need a Hammer Bros. Suit too.

So Mario put on the Hammer Bros. Suit and stood still. But the doomship kept coming. Mario began to get scared. Just then a bright light caught his eye. It was from the top of the doomship. Mario, knowing it could mean danger, quickly dashed under the doomship and watched as a pink beam hit the ground. There was now only a small green speck where there had been grass.

Mario: He must have the Shrink Beam 2000 with him! I’d better do something before he shrinks me down to size.

Remembering the Hammer Bros. Suit he had on, he tossed a few hammers, creating a gaping hole in the bottom of the doomship. Mario jumped into the doomship through the hole.

Mario: If I can get Ludwig out of here, I can pilot the doomship and find Luigi! I’d better get up there.

Mario, after going through a few flights of stairs, finally got to the top. Unfortunately, Ludwig had detected that Mario was in the doomship and was ready for him. As soon as Mario poked his head through the opening to the top of the doomship, Ludwig shot at Mario with his wand, which he always kept in a secret compartment in his doomship when not using it. The surprised Mario was hit full blast and tumbled down into the second deck below. Ludwig quickly followed, but this time Mario was ready. Before Ludwig could use his wand, Mario shot a fireball, knocking the wand out of his hand and singing Ludwig’s hair. Mario, seeing his chance, shot some fireballs to distract Ludwig and dashed for the wand. Ludwig fell for the bait while Mario tossed the wand up onto the top deck. Ludwig, knowing he would be fried if he went up to get it, decided that there was nothing left to do but use his special attack. Ludwig took a deep breath and breathed fire. Mario was caught completely off guard and was thrown back. His clothes were now slightly charcoaled, and he was struggling to get up.

Ludwig: Now you’re my prisoner, and you are going to tell me where that nuisance brother of yours is and then you’re both going to go back to where you belong.

Mario did not answer for a few seconds, then quickly punched Ludwig, causing him to fall over. Mario put his palm toward Ludwig.

Mario: If you make any funny moves, I’ll fry you.

Ludwig: Alright! You win! What are you going to do with me?

Mario: It’s what you’re going to do for me.

Ludwig: What?

Mario: You’re going to track Luigi and drop me off with him.

Ludwig: Alright. If you’re sure that’s what you want.

Mario: I’m sure.

So Ludwig removed Mario’s picture and fed in Luigi’s. The tracker pointed to Bowser’s Castle. Ludwig turned the ship around while Mario threw Ludwig’s wand overboard. After 45 minutes or so, the doomship landed in front of Bowser’s Castle.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Mario! Did Ludwig hurt you?

Luigi quickly got ready to shoot fireballs, if needed.

Mario: No. I forced him to give me a lift to you.

Luigi: Mario, I’ve got startling news.

Mario: So do I, but you go first.

Luigi: I found this guy that looks just me and he got beaten by Bowser and now he’s imprisoned and we’ve got to save him!

Mario: You found him?!

Luigi: What do you mean?

Mario: Luigi, Ludwig invented a time machine and he was trailing me until I beat him. Believe it or not, that guy is you.

Luigi: *gasp* Oh my gosh!

Mario: Okay. Hey Ludwig! Get me through the castle and...

Mario and Luigi had been so busy talking that they had not noticed Ludwig leaving.

Mario: He’s gone!

Luigi: Uh oh! We’d better save yourself before Ludwig can catch us again.


Meanwhile, on the doomship:

Ludwig: Boy! Those guys give me the creeps! I’m sure glad I bought an optional silent motor for emergencies. Now lets see… Computer! Readout of Mario and Luigi’s location!

Computer: First room of Bowser’s Castle.

Ludwig: Good! Now I can follow them and lead them to my lab. Finally!

Ludwig quickly turned around and landed in front of Bowser’s Castle. Sure enough, the brothers were gone. Ludwig unclipped the pocket tracker and fed in a picture of the brothers. Ludwig stepped inside the castle. He gasped and stood perfectly still, because the Mario Brothers were right in front of him.

Mario: Hey Luigi! Look at this mark on the wall!

Luigi: I made that mark! That’s the hallway we’re looking for!

The brothers dashed down the corner and out of sight. Ludwig breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Ludwig: Whew! That was close. I should have brought invisible pills.

With that, Ludwig started down the hallway. When he got to the end of the hallway, he quickly peeked over the edge. His jaw dropped with excitement. There was a group of about 50 Koopas who had overpowered the Marios and were leading them off.

Ludwig: Perfect! Now all I have too do is let them out of the dungeon under my control and send them and me back home. But I think I’ll let them suffer in the dungeon for a while.

Ludwig took a chocolate bar out of his pocket and sat down against a wall.



Koopa x1352pfv5(Joe Koopa): Hey John! Isn’t King Bowser going to be proud of us?

“John” Koopa: He sure is! I can’t wait to tell him. Maybe he won’t have us battling in the next game!

“Joe” Koopa: Wow! Wouldn’t that be something!

After going over quite a few lava pits and many hallways they came to a door. The group of Koopas led Mario and Luigi into what looked like a courtroom, with Kamek sitting in the judge’s seat.

Kamek: Well, well, well, looky here. The Super Mario Brothers aren’t so super anymore, are they?

Mario: Look here Kamek…

Kamek: Silence! You shall answer my questions before you speak. Now, first of all, what is your purpose being here?

Mario: Um… to beat up Bowser! Yeah, that’s it.

Kamek: Two, how did these Koopas capture you?

Mario: We were… um… sneaking past them when… um… they saw us and we… uh… couldn’t take them all. Yeah, that’s it.

Kamek: Three, Luigi, I just saw you recently being carried off to the dungeon. What are you doing here?

Luigi: Um… I escaped. Bad guards.

Kamek: Silence! That is all. Guards! Take these plumbers to the dungeon. Keep five guards at the door to the dungeon. Put them in the cell Luigi was in before.

The brothers were carried away. Before they knew it, they were in a dark, dank room and the door was being locked. Only the torches on the walls gave light. They were all alone, or so they thought. For after a few seconds they heard a voice.

Voice: Who’s there?

Mario: Luigi? Is that you?

Voice: Mario?

A man suddenly appeared before them. It was Luigi’s twin.

Present Luigi: Mario!

Mario: Wait Luigi! I have something to tell you.

Future Luigi: What?

Mario: Not you! Him!

Present Luigi: There’s someone with you?

Mario: That’s what I need to tell you! You know that guy you meet by the entrance?

Present Luigi: You know about him?

Mario: I’m getting to that. You see, Ludwig invented a time machine and a Mario and Luigi from the future were sent back. That person you meet outside the castle was you. And he’s here with me. By the way, I’m the Mario that was sent back.

Present Luigi: … … … … … … … … … … … What?!

Mario: Luigi, Ludwig made a time machine. We came to rescue you.

Future Luigi: So that’s why you let us get captured by those Koopas!

Mario: Exactly! I found a Bob-omb in the hallway. I’m going to use it to get us out of here.

Mario threw the Bob-omb at the metal posts. It blasted them open, but the Koopa guards at the entrance to the dungeon heard it.

Koopa: What’s going on down there?

Mario: Quickly! Everyone run! If we catch the Koopas off guard, we can beat them.

They all rushed forward into the Koopas’ sight. The Koopas were so stunned at seeing two Luigis that they all stood there while the trio stomped them. The three then ran out into the hallway. After passing though the hallway, they rushed into the open. That was when they noticed Ludwig sitting in one of the hallways. They tried to stop, but it was too late, Ludwig had seen them. The chase was on.


Chapter 4: The Chase

The trio darted down the hall in front of them. Ludwig followed. Mario, thinking quickly, turned around and threw a fireball. Ludwig dodged. He threw another fireball. Ludwig dodged again. Ludwig kept dodging fireballs from Mario until he was within a few feet. Mario knew he had to do something. Ludwig started to take a deep breath. Mario quickly did his special attack and swirled his cape around, knocking Ludwig far back and damaging him a little. Ludwig got up to see that the trio was gone. Then he saw something move. It was a plumber-shaped shadow down a second hallway. He dashed down into the hallway and caught sight of his enemies. It was not until the trio reached the end of the hallway that they realized that Ludwig was still following and not far behind. Mario whispered something to the Luigis, and they nodded. Quickly all three turned around and shot fireballs at the same time. Ludwig managed to dodge two before two more hit him in the gut. Ludwig yelped and accidentally blew fire. The trio was only singed, but it was enough to slow them down. Ludwig got up and started to chase them again.

Ludwig: If only I had my wand I could take care of them right now.

Ludwig kept on the chase, but an unexpected visitor dropped in. All of a sudden Present Mario came running down the hall from the opposite end and caught the trio’s attention.

Present Mario: Mario!

Future Mario: Mario!

Luigis: That’s your twin?

Future Mario: Yeah, that’s him.

Present Mario: I found a tracker in one of the hallways while I was on my way home. I put in my picture and it lead me to you. But I had quite some trouble finding you, and-

Future Mario: Look out!

As Future Mario said this, Ludwig took a deep breath. Everyone except Present Mario dashed out of the way. Ludwig blew fire and it hit Present Mario. Strangely, it did not affect him. It was then that they saw the red glow around Present Mario.

Future Mario: Red Essence! Great idea!

Future Luigi: The wonderful excellent glow of Red Essence… sing with me!

Future Mario: We haven’t got time for that, Luigi! Hey Mario, do you have any extra Red Essence?

Present Mario: Yeah, sure! Here!

Present Mario tossed a bottle to each of them. They all took a gulp, and they soon felt the comforting red glow. But they were in for a surprise, for while they were running and talking, Ludwig was getting closer and closer. Ludwig then surprised everyone when he started running in the opposite direction. The fearsome foursome followed. Ludwig led them right back to the main hallway, but instead took a hallway on the left. Ludwig entered a door on the right and the others followed to find him standing in the middle of his lab with a confused Present Ludwig standing at a table of viles, looking on.

Present Ludwig: I must have had too much caramel with my chocolate! What is this?!

Future Ludwig: Look here. In the future you build a time machine. I’m you and I went back in time because those plumber nuisances went back also. You need to help me beat these plumbers and send the two from the future back to their time.

Present Ludwig: What? I must be mad, but I’m going to help you because that sounds logical. What can I do?

Future Ludwig: First, I need a new wand.

Present Ludwig: That’s easy.

Present Ludwig took his wand and held it up. It glowed all the colors of the rainbow. He soon had a second wand in his hand. He tossed it to Future Ludwig and both stood ready. They turned around and saw that the red glow was gone from the four plumbers.

Future Ludwig: The Red Essence is gone! Let’s get them!


Chapter 5: The Battle

Future Mario did a backflip and landed on the other side of Future Ludwig. Future Ludwig turned around, and was greeted by a fireball. He fell over, but before Future Mario could do anything else, he shot his wand at Future Mario and got up while Mario was still slightly stunned. Future Luigi came and did his cape attack, preventing Future Ludwig from attacking Future Mario. Future Ludwig was now cornered. None of them had noticed, but Present Ludwig had been powering up his wand. Suddenly, Present Ludwig brought down his wand, pointing at Future Mario and Luigi. Two bolts of lightning crashed down on Future Mario and Luigi, knocking them away and damaging them. Present Mario now ran to Present Ludwig and jumped on him. This did little damage, and Present Mario was soon knocked down by a hit in the head by Present Ludwig’s wand. Present Luigi threw a fireball, which distracted Present Ludwig, giving Present Mario enough time to spin out of harm’s way. Future Ludwig now shot his wand at Present Mario and Luigi, but missed both. All Marios and Luigis ran into the center of the lab. The Ludwigs both powered up their wands for lightning attacks. The force of both wands swirled menacingly over the Marios' and Luigis' heads.

Present Luigi: What do we do now?

Future Mario: Don’t worry. I have a plan.

The Ludwigs were just about at full power when Future Mario jumped up in the air. The Ludwigs brought their wands down above the foursome. Future Mario then did his Mario Tornado in the air while twirling his cape. The lightning attack came down on him full force. But instead of damaging him, the lightning was deflected by the combo and was thrown back at the Ludwigs. Both were damaged heavily.

Present Mario: Wow! That was great!

Future Mario: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! The battle’s not over yet!

Future Mario was right, for both Ludwigs waved their wands and partially healed themselves. The Ludwigs then charged, coming from both sides.

Present Mario: I have a plan now! Everyone! Fireball combo!

The others knew what this meant. Present Mario did a Mario Tornado while everyone else shot a fireball into the vortex of the tornado. Everyone darted out of the way, except for Present Mario. When the Ludwigs were about 20 feet away from him, everyone ducked as Present Mario used his cape to bat fireballs in all directions, hitting the Ludwigs. The Ludwigs were getting tired, but they continued with the battle. Now the Marios and Luigis split up again. Present Mario and Luigi took Present Ludwig, and Future Mario and Luigi took Future Ludwig. Future Ludwig powered up his wand, but it was not for the lightning attack or to heal himself. All of a sudden he pointed his wand at the ground behind him. A massive mountain of metal rose up, with him on top of it. Future Ludwig pointed his wand at the side of the mountain and conjured a Bullet Bill Blaster. It immediately started firing Bullet Bills at Future Mario. Future Mario dodged and skillfully threw a fireball into the blaster, clogging the cannon and blowing the Blaster up. Future Ludwig was blown away off the mountain and onto the ground. The mountain disappeared, and Future Ludwig did not get up.

Future Mario: There’s one out of the way. Now maybe I can get this other Ludwig.

Present Mario was having troubles of his own. Present Ludwig kept dodging everything he did and succeeded in hitting Present Mario with his fire breath attack. Present Mario was now singed and tired. Present Ludwig, however, never seemed to run out of energy. Even when Present Luigi hit him with a fireball, Ludwig got right back up without showing any sign of being hurt, except for a black mark on him. Things looked pretty dim for Present Mario and Luigi. Present Ludwig was now trying to finish them off so he could work on the others by charging up his lightning attack. That’s when Future Mario and Luigi stepped in. Future Mario threw a fireball to distract him, and Future Luigi did his Luigi Tornado, knocking Present Ludwig out of the way. That’s when Future Ludwig got up. He charged up his wand and was soon surrounded by a multicolored glow.

Future Mario: Oh great! Now he’s invincible! Or is he?

Future Luigi: We’ll find out soon enough!

Future Mario and Luigi tried everything they had on him. Nothing even touched him. Then the other Ludwig did the same thing.

Future Luigi: *groan* Now they’re both invincible!

Future Mario: Wait a sec! I know how we can beat them!

Everyone Else: How?

Future Mario: You know how if two people are invincible they can still hurt each other? Well, I brought a Starman with me for an emergency, and there’s no better time than now! Pass it around!

Everyone passed the Starman around and soon they were all glowing.

Future Mario: Get them!

Future Ludwig had brought with him a remote control with a button to make the time machine appear. He pulled it out and pressed it. The time machine appeared at the end of the lab. Now they all stood ready for the final clash.


Chapter 6: Aftermath

Future Ludwig suddenly held his wand up and back down, pointing it at himself. He suddenly was full of energy, although not any stronger. Present Ludwig did the same. Now they both charged forward. Future Mario and Luigi rushed forward to meet them. Future Mario and Luigi did the fireball combo quickly, knocking out Future Ludwig. Now Present Mario and Luigi both did a cape attack, but Present Ludwig dodged both of them. Present Ludwig stood ready. Present Mario and Luigi were down to their last bit of strength.

Present Mario: Super Deluxe Fireball Combo!

Present Mario started a Mario Tornado. The others shot fireballs into it. Now Present Luigi started a Luigi Tornado, and the others threw a fireball into it. Future Mario started spinning, and Future Luigi threw a fireball into it. Last of all, Future Luigi started spinning. Everyone got together and all were flung up into the air, one landing on each side of Present Ludwig. They all did a cape attack and the six fireballs were flung at him. There was a tremendous amount of smoke, and when it cleared, they saw a black Ludwig in the middle. Everyone cheered.

Present Mario: We did it!

Future Luigi: We sure did!

Present Luigi: You can say that again!

Future Mario: Now, I have one more thing to ask of you guys.

Present Mario and Luigi: Yes?

Future Mario: Can you guys help us get back to the future?

Present Mario: Why sure! You saw Ludwig conjure the time machine, didn’t you?

Future Luigi: Of course!

Future Mario and Luigi walked into the time machine and set it for 15th of Lemmius, 2:10 PM.

Future Mario: Thanks for everything!

Present Mario: You too!

With that, Future Mario pressed the “Go” button, and they were off.


10 minutes later...

Future Ludwig sat up and saw himself, charred on the floor. Seeing the controller still in his hand and the time machine gone, he pressed the button and the second time machine appeared. He slowly got up and walked into the time machine, and after setting the date and time (15th of Lemmius, 2:20 PM), he took one look back at the lab. Then he turned around and pressed the “Go” button.

He found himself standing exactly where he was, but the charred Ludwig was gone and everything was perfectly normal. As you may have guessed, Ludwig had a very early bedtime that day.


The next day...

Ludwig got up, did his daily I.Q. test, got a brilliant (or not) idea, invented it, watched it blow up, but today, he decided not to try and beat the Marios with it.

Ludwig: I’ve had quite enough of those plumbers for a while. Besides, at least I made a time machine that dosen’t blow up.

Just then, the time machine exploded.

Ludwig: *sigh*

The End

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